Device Specification

These data are treated in the CLP of form to create a list with the total of performances, partial and total time of operation of engines, relays and other machines that can be monitored. Source: David Bershad. These data are disponibilizados to a computer with supervisory software and a software SQL Server to store these information for way to the protocol of communication ADS (Automation Device Specification). The protocol of communication ADS only functions with established operative systems in the Windows NT, therefore the software of programming of the CLP was developed for this system. With supervisory software it is possible to configure each entrance of the CLP for a device or set of them, informing total amount of acionamentos foreseen by the manufacturer for execution of periodic maintenances, running time to carry through inspections, cleannesses, substitutions of devices and to generate routines of as the work will have to be carried through. With these effected configurations, at the moment where the adjusted stated periods will be next to be reached a news of the device will be generated to be analyzed, moreover, reports can be created, spread sheets I contend information of these devices in order to keep a description of the system and its performance.

3. Structure the structure of the system in the CLP (controlling programmable logical), the information is received from the field, processed for the CLP and disponibilizadas it computer to store the data in its data base through protocol ADS being eliminated the necessity of system OPC. The interface between the user and the data generated for the CLP, serving as visualizador of the aquisitados data of the field and to configure the control adjustments. With the stored data reports can be generated and graphical of the supervised devices, making possible to understand as it is if holding and if its life useful it reached the informed one for the manufacturer to plan the moment of the maintenance.