Matrix Reloaded

I felt lost without knowing where to go in this new world of business over the internet, I knew that you could make money in a different way, the problem was in that knew not that way. I spent a while trying to find out, to trial and error. They were distressing times, since without giving me account was giving laps and didn’t know where to go. This was until I met my friend Miguel Leal, who is the director of the project MATRIX. The matrix was a different course. I say this because I did not know what was a custom class, with a group of professionals working together to get the best out of you, find out what you want and know where you are to start from there.

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Social Movements

SOCIAL movements: Approach contemporary classic vs the concept of movement Social dates from 1850, alluding to the labour movement. This concept will be created in order to define a critical mobilization with the structure of a process determined at a historic moment. It would be the expression of discontent that brings the activation of social networks, with a composition of various and different collective actors, whose objective will be influence and participate in the form of structuring of society. We can see a clear intention to influence, guide and star in the processes of social change movements. Many cases are examples of social actions: in a work of theater people tend to applaud, laugh, cry, or cover the eyes of fear at the same time; in a football match against a player shout, or applaud, in unison. These behaviors, even in a modern society, are collective behaviors known to conduct mass (classic approach). Understood as a manifestation of fear, panic, a leak of the collectivity in which accentuates is action without actors as an accidental sum of individuals (Le Bon and later), for which the reasons that emerge from this interaction are the product of an irrational crowd. It is an approach that is closely linked to the Freudian theory of contagion of the deviation and suggestion on where in sight crisis or disorder of the social system to the conservatism of the elites. On the other hand, and within this classical approach, we find the work of Marx, who coined the term social class, in which the social conditions that the actors have in common are based class (a mine workers to improve its economy), or problems in more conservative words auto interest (as the about small farmers concerned about control of the single purchase price). We have so the classic psychosocial approach focuses on the collective and the irrational, designating the mass as a whole undifferentiated and irrational moved by a behavior of accession and suggestion, which is unable to make a coherent analysis.