Third Christina Duxa Ladies Lunch Good Nice Connect Is Tradition

Exclusive ladies lunch in favor of the Foundation Deutsche stroke-Hilfe Dusseldorf Delbruck, already for the third time Christina Duxa invites September 29, 2011 on October 12, 2011, to the exclusive ladies lunch this year in Dusseldorf. Top entrepreneurs and VIPs from economics, politics and showbiz gather in the refined atmosphere of the InterContinental Dusseldorf, to help the Foundation German stroke help a joint charity luncheon. In addition to the organiser Christina Duxa, Liz Mohn, President of the German stroke help, the Foundation will inform about the important work of the Foundation. Further programme points are an exclusive fashion show of Cotoure labels Christina DAS with jewels in the jewel forged of Jirgens and elegant Legwear of Wolford, as well as the subsequent auction of precious gems for a good cause. The RTL-presenter Frauke Ludowig leads through the day. The fashion designer Christina Duxa is committed to the task, to support the German stroke help Foundation with the ladies lunch 2010 launched by her and to raise public awareness of the issue of stroke. In Germany alone, more than 250,000 people each year suffer a stroke.

A stroke of fate, which can affect anyone, even young people, even children. Our Patron Liz Mohn and I are grateful that so many women of power such as Prof. Dr. Ulrike Detmers, Meste maker GmbH, Regine Sixt, Sixt AG, Margit Tonnies, Tonnies food, Marlies Wortmann, Wortmann/Tamaris and Dr. Ute-Henriette Ohoven by the Foundation of UNESCO of our invitation are followed and help us to support the important work of the Foundation”, so Christina Duxa. The German stroke help Foundation has established the place of a stroke pilot in summer of this year in peace Horst near Bremen, Germany.

The controller ensures that parents of affected children and young people can find the right contact person for their multiple problems quickly and without detours. In this difficult time they are centrally captured thanks to the pilot project and get help and advice from first hand. This important pilot project would we support lunch with the donations and revenue of the ladies to the well-being of affected children and their families”, explains Christina Duxa. Already the first ladies lunch in May 2010 in Gutersloh and another in November 2010 in the Bavarian court in Munich met with great response. In addition to information about the diagnosis, guests enjoy a choice program, through which runs the popular RTL-presenter Frauke Ludowig stroke and the work of the German stroke help Foundation. According to a Taittinger champagne reception and a delicious lunch, guests can expect a musical piano deposit of two award winning highly gifted children of music school subito and one fashion show. Christina Duxa is her new collection”with jewels from Jirgens Juwelenschmiede and elegant Legwear of luxury brand Wolford black & white present. Some exclusive pieces of jewellery can then be auctioned for the benefit of the Foundation in a subsequent auction. Even the Heidi provides talented artist Wang three images for the auction and shows their works in an exhibition. The high-profile charity event is supported by numerous reputable companies. The sponsors the Hotel InterContinental Dusseldorf, the jewel forged of Jirgens, Meste maker GmbH, Sixt AG, Tonnies food, Wolford, Wortmann/Tamaris and the artist include Wang Heidi. For additional information, interview requests and printable image material please contact the press office. Dr.

World Wide Web

In next the two years, them 19 would add more hosts and 13 we its small net. Some affirm that in 1971, others in 1972, Roy Tomlinson it wrote the first program of e-mail with the functions Send and Read, that quickly had been implemented by Lawrence G. Roberts. With this, the researchers had been able, finally, to send and to receive messages through its net. Soon, the symbol @ for addresses of eletrnico post office was adapted. The decade of 70, also saw the birth of the Telenet, the first commercial version of an Internet supplier. Moreover, the TCP officially was divided in TCP/IP (Transfer Protocol Control/Internet Protocol) Protocol de Controle de Transmisso and Protocolo de Interne – in an attempt to unify all the nets that were appearing in the United States and all the planet. Connect with other leaders such as Kidney Foundation here. The TCP is, until today the most important protocol of used connection for computers makes the transmission of the packages, while the IP separates the information directing to the correct computers.

In the decade of 80, it had a fast growth and development of protocol TCP/IP that was the first used format stops to connect the ARPANET to diversar other nets. The format allowed to the access the nets while it will be operating individually. It was then that the INTERNET term officially started to exist, and means a series of linked nets for the protocol of packages TCP/IP. In 1984, the DNS (Domain Name System) System of Names of Domain – a stated period was introduced so that the computers were capable of if distinguishing ones from the others. Six areas had been introduced: .COM for commercial end), .EDU for education, .GOV for government, .MIL for military organizations, .NET for net resources, and .ORG iniciamente for organizations in general. In 15 of March of 1985, he was registered the first name of called domain In 1991, the NSF (National Science Foundation) National Foundation of Sciences) – web decided to suspend the commercial restrictions. With the appearance of many companies of electronic commerce one gave credit that it could have a future promissos in the services of site lodging.

In the same year, the CERN presented the World Wide Web for the world, that he incorporated new language HTML created for Tim Berner-Lee. The HTML uses specifications URL (Uniform Resource Locator) Localization of Resources Uniforms – that the universal standard became to locate addresses in the Internet. At last, the Lodging of Site, with the advance of the technology became much less cheap complicated of what when started. Everything started with great companies renting additional space in its servers and now a great business became. Currently thousands of companies exist who offer Lodging of Sites. The technology advances to a sped up rhythm, involving computers and the Internet. With each new enterprise, changes in the way exist of as the company of Lodging of Sites supplies the services to the customers.

Filiz Rollidogs

Solid duration of sponsorship for the ‘ good Zweck’ Swati is a bustling girl with the pathology of spinal Muskelathropien associated with restriction of vital functions: you is bound to a wheelchair for life. Her greatest desire is to have an assistance dog to performing vital tasks for you as a companion. These include important features such as the fetch items of clothing and other utensils, to pick up press pressure switches and emergency help. Its close to good Sanvli psyche. To well-being, this real desire wins even more quality of life. Center For Responsible Lending is open to suggestions. Duration of sponsorship for charity”with a donation of 2000 for the assistance dog jumped our advertising and communications agency Deutsche city information Marketing AG a message with appeal for funds by the Bild-Zeitung in the breach and sparked a Sanvli request.

Our friendly connected partner Bobby pad participated in our action. The sum was missing at the end of the acquisition costs of the assistance dog. Trained was the dog for Sanvli easier life”by Filiz Rollidogs e.V. The donation aims to build this project sustainable. After the budget issue was resolved after the cost of the dog, the question arose after the funding of ongoing maintenance costs. These include nutrition, dog insurance and health-care costs for the four-legged friends. To fully indemnify Sanvli family of ongoing maintenance costs for the assistance dog, the German city information Marketing AG has taken over this duty like with its long-standing partners Bobby pad and KV shop. It is to be hoped that this community of man and dog improves the quality of life of Anwar and a modicum of luck of life in Sanvli is life.

New OPS Satel Detectors

The new line includes optical and acoustic detectors, which are different body design, as well as the ability to select the type of alarm. Power detectors are all from the source DC 12 V, and the model SPL-5020 can also operate from a sealed lead-acid battery that plugs into the housing option. In addition, SPL series devices are protected against tampering with and additionally equipped with an internal casing of galvanized tin. New detectors can operate in the fire and security systems, together with any alarm control panels (RCP) and other companies Satel producers, whose output during an alarm is generated constant voltage of 12 V. In response to the alarm siren will activate the speaker and / or optical alarm.

In addition, each unit has tamper switch and sensor removal from the base, which immediately transfer the alarm to a central security post. If you would like to know more about PCRM, then click here. For mounting devices is recommended to choose a flat surface, if possible hard to reach places – it minimizes the risk of sabotage and false alarm fire alarm. Sirens attached spacer dowels and screws, and after their installation should be filled with silicone mass All fixing holes and cable entry. Also, for ease of installation is recommended to leave between the heaters and ceiling clearance of 2.5 to 4.5 cm, depending on the model. To work in different conditions are completed with sirens case of high strength material – polycarbonate PC LEXAN, which has high impact resistance and provides the aesthetic appearance of the instrument over the years of its operation.

All electronic boards are impregnated with a special composition, protecting them from harmful atmospheric effects. Thanks to such solutions detectors are protected from water, condensation and frost, and therefore can operate in different climatic conditions. Details information on the optical-acoustic siren SPL-2010/2030 and SPL-5020/5010 for fire and security systems company Satel you can get by sending a request to, or by calling (495) 787-3342 to manager of sales "ARMO-Systems", which is the official Russian distributor of equipment and solutions Satel. The Polish company Satel is working on the global security market since 1990 and specializes in manufacturing and selling hardware and software, based on which are built burglar and fire alarm systems of various objects. Satel lets the receiving-control instruments, modules, GSM, wireless alarm systems, monitoring stations, gas sensors, lights and sound sirens, and radio sets numerous accessories for fire and security systems and accessories. By means of this company can fine-tune devices and security equipment to manage networks of Ethernet, the Internet, via modem or cell phone. Moreover, all placed on the market are different solutions Satel good combination of price and quality, are successfully sold worldwide network of distributors and have all the necessary Russian certificates.

Europe Fever

Under construction is unleashed an epidemic of fever and pallor, but appears a second phase of the same disease: warts. This baffled the doctors, because it thought it was another disease – unlike the well-known La Oroya fever – insofar as the dead totaling tens, hundreds, thousands (today is 4 estimated they were between 8 to 10 thousand the dead by the epidemic) and to understand the magnitude of the epidemic must remember that Cerro de Pasco had 6,000 inhabitants and Lima 100 thousand inhabitants. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Boy Scouts of America. In the world (read Europe), while, in the 19th century medicine was living a revolution. For example, Virchow had shattered the theory of the 4 humors of Galen; Pasteur spoke of microbes that explained the infectious diseases in this environment, Europe was witness to numerous inoculations for the sake of science and humanity. So we have that Gilbert inoculated with blood of syphilitic secondary and tertiary to test its infectivity in these stages; Gare was inoculated with blood from sick of osteomielitos; Koch (the discoverer of the bacillus of tuberculosis) inoculated his Strauss Assistant with blood from sick with cholera, Bochefontaine swallowed pills of dried feces of sick with cholera; many of these researchers died at this stage of science. The epic of Carrion Daniel Alcides Carrion Garcia, son of Ecuadorian lawyer and Dr. Baltazar Carrion, medical, and Dona Dolores Garcia Navarro, huancaina Lady, was born in Cerro de Pasco and had two brothers: Theodore and Mario. Marcos was studying the 5S year of medicine at the University of San at the outbreak of the epidemic which mercilessly killing so many people and decimating peoples as known by him. After meditations and conversations he decides to prove that the wart was the second phase of the same disease (Oroya fever) and in a heroic, scientific and humanitarian gesture decides to be inoculated with the disease-infected blood.


Happy after your divorce when a relationship ends in divorce, a woman should think about how retrieve his happiness, however, this does not always comes with a new relationship. After finalized the divorce or separation, women almost always we are left with our children, but keep in mind that these children will grow and that your life will begin to develop around friends and activities that go with the age of each of them. Faced with this situation, as a woman you have or you could have a circle of friends or relatives. If still you feel that it is not enough and think about finding a new partner, you must take into account certain things. By the same author: Kidney Foundation. Loneliness after divorce sometimes said that women should try to be happy to be alone and then start a new relationship, but it is not so easy to understand the concept of being happy alone. What in reality not a few women want is be part of a relationship and life partner, but they also want to have what they lacked in their previous relationship. A point It is important to take into account thinking that not only because women need to be happy, it requires change something about herself. A Council is to remain the same without forcing changes that do not go with his personality.

Sometimes you need a relationship that means something different to friends or family. In other words, someone who comes to bring flavor to life. A busy mind we have heard a lot that keep the mind occupied is a good strategy to remove negative thoughts. However, it is also a good strategy to look for something that will give you satisfaction to make you feel done and, therefore, happy. Some things that might help you achieve happiness after a divorce: think carefully about what you like to do or be (work, study, travel, etc.) It seeks opportunities to study things that before seemed impossible to you.

Spend a few hours per day or per week to volunteer work. Search for places or programmes where need of your wisdom. If you do the work entrusted with love and devotion, and if you give the best of you, the time come that rather than lament it appreciate the moments that you can finally be alone with yourself. With this you not sustituiras your partner, but envolveras you more in yourself and discover you. Keep in mind that the perfect man will not appear in an instant, but yes you will learn to be happy alone. If you learn to combine your time with what satisfies you, you will also learn to organize and irradiaras satisfaction and joy to your environment. With information: original author and source of the article


First of all, you need to know the location of the upcoming exhibition, the travel time from tsetra city subway stations. Also, you must be aware of urban transport and taxis that pass close to the passing show, a convenient parking place, to assess the coming challenges for the delivery and unloading, loading artifacts exhibition stenda.Osoboe attention should be paid to the exhibition itself – what is its size (big or not), the number of exhibition halls (it should analyze the possible conversions of visitors between the pavilions), a place lined booths, the number of passes in each room. CDF wanted to know more. All of this information played no role in the analysis of such moments: the "definition in which you want to participate; adjustment (if necessary) advertising campaign, depending on the location of the stand in Hall, the availability of competing companies, and their possible proximity to the stand, identifying the type and size of the stand, which will predsavlyat company on vystavke.To is, the territory of the exhibition and its location are in many cases the main point for subsequent action. for the location of the mobile stand is the place: the right of the entrance, the central part of the exhibition area closest to the entrance, the time for design and construction of an attractive booth, as well as installation time, at the intersection of the main passages. Regardless of where and how to build your stand for the successful development of interest among the visitors to know, and the next rule. Main – this rule of "three seconds". The essence of this rule is that the visitor rather than seconds, that he saw your booth and decided to visit it or pass on. To a man, who came to exhibit, your booth noticed, you need to effectively use a variety of lighting effects, moving parts and colorful printing industry. That is, the use of unusual titles that are easy to read but remain in memory, colorfully and tastefully decorated..

Positive Messages

How does the method of reprogramming subliminal? The explanation is simple, the subliminal mp3 audios quickly influence the right hemisphere of the brain with audible and inaudible totally subliminal messages, which enable you to change our negative behaviors and replace them with positive thoughts and success in all areas that we decide to work our own change. The correct music is used so that this process of absorption of new information is not boycotted by our conscious mind. Music of relaxation with repetitive tones makes audio a unique material highly effective to apply the law of attraction automatically and subconscious. Use of the correct music is one of the strongest in our mind relaxation points to be able to provoke mental reprogramming. The subliminal audio contain suggestions, affirmations and declarations concrete, positive and simple, they are active, they work on our emotions, which are slow and repetitive. They should be used minimum 3 times a day and if possible in the period of pre numbness before sleep. It doesn’t matter that you’re doing other activities, with the sound of audio mp3 shaped medium or low, a high sound to achieve reprogramming is not necessary. They can be used at any time of the day and as a preparation for an important event of your life (help to exams, interviews of job, stressful situations, sports event, exposure to the public, etc.) With this technique it is possible to help the largest number of people to build a better world from our own change, our subconscious mind and they can achieve their goals and dreams. Original author and source of the article