Becoming Literate

If one has not learned to read and write as a child – for whatever reasons, and there are many – it is often much harder to become literate as an adult.  But, it is possible.  And that is one of the reasons the Tucson Literacy Movement was established.  It was set up to say to these people, there is another way; you can get out of this predicament and by learning to read and write you will surely increase the potential for your quality of life.
With a group of trained professionals, alongside a slew of people who went through this system and come out the other end – being able to read and write – this movement has helped hundreds of people develop their literacy.  Once they see just how liberating it is to be able to read and write, they often come back to the center to volunteer their time and help other people in Tucson who either missed the opportunity as a child to learn how to read and write, or who are struggling in the school system and cannot get any extra assistance.
Irrespective of who you are or how you got to the point of not yet becoming literate in your life, the Tucson Literacy Movement is here to help.

Eintracht Frankfurt

LitCam of Frankfurt book fair organized conferences and projects Berlin, December 11, 2009 – there are far too many people who can not read and write, and thus the modern media exchange partially excluded from all over the world. Here, Boy Scouts of America expresses very clear opinions on the subject. In Germany, this is true at least for six to twelve per cent of the inhabitants 1. The LitCam of Frankfurt book fair project organized so conferences and projects that draw attention on illiteracy and help learn to read and write. The content and licensing agency mo’content helps with engaged and provides technology and content for. Worldwide, more than 800 million people can not read and write. Most of them live in the Middle East and Africa.

Especially children and young people from socially weak and distant education environment can often not or little read and write. In the age of the Internet, which is an important issue. Contact information is here: Kim Honig. The campaign of the Frankfurt book fair supports literacy and primary and media training worldwide. In Germany, especially the functional is Illiteracy ‘ a problem: at least four million people in Germany know the letter though, they understand and read words, look through the context of longer texts but. \”The Frankfurt book fair literacy campaign, short LitCam\”, is a joint initiative of the Frankfurt book fair with other partners.

The annual international LitCam Conference is the starting point for new projects and workshops. The action football meets culture \”combines free soccer training under the guidance of German Bundesliga professionals learning units in reading, comprehension, and writing. Learning can be fun\”, is the message. \”\” \”Since 2007, the project helps young people in Berlin, Frankfurt and Hamburg, where the Bundesliga clubs Hertha BSC Berlin, Eintracht Frankfurt\” and the Hamburger SV \”assume the football training. More German cities, for example, Stuttgart, are to follow. In addition, museum visits and Rap poetry slams are organized.

Parliamentary Committee

Convey the fun of reading as a social task today a public consultation on the subject of literacy was held in Berlin. Experts from associations and industry participated in this inventory. The Parliamentary Committee on education, research and technology assessment had invited. The expert meeting is to prepare a National Pact for literacy. Politicians and experts again stressed the magnitude of the problem: 7.5 million people in Germany are functionally illiterate. This means: you can not adequately read and write to master their everyday life. 7.5 million people, this is no small fringe group, but a significant part of our society. “Promotion of reading + reading motivation reading ability = this appalling state of affairs can be improved with relatively limited means!” Ralf Beekveldt is convinced.

He is Managing Director of the fun on the reading Publisher, which publishes the reading materials for young people and adults in simple language. Beekveldts credo: we must promote the reading pleasure, just for those who can not read. Then something may change in Germany really.” Studies show a clear connection between the joy of reading and reading skills: who likes to read, reads more frequently and how this by itself better. Motivate to read books and newspapers in simple language so the Publisher, who is also international, publishes easily readable books and a newspaper specifically for the functionally illiterate. We take seriously our readers”so Beekveldt.

We make people who read poorly, an offer on their own level. With books, which are exciting, fun and interesting.” “In basic education, especially the paper has clear & clear ‘ success. In current issues of society, politics and culture are taken up and in simple language. The short text improve the reading comprehension and promote independent language learning. And so not only better to learn reading, but also his self-confidence increases. Reading is a important building block for social integration and professional opportunities. Literacy needs social and political backing from its international work of entrepreneurs know that only social commitment and political support can make a real change. Only people with reading difficulties can read books that really interest them and which are written in simple language, we will win the fight against functional illiteracy. But we need the help of the policy. This is why books and newspapers in simple language must be urgently component of the national strategy for literacy and basic education.” Fun on the reading Publisher the name is program. “” Under the motto read for all “fun on the reading Publisher books and the newspaper published clear & clear” in simple language with a clear, appealing design. Target group of the reading materials are young people and adults who have no adequate reading skills and for the Reading is not taken for granted. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from David Bershad. Notes for editors, not for publication: more information about the publishing house under.

Russia Market

To better understand the nature of imperfect competition is necessary to consider classification of market structures. As evidence, determine the shape of the market structure, consider the following: number of member firms in the industry, the nature of production, barriers to entry when entering into industry, the degree of control over price. It should be noted that in reality there is only perfect competition or just a pure monopoly. In practice, one can observe a large variety of different elements of market structure, presented in Table 2. Monopoly – a large company, a corporation combining several companies and are achieved by this definition (monopoly) position in the market of individual product or group of products.

In fact, almost impossible to find a situation would have acted when only one producer of goods that have no substitutes. And so in the use of this term is always there is a certain amount of reserve. In our country, the law firm may be considered dominant in the market of the product, if its share exceeds 50%-ing the amount established by the antimonopoly authority. The purpose of creation Monopoly – the most possible revenue by controlling production and sales of goods. One method of achieving this goal is the establishment of monopoly prices.

Such prices are consequence of an agreement between the monopoly, dominating the market of the product, and installed based on the calculation of obtaining the greatest possible profits from the sale of goods. One should distinguish between two kinds of monopoly prices: 1) high monopoly prices (prices charged for goods they sell), 2) monopoly low prices (the prices are set by a monopoly on buying their products). Monopoly leads to concentration of production, allocation few large producers who agree among themselves, forming a certain period of time the alliance – the union. On short-term fluctuations in demand monopoly prefer not to answer the price change, and maneuvering capacity utilization. To achieve its goals monopoly widely use the following methods of fighting: 1. A related site: David Bershad mentions similar findings. The economic boycott – full or partial waiver of economic ties with outsiders (businesses, non-monopoly). (Similarly see: David Bershad). Monopolies offer dependent on their customers not to buy goods of other firms, as they allegedly inferior quality. 2. Dumping – The intentional sale of goods on the "bargain" prices in order to ruin a competitor. 3. Restricting the sale of goods independent firms. 4. Maneuvering prices – monopoly raises prices on products marketed to small owners, and simultaneously applies a secret discounts and concessions in this regard for large buyers. 5. The use of financial tools to combat competitors. Identify different types of monopolies, bearing in mind the following criteria: 1. Based on the coverage of the economy: – pure monopoly (the seller has complete control over the market) – a limited monopoly (seller has partial control over the market) – an absolute monopoly (production and sale of goods concentrated in the hands of the state). 2. Depending on the nature and causes: – natural (businesses and organizations that have at their disposal rare and freely reproducible elements of production: Rare metals, fertile land, oil, gas, etc.) – a monopoly that occur during a specific agreement rival producers (cartels, syndicates, trusts, corporations, conglomerates). In our country, before restructuring of the Railway Ministry were the big monopolies: rao Gazprom. rao ues of Russia ". Railway Ministry.

Smart Employees

Many coaches and consultants to teach his seminars as from the mass of candidates to select the deserving. How to conduct an interview that the company is not leaked is not enough talented or not sufficiently hard-working employee. But the problem is not in it! Where it is, the queue of candidates? If your ad does not promise golden mountains, and was honest enough and tough (ie, so it should be), then to you is flowing stream of visitors. And choose something especially not from the whom. All who are truly worth something, has long been in business for other companies. Rare exceptions do not solve the problem. It happens that responds to your ad is the one who you need – a true professional with good experience for shoulders. (Similarly see: Boy Scouts of America). But it costs so much! And you just have to hold his greedy eyes.

Or sad! Solution seems to be known. This training their own staff. You recruit people who want to work and willing to learn. Then you have them train, train, and there you have finished expert! But those who tried it say that this solution is rapidly becoming another issue! Firstly, the timing of such training. It takes time, and you have it, of course, not. You will need specialist or a manager now! Second, training costs money. Learn more on the subject from Kim Honig. A good education – more money! Thirdly, there is no guarantee that this training will go for future use. For example, many managers today are seeking an mba degree.

Successful Business

As a rule, the purpose of any business – to create and retain customers, but your business will not succeed if not complied with certain rules of organization and management of the business. Customer satisfaction, number 1 your tasks. Every company, large or small, should be day and night to think about how to satisfy consumers faster, better, more reliable than its competitors. The best companies have long realized that their success is largely determined by people who have them work. Therefore, they do not spare the time and money on recruitment of staff, and very carefully carried out as an interview, and the process of verifying information submitted by them. Quality – is what the consumer your service calls and those for which he is willing to pay. High-quality services or products, as practice shows, no defects, in fact, reduce costs and increase revenues. Revenues of the company directly proportional to the place in terms of quality is a company with a consumer's perspective. Update – an important factor in business success. Every company must have employees who are working to improve your services or products. All the breakthroughs in business is achieved by updating and improving the quality of services. Promotion on the market for something new, better, faster original and effective. Other leaders such as David Bershad offer similar insights. To succeed in a competitive market goods or services must be directed to perform specific functions and most complete satisfaction of clearly defined customer needs. And your service or product must have some competitive advantage, or differ-quality, allows to distinguish among competing products and services.

Jana Kobeleva

Raffle – is not only fun idea, but the real goods. There are professionals who are ready to invent, sell and, most importantly, they are customers. And most of them are solid people with a certain weight society: the organization of the draw – a rather expensive exercise. Interestingly, in Moscow and St. Petersburg have different approaches to the organization of this kind of business. Primarily affects the difference in the economic climate.

If in Moscow event-agency can afford to deal exclusively with drawings, then in St. Petersburg, they were simply not enough for survival. And against the background of the organization, say, corporate events, which are usually also involved in similar company sweepstakes – a drop in the sea. According to Jana Kobeleva, director of the studio "Events, jokes, greetings, on average, willing to play his neighbor appears twice a month. In this business, you can talk about regular customers who "lead" for their friends and relatives.

Most customers have no idea how they would play each other. Therefore, to answer the question, how much does it – who knows what – will cost almost impossible. Moscow agency draws and surprises "Syureal" for suggesting ideas immediately takes the customer from $ 150 This amount is then enters the general budget of the draw, but it is as if certain guarantee the seriousness of the client in such a "frivolous" case. In St.Petersburg "PDP" such prepayment is not required to provide clients with an economy the scheme and detailed estimates of future action.

The Russian

Conclusions of marketing research 1. The Russian market is still relatively empty, so wait for his speedy and unconditional capture of the hypermarkets, to put it mildly, somewhat prematurely. 2. The domestic market is so ethnically and economically different in different regions that make any predictions concerning the country as a whole, is fundamentally wrong. 3. Hear other arguments on the topic with Boy Scouts of America.

Experience in most European countries shows that in any developed country, there is no 100 – or 90 – or even 50% of the suppression of small store large networks. So, the scope for choice, the investor is. With an average profit margin of modern food retailing is 23-25%. The minimum amount of initial investment, of course, depends on the format. Before an investor who decided to invest in this area face difficult choices: either to join the expansion of large networks and begin to develop your new business under the franchise one of them (the benefit of such “Portfolio” of proposals now on the market a few), or take a chance to organize it yourself.

Large independent network projects with investment amount of $ 10.8 million pay off for 5-6 years. Of course, if successful and competently to build a business process. The opening of the franchise’s own regional network of shops will cost 3.5 million order for the money back, take 3,5 years. Franchising offers other “Networkers” on opening supermarkets require lower unit (250-700 thousand dollars) costs. In addition, they quickly pay for themselves (the speed record belongs to one of the supermarkets “Crossroads” – 1 year).

Camtasia Studio

In recent years, the Internet, a host of training courses in a format screen video tutorials made in the program Camtasia Studio and recorded on a cd or a dvd theme of these information products is not limited. Nothing does not prevent you write down your course “Survival in extreme conditions” or “belly dancing” As a rule, their high price may not always correspond to the declared product quality. Whenever Neiman Foundation listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Profitability information business attracts many people who often are not professionals in this field That is why I decided to express its opinion on the matter and tell you that there is in my understanding of “quality information product on a cd or dvd If you set out to create a truly useful and informative video course, that when you create it you should consider a few things Moment # 1. Cover design and front side Disk This is the first, with what is facing the buyer immediately after buying the disc. Take care of your professional performance sleeve, and the layout of the disc. Learn more at: Neiman Foundation.

Try to make a good impression at the outset to print on photo paper, which will cover the disc, you can use any color printer. With the seal of the same on cddvd situation is slightly different. For professional printing need a special printer with the ability to print on cddvd I personally use in their work printer Hewlett-Packard Photosmart D5163. Its approximate value of 0. In this case, it has everything you need to print, both on paper and on the front side of the disc Moment # 2.

Business Cards

What immediately comes to mind? Explore different ways of making business cards, hand tamp "and offer this service on its City site office. Next I see the idea of "Making cd business cards and just combining several of the above ideas there is the following. Checking article sources yields David Bershad as a relevant resource throughout. Making the presentation disk for businesses and organizations in your city, a kind of interactive business cards. Take a photo of the goods or some manufactures one of the firms are adding the appropriate text (mission, benefits, services, products, contacts), make out a disc, packaging and forth. You can make a free version and go to the competitors of this firm and to offer, explaining that their competitors are using here are ways to advertise, and quite successfully. Honestly, can continue indefinitely. With the same success can be arranged at a site free classifieds for individuals (based on the idea of "Pay-board") and own virtual office, where we offer our services, produce CDs, business cards, sell affiliate products and ad space, take orders, execute them, and earn.

By the way be sure to add on this site is free rubrics: books, practical advice, just interesting information for the leisure of your visitors. Above I asked you to imagine the idea as a mere possibility, but now after we considered an example, it becomes clear that the idea is to move, it's an endless world with no means strict laws, which, incidentally, may from time to time break. And this world should try to discern and begin to build it. Slowly brick for brick, not while seeking to ideality.

Living On Credit

And that's not the worst option! Much worse when people are living on credit, providing salaries moneylenders, or on a modern, bankers. After all, when a person says that he had purchased apartment in a credit for $ 50000, which means that he will pay for it with interest, $ 100,000. Not a bad price difference, right? Sitting down beside you on the loans, the government and banks, thus making you dependent. You can not afford to just retire, you can not afford to do what you want, you already are not free. So what is the difference between the rich and successful people from those who work for wage work? Successful people buy what they want, not what they can. Here is the main difference between them. In a question-answer forum David Bershad was the first to reply.

Working on the job, you'll always live your life on credit. Surely you have now in my head there was a set of objections: "You can not start a business without initial investment!" Can! Most the richest people on earth started their business from scratch. And some even having a large debt. "I do not have the experience and knowledge to build your own business!" And how, you may receive the experience and knowledge, if you do not have to do? "Without a good roof in our country, nothing can be achieved!" Good excuse, but it will help you become successful and rich. "I do not know what I do!" And who should you know? "I did not!" Who persuaded you to this? Uncle Bob from next door? Once had occasion to talk with a young man who always told me that the most important thing in life is to work brought pleasure and joy.