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Let’s compare the day money account with the savings account the day money is one of the most popular accounts in Germany. Just in the last few years it has become a true perennial with potential. In contrast to the savings account, investors benefit from a daily availability. But why should investors take the day money account instead of the savings account? Is the day money account so much better? Basically here worth a look in the history. Here you can throw up a thesis of course time and again: has the man ever in front of new things is blocking and placed instead on the time-tested? What is true in technology and economics plays an important role even when comparing between passbook and money. Before the year 2000, hardly anyone from the day money account at all has taken note. No wonder, because ultimately there are a number of good reasons why the passbook was still good and usable at the time.

It is therefore may be useful to take a look at the savings book. What does the customer of today even the passbook? The Savings account is an old and proven money first and foremost. A few years ago you could determine beyond reasonable doubt: who had a savings account, and put his money there, benefited from decisive advantages over many other investments. First and foremost, the passbook was but also an investment for the masses: there was hardly a bank that wanted to sell their customers no savings account. Perhaps but also the long-term success of the posit can be explained: the passbook as strong in the consciousness of the Germans implemented, so that it would be today unthinkable for many people to think about an alternative at all. In the early years of the day money account, this account mainly on companies was tailored to that wanted free have their money at any time. In the early 21st century, finally came the first money market accounts for private individuals. The special feature of these accounts was the interest rate: from time to time, customers received more than 6% on the day money.

No wonder that many people mistrust prevailed: How to 6% at the Get money if I get little more than 1% on my savings account? Meanwhile, there is also a free checking account. Among young people, the day money account was still popular and became one of the most important and most interesting investments of the new millennium. Perhaps this is also because that it is linked to the online banking. Who wants to open a day-money account, should now have access to online or telephone banking. This situation doesn’t exist on the bank deposit of course. On the bank deposit, customers can bring their money to the Bank and deposit there. The interest be paid at regular intervals on the account of the customer. Overall, it can be so said that day money account in particular among young people is very popular. But perhaps it is because that the day money account to the current account is linked and this benefits the customer by an even greater transparency. At the end can be found so that the savings for many people pays for itself, but when it comes to effectively accommodate the money, There are only a few young people who forgo the day money account.


It is recommended to prefer an active rather than passive idle up to the test. During the passive test piloting, respondents answer questions questionnaire, after which supevrvayzer project, listening records and evaluates the quality of responses and the suitability of the script – the script. With the active idle up test, the supervisor after the ping, holds talks with operators reveals its limitations. In this case, the assessment and remediation surveys conducted and the supervisor and operators. Regardless of the method selected for piloting the test after the event should draw brief comment. In a commentary in the form set out systematic problems that can occur when using questionnaires, and their solutions.

The main groups of issues that arise during the testing of the questionnaire for telephone interviews are listed below. Problems with the conduct of the survey. Questioning took as much time as expected? When filling out took more time, how can it be reduced without sacrificing the important issues? Problems related to the understanding of survey questions. Is there a questionnaire too difficult for the respondent questions? This difficulty is due to the degree of complexity contained in the their information? Or, the question is too long? Are some questions ambiguous? Can be reformulated as questions to get as a result of a complete and unambiguous information? Problems, related to violation of the requirements for the compilation of questions. Were used in the questionnaire whether technical terms without explanation? How can I explain to them not to enter respondents into confusion? Were there times when it is widely used words used in an unusual context? How to clarify their meaning? Were there questions that requested information is difficult? Problems related to the choice questions. There are Do questions that are most frequent response was 'I do not know' or 'no answer'? Were there any questions where the answer 'Other' collected a large percentage of responses? Problems related to the organization forms and following issues. Filling in the questionnaire script is as successful as planned? How well thought out and articulated transitions instructions for the interviewer (the respondent)? Should we make adjustments to the text passages and wording of the instructions? How well do the transitions are designed for the condition? If they need to be adjusted? Is not there at the beginning of the questionnaire probing issues that may affect the course of completing it?

The Body

Its accessibility and its incomparable splendor of color, tourmaline is done by one of the most popular precious stones. Almost every tourmaline – tourmaline doctors positively affect the nervous system, sleep, endocrine and immune systems. Unique stone tourmaline good treats circulatory system, reproductive function organizma.Kamen neutralizes negative emotions. Of all the green stones tourmaline is the most powerful anti-aging stone lower energies perfectly as a remedy for sexual disorders, impotence, etc. The men reinforces the potency.

For the lowland people, they can be aphrodisiacs, making sexual energy curious that the stone is considered a strong remedy for cancer. According to some reports tourmalines can be indicators radioactivity, and the blood of cancer patients shows a very specific light. In the treatment of tourmaline are put between the chakras for the wiring of energy from one chakra to another. Especially good to use it together with rhodochrosite and malachite in the solar plexus to join energiy.Iz all existing on earth minerals only tourmaline carries a permanent electric charge, for what it is called crystal magnitom.Pri heated tourmaline creates low-frequency magnetic field, emits anions that act as follows: increases cellular metabolism, metabolism; improved local blood flow; restores the lymphatic system; restores the endocrine and hormonal systems; improving nutrition in the organs and tissues; strengthens the immune system; promote the balance of autonomic nervous system (a system of excitation and inhibition of the psyche); providing life-giving energy of the body; improves the quality of the blood, stimulate blood circulation and blood thinners, so that the blood comes in the finest capillaries, giving the body vitality.


Nation, my nation. The fight against the colonial repression was justified fully, therefore that the people some is given the right to restrain another people, nor politically, nor economically, nor legally, nor militarily, nor religiously and nor of any another form, but the fight who enters we we stoke in time some we will be able to justify it (nor yesterday, nor today and nor tomorrow), therefore that, what we made later, it we would have made before preventing the bloody fratricide that to all harmed; still thus, and although everything, nothing today hinder in them to jubilantly sing the positive effect of the peace and to honor, without bajulao, the sensible attitude of they had become that it possible between us. Favours let us sing the Mr. of the universe! The word ' ' paz' ' it is not a simple imaginary concept or poetical fancy, so little mere for silencing of the deadly pipes and one consequent ataraxia that impels in them for the inactividade, is not a workmanship arquitectada, built and finished or a finished conquest, much for the opposite! The peace between the men, is a workmanship in course and a maiden who if goes conquering while she will have life and hope; the peace requires continuous share, work without rest, self-sacrificing, humildade politics and over all, but over all same sacrifice, a vote of charity of all. The peace interests us it all and all we must fight for it day after day, and to become it also possible in the life of the brother, some day I, problems not to come back parvoce to think about weapons to decide dialcticos problems, by the way, do not exist, think that for the dialogue are not decided, including those that takes in them to the weapons, Therefore, weapon some, of any amplitude or bore that are it, would be capable to badly make to the man seno through the proper man; Therefore, to the man alone the peace in the place of the war would be to salutar for its life. .


The appearance of the arcane 19th, del Sol, within the framework of the tarot of love Chuck has some interesting implications. The meanings and the message of this letter, in addition to being influenced by the rest of the tiles that appear, may vary according to the type of tarot that is chosen to perform the query. Each deck includes centuries of history: its symbols have been modelled by the influence of a culture and a social, economic situation and religious determined. Something that should be taken into account when we decide to perform the query which best fits our concerns and needs of the moment. In the tarot deck Rider Waite this arcane appears illustrated by a beautiful blond boy riding a white horse.

The deck refers to Apollo, the Pagan God of the Sun. It is considered a positive letter, much success, which heralds the beginning of a period of good fortune. However, this letter also channeled the male energy of the harness. As a result, you can both advertise, in consultation with the tarot of love, the arrival of a baby male as the possible influence of a dominant man, very marked masculine characteristics. This influence can be positive or negative, something that the Tarot reader will determine by the letters that they enclose to this arcane. Treat an influence positive, without a doubt who query will receive the support and encouragement to the action of a person who will help you realize your dreams. A negative influence, on the other hand, face the consultant with a man excessively domineering, possessive, or a woman having these characteristics.

Egyptian Tarot, to this arcane it is known with the name of the inspiration. The figure that illustrates it does not have a child, but a couple. Something that, curiously, does not occur with the arcane VI, equivalent to the enamored of the Gypsy tarot. But if in that letter the passions appeared as something negative, capable of moving away from the path of the spirit, the arcane 19th celebrates the union of the feminine and the masculine as the source of the creative force of the universe. Thus speaks of a period of plenitude, in which we completed, and whose influence charity is moves to all planes of existence. Spirit expands ideas sprout without effort are fast realization, and material progress are powered. The appearance of this arcane during the consultation to the tarot of love speaks from the beginning a period of deep welfare. Juan Carlos Montillo


Wind North component moderated in the northern half and the coast, with intervals of Fort in the coastal Atlantic and loose in the rest. Asturias: very cloudy sky. Weak rain or drizzle, mainly in the littoral zone and possibility of some shower with storm in the mountains. Temperatures falling, light to moderate the minimum and moderate to remarkable highs. Wind from the West and Northwest loose, with intervals of moderate on the eastern seaboard. Cantabria: mostly cloudy sky with weak rain or drizzle, mainly in the littoral zone. Temperatures falling, the minimum light and moderate to remarkable highs. Wind from the West and Northwest, moderated in the littoral and loose in the rest.

Basque country: mostly cloudy sky with weak rainfall. Temperatures falling, the minimum light and moderate to remarkable highs. Wind from the West and Northwest, moderated in the littoral and loose in the rest. Castile and Leon: cloudy intervals increasing to scattered clouds. Weak showers to moderate, which can be locally strong go accompanied by storm, more frequent and in mountain areas and that will be moving during the day from Northwest to Southeast. Minimum temperatures unchanged although they can descend slightly to the Northwest and climb slightly in the South.

Temperatures maxims descend remarkably in the northern third and with decreased moderately in the rest. light variable winds. Navarra: intervals of middle and high clouds, rising to cloud or clouds, with moderate showers and storm. Minimum temperatures in light or moderate rise, and maximum in moderate decline, locally notable. Wind from North component, loose, with intervals of moderate intensity. La Rioja: increasing intervals of middle and high clouds, cloudy or cloudy, with moderate showers and storm. Minimum temperatures in light or moderate rise, and maximum in moderate decline, locally notable. Wind variable, tending to loose or moderate northern component. Aragon: intervals of middle and high clouds, rising to cloud or clouds, with moderate showers and storm.

Jagiellonian University

The nun had to stop working in the maternity ward of a hospital in Arles due to illness, that it disappeared inexplicably in June 2005, after the sisters with whom coexisted prayed to Juan Pablo II, recently deceased, to help it who is Juan Pablo II? Thereon points us to Karol Wojty Jozef vicariatusurbis.org? a, known as Juan Pablo II Since his election to the papacy in October 1978, he was born in Wadowice, a small town 50 kms. Krakow, on May 18, 1920. Was the youngest of three children of Karol Wojty? and Emilia Kaczorowska. His mother died in 1929. His brother major Edmund (doctor) died in 1932 and his father (the army non-commissioned officer) in 1941.

His sister Olga died before he was born.He was baptized by the priest Franciszek Zak on June 20, 1920 in the parish church of Wadowice; at age 9 he made first communion, and at age 18 was confirmed. Completed secondary in the Marcin Wadowita of Wadowice school studies, he enrolled in 1938 at the Jagiellonian University of Krakow and a theatre school.John Paul II ministered petrino with tireless missionary spirit, devoting all its energies, moved by sollicitudo omnium Ecclesiarum and charity open to all humanity. He made 104 Apostolic journeys outside Italy, and 146 of this country; In addition, as Bishop of Rome, visited 317, 333 Roman parishes. Adds him to the Cardinals meeting in Conclave elected him Pope on October 16, 1978. He took the name of Juan Pablo II and on October 22 how 263 successor of the Apostle Peter solemnly started his Petrine ministry. His pontificate has been one of the longest in the history of the Church and has lasted for almost 27 years.John Paul II ministered petrino with tireless missionary spirit, devoting all its energies, moved by sollicitudo omnium Ecclesiarum and charity open to all humanity. He made 104 Apostolic journeys outside Italy, and 146 of this country; In addition, as Bishop of Rome, he visited 317, 333 Roman parishes.More that found all his predecessors with the people of God and the Nations responsible for: more than 17.600.000 pilgrims participated in the 1166 general audiences that are held on Wednesdays.

Production Organization

4. Organization of production – a system that allows productively use personnel, equipment, supplies labor costs, available space and create the conditions for the process to be carried out using the most advanced techniques and methods and lowest cost. In the advertiser's production of significant importance is the acceleration of the turnover material Portal, reducing production time and especially those breaks, which are formed as a consequence of his poor organization. Therefore, the continuity of production, its rhythm, the proportionality of the installation work should be seen as the main gauges efficient production. 5.

Staff. No one goal facing the company, can not be successfully resolved without the cooperation of applicants who can perform an internal variable of the corporation. Any candidate is the primary level of your equilibrium. To carry out economic activities need to be reached equilibrium at around your workplace. This equilibrium is established, if any member would be most advantageous combination of service leave and payroll, taking into account their qualifications and abilities. In addition, should be a balance between the routine needs of firms in the frame and the actual number of applicants in categories and professions. Adequate staffing required qualifications and required number has a significant importance for the efficient operation of the whole company, and, consequently, will contribute to its economic sustainability. Significant important social component of this factor, which includes a heavy program of relations between people, their attitude towards work, motivation, behavior, because from this depends largely on the results of the whole company.

Buscon Social Transformation

El Buscon: Critical social metamorphosis of the 17TH century. By: Leonor Taiano Jose Sarzi Amade El Buscon is a study the feudal crisis and the rise of the mercantile society. This change is considered for the author of the work as a carnavalizacion of society which must obligatorily be represented in a satirical manner. Francisco de Quevedo was member of an aristocratic family that had stood since early times by the defense of the Christian identity of Spain. It is important to remember that throughout the middle ages and the modern age part existed in Spain the cristiano-espanol Association by which Jews and Muslims were considered foreign. The author of the Buscon form part of a social group that clings to the Spanish estates, i.e. that it considers that social condition is extremely related features granted by blood.

The segregationist mentality of Quevedo sees some facts that occur in the 17TH century with bad eyes. The approach of the Portuguese bourgeoisie of convert source to the Crown Spanish period of Felipe III and Felipe IV is considered for don Francisco as a serious risk to the estates structure that had been guaranteed by several years the privileged position of his family and himself. Other facts that concern to the author of the Buscon were the constant purchase of enforceable of nobility by some converts belonging to the bourgeoisie and the entrance to universities, clergy and orders of chivalry in people that they possessed the macula’s blood. In the Buscon we find a direct criticism of the intrusion of converts in the Affairs of the Crown, characters like the arbitrary, the fencing master, the soldier show that blood cleaning statutes have been ignored, allowing those who do not possess the blood requirements to pass to form part of orders that were previously assigned to the clean nobility enforceable counterfeiting is alluded to through the Coronel family, which directly recalls the Rabbi of Segovia Abraham Senior, friend of Elizabeth the A Catholic who asked it became to Catholicism after the Decree of expulsion of the Jews. .

Applicatory Furniture

To establish its company, and to be competitive in the current world, and the WEB, you it needs a simple solution: A Software ERP total WEB. The basic function of a ERP is to integrate information and data of its company, being established a process of all the crucial areas of its company. A system as this it of mobility, and helps its business to grow, therefore you have the total control of any place. System ERP is available in the Internet for small monthly taxes.

A System ERP WEB facilitates and integrates all the important areas of its company, production, sales, CRM, accounts payable, accounts receivable, human resources, leaf of payment, integrated electronic forma bill of sale. A system ERP helps its business to have a faster performance, increasing the satisfaction of its customers. ERP is known as a system of OnLine Management that helps since small the companies of great transport. Everything what needs is a computer with access the Internet to have access the system. Light ERP of the Light Solutions is a system practical to use, with low cost of Implantation, and total customizvel. The Light Solutions that has Light ERP as its product has detached, also develops Applicatory Furniture for its company, what it helps to improve the productivity of its company.

With the technology jumping of platforms, you it can have operational profit, management, order, and contribution between employees through applicatory for its cellular one. Another benefit of if developing Applicatory Furniture, are that you gain flexibility, availability of information and data locking at the same time. ERP WEB facilitates and diminishes in the distance enters the departments of the company, the direction and the customers, being everything to the access of its screen of computer. To implement a ERP for its company is an art, and you it must look a company specialized for assisting to it. The Light Solutions, that offers an excellent ERP WEB, also possesss a system for E-commerce. Now it was easy to mount its Virtual Store. To have the information integrated, with easy access, it is vital for the success of the modern world, fast hardwired e. The benefit of a system of these, with the accessible prices that are in the market, made with that this system if became more popular.