Becoming Literate

If one has not learned to read and write as a child – for whatever reasons, and there are many – it is often much harder to become literate as an adult.  But, it is possible.  And that is one of the reasons the Tucson Literacy Movement was established.  It was set up to say to these people, there is another way; you can get out of this predicament and by learning to read and write you will surely increase the potential for your quality of life.
With a group of trained professionals, alongside a slew of people who went through this system and come out the other end – being able to read and write – this movement has helped hundreds of people develop their literacy.  Once they see just how liberating it is to be able to read and write, they often come back to the center to volunteer their time and help other people in Tucson who either missed the opportunity as a child to learn how to read and write, or who are struggling in the school system and cannot get any extra assistance.
Irrespective of who you are or how you got to the point of not yet becoming literate in your life, the Tucson Literacy Movement is here to help.

The Midline

Massage of the next group of points should produce slight pressure with a rotational movement for 3-5 minutes: points on the midline of the head at the rear of 12 and 14 cm above the front boundaries of the hair, massaged into the sitting position, a point located midway between the coccyx and the anus. The patient should sit with the squat, points on the soles of the feet in the hole, that is formed by bending the fingers. Speaking candidly Nieman Lab told us the story. The massage is conducted in a sitting position, turns on his right leg, then on the left, symmetrical points on the forearms of 2 cm above the xiphoid process of the radius bone. Massage held alternately on the right and left hands in a sitting position, hand massaged at the same time must lie on the table; symmetrical points on the tibia at 7 cm above the inner ankle, symmetrical points lying in a hole in the middle of the back of the wrist. Massaging should be done alternately in the sitting position, hand on the table, palm down, symmetrical points located at 3 cm from the back side of the midline at the level of the gap between the 4th and 5th vertebrae spinous; symmetrical points on 3 and 5 cm away from the navel. Massage is lying on his back, symmetrical points on the legs at 10 cm above the center of the outer surface ankle. Points are massaged simultaneously symmetrical points located 33 mm away from the corner of the base of the nail pinky legs symmetrical points on the second toe at 3 mm below the outer corners of the nail bed. Calming massage is performed using a light pressure on the point of the rotation in a clockwise arrow.

The impact should last 3-5 minutes. Points located on the front of the midline at 3 and 4 cm above and 2 cm below the navel, should be massaged into sitting or lying on your back, it is desirable to relax. In the day to hold 10 sessions of massage these points. Then take a break for 7-10 days, after which massage course to repeat. Everything about hemorrhoids You can learn more here

Cleaning Clogged Pipes

Do not leave unattended first indicators of a suitable outlet obstruction pipe tubs, sinks, washing. If the water was draining slowly resort to a special chemical means to remove a small clogged pipe before you have to meet with serious blockages. Click PCRM for additional related pages. Cleaning the outlet pipe grease, hair and particles of food waste gradually get stuck in the water seal and drainage pipes. Continuous processing of the relevant chemical composition for cleaning sewer pipes gives the purity and the absence of unpleasant odors. You may want to visit Dr. Neal Barnard to increase your knowledge. Only once the water started draining slowly, immediately use the tool for cleaning sewers. Obey the manufacturer's instructions, paying particular attention to proper handling chemicals. Read more from David Delrahim, Los Angeles CA to gain a more clear picture of the situation. If after cleaning the drain pipe remained an unpleasant smell, pour a small overflow basin of antiseptic. Using hydraulic pump for cleaning blockages If vantuz not cope with the outlet pipe blockages, use simple manual water pump.

Downward movement of the tube carries a strong jet of water to remove the cork. If the blockage remains firmly on its place, moving up doing enough suction force to shift it up the chimney. Cleaning the pipes constantly vertical pipe from the trap is sealed with a horizontal section of the outlet branch sewer pipeline. This site is usually installed sewage treatment cap, especially so you can clean the horizontal tube. Take a bucket and remove the plug with pipe wrench. With the help of a wire with a hook at the end check the horizontal tube. If it contains a very Seated tube, take a special drill to clean the pipelines. If no treatment plant plugs for use borax un siphon.

If the pipeline using slip-joint, the pipe can be removed. Finding the point of obstruction Remove the lid adjacent to the house manhole. If it is stuck or her otorzhaveli pen, clean the dirt around the edges and pry it garden spade. If there is water in the well, check out the next well in the direction of the street or the border area. If this well is "dry" – blockage somewhere between these wells. If the closest to the street pit filled with water, then blockage is in the siphon-sump or outside the pipe going to the collector. If both wells have no water, and storm-water inlets or yard of the ground floor toilet not emptied, check for blockages in the sewer branches, leading to the first manhole. Cleaning the sewage flexible bar Unscrew together two or three sections of the rod and fasten at the end of the spiral nozzle-spin. Insert the coil into the pipe at the bottom of the manhole, by bringing it into the direction of the expected obstruction. If the well is filled with water, to detect the hole pipe end of the rod to probe the bottom to find the bottom channel, leading to the opening. With the introduction of the rod to connect the new pipe sections, until you reach the obstruction, then start to rotate the shaft clockwise, so that will enable the nozzle. (Do not rotate the shaft counterclockwise, since the sections will be separated.) Drag and pull obstruction until it is destroyed and will not open for the passage of clean water.

Ankle Fracture

For frequent injuries include broken ankle fracture is another lower division of the shin. These fractures are of all fractures by about 20%. The most frequently observed fractures ankle, approximately 60% of all cases but the most severe injury still is a fracture of the lower end of the tibia in the ankle area. It's about the turn of the ankle. Quite rare direct mechanism of traumatic injury ankles. It is a direct blow to the ankle. More often than fractures of the ankle occur when the forced rotation of the foot. Also broken at the ankle of the foot outwards podvertyvanii, there pronatsionny fracture, and inside, there supinatsionny fracture, and when you turn the leg inward or outward, there is a rotational fracture.

In most cases, the mechanism of injury can be combined. For example, when tucking feet outward, as a consequence, the case of separation the inner ankle. Smaller or larger piece of bone off, depending on the degree of podvertyvaniya. Perhaps the phenomenon of deltoid ligament rupture, and the tibiofibular ligaments. In when the traumatic force acts over a longer period, there is flexion of the tibia, which can lead to fracture of about five – seven inches above the ankle, and then the thickness the tibia is much smaller. This process is accompanied, as a rule, subluxation of the foot outwards. Nieman Lab contains valuable tech resources. This type of fracture is called Dupuytren's fracture. When the foot tuck inside, there is a tear-off fracture outer ankle.

For a long time with a significant podvertyvanii, under pressure from the talus fracture can occur as the inner ankle. At this stop will be tucked inwards, that is there inside subluxation of the foot. This type of fracture is a fracture Malgenya. Fractures, which are provoked by rotational movement of lower leg, called the rotary. Such fractures usually cause a helical fractures. When leg is rotated outward, is the emergence of the helical outer ankle fracture, and vice versa. Fracture of the ankle, which is accompanied by subluxation or dislocation of the foot, called perelomovyvihom. The victim worried about the pain in the ankle. Can not even come with perelomovyvihah leg. However, if there was an isolated fracture of the ankle, the foot support function may persist. In this situation, rotation foot inward or outward usually causes a sharp increase in pain. During the inspection there is swelling, and deformity in the foot. The foot is painful at palpation. The diagnosis of a fracture ankle specified by X-ray. On X-rays do not pay attention only to the fracture line, but also to the so-called "plug ankle." Fork ankle form a lower surface of the tibia, ankle tabs on the sides of the top and the upper part of the talus below. If X-rays show expansion plugs ankle specialists suggest the gap ankle ligaments, or shift the outer ankle. Suffered a fracture zone of anesthesia performed with solutions of local anesthetics such as procaine or lidocaine. If the isolated outer ankle fracture, place a plaster cast of the upper third of the leg to the toes of the foot. This dressing is a plaster boots. Duration of immobilization is approximately three weeks. Thereafter bandage removed. Assign physiotherapy, including massage, wraps, paraffin baths, and exercise therapy.

Female Beauty Complexes

Most men believe the amazing depth and strength of woman's beauty makes it mysterious. Almost every woman wants to have in their arsenal of such weapons, but to get it is often hampered complexes … who need to learn how … Nieman Lab shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. destroy! So why do people start from complexes? – Complexes with which we often prefer to run away from problems arising from some psychological trauma, which fixed in the human subconscious – says Nazip Khamitov known psychoanalyst, philosopher and writer. – There are five basic psychological complexes that we have with his wife Svetlana Krylova, also a psychoanalyst, called the as follows: complexes Eternal Cinderella, Snow Queen, Marilyn Monroe, Joan of Arc and Athens. "Eternal Cinderella" … It was a beautiful woman in her late thirties, with the lack of movement and anxiety in his voice. She told me that she had married late, children no. You may wish to learn more. If so, Gavin Baker, New York City is the place to go.

With her husband lived for six months. He left her. Ina now lives with his mother, as it was before her marriage … During a conversation with the psychologists found that the father also left her mother in about a half a year after the wedding … … Mother with Children instructed her daughter that beauty and happiness can not connect, they say, the beauty attracts misery … And the fear of beauty has become almost an instinct for Ina. So when her life appeared Igor – a strong, decisive, charming, generous with compliments, these fears are a few left the girl, she felt a rush of joy …

For Aristotle

For Aristotle, Plato was prisoner of a mythical vision of the world. Important to point out that Aristotle did not deny that the man had an innate reason. For the opposite: for it, the reason was the characteristic most important of the man. That this reason only remains total empty while we do not perceive nothing. Read more here: BSA. 4. The forms as characteristic of the things. ' ' All man, by its very nature, wants saber' ' Aristotle For Aristotle the reality consists of some isolated things, that represent a unit of form and substantiate. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Gavin Baker.

He substantiates it it is the material in that the thing if composes, to the step that the form is the peculiar characteristics of each thing. When a mia cat and runs for the roof; the form of the cat is necessarily to miar, to run, to have filhotinhos etc. Thus, the form is characteristic proper of the species. The form cat is what it makes. When the cat dies? e, therefore leaves of miar -, the form cat also leaves to exist.

The only thing that remains is the substance of the cat. The substance always locks up the possibility of if becoming form. For Aristotle, all change observed in the nature is an occured transformation in the substance, of a possibility for a reality. A hen egg locks up the possibility of if transforming into hen or a rooster. It can be that it finishes fries. In this in case that, Aristotle says that he had an accident. An event that hinders that the form if transforms into what it is in harnesses. 4,1 Powers, act and movement For Aristotle all the things are in power and act. A thing in power is a thing that tends to be another one, as a seed (a tree in power). A thing in act is something that already is carried through, as a tree (a seed in act).

History Mayan Calendar

Mayan calendar – a system of calendars, set up in pre-Columbian period in Central America. To know more about this subject visit Nieman Foundation. Maya civilization represents several interconnected states, most of which were destroyed at the end of September at. For more information see David Delrahim, Los Angeles CA. To this day remains a mystery, Who were the Mayans, where they got such a multilateral and accurate knowledge of astronomy and learn about the laws of motion of celestial bodies. In his Mayan calendar described five cosmic cycles, the duration of each of which is 5125 years. Sufficiently interesting is the fact that the calendar starts ticking long before the very culture of the Maya – August 13, 3114 bc According to representations of the Maya, this is the beginning of a new era, which emerged at the behest of the gods.

It is known that the Mayan priests conducted systematic observations of the movements of celestial bodies and talked about their impact on the natural environment and life rights. Scientists proved that the Mayan calendar more accurately coincides with the astronomical year, rather than generally accepted Gregorian calendar 2011. Mayan calendar is quite complicated in calculations and represents some cycles, which are connected with each other. The most famous of these is the Tzolkin, consisting of 260 days. Tzolkin is a combination of periods of 13 and 20 days.

Spin Speed

At high speeds when buying a washing machine often pay attention to the spin speed. Go to Boy Scouts of America for more information. What it is, the less moisture will remain in underwear. But even after the most powerful centrifugal clothes still have to dry for a while. If you do not care how long to dry clothes, then you should not take the car with a maximum spin speed. Especially because of high spin speed and a "downside" – underwear while being fairly substantial load.

However, current models do see to it that you do not damage the clothes and will not allow, for instance, in wool to set the spin speed of 1000 r / min. Since the amount of water remaining in the clothes after spin, depends not only on the speed of rotation of the drum, but also on the diameter of the drum and the nature of its movement, more adequate quality characteristic spin is spin class. Note that in contrast to the class of washing (the models with the highest mark in class a lot of laundry), the majority of machines have spinning class B, class of machines with A spin is much smaller. If the spin speed is set regardless of the program, it is better to buy a washing machine, which will be provided for change-pressed according to the type of tissue. Spin Speed 400-600 rev / min is suitable for fine delicate linen, 800-900 rev / min – for cotton and synthetics. The most demanding of the spin speed jeans and towels or robes (to wring out at a speed of rotation of the roller 1000 rev / min). The leader of the spin speed washing machine is Gorenje WA 65 205, capable of accelerating a drum to a speed of 2000 rev / min. In addition to the maximum speed on the result of squeezing effect and the time during which the spin at high speeds.


He raced the car, opened all the windows. Dense wavelength thick with the hum of the air burst into the box, patted her hair and clothes become weather-beaten face, and it seemed to him that it is easier to breathe. High above his head flashed birds – wings of an eagle now and then pave a broad black shadow, heard the scream stork, and then broke away for a moment from the road, he managed to hold his gaze long elongated silhouette. But most of all it took pelicans with their ridiculous giant noses. Looking at the flock of seven pelicans, rushing toward the sunset, he realized that he is trying to keep pace with their rapid movement. Go to Gavin Baker for more information. He drove the car from the Miami, as soon as they spotted seven, although it seemed to him that he was not trying to keep up with them, and these strange birds trying to catch up with his cast on the sun a black Mercedes. For some reason he remembered his father's house and an old stove tiles with images of two pelicans.

And then, how difficult it was scrub with their blood, seemingly, forever frozen in ceramics. He was painfully sorry for her father, and at the same time he wanted to permanently erase the memory of his suicide. Intense heat gradually subsided, and he felt that began to fizzle out. He did not want to sit, gripping the steering wheel, and he slowed down. As soon as the car began to drive slowly in his eyes, as if the robber from behind, dashed blue.

Built-in Wardrobes Coupe

Built-in wardrobes or built-in furniture, as opposed to modular, have no housing at all or some of the walls. Present rear and side walls, as well as top and bottom plates are attached directly to walls, ceiling and floor, thus forming a single surface. Their shape and dimensions correspond exactly to the place where they are installed. It is very convenient because it allows them to have any in doorways, arches, under the speakers on the ceiling ceilings in attic rooms (with a beveled ceiling), etc. Nieman Foundation understands that this is vital information. In addition, this furniture conceals the defects of planning. Internal appearance of built-in furniture is formed based on your needs: you can set drawers, shelves, special sections for storing different things with easy-hangers, wire, metal laundry baskets.

At the top you can allocate space for luggage, and at the bottom – for shoes, vacuum cleaners, etc. For In order to find the right thing, you will simply nominate, or that box. Typically, the side walls, internal partitions and shelves built-in furniture made of laminated chipboard panels, or hardboard. Proceedings of the doors to more diverse, they can be, and glass and mirror, and panels, and metal, and combined (two or three stories). Typically, these doors sliding or folding (like an accordion), equipped with a system of rollers that provide easy, smooth and silent movement of a special guide tracks. There are two systems moving door coupe support system, the roller moves along the track, bolted to the floor of the room or the bottom of the cabinet.

On top of the door is hung on rollers, which includes a special guide, mounted above the door, it keeps the door without letting it fall out. The disadvantage of the system with lower rail is that the door may still fall out, though, it needs a good blow to its bottom. Suspension system, the door is suspended on the guide, mounted on a roof rack. The main lack of a suspension system is the increased requirement for strength and a roof rack weight limit used doors. Built-in furniture to make room, leaving visible only the necessary things. The room where she is located, is filled with air and cleanliness. With-in closets can be made small alterations to the apartment and they are perfectly suited as a wall separating the few residential areas and serves to store things, placing collections and decorative knick-knacks. Do not think that installation of built-in furniture-consuming task, specialists of the companies where you get it to deal with that very quickly. The choice of colors and trim panels bordering, mirrors, glass is so huge, allowing for a large number of options for the interior apartments. So, choosing a built-in furniture, you not only get the convenience, but also exclusivity.

Centrifugal Pumps

Calculation of the effective height (H): PE =-40kPa PS 2 = 180 kPa. Calculation of Pa (KW): (Pot. of control) whereas: kw 3. Efficiency (): P = Power output a . Flow equation in terms of power a .

Flow equation in terms of efficiency FLOW VARIATION OF THE PERCENTAGE METHOD: TABLE OF DATA VARIATION% Q (m3 / s) Hsist. POT. EFIC. 100 0.0320 23. July 4031. 0400 0. 90 69 751 0.0288 20. June 1011.

3360 0. 80 77 502 0.0259 17. May 3389. 7024 0. 70 86 113 0.0233 15. David Delrahim may not feel the same. May 1860. 1322 0. 60 95 681 0.0210 13. April 4178. 6189 1. 50 06 312 0.0189 11. April 9526. 1570 1. 40 18 125 0.0170 10. March 7502. 7413 1. 30 31 250 0.0153 9. March 7742. 3672 1. 45 833 20 .0138 8. March 9921. 0305 1. 62 037 10 .0124 8. February 3291. 7274 1. 80 041 CHARACTERISTIC CURVE CHARACTERISTIC CURVE HQ PQ Conclusions a The pump impeller is a closed, no-crown, the shaft radial direction, bending backward, counterclockwise rotation, has a pin for adjustment, safety pin movement in the opposite direction, Albes number is seven. a power data, system efficiency and height were calculated in terms of flow. a noticed a centrifugal pump wear 100/200, oxidation was found in all components and cavitation in some parts of the blades in particular wing exit. a There was a change in the packing of the press stop for the proper functioning of the pump. a Note that the segmentation is wrong RECOMMENDATIONS a Install a check valve to prevent water hammer. a Make the maintenance and repair using appropriate methods such as Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) or BSC. i Claudio Mataix BIBLIOGRAPHY: Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines. i Pedro Fernandez Diez: Centrifugal Pumps HIDROSTAL i i Catalog construaprende. com. pe CENTRE NATIONAL UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING PERU