Walter Arana

Never break the silence if not to improve it has been largely neglected how properly mamejar motivation towards productivity, therefore, not surprising, it is significant number of companies, of all SMEs, which management does not has handled properly represents what the motivation, which can generate, if it knows how to use towards productivity. Management has not identified with the role of motivation, has failed to use the necessary stimulus to give way to positive results. Just writing about it is as stated Walter Arana, when executives of a company considered necessary to motivate staff to achieve certain objectives, often tend to hire consultants or external consultants, who usually are good speakers and make use of certain techniques aimed primarily at influencing the emotional aspect of the person.

To do this, developing themes such as leadership, how to overcome fear, excellence and quality, teamwork, be victorious, among others. In the best case, these programs are accompanied by issues related to the work of the company. While it is true that these activities can lead to the person aware of certain problems and seeks to overcome, however, lack consistency and permanence in time. Worse, the desired effect as a contribution to the objectives of the company is not much concrete. Confidence is lost, time and money by claiming a simplistic reasoning. It has been written, that the motivation involcra those factors (internal impulses and external forces) can cause, direct and sustain behavior toward a goal. From there, it’s no surprise that comment, to know the motives of the motivation is as complex as human nature is complex.

Vladimir Orlov

On the recognition of friendly professionals, today held network project can be called a "Last-minute shop, which occupies its own, well-defined niche. Indicative of this regard, the evolution of the network "SALE tours. It appeared last fall, was created on the part of investors and money originally staked on the lower middle class. According to the authors, highlight the network were to be "dying" is not implemented by the operator tours. In fact it was an analog of the same "burning permits", which immediately provoked critical responses of observers. As now recognized, ceo of Sales "Vladimir Orlov, the initial approach was mistaken s m: to gain a foothold in this niche could not, and went to more affluent customers than expected, respectively, have changed and demands for the product. Today the network of "Sale of tours" counts in Moscow on 10 agencies, six of them are proper points of sale.

"Initially, we relied on the franchise, but as it turned out to persuade a small travel agency to work on more advanced, especially developed technology is not so easy. They used to work the old-fashioned, they say, at the knee and do not really want to rebuild. Through trial and error, we concluded that the wiser still to open their own point of sale than to re-educate foreign agencies ", – says commercial director Stanislav Sul'din network. However, the first year of operation in the "sale " quite happy. In the absence of any scientific theory of network development company could survive and gain a foothold in the market.

Renaissance Movement

In Brazil the contribution comes through subsidies for affixture of the rule with the studies of Emanuel Pear tree Son, Leodegrio de Azevedo Filho and Cleonice Berardinelli. Cames in such a way cultivated the poetical forms sanctioned by the Renaissance, of the call ‘ ‘ measure nova’ ‘ , how much of ‘ ‘ measure velha’ ‘ supplied for the tradition. To the classic forms chose they belong it, eighth, the gloga, the epistle, the sextina, soneto and the song, inhaled in the old model and with marked Italian and Spanish influence. second they are expressed for the ingenious style, whose more characteristic manifestation is ‘ ‘ to say derivado’ ‘ , they so transmit the subtility and the sharpness of concepts the taste of the poets of medieval occitnica inheritance and the Cancioneiros: redondilhas. (Op.

Cit. 1993, P. 34). 2.2 In the molds of the Arcadismo the literary style called manifest Arcadismo in a blistered, of praise and encmios, in metafricas languages, arrevesa and exageradamente sentenciosa, practised literature to the shade of the academies. With the decline of the aristocracy and the ascension of the bourgeoisie, it is felt trend for a renewal of the literary taste and the aesthetic creed, with the exhaustion of the gracious literature of the baroque one. A reaction against the baroque style of the six hundred, express one in an ample movement of classicizante restoration is developed, where the classic spirit resurges under the neoclassicismo form. Amongst the varieties of the neoclassicismo, it appeared the arcdico movement. In the end of sc. XVII, the young fixed residence in Rome Cristina former-queen of the Sweden, that resigns to the throne and the luteranismo, becoming itself it the catolicismo. Intelligent and cultured, since Sweden was become accustomed to surround it of scholars and artists, for quarrel and reading of literary works.

Many Movements

Where are they distributed? Right, through training, in our case hard weight training. The greater the muscle, he pours more growth hormone. The biceps is a small muscle group and pours very few growth hormones out, so someone who trained only at home with dumbbells the biceps almost would have no success. Little growth incentive = no muscle growth. Here, the growth hormones in the trained muscles not only are awarded but throughout the body. If you train only the biceps, this effect will be of course not to notice, because the muscle is so tiny. But what if you train the largest muscle of the whole body and persuade him to throw a concentrated load growth hormones? Right. The training effect is confined not only to these a large muscle, the hormones affect the upper body, which in turn benefits the free hormone.

In addition to his separate training, upper body get growth hormones from the legs. The upper body so benefits from the leg workout, because the leg muscles is so large and leads to a massive distribution of growth hormones. 3. force your leg muscles is the largest in the whole body, at the same time it is our Foundation. Many Movements (and thus also exercises) go out even if we don’t necessarily notice it by the legs. For even more analysis, hear from Viktor Mayer-Schönberger . Like a spring, we stretch the muscles in the body to extend from the calf to the fingertips to power, at the right moment, the spring is relaxed and we can handle the weight. You will notice this when you unconsciously tense the butt at many exercises, even at the bench press, the legs act as stabilizer (they are tense), though the legs at first glance have to do with the breast. The most extreme this is striking in the Deadlift, where a part of the movement specifically comes from the legs.

Osteopathy: Life Is Movement

Osteopathy can be used in numerous dysfunctions of the body back pain are, even if they are chronic, a true ordeal. A real alternative to tablets, ointments and operations might however an osteopathic treatment in many cases, which is still to be completely free of side effects. In this holistic form of therapy was developed by the American physician Andrew Taylor still around 120 years ago, the sickening and triggering pain blockages in the body are sensed and solved by gentle pressing, pulling, kneading and brushing. In this way relax the muscles, stimulates the nerves and improves the flow in blood vessels and lymphatics. As a result, the body gets back its original mobility. The connective tissue plays a central role because it every organ, every bone, every muscle, every tendon and each cell linked together everything in the body.

With special handles, you can therefore through the connective tissue specifically Stimulate healing. In completely different areas of the body can be about back pain. Each patient is therefore always comprehensively investigated and treated, to find the causes of the pain, to eliminate them and to bring the body back into balance. Often a few sequences of treatment already, enough to relieve the pain or to resolve. A patient has chronic problems, the patient is supported in the correction of his movement pattern.

This type of “active” pain therapy prevents incorrect posture and health restrictions, but may require a treatment over a longer period of time. That is worth the effort for this, in the meantime some studies. Except for back pain, osteopathic treatment in many other diseases as sole or adjunctive therapy promises success. This applies in particular for problems with internal organs, the support and movement apparatus as well as the spinal cord, and nervous system. Diseases, such as severe infections or cancer etc., where the healing powers of the body no longer sufficient to make people healthy, osteopathy however reaches its limits.

New Literacy Studies

The letramento is intrinsically on to the way as the reading and the writing is understood and practised in determined social context. The master Pablo Freire was pioneering in the revolutionary idea of letramento, although not to use this term, when affirming that to if becoming alfabetizado, the citizen would have a way to take conscience of its reality and to transform it. In the reality, the social development of the writing occurred in function of some historical landmarks of that time, such as: ' ' emergency of the State as unit politics; the formation of national identities not necessarily based in ethnic or cultural alliances; the socioeconmicas changes in the great masses that if incorporated the forms of industrial works; the emergency of the education formal' ' (KLEIMAN, 1995: 16). All these historical and social landmarks had made with that the writing gained importance more each sped up time in the society. From the decade of 80 of the passed century, they appear, in consequncia of some works related to the writing, the New calls Studies of the Letramento or New Literacy Studies, which consider the independent model and the ideological model of letramento (STREET, 1984). The independent model is based on the understanding of that ' ' the letramento occurs by means of the language without context, of the independent speech and the thought analtico' ' (STREET, 1995, P. 154).

In this perspective, the letramento is a neutral tool that can be applied of homogeneous form, with equally homogeneous results in all the social and cultural contexts. It presents, still, the great verbal verge/written, being that, in the societies where the written letramento is not present, the fact is seen as great ' ' lacuna' ' to be filled by occidental methods that would take to the progress politician, economic and personal. To acquire the letramento would lead to the acquisition of logic, critical reasoning and scientific perspectives, as much in the social level as personal.

Successful Literacy

Of the art, to select the right book since the first Pisa study results were published in Germany in the year 2000, it is clear: schools and parents have a huge problem with children to make experienced and so good readers. The German students fared at the time compared poorly. Often, foreign texts could be read even by young people; the reading comprehension proved to be as flawed of all ages. Meanwhile, newer reading competence tests show that there is in this country a measurable progress. However, most parents and teachers always or ever again are faced with the serious problem that kids just don’t like to read that they unwilling to handle texts and books. The age-old saying “Reading to learn just by reading” is still without trade-offs. Book vs.

monitor books have in recent years more and more competition: through screens. What is happening on the screen, is a convenient and tempting way into the realm of fantasy for the small audience. That children Despite the seductive images on the monitors feel read not as a burden, but that manages to wake up looking for the book, is the only promising way to book fans, to make, to experienced as well as secure readers and to people who actually understand, what they read. Parents of past generations had it in this more easily than the present fathers and mothers: 20 years ago, the hours of children’s programmes on the television were limited and the book as a media guide to the land of imagination, practically no alternative. It has now fundamentally changed. Therefore, it is of particular importance that there is not unpleasant encounters between children and books. Gently ask well promote who faced children with texts, which they have not grown, may not be surprised, if the offspring respond soon irritated to printed. Of course, children learn only, if they are confronted with new, but if it’s too much, they block.