MdL Heinrich Traublinger

Official prize giving ceremony at the international trade fair in Munich of new Vito bakery and 2500 euros for advertising agency Rohrbach / Munich (mh) – at the international trade fair in Munich now held the award ceremony of the contest “Star of craft 2011”. The award for the most original vehicle lettering on German craftsmen vehicles went to the bakery Wiesender excising Bach (district Pfaffenhofen) and ADVERMA Rahmani agency advertising & Marketing GmbH. The vehicle fleet of the bakery Wiesender in excising Bach (district Pfaffenhofen) is enhanced by a brand new Mercedes Vito in the future. The transporter is the prize for winning the competition star of craft 2011 “for the best caption on craftsman vehicles in whole Germany. The official handover took place in the framework of the international trade fair in Munich. With a win bonus, also the ADVERMA was considered advertising & Marketing GmbH. The Rahmani advertising agency stands for design and technical implementation the promotional vehicle lettering responsible.

Franz-Josef Breuer marketing craft, project manager of the competition conducted under the auspices of the action of modern craft, the award ceremony at the craft fair prepared. In Hall 3, waiting for its new owner of Vito and already attracted abundant attention until the arrival of the guests of honour. He had been allowed out already before in the days with the same label, that Wiesender had helped the bakery to the victory. Many visitors stopped and eyed the flashy design very carefully. The unanimous opinion: Which really whets your appetite on freshly baked crusty bread. And some passerby then directly controlled the next range of food because he was hungry.

“The symbolic key to the new Vito Matthias Hindemith, Member of the Executive Board presented sales vans at Mercedes-Benz as a competitive partner of star of craft” to the family Wiesender. CEO Karl Wiesender thanked his wife Doris and his two children warm and rejoiced that his longstanding advertising partnership with the communication agency ADVERMA now even awarded. Much praise for the original vehicle lettering there was Dieter Dohr, and Barbara Hilsch, head of the Mercedes Center Holledau also by the guests of honour, spearheaded by the President of the Chamber of craft for Munich and Upper Bavaria, MdL Heinrich Traublinger, the President of the Chamber of crafts of Karlsruhe, David penny, the Chairman of the Managing Director of the Gesellschaft fur handwerksmessen mbH. The small ADVERMA delegation at the award ceremony at the international crafts fair had every reason to joy not only of appreciative words about. There were 2500 euros prize money for the winning design, and Agency Chief Franz Bohm could also receive a certificate.


Later, already in Khostinsky administration members retreat decide how to go from a critical situation, because in this case, the allocation of money from the budget for the resettlement of the river in a draw – this is misappropriation of funds. The result was a legal trap. But wait for legal issues there is no time – Hosts embankment needs repair now. Found a organization that can help the city – "Dagomyskarer." Now she can begin to clearing the river, "Host". – There will be work to shore protection and to clear the channel as it is necessary to prevent further disaster. Sand-gravel mix, which will be chosen from the channel Host river will be kept under federal law, in our area, as this mixture can not be used for commercial purposes, it will have city at short notice, – said Roman Zinoviev, deputy general director of LLC "Dagomyskarer." The fact that the river previously produced work, and who have already cleaned the bed there, dug the mountains and left everything in such a situation, and why the landslide occurred, the meeting did not said.

The decision is agreed with the prosecutor's office area. The current issue also has pushed to ensure that test all the Sochi River and to determine which agency they belong, in order to ensure their continued control and care. We had to create this special audit, because the river facilities in Sochi, a considerable 29 rivers. And to restore order in Khost, the mayor set a date – a month. On the suspension bridge he looked waterfront, and decided that she needs improvement. In the village authorities are rare. There are many problems whose solution is postponed for many years.

A host named in past years the pearl of Sochi, is ready for change. In Soviet mountain is not something that Coast – tourists settled the entire mountain area. Now partially renovated for the Olympic program, high-rise buildings, all the rest in preparation for the Olympics remains to be done – time is short. But Host, a member of Olympic Zone hospitality does not seem to be ignored.

Dona Cayetana

Dona Cayetana has spoken about her next liaison with Alfonso Diez and the difficult road that have gone up to the announcement of their marriage. Duchess of Alba ensures that the marriage is not the most difficult decision that has been taken and that love has no age. It will no doubt the final brooch to the beautiful story between the aristocratic and the official. Alfonso Diez and Dona Cayetana are poised to become husband and wife making it clear, as says the Duchess, that love has no age. From his residence in Ibiza, it talks about how will be the expected link to Hello! Magazine. Cayetana de Alba is radiant and not wonder: finally going to marry the man of her dreams. What I now got married was not the most difficult decision of my life.

It was somewhat difficult to achieve, but the decision was very clear and was taken, says the Duchess from S Aufabaguera, its spectacular Ibiza residence. But while initially his decision was not shared by much in your environment, with great enthusiasm and perseverance, finally D ona Cayetana has achieved its purpose trying to convince some and others. I’m not a person who is left to handle: I have my own ideas and try to turn them into reality, emphasizes the aristocrat. It is inevitable to talk about him, which has managed to steal the heart: Alfonso. Cayetana melts in praise towards her future husband, stating: Alfonso Diez is fantastic.

He is a very intelligent, highly educated man and the person who has totally changed my life and makes me happy. It has triumphed love little by little they know more details of the intimate link which will only have those closest to the couple. Carmen Tello, close friend of the couple will be responsible to godmother since, as points out the aristocrat, he has been Alfonso, not I, who, having no mother, chose Carmen Tello, who is very friendly, as godmother. With regard to the day of the ceremony, the Duchess confirms that it will be at one in the afternoon at the Palace of Duenas (Sevilla). The day – will be in October – is not definitely fixed, because it will depend on us well come to all, some and others. Finally, the aristocrat will see how his intense romance ends with a superb finish and as he points out I think that love is stronger that anything in life. In fact, alien to the criticisms about his relationship she has very clear and pointed out in Hello!: say that my heart does not correspond to the age that I have. What is clear is that my love has no age. Ten minutes magazine has also done a complete tracking of the event and has been able to know that the wedding will be held, in particular, the first week of October. In addition, according to this publication, the official will go to receive a salary as Duke consort, but own ten makes it clear that he does not want anything other than the Duchess and points out: Cayetana knows that I do not have any economic interest. Source of the news: La Duquesa de Alba: “Love is stronger than anything”

Rudolf Diesel

That was when Rudolf Diesel hit on the idea of establishing an effective engine efficiency which could exceed 10-12%, then is an indicator of steam engines. With the construction and working principle of the future diesel engine are relatively fast: it is an internal combustion engine with the ignition of fuel from the heat of compressed gas. However, in the process of creating a working copy of difficulty: high pressure and temperature in the combustion chamber drive motor to get burned pistons, engine parts breakdowns, and sometimes even an explosion. In the end, to refine and giving aggregate sufficient reliability took a few years. But the 1897 goal was finally reached: the enormous five-ton engine, developed by 20ls 173ob/min and had a 26% efficiency.

Even promising Otto engine with forced ignition from only 20%! Why do diesel engines have turned out so economical? It has two fundamental reasons. The first is a high-compression diesel engines: 13 to 25 to 12 in the best representatives of the gasoline. These figures should not be underestimated, because on them depends the efficiency of motor: higher than they are, the more extended hot exhaust gases, and, accordingly, the more their thermal energy is converted into mechanical energy. Therefore, if we compare the modern diesel and gasoline engines, the first able to absorb 38-50% of heat released during combustion of fuel, and the second – only 25-38%. A reasonable question: what prevents raise the compression ratio of gasoline engines? Prevents detonation, ie, spontaneous ignition of the fuel-air mixture from the intense heat at too high compression.

Organization Of Holidays

What is a holiday and how to organize it? Indeed, the organization of celebrations – a matter that requires very careful consideration and thinking of all the details. Should I say, to organize celebrations have real professionals? That's right: in each case must be just a professional, not a lover of wide profile. Only in this case, you can enjoy a celebration of life, and not flinch from the awkward surprises. The professional organization of the holiday – a sea of variety of options. For example, the holding of the festival with belly dancers, or horse shows. In your hands to turn your child's birthday in a real fairy tale! Organizing a wedding – it's always a lot of things that must be met on time without fail: all invited, sit down, order flowers, etc. and tr Agree with all of this head is able to go around. But when all of this wedding – it is the one and only day in my life, and therefore it should not just be at a height, but also remembered for a lifetime! It is best if these memories are from the category of nice.

If you have your heart will die of joy and a sense of romantic tales. It is indeed possible. You just need to give a wedding in the hands of professionals. Here is to your liking at first chosen venue for weddings, place the entire layout of the hall to the appointed day, resolved all issues with the delivery of flowers. Maybe you decide to order a wedding carriage or limousine? Piece of cake.

You choose the wedding script to your liking. You can not and worry about the photos and videos and of course the wedding cake. Or maybe you want something very unusual? You probably already guessed that professional organizers impossible does not exist. The organization of wedding professionals – a true romantic unforgettable holiday that will remain in your memory for a lifetime!

Floor Concrete

How do a floor of concrete when builds a barn or shed, a garage or a shop, it is very important that cough foundations on which the structure stands are sufficiently strong, to avoid that, eventually, yield or cracking. A concrete floor, when it is well done, will be a very good basis, and in these times of scarcity of the wood will be cheaper than one wood. Generally the structures of this type arise in gardens, whose land is loose, conditions in which it is necessary to do a good job to avoid the disadvantages that we have mentioned. If the floor is soft will need to dig to a depth of 25 cm, which must begin by marking the four corners of the space to work. This is done by burying four wooden stakes; then choose a well right apron, which serves as a rule, and using it in combination with a level, check that the height of the four stakes is the same, working in the manner shown in Fig.

1. All stakes are buried up to the same height, and then the land is dug so that the parties to the air of these stakes are all of equal length. The stakes should be lifted a few inches on the surface of the finished floor. The hole that has been left to the digging is filled with ashes or pellets, to a depth of 15 cm, so that will be other 10 cm for concrete. The four stakes that mark the angles come together with a thread; parallel to this thread are placed several stakes on each side, 25 mm from the marked limit. These stakes are buried so that their ends are flush with the desired level for the floor surface, and checks the height of each one of them with others through the Ribbon used as a rule, of which we have spoken, and the alcohol level.


The significance is the soul of the word, and she is the instrument of expression than with harmony, sometimes with simplicity; but with loudness, it allows us to express emotions, insights, truths, reflections, in the end a multitude of messages. Whereas the word must be present between them the unity, purity, ownership, the harmony with which is capable of transmitting the message. The use of the word in the literary context has a myriad of peculiarities, and forms; but their priority is to get what you want to express, in the art of the word is the animated, sound application, of emotions, events and fantasy due to the imagination of any creator or cultivator hence the word art is the painting of what you want to express and requires colouring, novelty, power, life and interest. Much you can explain the use of the Word as a cultural manifestation, as part of a partnership or rather written must reign all the vitality so that it is received, understood. It is complex in its employment According to the intention with which it is used, in literature, in dialogue, in an infinite number of purposes and employment.

Wheel Loaders

Along with organizational activities (development of dealership service, a network of warehouses and other) and it includes technical innovations in the machines themselves: the constant monitoring of the units, removal of the points available in the diagnostics space, simplifying and facilitating the maintenance and repair work. The modern standard series of frontal JCB loader is quite extensive, and the firm, unlike its competitors, has never aspired to full and rapid replacement of all new production models. JCB uses a standard set of technical solutions in the design pneumatic front-loaders. Diesel engine passes the point on the torque converter, then a box of gear under load, where the shafts distribute it between the bridges and through differential and planetary final drive supplied to the drive wheel. Wheel hub equipped with multi-disc brakes with hydraulic maslopogruzhennymi. In the hydraulic circuit of the cylinder piston Boom integrated nitrogen expansion vibration of the working equipment, due to motion machine with a full bucket over rough terrain. JCB produces in one standard size group of trucks with a Z-and H-shaped slewing bucket, which expands the choice for the customer.

Wheel Loaders pneumatic German company Liebherr belong to one of the most respectable families in this market sector. Liebherr designers significantly reduced the number of traditional engineering solutions used in a new series of machines. By remaining include the general layout, turn "breaks" the frame, mechanical transmission from the box transmission to the drive wheels with the differentials and final drives, multi-disc brake hubs maslopogruzhennye, noise and vibration isolation booths.

Proactive Recruiting

How to close faster and better job? How do I find more of the best candidates, using conventional and available sources of information? A: The only use these sources more effectively! Recruiting new wave – it's active recruitment. 1. Squeeze out all of your employees. Use the active chain of recommendations. How many employees in your company? How much each of them can be friends? How many of these friends may be helpful for your company? You do not know this? From the results of our sample survey it became clear that a focused collection of recommendations is an important channel of information on highly qualified specialists. It remains only to make this system: – let your recruiters will meet with people who came to the company over the last 6 months – let each new officer will prepare a list of their colleagues from the two previous jobs – let them tell you about the best recruiter of his former colleagues – then you call these people and "do your recruiting." Stimulate (including financially) to become a freelance employees' talent-hunters. " Awarded Recruitment Association ERE-2006, the company QuickenLoans 60% of new employees due to receive the old! There are the volunteer recruiters ALL.

2. Squeeze everything out of the Internet. Actively use sites of "social networking" Ukrainian and Russian counterparts LinkedIn, The, Zoominfo, and when used properly, Jobster has great potential. This, for example, or Recently, one such site we posted a convincing advertisement jobs, and found terrific candidate for the post of Financial Director for one of the major industrial companies.