Becoming Literate

If one has not learned to read and write as a child – for whatever reasons, and there are many – it is often much harder to become literate as an adult.  But, it is possible.  And that is one of the reasons the Tucson Literacy Movement was established.  It was set up to say to these people, there is another way; you can get out of this predicament and by learning to read and write you will surely increase the potential for your quality of life.
With a group of trained professionals, alongside a slew of people who went through this system and come out the other end – being able to read and write – this movement has helped hundreds of people develop their literacy.  Once they see just how liberating it is to be able to read and write, they often come back to the center to volunteer their time and help other people in Tucson who either missed the opportunity as a child to learn how to read and write, or who are struggling in the school system and cannot get any extra assistance.
Irrespective of who you are or how you got to the point of not yet becoming literate in your life, the Tucson Literacy Movement is here to help.

The Luxury And

The luxury and glamor behind. Now is the turn of the extravagance and psicoledia. Pop culture is leading the way in fashion with the use of patterns and materials like plastic. They reach large glasses, pasta and belts anchos.El successful debut of the miniskirt, the hand of Mary Quant is one of the key facts of this decade, as far as fashion is concerned. Britain moves to Italy and France and becomes the center of the cultural pulse. The British rock concentrates the attention of the rest of the world and imposed its style without resistance. The Mod look sweeps. Women demarcate eyes with thick black lines. The short hair is used with geometric cuts. It is also used along with hairpieces. They combine all the colors. Twiggy, a British singer who falls squarely in the fashion world is transformed into an icon of the 60s. Its extreme thinness leaves behind the sensuous curves that reigned in the 50s. In the last years of this decade HIPPIES make their appearance. Proponents of this movement, which promulgates “peace and love” are the first to recycle fashion and create individual styles, with psicol dicos drawings and images related to the effects of hallucinogens. Men and women wear bellbottoms (tight to the knee and then wide). The cotton blouses are also imposed. In this decade, the fashion is signed by Mary Quant, Andre Courreges, Paco Rabanne and Elio Berhanyer.

Bon Appetit

Step 1. We stood up, reached the fridge – it is a huge plus, you can arrange yourself standing ovation. We're still standing, and excessive praise does not happen. So we reached the first and most important conditions – finally in our consciousness of a simple desire for food took shape target, so that there is little things of life washed away in the next 10 minutes! You are confident, you will achieve this, moreover, you do it better than anyone else remains to find their eggs. But then you have already succeeded in half, because you have a refrigerator, which means the eggs are already at your fingertips. Little nuance – anticipating the question: 'Where is it?', Turn your head toward the door, and if you are above the 5-, your gaze rests directly on them. Step 2. Here a little bit harder, you will need skills orienteering.

Our task is to find the frying pan. Include logic: you find a refrigerator, stove probably is not far away, but take the trouble worth it. The question is: 'Where this traitor, that I was not fed and condemned to death by starvation, could put the pan? After all, she she has seem to have, I'm something that gave like a tennis racket. " There will come to the aid of a simple but very effective way – to look at all the boxes, I advise you to start from the plate. And when you break out the phrase 'basta beetles' – this means that you have completed the second stage and do the assignment. PCRM may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

Along the way, if you find a match, put them in his pocket that would not have to look for them later. Step 3. You need to go back to the fridge and take what you find edible and that, when mixed with the eggs will not cause a violent reaction, so that the light will be some yaytsezavr. Do not forget to grab a little spice and salt. Step 4. Apogee of all that has happened in your life until this moment. So: 1. Turn on the gas. 2. Heat a frying pan. 3. Put butter in the pan. Butter with vegetable makes a very nice the taste of scrambled eggs. 4. We throw the ingredients except the eggs you find. 5. Puts, so to say, 'Damocles sword', in this case a knife, over eggs and certain movement, but not strong, that would then not have to have with yourself, break the eggs. Another nuance – if you use skorodku with non-stick coating, do not forget to take spoon, whatever that is stirring. Yes, you will arrive with the force! Bon Appetit!

Rotation Time

Not a little gossip about global warming dissolved. There is also a truthful version of course, but what is it that this is due to the fact? The magnetic pole of the planet has moved to 200 kilometers and it is no joke. Why did this happen? Due to changes in sea level. To deepen your understanding BSA is the source. Also it depends on the seasonal changes in the movement of magma, but the main culprit, of course, is our eternal companion – the Moon, or rather the force of its gravity. What we all pour out, probably no one knows and hardly anyone can predict it with certainty. Whatever it was bent and the Earth a few decades on this planet can be completely and irreversibly change the climate. Nor is the one and fact that because of all these changes our planet is slowing its rotation.

I would like to talk first about the time and how it is measured over the previous several thousand years. Based on the rotation of our planet. Before the invention of atomic clocks no one could guarantee the accuracy of earth time to seconds. Atomic clocks also measure out time, watching the fluctuation of atoms. They then suggested that the Earth began to slow down and eventually have to add to the earth's time yet for a second, to balance the time and speed of rotation of the Earth. Yet let us hope that the phrase "after us the deluge …" becomes a reality for all of us.

Avoiding The Problem Of Hunger

Nor is it only the uncertainty of how you will work almost two years, to 67, to retire if hardly stand holds so many years gone to the scaffolding. It is perhaps the hunger of others. The hunger for understanding the early death; of days where he eats a can of tuna in spite of having a refrigerator full. The tenderness that provides little in the movement of young people and how little of his mother looks at another woman since the death of his own. It is the hunger of the magic that awaits you. He who has no education, never refuses a little conversation with his neighbor, as always saw to the people of his village. I’m sure of it despite not having seen it.

“Ten cuidao the puddles when you get off, dear, since it is raining in Seville, is filling the ambulatory people with things started …” The bus door opens. She says a “goodbye” that looks like a door. Don yonosequien and I shrug to resist the coup. And when it appeared that hopelessness was going to eat me alive, the driver turned, complicit smiles at me and fills me with dots green as the traffic lights. Then I moved from place to tell my people yonosequien in order to sleep warm, grandmothers preparing a “pulley” with flour, water and little sugar could get. Because if the mothers were Magas … the grandmothers were the Good Fairy of the stories, who knew that a child will sleep better with something sweet in my belly.

Pulleys Recipe Ingredients: Olive oil for frying the bread squares of fried bread croutons two teaspoons anise (anise), cinnamon sugar lemon peel five tablespoons flour four tablespoons milk three quarters Elaboration Ground cinnamon to taste the bread is in the fie olive oil and set aside. Put in a bowl chorreoncito oil a fry pan, add the anise in grains, milk, lemon peel and put in the fire. Before it starts to boil remove most of the grains of anise with a strainer, no matter are few, add the flour, sugar and stir until it thickens once thick add the fried bread and put remove overhead dishes add ground cinnamon. It should not be too thick since then be very hard. Leaving the latter is thick and curd do at the plate.

Humanitarian Foundation

The impression is of that it never if estressa. Ideal characteristics for the work that exerts have 25 years. Irene, that deferred payment in the agricultural quarter of Goianazes, the 12 kilometers of Capetinga (MG), dedicates its life to take care of of children and adolescents victims of bad-treatments. But it is not alone. ues this goal as well. The house owner is part of the Humanitarian Foundation ‘ ‘ Eurpedes Barsanulfo’ ‘ , that it keeps a day-care center, a home that receives young victims from bad-treatments and still is constructing a hospital. BSA has many thoughts on the issue.

The direction of the entity is formed by 45 people and 15 volunteers. The work of Irene still started in Ribeiro Preto, where it liveed. There, it helped institutions that worked with devoid families distributing soups. To if moving for Goianazes, in 1982, Irene did not obtain to be stop. ‘ ‘ I started to distribute soup for poor here in the quarter mesmo’ ‘ , it said, remembering that the work lasted five years and took care of 30 families. Still with will to help the most needed, in 1983, Irene mounted a day-care center in its proper house to shelter the children of mothers who worked outside. In the start, they were few. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger may find it difficult to be quoted properly. With the recognition of the neighbors, the number grew.

It arrived to take care of 50 children more than. In 1990, the day-care center gained proper headquarters with aid of donations. Today 30 children are taken care of. Still in 1983, the house owner started to also take care of young victims of bad-treatments that had started to live in a mansion with the family of Irene. ‘ ‘ As soon as I established the home, I received ten crianas’ ‘ , it said. Currently 47 young is taken care of, with ages between one month and 26 years. ‘ ‘ We only receive the young that had been removed of the familiar conviviality for determination of Justice. Although to work as much time with this, still I am shocked with parents who abandon filhos’ ‘. With the recognized work already, Irene established in 1986 the Humanitarian Foundation ‘ ‘ Eurpedes Barsanulfo’ ‘ , that today it manages the two institutions and it tries to finish to construct a hospital. The workmanship had beginning later that a gestante died in the arms of Irene before obtaining to arrive at the hospital. ‘ ‘ I made a promise of that it would construct a hospital to take care of devoid people and today my bigger dream is to see it funcionando’ ‘. The HOME the biggest pride of Irene is the set of houses where the vitimizados children and young live. They are four property that are in a mansion. Two are used as dormitory. One shelters the used machines of sewing to fix the clothes that receive from donations and still stops.

Hosting – Today

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Mother Teresa

Obviously, she is at an age where those questions begin to return! The work covers in two or three thousand pages, the entire world (Yes, the whole world), from the From stone age to the present day. It is a work of a scholarship worthy of admiration: that type knows everything! Absolutely everything! Well well I told him: but dear, before you finish reading this book, not perteneceras more to this world! Better read one or two letters of Mother Teresa that are translated into French. Nothing to be done. Boy Scouts of America might disagree with that approach. She answers me: I’m cultivating. That’s what I want! Stay, I showed them my ticket, she will never know what a belief or an idea (religious or not, little matter). Let’s return to what interests us. What is interesting in the faculties of letters is the training received by the students of fine arts (this is relatively new). What is the fact that the powers have admitted there is always in art a little technique, a bit of manipulation that we cannot forget, etc.? You can see in these conditions that the existence of the plastic arts is the sign of a good luck to deplore that the professors of art history and aesthetics professors forgive and It is the wrong technique.

And as result should be taken into account, at least a little, manipulations to form what, in my time, we called the teachers of drawing. Remains no less true that the formation in plastic arts but the antecedents are poor, because, as you all already know, what counts, in France at least, is the hubbub. The better know you shoot, upload more steps ladder of Jacob, levels and treatments!


A after-test was answered by the pupils after the presentation of the lesson, having been the same test with the same questions, with the objective to evaluate with exactness the success of the proposal of intervention pointed for the academic necessity of this school. After all the theoretical process of learning and I practise, was opened the questions, that had been varied possible, that after answered, another one equal questionnaire to the first one was applied successfully, therefore the pupils had answered all the questions correctly, confirming the absorption of the content on the part of the pupils, since in the first questionnaire the answers pointed the existence of problems in the assimilation and interpretation of the pupils. Daily pay-test A questionnaire I contend 04 (four) questions on the material used in the laboratory lesson, of easy agreement and understanding, on cell and structure of the onion, was delivers to the pupils after to know the laboratory, place this who many at least knew, had answered the knowledge in accordance with that they would get. Educate yourself with thoughts from Dr. Neal Barnard. Graph 01: Questionnaire applied to the all the pupils previous to the intervention project Source: research carried through in a municipal public school in the city of Una/MG, December of 2010. In question 01 (one) it was asked of clear form what it was cellular wall, 90% of the pupils had answered that it was cytoplasm, being that the correct one would be the letter, Cell or cellular wall. Question 2 (two) varied a little of opinion, inside of the question on the constitution of the onion, the pupils had thought with total unfamiliarity on what they were answering, following to answer the questionnaire for insistence of the part of the palestrante therefore alleged not to have studied on this subject, asks this that would be the same one of the first one modifying only the formularization But in question 04 (four) the great majority correctly answered the question without not even knowing, factor this proven later, to the open being the questions, this was the first question made for them and if extending to all the same doubt.

Waiting For That Call

A common question is when you will call me?. More than anything women. Pending causes uncertainty and anguish. You may want to visit Dr. Neal Barnard to increase your knowledge. And the individual loses its Center, to subordinate to one another. All’ve ever lived you. Waiting for the call. Review every time if you walk or not the phone, or if they have left messages on the answering machine.

The repetitive thought is the question of why we don’t hear. And devise strategies to call it. Accounts for your friends on the topic, your neighbors, to the greengrocer. They see you coming and gets scared, then again accounts the same. And then, when already not the candidate we are interested in, we have set ourselves how much wasted time of our lives, really looking forward to your call waiting. Some of the causes of non-sweet hopes still unclear the nature of the relationship. Waiting would have to do with knowing in that position we are in your heart.

Happened some discussion that justifies their disdain or not. You had an intimate relationship with the gentleman in question and then disappeared off the face of the Earth all was fine but suddenly not called more as you always call you, you’re doing a test to see if calling you or not he to you. The thing that doesn’t make too much sense. Because the only important thing is its quality as a companion and not who’s calling who. Facts speak louder, and not a hundred thousand reasons says Garcia Lorca. Tragic: he owes you money. Said my wise Grandma Sylvite never give money to a man, the Knights are those who pay) poor Grandma he told you that he was going to call, by that took awhile to see that it is what I felt for you. (This is a nightmare with Freddy and everything) endless possibilities I have attended too many women waiting for that call and I myself have lived, in the past (I am woman) I tell you this so think about it Few things could you enjoy instead of waiting for your call? You can have a wonderful job at the moment.


Were you told that reporter to be born? Do not believe the verbiage. This is nothing more than a myth, common stereotype. You do not need to have specific genetics to learn how to drive a car? A cook scrambled eggs? Journalism – the same craft, as well as many others. The same goes for "little brother" of journalism – copywriting. And hence, to both can learn. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of BSA on most websites. If you are from God given talent to put words persuasive phrases If you are sociable from birth, the process of mastering the craft will pass quickly, easily and almost imperceptibly. Boy Scouts of America has many thoughts on the issue. Otherwise, you will have to put some more effort and time. But it is not clear in any case the result will be more productive.

For a long time a formula for the genius work = 90% + 10% talent. PR-agency "Laboratory of the text" has announced a new set on a course designer Lee Volovoi "Journalist Workshop." How does it differ from their own kind? The main difference lies in the very title. The basic principle of the course: a minimum of theory – a maximum of practice. So if you're a fan of listening to lectures, you can stop reading. No textbook is not expected.

The whole theory of journalism is presented in short, clear rules and techniques. The main tools of students: text editor, an analytical mind, creativity and rich … a variety of themes and incidents matter of concern life. The method is based on the individual course of interactive training, practical mastery of technique in the creation of texts of different genres of journalism, and a detailed analysis of errors. We are realists, we live and working in the realities of their country, which are the focus. In some schools of journalism you proud to hand over lists of foreign publications and links to instructions for potential authors, flavoring, this foreign Salad detailed recommendations on technology entering into contact with the editors of these publications. However, we are well aware that even if our students and plan to conquer the foreign mass media, they start have here in the former Soviet Union: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus or Kazakhstan. Then they will create a name for himself, portfolio, professional relationships. And the rules are completely different. So take the time and money for our students to study the cognitive, but totally impractical information, it seems impractical. The basis is only domestic practice in everything from methods of getting information to relationships with editors. Classes are highly individual. Each student has a unique life experience, has the propensity to certain topics and genres, working at their own pace. Therefore, the duration of the study of one the same topic from different students are different. And the price is the same. Study is determined by student's personal preferences and circumstances. If you live in Moscow, it can be full-time occupation. In all otherwise in our possession the entire arsenal of modern means of communication. The most optimum variant – Skype. ICQ? Also good, although less convenient. Finally, always available e-mail – the standard, but not so progressive way of communicating. In the course of "Journalist Workshop" invited students and middle high school, intending to enter the Faculty of Journalism, as well as everyone master this exciting profession. Especially recommended for students of faculty of journalism: those who are already tired of the theory, but wants to develop the real skills.