Backpack Youth

Youth fashion the most advanced from all directions and all the innovations it has taken the fastest. Also for young people characterized by the use of different multifunctional accessories, which include the fashionable and backpack. Multifunctionality backpack determined by the possibility of its use in a variety of situations and conditions. The backpack can be both educational and tourist destination. Youth backpack for school must meet accepted sanitary requirements. They also determined the maximum allowable size of a backpack, the basic characteristics (length of straps and handles, the presence of the orthopedic foundation, etc.). For each age pupils determined limiting mass backpack.

For primary school age children that weight is much smaller than that of children under school age. Material for sewing backpacks selected also depending on the type of backpack. For tourist and student backpacks uses material that is not subject to severe moisture dust. This is especially important for student backpacks, because they use most intensively every day. Travel backpacks are made from waterproof material, since the garments – one of the main requirements for this type of backpack.

Along with the student travel polusportivnymi backpacks widespread female youth backpacks. For their production using natural materials such as leather and suede. Backpacks of this type are more like handbags. Their size is much less travel backpack. At the same time the functionality of it remains. A large number of branches and pockets – an integral feature of all types of backpacks.

Dough Process

By negasyascheysya of lime are also decomposed by roasting limestone, perezhzhennye oxide particles of calcium and magnesium salts, vitrified tumors, resulting in peresypnyh furnaces in the interaction of lime and ash fuel. The longer the process takes place covers, the more high-quality product is obtained. In industrial-scale suppression is mechanized. The choice of scheme depends on what product to get – "hydrated lime," or lime putty. Most of the lime in pushonku extinguished. Quenching in a hydrator pushonku produce periodic or continuous. By periodically operating hydrator include cylindrical or drum gasilnye barrel-shaped with a capacity of about 15 meters.

Drums with a speed of 3 to 5 rev / min. set horizontally on rollers. In the pre-loaded drums crushed in hammer or cone crushers with lime size pieces 3 – 5 mm. Lime is quenched with steam coming through paropodvodyaschee device. The duration of suppression, including loading and unloading of the product is 30 – 40 min. After dropping particles of lime neprogasivshihsya sent to the bin or silo for staying (silage), where the process of extinction continues, which leads to higher quality material. Setting-up "pushonki" compared to the production of lump lime has several advantages: neprogasivshiesya particles are separated at the factory, transportation convenient packaged pushonki, such a product has a longer storage period. However, the cost pushonki higher since its release requires the organization of hydrated and packaging plant site. The process of clearing the dough is more durable and complex. It applies if the lime is designed for use at the production site or at sites in the vicinity (Such as a mortar).


Many times we ask these two questions, and I think that both are related to each other, because to know that is the creativity you need to know is their origin. What is the source of creativity? The origin of creativity is directly related to the cerebral hemispheres. Our brain is divided into two hemispheres, the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere. Each hemisphere has different functions, but they are connected between if. Between the two hemispheres, there is an inverse relationship, given that the right hemisphere is responsible for coordinating the movement of the left side of the body, whereas the left hemisphere is responsible for coordinating the movements of the right hand. The right hemisphere it is related to NONVERBAL expression, i.e.

that he thinks and relates events in the form of images. Is why scientists say people where your right hemisphere is that dominates, study, think, remember and learn through images, as if it were a film without sound and that these people are very creative and have very well developed imagination. While the left hemisphere is associated with VERBAL expression, i.e. that describes and defines the events with words. David Bershad may not feel the same. Persons that the left hemisphere is dominant, study, think, remember and learn through reading and writing and according to scientists is learning more slowly and therefore not allowed to develop creativity. These people are more studious, calmer and more traditionalists, are governed more by the routine and habit.

What is creativity? Creativity is the Act of learning to master the two cerebral hemispheres, and although each has different functions, the two are interconnected. Work which seems very difficult, but in reality is not, with a little common sense and constant exercises came to dominate them. It’s like a competition between the two hemispheres and get the best out of each one. We can start by escape the routine, change the order of furniture of the House, change the place where we sat in the classroom, change the path we took to get to work or to school, change the menu of meals; These are just a few examples. Exercise of inventiveness, inventing a history, a fable, a joke, something that even simple will lead us to achieve great things. Write down any idea that we come to the head, by far-fetched it may seem an idea, if we mature it, in a role that idea could become a great idea. Remember that great ideas surfaced at unexpected moments. The brain is a muscle and as such we must exercise it and more will exercise much better is going to work. Anyone that is your profession make it with passion, when working with passion creativity goes skin-deep, it is only that many do not realize that is there and not reach to perceive. When you’re faced with a dilemma thinks with cool head, look to your around, many times we have the solution to the reach of our hands and don’t realize it. In conclusion the creativity is a gift that we all We have, but few know how to get out.

The Army

Christians and Jews sought as to increase their influence and control the economy in the country. This affected the sharp class confrontation between the Christian-Jewish aristocracy, and the Muslim masses. The split in the army became a part of domestic conflict, which has acquired the class, ethnic and religious character. Al-Hakim, get real control of the country after the removal of Bardzhavana (in 1000 suspected al-Hakim, the regent of the organization coup Bardzhavan was arrested and executed) was to look for the forms and methods of overcoming the crisis. The main threat to the economy of al-Hakim, seen in the power of Christian-Jewish oligarchy. This prompted him to establish a state control over the economy of the country.

He introduced fixed prices for many commodities, particularly meat and bread, abolished taxes on some commodities (particularly on silk and soap). Al-Hakim has tightened state control over production and distribution of wine and beer, and subsequently imposed a total ban on them. This ban was due not so much from religious motives, as with the political: wine making and selling alcohol involved Christian-Jewish to know. Alcohol prohibition to undermine this type of income. The ban applies to and including the use of wine in the rites of Christian and Jewish festivals. Were also prohibited public and Jewish hristianskietseremonii were put decals for these populations, which they wore on their clothing. In 1008 the Caliph has balanced the rights of Sunnis and Shiites, has created a device to ensure safety. The streets began to be the fight against hooliganism, theft and crime.

Jonh Bunyan

The same Salomo, cotejando wisdom and wealth arrived at this: ‘ ‘ Because the wisdom serves of defense, as of defense it serves the money; but the excellency of the knowledge is that the wisdom of the life to its possuidor.’ ‘ V 12 Was necessarily how much to that Jesus alerted: ‘ ‘ Therefore, that it would use to advantage the man to gain the whole world and to lose its soul? ‘ ‘ Mc 8; 36 ‘ ‘ Better it is the good fame of what optimum ungento, and the day of the death of that the day of the birth of algum.’ ‘ 7; Perhaps 1 let us see in different way, but the idea is that the finished workmanship is better, that all for making, since that if it has made with the well-taken care of had one, as warns the Apocalypse; ‘ ‘ Fortunate the deceased that since now die in Mr. Yes, it says the Spirit, so that they rest of its works, and to its they follow them workmanships; ‘ ‘ Apoc 14; 13 the verse that emcabea these consideraes, says that the wisdom is better that the force, not because the force is something bad, before, because the wisdom is still more strong; ‘ ‘ The wisdom fortifies the scholar, more than what ten powerful ones that it has in cidade.’ ‘ V 7; 19 When the real force of Nabucodonosor threatened to kill all the scholars of Babilnia, for not knowing to solve an enigma, between them Daniel and its friends, this asked for time to jejuar and to pray the God. It heard it to god and it answered; It praised It Thus to Daniel: ‘ ‘ The God of my parents, I give favours to you I praise and you, because me of this wisdom and force; you made now me to know what we ask for, because in you made to know this subject of rei.’ ‘ Dn 2; 23 Yes, one was about force enough to save a mount of lives, including the proper one. In remote times the men if occupied of the wisdom, today, if they all occupy of the pleasure the cost, exactly if it is declared administrator of perpetual displeasures. The hedonism is ‘ ‘ sabedoria’ ‘ effective exactly between that if Christians say.

In the truth, ‘ ‘ seleo’ ‘ of Salomo she is well ampler, but, I want it linger themselves here, therefore, he will be himself possible to find a thousand gold currencies in a pot, nobody would desire to find them in a passage of a thousand kilometers. The question is to be presumptuous that these ‘ ‘ moedas’ ‘ they have value exactly. Pablo, on the gift of God, Jesus Christ, teaches: ‘ ‘ In who the treasures of the wisdom and cincia.’ are hidden all; ‘ Col; 2; 3 If the wisdom is a superior force, which will be the vigor Of this so hated and rejected? He himself says: ‘ ‘ all the power in the sky and terra.’ ‘ Mat 28; 18 Saiamos It, therefore, perpetual treasure, and disdains persuasiva force of the merchants of ‘ ‘ fair of vaidades’ ‘ as Jonh Bunyan said. ‘ ‘ Who of morning understood the teachings of the wisdom, at night can die contente.