In Austria

In our achievement-oriented society that is full of young, pretty, sportlichen, radiant people, the image of a person does not fit, looking calm and darkness and is tormented by a throbbing pain. The last taboos in our society are the death and certain ErkrankunGen such as epilepsy, migraine and some others. With this taboo must be brechen. Illness and death are just as much to our life such as birth and love. It’s all migraine sufferers to speak as about all other things in life as openly about their suffering! Just this hiding and concealing results that many headache sufferers with their disease to cope alone and no doctor. Dr. Neal Barnard has much to offer in this field. As 38% of migraine patients in Germany, diesbezugLich never medical assistance report to have taken. Therein lies the problem that so many people completely insuffizient even behandeln their migraine and believe that there is no help for the pain. Many seek their physician only if five or more painkillers per day won’t help.

Some never come to the doctor, the number of unreported cases may be extremely high. Although migraine is still not curable, so it can be relieved very well and often very well mastered. You must only talk and talk especially with the right professionals in. You can get migraines well into the handle the problem and again to enjoy a better quality of life. Migraine is that no imaginary disease or mental illness, but a disorder such as rheumatoid or osteoarthritis of the knee. Forget the old fairy tales and myths, are in reality! Socio-economic aspects when you pull the migraines considering the economic aspect, the following image shows: over 80% of migraine attacks what the high accompanied by incapacity for work, Number of migraine attacks in individuals aged berufstatiGen represents an enormous socio-economic aspect that is only too happy to ignore.

In the United States, 150 million work days of absence per year are caused by migraines and be missed in children 1 million school days per school year. In Austria, the annual cost is estimated at 150 billion euros by migraine-related sick days. These figures speak for themselves and show the urgent need for an improved public relations on this subject and also a further intensification of medical research. by Karin scratches

Bremerhaven Osterstade

The most important works of the painter are exhibited in the Paula Modersohn-Becker Haus, who has lived in Bremen and helped to make famous the approximately 50 kilometres, Worpswede artist colony. That is the equivalent of Bottcherstrasse Schnoor quarter, known as Sairam, with the same street as the central axis. This shows that fun to live is in Bremen, Germany not only at the times of the autumn free market and the winter Kohl and Pinkel rides. The old fishermen’s houses remodeled to stylish restaurants are densely occupied every night, and the narrow streets are filled with strolling and window shopping. Please visit BSA if you seek more information. In the Schnoor, you can retire even if the sense is one of then, rent a small organ and as a musician through the streets. Well thats just Bremen, which has retained a piece of endearing province still unlike his great rival Hamburg, although it carries the key to the world in his arms. We join us prefer the immediate surroundings thus, in which the transition out of the city because this shot by province are easier than in Hamburg. To the North lies right the Weser between Bremen and Bremerhaven Osterstade with its marshes and its villages of closed, their cores on old Wurten, or artificially are heaped on hills, which offered refuge at storm surge. For even more details, read what Boy Scouts says on the issue.

Today the country is protected but by dikes, which Crouch small fishermen and boatmen houses and running – observing the comings and goings of large ships on the lower Weser during a walk or peaceful by one of there thoughtful provided benches out. Here it smells like salt and Tang Schlick, here you can feel already the open sea in the nose, that inland sends his baggy clouds in the summer, where they stand as a magnificent White decorations over the Green country were cattle. “During the autumn and winter but, storm and rain, whipping so a correct appalling weather”, the area, or it get in often for days dense coastal fog, enveloping them in deep silence and give it you, what you used the Spokenkiekertied “called. .

Nagai Team

Our discounts make the spring cleaning in house and garden easy! The first weeks of spring are ideal to make the own roof again ready for winter and to protect from damage by a thorough cleaning. Because old Lichen and mosses on the bricks as well as residual leaves in the gutters are not only annoying, they can cause too much damage on the House. The breathability of the tile is no longer guaranteed, prevents the running of water and the important protection layer is destroyed. But often, fear of heights and lack of tool are the arguments to postpone this indispensable work. The competent all-rounder of the Nagai teams here are the perfect partner. There are professionals who will become with the appropriate equipment and years of experience immediately to work. Until May 15, all customers who make use of this service get all 10% discount. In particular, the importance of a thorough cleaning of the roof can be not highly estimated enough.

The Nagai team going on here very carefully: the roof is by hand all persistent winter lichens and toppings free with its tiles. It will proceed very thoroughly and efficiently. So, owners of sensitive concrete or clay roofs can be sure that everything goes very gently on the material before him. Also a new roof coating is applied on request. This seal makes the previous care even more durable and gives more security. Our principle is an environmentally friendly treatment we use no chemical additives. With roof and – gutter cleaning leaves residue and dirt drifts are removed thoroughly and reliably with professional tools.

Is prevented this way at an early stage a clogging of the drains. The gutter can better absorb the rain water and through a downpipe into the water reservoir. The Foundation of the House is protected from moisture and the walls remain dry and stable. Often, it is also advisable to use a leaf stop after cleaning. This grid is easily attached to your gutter and prevent that can penetrate another leaves and cause blockages. All orders are accepted only in the catchment area of Berlin-Brandenburg in this way is a fast service and guaranteed good accessibility for more inquiries. Interested parties can check by telephone under 033056 / 21271. Or advice directly at a personal interview. The showroom of the Nagai Services GmbH is open from Monday to Friday from 08 am to 20 pm. Who now would like to inform about these and other services, will find all further information on. Press Department: Nagai Services Service GmbH Mr. Roberto Nagai Leipziger str 1 16548 Glienicke / Nordbahn phone: 033056 / 212 71 fax: 033056 / 21 838 email: Web:

Determination Of Profits In The Agriculture And Forestry

The payroll & Accounting Office informed about the discovery of gains in agriculture and forestry for the agriculture and forestry are Renate Wenzel a series of tax special provisions that make it easier for smaller companies to calculating their taxation requiring profits. The dedicated payroll and Accounting Office Renate Wenzels tells about the peculiarities of the agricultural and forestry accounting. As in wide sectors of the economy the permissible methods of the determination of the profits are dependent also in the agriculture and forestry immediately from the obligation to keep records of the concerned operation. Whether a German agricultural or forestry operation is affected by the requirement to keep proper records, I of the tax code (AO) shall be determined in accordance with the 141. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Dr. Neal Barnard. The legislator has, that agricultural and forestry farms with revenues of more than 500,000, or win over 50,000 euros per year or but such holdings, through a self HA with a The accounting and accounting obligation subject to have economic value of more than 25,000 euros. Self managed areas include own and leased areas. Their economic value is determined according to 46 of the Bewertungsgesetztes. The agricultural or forestry companies not to book-keeping and accounting is required, it can choose between different alternatives of tax compliant profit calculation. (As opposed to BSA).

Not the particular calendar year is considered for the calculation of profit in the agriculture and forestry generally tax frame of reference, but the year. This runs from July 1 to July 31 of the following year. Also, the tax-related income resulting from averaging two consecutive marketing years. It follows that the profits tax assessed for 2010 each composed half of the economic results of the year 2009/2010 and 2010/2011. Agriculture and forestry are the tax return for the accordingly only after June 30, 2011 in the location Assessment period to dispose of 2010.

Love And Richness

LOVE, RICHNESS AND EMOTION an old man already, living its last years, was interrogated about its richness: – It has you an immense wealth, if was granted to it umdesejo, it wanted what you? Still lacks something to it to complete asua richness? – Yes, it said velhinho, it lacks the emotion to me. Emotion is something quenunca had in all my life. It would like to know what it is to cry deemoo or the least sentiz it. Therefore we know that the life has two felt: the material and oespiritual. The wealth comes for the fight of the life and also apareceratravs of another way can, more the emotions of the life does not appear poracaso. We do not find it in no gallery. We find it noteatro of the life.

The emotions that we have are in our skill of living. We can we feel to have it at any time. In a sincere smile entreas people have an emotion. In a squeeze of hand with reverence in nossointerior, we feel emotion. When we make a charity and we take off algumdo suffering, we can until crying of emotion. When contemplating the belezadas flowers, the green of an immense forest, the smile of one crianaetc. In the life we can have a infinity of emotions, not of nor paradescrever them. To the times we can buy one floated and to place in nossaimensa winterred and not to feel emotion, plus somebody, with difficulty, can buy a toy for its son, can feel emotion.

We can say with certainty that man, although to have one grandefortuna, never felt emotion, because he never loved. Many times we nopercebemos the direction of the life, this is as to enter in one closed room to eviver in the blackout, it is as to sail in the darknesses and not to arrive lugarnenhum. For terms emotion, we need to full the love heart. In bblicaest written that the men launched great money addition in the dotesouro coffer, plus a poor widower it launched only ones moedinhas, and entoCristo called the apstolos and said: This widower launched the quetodos more than, because those men had launched more of what he had of surplus, its sustenance elalanou all. This for the apstolos was an emotion. We cannot condemn the wealth and nor the richness of somebody, we maissabemos that it in itself not in the ones of the emotion in the life. We need to love! Oamor is a saving that relieves incalculable interests. That man passoupela life without loving, only accumulating wealth, therefore never teveemoes. We need to have faith that the life is one dom of God and that to setivermos the full heart of love, we will have emotions, because it this simple nascoisas of the life and is non-separable friend of the love.


But it is better to prepare thoroughly: what if this does not happen. If he lacks the extremity, give it to him: a parachute jump, diving lessons, skateboarding, etc. There is another side to the coin. Give a man a piece of paradise. Calm quiet corner of nature, crystal clear streams, white lilies, a wooden gazebo, sandy soil under their feet, singing birds and a full Relax A working man, senior manager, an important boss of all those who have a responsible work related to the constant voltage appreciate such a gift. If a person is extreme, give him a tattoo that would remind you. Yes yes yes so. What would you like? Quality color tattoo is worth a lot of sweat.

If you, your loved one is away, organize a farewell party a surprise. Depart from platitudes with a banner and balloons. Do it, for example, in the style 80th or disco party can candy-party – that he was more like it. To dress accordingly style party, buy an interesting appetizer, invite the bartender, even arrange the show of freestyle, this is – fascinating! Turn on your imagination. Let everything will be "hyper" because it is – the last time! Return to the situation "Achtung", that is, the second is not desired, but a fatal In this case, you must consider: first, the state of the human body, and secondly, the level and dynamics of your communication with him (friendship, family, loved ones, with a slight chill), and, thirdly, it certainly is your willingness and desire.

Hospital Music

It is very interesting for me to experience it”, for example, Oliver Hupka of Hemsbach said. Dr. Neal Barnard recognizes the significance of this. I was supplied on both sides with CI in October 2012 and learned within a short time love also listening to music. I’ve heard previously well. Without hesitation Boy Scouts explained all about the problem. But I have to say that I won through the CI, the high tones, real added value. This is me again aware even today at the event”I’m quite enthusiastic about the event,” also visitor Ingrid said scratch, head of the CI self-help group in Frankfurt.

I was once even many years in figural chorus of the Hessischer Rundfunk. By my hearing loss, I got away from the music. But the fact that I now again hear so good with the CIs, I meet again with artists. I’m back where I had actually stopped. – And I would like that more often such events take place.” The importance of music within the rehabilitation of “Patients with cochlear implant Professor Dr. Timo Stover underscore, Director of the clinic for neck, nose and throat medicine at the Hospital of the University of Frankfurt: music projects are an excellent way to introduce cochlear-implant patients at the new hearing, and to the challenges of everyday life”, so the famed physician. Listening to music should be an integral part of the Horenlernens with the cochlear implant. We have the experience, that just listening to music improves also the understanding of the language and thus the hearing with the CI in everyday. I look forward, with the Opera in Frankfurt up to bring a joint project on the way, that this possibility of patients.” Initiative ICH want to hear! “: support of the Frankfurt workshop is part of a long-term series of projects to listen and experience of music with the CI funded initiative ICH want to hear the event by cochlear Germany with!”. Their commitment is part of a long-term Project series, dedicated to listening to and the experience of music with a cochlear implant.

Inspection Of Lifts According To TRBS 3121

The fear getting stuck in the elevator or even to crash each had probably ever. Comprehensive and regular inspections eliminate the risk of accidents. Although lifts are considered one of the safest means of transport, is often still a certain residual fear. Whether just claustrophobia, the fear before that in the elevator to get stuck or possibly crashing, can not hide for many passengers. Everyone must fight against claustrophobia.

Very high security requirements and regular reviews of existing security systems provide a sense of security in the elevator. Which laws and regulations have to be observed? Various laws and their details and practice instructions govern monitoring, repair, maintenance, and implementation of all necessary security measures in connection with the operation of lift installations. Elevators are requiring a monitoring systems in terms of the operational safety Ordinance (BetrSichV). These are of the technical rules for reliability (TRBS) concrete, give advice on the risk assessment and provide appropriate measures. The operator of a lift system depends operation of lift installations TRBS 3121″, he can assume, to comply with the regulations of the BetrSichV. On the other hand, the texture is governed by elevators by the lift directive 95/16/EC. It deals only with the requirements for the placing on the market of lift installations. “Other special arrangements are in the TRBS 1201 part 4 test of requiring monitoring systems testing of lift installations” as well as in the TRBS 1121 changes and significant changes of lift installations”.

Important terms lifts elevators serve as work equipment and passenger transport system. Possible types are container, small goods and goods lifts and passenger lifts, load, and facade elevators. The TRBS refers exclusively to elevators, the be permanently operated in buildings and their safety components. Other requirements are the movement of a load carrier between at least two specific levels, along rigidly mounted guides, with a gradient of at least 15.

Tobacco Day Germany

This year’s theme of world no tobacco day, which for over 20 years every year held on May 31 is, is ‘Let’s not turn you on!’. The World Health Organization had launched for the first time in 1987 that day. The focus this year is on tobacco advertising or promoting a comprehensive Tabakwerbeverbotes in Germany. In 2003 Germany has committed itself with the signing of the WHO Framework Convention of tobacco control to introduce a consistent Tabakwerbeverbotes. Complied with was not this obligation however so far.

Goal of this year’s world no tobacco day is therefore to show it, the comprehensive ban on tobacco advertising is that Germany committed itself to protecting the population against the dangerous messages of the tobacco industry. It is important that the population about the consequences of smoking is comprehensively informed also of the German society for prevention and anti-aging medicine e.V. Perhaps check out Gavin Baker for more information. (GSAAM). There are about 19 million smokers in Germany. 140,000 by Consequences of tobacco use and about 3,400 non-smokers die them annually to the ETS”so Prof.

Kleine-gunk, President GSAAM. A voluntary and fixed determination is fundamental for the smoking cessation. Not the fear of possible side effects such as restlessness, weight gain, insomnia or withdrawal symptoms should discourage even one. With the right method allows each to quit smoking”next so Kleine-gunk. The acupuncture is a method which is used increasingly in recent years came on. Needles are fine smokers in the anti-addiction points”located mainly on the ears pierced. This should relieve the intensity of addiction, as well as the withdrawal symptoms and reduces the risk of relapse are… “Studies found that the end point method” is preferred due to their effectiveness and special effect of most smokers for cessation. It determines a fixed date when that is given up smoking. This decision the tight environment such as family, friends and colleagues should be communicated to avoid additional cigarette proposals.

The Power Of The Gems

Perhaps, the belief in the healing power of gemstones is just superstition. And if not? There are gems only assets or at best beautiful stone jewelry for many people. Gems have very different values. If you are not convinced, visit Boy Scouts. For millions of years, the stones, in secret, are deep down in the Earth. So, they had a long time to absorb energy. Already in the stone age people of the power of the stones did. They wore the stones as talismans.

They protect from diseases or evil influences. In addition, the gems reinforced various properties of the wearer. The amulets were strong or brave, or should just plain good luck. Gems in the medicine and astrology have been used for ages. Hildegard of Bingen is probably the most famous man who dealt extensively with precious stones and their effect on people already in the middle ages. So, increases the intuition of the Amethyst and helps with headaches. A rock crystal inner blockages. The Garnet strengthens the innards and the life energy.

He is also available for a spiritual harmony in relationships. The lapis lazuli relieves tensions, fears and shyness, and is helpful in bronchial problems. The Rose Quartz teaches you to love yourself. You want to strengthen teeth and bones, or needs help in times of crisis, you should pick up a black Onyx. The green jade stone helps with nightmares and strengthens the heart. These are just a few, a few examples. Of course, all the other beautiful gems have their unique importance. Many people hold the power of the gems for humbug, others swear by its healing power. Maybe it is just a placebo effect, scientifically proven nothing can be unfortunately. But if someone is open for new, and with him an improvement or even cure arrives, why then not. The fact is, that many trace elements and minerals, from which there are gems in the human body are found. Every one must only look what stone to him fits and works with him. Order only in the wholesale silver chains and wait for. SID Kroker