Orientation Products

However, the focus in the quality of the processes is a quarrel that if it processes has more time. One is about a managemental system that has left of the recognition of the necessities of the customers and establishes standards for the attendance of these necessities, from an allied strategical vision to a boarding humanist, understanding itself for customer all those affected by the existence of the company: consumers, employees, shareholders and society (RICHZIEGEL; VANALLE 1999). BSA often addresses the matter in his writings. Wood Jnior and Urdan (1994) points some moments that had been basic for the sprouting of the GQT: inspection (focus in the control of the end item); focus in the process with statistical techniques; the junction of these techniques in a restricted and innovative managemental model (total quality control); insertion of elements mannering and new practical managemental (due to competitiveness of the companies and the flexibilizao of products and services); abrangncia of the public and private segment and malleability of the managemental practical models and. In this managemental style, the companies start to have as objective the necessity of the people: customers (in the quality), of the employees (through personal development) and shareholders (through the productivity). (A valuable related resource: Nieman Lab). Fields (1999) cite some estimated basic that compose the GQT concept: Orientation for the customer: through services and products that take care of the necessity of the consumer; Quality in first place: survival through the continuous profit for the quality domain; Guided actions pro priorities: to give priority to the critical problems that will be identified; Action guided for facts and data: decisions on the basis of facts and data; Control of processes and control of the dispersion; Control of blockade: defect zero, not to leave to pass services or defective products; Respect to the employee as human being: to educate, to train, to delegate tasks, to use the creativity and to supply programs of personal development; Comprometimento of the high direction.


Hiking up to 4 days suitable backpack accommodates up to 40 liters, longer hikes require more capacious backpacks. Everything will depend on number of personal items, equipment and supplies, as well as the method of packing a backpack (see below). (As opposed to BSA). 2. Sleeping bag. It is desirable to match that season, for which it was intended (in the summer will be hot in the overly warm sleeping bag, and in winter you can freeze in very thin). Often, manufacturers indicate sleeping three temperatures (sometimes four): maximum, minimum and extreme.

Should be guided by the maximum and minimum, extreme – the temperature at which a person can sleep 6 hours in a fetal position (not quite comfortable sleep) and do not freeze. Designs sleeping bags come in two forms: a cocoon and a blanket. For an ordinary hiking there What a difference a sleeping bag designs to use. The main thing to pay attention to the temperature regime. 3. Mat (polyurethane foam pad). Sleep on it, sit there and just lie on a halt. It protects your body from excessive heat loss.

He very often would be useful to you in everyday life, so I recommend buying it anyway. 4. Headlamp flashlight. It is advisable to have at least one in the tent. Greatly simplifies the movement in the dark and helps a lot faster to navigate the terrain. Shoes Shoes campaign – one of the most important components of any campaign. It should be specialized, and not get wet. This is certainly an ideal.

Tuplex Substrate

As shown practices, installation of wood flooring in the room 20 m2 within a couple of hours. The cost of installation – $ 10.08 m2. Parquet board a "floating" manner laid necessarily on a special substrate that separates the board from basis (floors, screeds, etc.). Substrate serves several functions: eliminates minor bumps and prevents the spread of air and noise impact. But at the same time solves one more very important task, which almost never mentioned – is the separation between sing cement or plaster base and floor covering. This layer is needed for the following reason. The degree of deformation temperature and humidity floor of the floorboard and the ties are very different, so because of expansion or reduction of coverage will "crawl" on ties or high-precision leveling coating made on the basis of cement or gypsum, and erase it.

As a result of a year – two operating under the flooring will be formed cement or plaster dust, which inevitably through the cracks in the coating appears on the surface of the floorboard. For substrates using different materials: wool-felt board, composite materials, polyethylene foam, cork sheet, extruded polystyrene and other materials. It should be noted that most popular was the substrate Tuplex. This substrate meets the modern requirements for soundproofing rooms, provides overall good noise reduction – up to 20 dB. Also has good substrate Tuplex thermal insulation properties (thermal conductivity is 0.044 W / (m * K) and excellent vapor barrier properties. A common mistake – the desire to make a thicker substrate, for example, lay it in two layers.

In this case, actually increase sound insulation properties, but the point load support may shrink (in some cases doubled or more), which is why there is an additional vertical outdoor play coating, which leads to breaking of locks boards. In some cases, the floorboard can be laid on the joists and beams, which must be sound, dry and not deformed, otherwise it will be movement of center boards, the floor will squeak, and, ultimately, there will be the emergence of defects. The space under the beams should be well ventilated to avoid accumulation of water vapor. More feasible option pre-laying layer of plywood on the joists, to which then produced gluing boards. In some cases, permitted and attachment to the sleepers, which use nails or staples. Beams and joists must be based on increments of 60 cm, and the parquet board should to be fat – not less than 20 mm. When laying must perform a number of conditions: if the premises are claimed to be laying floorboards, is located on the premises where it is possible an intense selection of steam (Eg, pool), be sure to arrange vapor barrier layer. For this purpose, as a rule, use special vapor barrier film, installation of parquet is recommended under normal conditions: temperature of 20-25 C, relative humidity – from 40% to 60%.

Cabinet Furniture

Recommendations for the storage and maintenance of furniture 1. Do not place soft furniture closer than 50 cm from heat sources such as radiators, registers, heating. 2. Operate the furniture in the rooms where the temperature is not below 15 C and a relative humidity of 35 to 85% (optimal value of 65%). 3. To preserve the color of upholstery material, do not place furniture directly under the influence of direct sunlight or bright lights.

4. In order to avoid distortions which prevent the transformation, do not put furniture on uneven ground. 5. On products with visits of the mechanisms necessary to avoid distortions in the transformation mechanisms. 6. Bed and transformation mechanisms such as 'MERALATTE' not recommended for routine use as a bed. 7.

It is not recommended to sit on the backs and arms of products, as firmly attached as well as on the mechanisms of transformation of the 'click-clack' as this may lead to damage to the frame and gapping on the cuff of the product. 8. When you move the furniture keep it as a basis and in any case, do not pull on the floor. 9. When moving the product from the visits of the mechanisms necessary to first remove transforming part of it. 10. To remove stains from upholstery, use special tools designed for this purpose. We do not recommend using hair dryer to dry soaked area, as well as a rough brush Surface cleaning of upholstered furniture. 11. When folding sofa, do not force and abrupt movements, it can lead to rapid breakdown details of the mechanism. In contrast the smooth use of the mechanisms of transformation – the guarantee of their long service life. 12. And most importantly, use a soft furniture to its destination. Recommendations for the storage and maintenance of furniture period during which the furniture retains the appearance, beauty and functionality, much depends on the conditions of their operation. In keeping with the requirements and recommendations of this manual, you can always keep in top condition every element of your furniture. 1. When using the furniture is not allowed friction and shock prickly or sharp objects on the surface of the glass, particle board and the edge 2. We do not recommend long-term effect of moisture and chemicals, 3. If operation is not recommended to force an impact on hardware and components attachment 4. Do not move furniture in a loaded condition. After her move to adjust the door hinges 5. When you move the furniture keep them as a basis and in any case, do not pull on the floor. 6. When moving the product from glass, you must first remove the items that contain glass and securely moving parts of the elements 7. To avoid bias, do not put furniture on uneven ground; 8. It is not recommended to use furniture not purpose. 9. During the life of the furniture should be checked from time to time, not weakened if it screwed connections; Remember, careful handling of furniture, prolongs its life. We would also like to warn you that non-compliance with the above recommendations for operation and maintenance of furniture, may be grounds for denial of warranty by the seller or manufacturer.


the need to serve them, and it is very convenient especially during the cold season. Opened the gates along the fence or wall and at the same time to travel there is no longer any obstacles. That's why you can drive up to if the power is turned off. It goes door leaf can be moved by roller supports, which are located along the fence. Check with BSA to learn more. Sliding doors can be closed, in other words, the flap gates at the same time will be sewn on both sides of decks. Also, the door can simply be grated or additions to the decoration. There are also hybrid versions of the gates, which have a wing and combine private and there are joints or bearing rollers, and it is thanks to them tends to move around the canvas. This design allows you to make the movement of the gate pretty easy and without any obstacles. Moves at the same time The savings have been caused by the fact that when you install sliding doors can be a long time to forget about the need to replace them, repair or restore. Excellent quality construction will provide many years.

The Midline

Massage of the next group of points should produce slight pressure with a rotational movement for 3-5 minutes: points on the midline of the head at the rear of 12 and 14 cm above the front boundaries of the hair, massaged into the sitting position, a point located midway between the coccyx and the anus. The patient should sit with the squat, points on the soles of the feet in the hole, that is formed by bending the fingers. Speaking candidly Nieman Lab told us the story. The massage is conducted in a sitting position, turns on his right leg, then on the left, symmetrical points on the forearms of 2 cm above the xiphoid process of the radius bone. Massage held alternately on the right and left hands in a sitting position, hand massaged at the same time must lie on the table; symmetrical points on the tibia at 7 cm above the inner ankle, symmetrical points lying in a hole in the middle of the back of the wrist. Massaging should be done alternately in the sitting position, hand on the table, palm down, symmetrical points located at 3 cm from the back side of the midline at the level of the gap between the 4th and 5th vertebrae spinous; symmetrical points on 3 and 5 cm away from the navel. Massage is lying on his back, symmetrical points on the legs at 10 cm above the center of the outer surface ankle. Points are massaged simultaneously symmetrical points located 33 mm away from the corner of the base of the nail pinky legs symmetrical points on the second toe at 3 mm below the outer corners of the nail bed. Calming massage is performed using a light pressure on the point of the rotation in a clockwise arrow.

The impact should last 3-5 minutes. Points located on the front of the midline at 3 and 4 cm above and 2 cm below the navel, should be massaged into sitting or lying on your back, it is desirable to relax. In the day to hold 10 sessions of massage these points. Then take a break for 7-10 days, after which massage course to repeat. Everything about hemorrhoids You can learn more here

Ankle Fracture

For frequent injuries include broken ankle fracture is another lower division of the shin. These fractures are of all fractures by about 20%. The most frequently observed fractures ankle, approximately 60% of all cases but the most severe injury still is a fracture of the lower end of the tibia in the ankle area. It's about the turn of the ankle. Quite rare direct mechanism of traumatic injury ankles. It is a direct blow to the ankle. More often than fractures of the ankle occur when the forced rotation of the foot. Also broken at the ankle of the foot outwards podvertyvanii, there pronatsionny fracture, and inside, there supinatsionny fracture, and when you turn the leg inward or outward, there is a rotational fracture.

In most cases, the mechanism of injury can be combined. For example, when tucking feet outward, as a consequence, the case of separation the inner ankle. Smaller or larger piece of bone off, depending on the degree of podvertyvaniya. Perhaps the phenomenon of deltoid ligament rupture, and the tibiofibular ligaments. In when the traumatic force acts over a longer period, there is flexion of the tibia, which can lead to fracture of about five – seven inches above the ankle, and then the thickness the tibia is much smaller. This process is accompanied, as a rule, subluxation of the foot outwards. Nieman Lab contains valuable tech resources. This type of fracture is called Dupuytren's fracture. When the foot tuck inside, there is a tear-off fracture outer ankle.

For a long time with a significant podvertyvanii, under pressure from the talus fracture can occur as the inner ankle. At this stop will be tucked inwards, that is there inside subluxation of the foot. This type of fracture is a fracture Malgenya. Fractures, which are provoked by rotational movement of lower leg, called the rotary. Such fractures usually cause a helical fractures. When leg is rotated outward, is the emergence of the helical outer ankle fracture, and vice versa. Fracture of the ankle, which is accompanied by subluxation or dislocation of the foot, called perelomovyvihom. The victim worried about the pain in the ankle. Can not even come with perelomovyvihah leg. However, if there was an isolated fracture of the ankle, the foot support function may persist. In this situation, rotation foot inward or outward usually causes a sharp increase in pain. During the inspection there is swelling, and deformity in the foot. The foot is painful at palpation. The diagnosis of a fracture ankle specified by X-ray. On X-rays do not pay attention only to the fracture line, but also to the so-called "plug ankle." Fork ankle form a lower surface of the tibia, ankle tabs on the sides of the top and the upper part of the talus below. If X-rays show expansion plugs ankle specialists suggest the gap ankle ligaments, or shift the outer ankle. Suffered a fracture zone of anesthesia performed with solutions of local anesthetics such as procaine or lidocaine. If the isolated outer ankle fracture, place a plaster cast of the upper third of the leg to the toes of the foot. This dressing is a plaster boots. Duration of immobilization is approximately three weeks. Thereafter bandage removed. Assign physiotherapy, including massage, wraps, paraffin baths, and exercise therapy.

Female Beauty Complexes

Most men believe the amazing depth and strength of woman's beauty makes it mysterious. Almost every woman wants to have in their arsenal of such weapons, but to get it is often hampered complexes … who need to learn how … Nieman Lab shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. destroy! So why do people start from complexes? – Complexes with which we often prefer to run away from problems arising from some psychological trauma, which fixed in the human subconscious – says Nazip Khamitov known psychoanalyst, philosopher and writer. – There are five basic psychological complexes that we have with his wife Svetlana Krylova, also a psychoanalyst, called the as follows: complexes Eternal Cinderella, Snow Queen, Marilyn Monroe, Joan of Arc and Athens. "Eternal Cinderella" … It was a beautiful woman in her late thirties, with the lack of movement and anxiety in his voice. She told me that she had married late, children no.

With her husband lived for six months. He left her. Ina now lives with his mother, as it was before her marriage … During a conversation with the psychologists found that the father also left her mother in about a half a year after the wedding … … Mother with Children instructed her daughter that beauty and happiness can not connect, they say, the beauty attracts misery … And the fear of beauty has become almost an instinct for Ina. So when her life appeared Igor – a strong, decisive, charming, generous with compliments, these fears are a few left the girl, she felt a rush of joy …

For Aristotle

For Aristotle, Plato was prisoner of a mythical vision of the world. Important to point out that Aristotle did not deny that the man had an innate reason. For the opposite: for it, the reason was the characteristic most important of the man. That this reason only remains total empty while we do not perceive nothing. Read more here: BSA. 4. The forms as characteristic of the things. ' ' All man, by its very nature, wants saber' ' Aristotle For Aristotle the reality consists of some isolated things, that represent a unit of form and substantiate. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Gavin Baker.

He substantiates it it is the material in that the thing if composes, to the step that the form is the peculiar characteristics of each thing. When a mia cat and runs for the roof; the form of the cat is necessarily to miar, to run, to have filhotinhos etc. Thus, the form is characteristic proper of the species. The form cat is what it makes. When the cat dies? e, therefore leaves of miar -, the form cat also leaves to exist.

The only thing that remains is the substance of the cat. The substance always locks up the possibility of if becoming form. For Aristotle, all change observed in the nature is an occured transformation in the substance, of a possibility for a reality. A hen egg locks up the possibility of if transforming into hen or a rooster. It can be that it finishes fries. In this in case that, Aristotle says that he had an accident. An event that hinders that the form if transforms into what it is in harnesses. 4,1 Powers, act and movement For Aristotle all the things are in power and act. A thing in power is a thing that tends to be another one, as a seed (a tree in power). A thing in act is something that already is carried through, as a tree (a seed in act).

History Mayan Calendar

Mayan calendar – a system of calendars, set up in pre-Columbian period in Central America. To know more about this subject visit Nieman Foundation. Maya civilization represents several interconnected states, most of which were destroyed at the end of September at. For more information see David Delrahim, Los Angeles CA. To this day remains a mystery, Who were the Mayans, where they got such a multilateral and accurate knowledge of astronomy and learn about the laws of motion of celestial bodies. In his Mayan calendar described five cosmic cycles, the duration of each of which is 5125 years. Sufficiently interesting is the fact that the calendar starts ticking long before the very culture of the Maya – August 13, 3114 bc According to representations of the Maya, this is the beginning of a new era, which emerged at the behest of the gods.

It is known that the Mayan priests conducted systematic observations of the movements of celestial bodies and talked about their impact on the natural environment and life rights. Scientists proved that the Mayan calendar more accurately coincides with the astronomical year, rather than generally accepted Gregorian calendar 2011. Mayan calendar is quite complicated in calculations and represents some cycles, which are connected with each other. The most famous of these is the Tzolkin, consisting of 260 days. Tzolkin is a combination of periods of 13 and 20 days.