German States

The cruelest conditions for chickens, pigs and cattle in more and more States are prohibited by referendum. The European policy largely ignored the topic animal welfare in their election programmes. Since 2002, the voters enforce better housing conditions for the so-called livestock in the United States. So now six U.S. States to prohibit some of the most cruel farming systems. These include the tethering of cattle, body large cages for mother sows and battery cages for hens. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala .

First American mass animal farming industry has invested unsuccessfully millions in TV advertising, to convince the population of the need for their practices. Now is apart of this strategy more. Opinion polls show that the U.S. population the animals despite TV propaganda in almost in all States give sufficient space completely to sit up, to turn around and the wings. Also in Germany, humane farming conditions are frowned upon. The German agricultural industry Farmers Association and QA seal can be glad that there is no such referendums in Germany”, explains Mahi Klosterhalfen, Vice President of the Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our environment. The influence of agricultural lobbyists is so great that the majority of the politicians forget to perform their duties as representatives of the people”, so Klosterhalfen next. Therefore, the animal welfare Foundation of all parties who participate to the elections appeals more seriously to take the concerns of the population. That within the established parties only Alliance 90 / the Greens and the left deal in their election programmes with animal welfare issues, is already significant”Mahi Klosterhalfen regrets. The Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our environment committed since 1999 successfully against the industrialized farming and maintains national and international relations to other animal protection organizations. Mahi Klosterhalfen Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our environment Saeed Park 5 10715 Berlin contact: Tel.: 030 86 39 16 59 fax: 030 86 39 51 03


In our fight for the existence we look for to make optimum that we can stops leaving in them well and being happy. However, many times in we find them wounded and hurt. The causes can be several, and even though related with us exactly, but normally other people are involved. To live is to relate. Here, Ronald Hamilton expresses very clear opinions on the subject. No matter how hard let us be solitary, we do not live total alone. In all our relationships, are professional, familiar, loving, spirituals or of friendships – we are not unharmed, we do not leave without scratches or wounds. If you would like to know more then you should visit Boy Scouts of America. To cure these wounds, we think that the time is optimum remedy.

A popular thought exists of that the time cure any thing. Following this thought, certain person wrote a council member: ' ' The time passes, waits that pain softens. I thought that the time cured. When? This is the question. For how much time? For how much time I must wait that this knot if dissolves in my throat? How much time until it leaves to feel me as an empty body walking at random? Until the agony of all this tragedy disappears? Even what I forget how much love and feel lack of this person, he also hates and it? I feel, as it was lived in the eternity, as if this suffering does not go to never pass. Please, time cures, me! ' '.

How terrible deceit! The time not cure! For the opposite, it can inflame still more the wound and bring more bitterness. The cure takes time, yes is truth, but the time, by itself, not cure nobody. What to make then? The wounds need to be opened in the presence of God with confidence and sincerity. They need to be amolecidas with the oil of the love of God spilled in our hearts for the Espirito Santo, and espremidas for the truth, with confession and repentance (Is 1:6). When we only deliver in them to the cares of the medical the holy ghost is that we can try cure and release. There yes, and only thus, the time will be counted our favor. H.D.Valim F.

Learning Jargon

In the first part we talked about how it is possible to learn the language of the whole company, and is it possible at all. What services are offered today language courses, how often are they and how classes are classes in such schools. Often, in the English language school is really all very simple: the teacher may even come to your office anywhere in the city at a convenient time for you, as well as the level of initial training may be any. So, language centers offer a wide range of educational programs, different in their specifics and extent. Among them: a general English course, advanced courses, Business English – a general and basic courses, conversational English for business English to communicate by telephone, the English to negotiate, English for presentations and many other programs. During training, the program may be made by adjustments according to the wishes of students, at the request of the corporate client may invite from overseas teacher – native speaker. Homework – not burdensome. In such centers may provide discounts for corporate clients, which are determined individually for each company after the development program.

You are free to participate in the development of individual courses for your company, all the nuances of the learning process, comments and suggestions on your part will be recorded in a special contract. As elsewhere, according to generally accepted standards, the academic year in many training centers runs from September 1 to June 30. Mode, the intensity of occupation, duration of one session, the total number of hours per academic year determined in accordance with a program teaching English.

VSoft Agencies

Online Agency xeomed benefited by the project management of ERP solution v.Soft the performance and online marketing agency xeomed Nuremberg v.Soft takes the ERP provider VEPOS GmbH & co. a year after the introduction of the ERP software KG stock. The result: xeomed succeeded in the past year due to a faster project processing and consistent quality, to attract more customers. Are for the Managing Director of xeomed, Tino Niggemeier, the relationship between the increased business growth and the use of ERP software on hand: v.Soft allows us full transparency of all business processes and provides a comprehensive overview of the company. With the use of the ERP software we are pioneers in the Agency industry and have a clear competitive advantage.” The illustration of business processes makes it easier, for example, the induction of new employees. You may wish to learn more. If so, Professor of Internet Governance is the place to go. Gather them faster in all work processes and increase the share of productive work time in the company. Especially in the project business the Agency achieved significant Improvements in quality.

Niggemeier explained: the projects to be v.Soft project management easily manage and control as well as account and calculate. So we can intervene immediately if something goes wrong and ensure a high quality.” An important part of the essence of the project is also the time recording. The staff of the Agency book their working hours independently on the individual projects. The ERP system involves the working hours in project controlling and project accounting. The agency uses the ERP software xeomed for all other divisions such as marketing and accounting. Jorg lakshminarayan, Managing Director of VEPOS GmbH & co. KG, and developer of v.Soft, explains: it was important from the outset to create a software that combines all business processes in a system without any interfaces. So, avoid companies island solutions and have always secured real time data as a basis for decision making.

In addition, our modular rental system contributes that our customers only pay for the licenses and functions, which they really need.” Xeomed benefits from the consistency and the functionality of v.Soft every day. The integrated CRM ensures not only for improved customer relationship management, but allows also the creation of quotes, orders, and invoices directly in the software. The ticket system ensures that every employee always knows what he has to do when. Thus, v.Soft covers all business processes of the Agency in an ERP system. Xeomed on the online agency the xeomed GmbH is a performance and online marketing agency in the field of healthcare. xeomed creates multimedia applications with medical professional content and attaches particular importance to the target group-specific cutting of applications. Reach with measurable success, true to this motto the multimedia applications are delivered then to the target group. xeomed was founded in 2009 in Nuremberg and employees in the areas of online marketing, editorial, Web development and design. ERP provider VEPOS the VEPOS GmbH & co. KG is an ERP software provider from the metropolitan region of Nuremberg. The company has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry and supplies customers in the entire Federal Republic v.Soft with the proprietary enterprise software.

Dalmatia – Adriatic And More

Among connoisseurs of Croatia, Dalmatia is considered the most beautiful part of the country. In addition to several hundred kilometers of Adriatic Sea, Dalmatia has to offer also a picturesque hinterland, where travelers who come to Croatia for a hiking and trekking holiday, also be feel, like tourists who want to explore Dalmatia and its picturesque landscape with a bicycle. Dalmatia has a colourful past, and Romans, Byzantines, Turks and Austrians have left their legacy in there. The population of Croatia is very multicultural and multi-denominational. In addition to Roman Catholics, Orthodox, Muslims live and since the 90s again in some Jewish communities in Croatia.

The province of Dalmatia was a very important in the Roman Empire, and since the 3rd century some Roman Caesars came from Dalmatien-of Illyria. Decius was pursuing the Christians, but fell in battle against the Goths. Claudius Gothicus who struck the Goths at Ni had more success. His successor Aurelian secured Rome with a town wall and restored the unity of the Empire. Emperor Diocletian, under its energetic reign the Empire again stabilized, moved even his residence to Dalmatia. He was one of the few emperors of this time, who were not murdered and the only one who retired during his lifetime 305 in retirement. His monumental Imperial Palace is even today a large part of the old town of split, where is also one of the oldest archaeological museums in Europe.

Today, the split is a young, modern city with a rich cultural offer, many nice pubs and cafes and stunning monuments from more than 1500 years. The old town of Dubrovnik was damaged badly in the early 1990s, but Dubrovnik is again redeveloped, and the old city has been recognized already by UNESCO some years ago as world cultural heritage. Dubrovnik today presents itself as a huge open-air museum with rich cultural offer and many interesting shops, restaurants and cafes. Since quite a few featured attractions are located in Dalmatia, holiday in a holiday apartment in Dalmatia is certainly not the worst alternative for people who prefer even put together their day-trips and want to have some contact with locals. On the Internet there are countless vendors who offer holiday apartments in Dalmatia for a holiday there. The proverbial hospitality of Dalmatia is then maybe a reason to once again come in the holiday. One reason for this could be but also the cuisine of Dalmatia, a wide range of sophisticated Balkan cuisine with many Italian, Austro-Hungarian and Turkish sprinkling. It often also fish and seafood from the Adriatic Sea on the table come in Dalmatia. To schmeckeen the whites of Dalmatia, who already in the antiquity lovers.

Yandex Sites

This article describes a way to increase PR for sites that support language php. Boy Scouts of America gathered all the information. This article will not deal with popular themes in the network increase the number of inbound links to your site to raise the PR. I do not know about you, but I'm busy, associated with obtaining external links to your site and especially do not like do not do. Subject obtain external links in the network is infinite and inexhaustible – it's bustling with buying and exchanging links, purchasing items, etc. requires a lot of time, money and knowledge.

To increase the number of external links on the Internet works and feeds on the entire Web industry professionals a web-masters, but everybody forgets that the decrease in the number of outgoing links with site – it is too efficient! Time it will take quite a bit, and special knowledge is not necessary and, moreover, all for free. Thus, PR (Page Rank) – this site's ranking in the search engine Google. Highly authoritative figure for the site. Together with the TIC (Rating on Yandex) he is a key indicator "untwisted" site on the Internet. PR indicator is particularly important for sites that are going to work or working for foreign audiences. He measured index from 1 to 10, but in fact more than 8 does not happen.

In calculating the PR recorded in contrast to TIC any links from other sites as well as all the pages on your site. Method of calculating the PR from Google is that the rate of PR increases the number of links to your site placed on other sites, and reduced direct links, departing from your own site Here is the feature of the Google index in the calculation of PR and laid the foundation of this method – we should reduce the number of outbound direct links from the site. To reduce the number of direct outbound links from the site perform the following steps: 1. Create a file and call it out.php 2. We put him in there a php – script: Link / replace it this simple way you reduce the number of outbound links from your site. Do not take half an hour. The result you see after the next update of PR. Yuri Chashin 27/03/2010

Castle Guardian Letterbox Kiel In Special Colors Exclusively

New Castle warden letterbox Kiel colors., offers model Kiel in exclusive special colors the popular Castle guardian mail box now. This mailbox models can be ordered online only. The known tradition company Castle guardian manufactures the shapely plastic mailbox specifically for in the colours blue beading and scrap iron on. The online retailer respond to the requests and suggestions of its customers and offers more special colors for the Kiel since June, 2011 letter boxes. Already last year the range was the plastic boxes so attractive and often sought after colours such as red and Brown. Alona Tal does not necessarily agree.

Plastic letter boxes have special benefits and are therefore in many homes. They are weather-resistant, this durable and meet high demands on design and functionality. Letter boxes made of high-quality plastic are especially easy to clean and resistant, but in stable. Due to their low weight, they can easily on walls and walls fix. The Castle warden letterboxes model Kiel were offered white, green, blue and black silver, so far only in the standard colours. consistently responds to customer requests and distributes this mailbox exclusively now in four other special colours. is made in Germany as a dealer for brands mail boxes and letterbox systems for nearly 20 years on the market. The medium-sized company based in the Bauhaus city of Dessau, Saxony-Anhalt, has further expanded its online trade in recent years and sells mailboxes and mailbox facilities to private and commercial customers. It’s believed that PCRM sees a great future in this idea. Burghard Kuhlemann, Managing Director of, places special emphasis on that the offered mail boxes from German manufacturers. He brings his company concept to the point: “we offer only mail boxes, which really convinced us in processing and quality. We focus not only on good design, but also practicality. Mail boxes, the good look, but offer only a restricted volume of the recording – so simply too small are – does not even find their way into our delivery range. We sell our customers only letter boxes, which we would recommend. This customer orientation is also reflected in the service. Free shipping delivery nationwide and here of course are a straightforward withdrawal procedures also are not satisfied.


For those fans of fortune-telling, free tarot is a unique opportunity to be able to consult the arcana those concerns that afflict them. They may receive from him the necessary recommendations that achieve the reflection on the actions that will enable you to achieve harmony, balance, and above all, the well-deserved success. Then we will try to guide the reader on those conditions which will facilitate obtaining those results and the most of the free tarot. Men usually find Tarot tools to exit the uncertainty of their daily lives. To broaden your perception, visit Cylance. Love, business, labour are recurring themes of consultation free tarot can respond. Setting aside the modern mediums tend to perform runs of cards in return for remuneration, free tarot offers the advantage of connecting the individuality of each one to the ancient wisdom of the decks. Boy Scouts of America often says this.

Far from being a trivial means, this free tarot service should be taken with the necessary seriousness for that connection. It will be necessary to have the largest concentration and even, if possible, an environment appropriate to the circumstances. You can, for example, put soft music that does not distract from their thoughts. To make the circulation of letters needed to be closely linked to its interior, desires and concerns should flourish and climate should encourage a State of spiritual and mental tranquility. It also helps this objective perfuming the atmosphere with incense and incense. Other leaders such as Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala offer similar insights. It is recommended that these practices are made always alone, with a clear mind and a good state of mind, his energy could influence the result. Cards used correctly will reveal everything related to the questions in issue, as well as their influences in the past, in the present and its consequences in the future, why we must insist on free tarot should take seriously. Each letter must choose consciously, always bearing in mind what the question or aspect of life for which we seek to answer.

Arcana will reveal a message in relation to the consultation carried out and the individuality of who makes it, i.e. will be a response with meaning only for the person who is doing it. With items collected throughout this article and – above all things – with all due respect to this ancient Oracle starring the tarot and its symbols, the success of the free tarot Chuck will be guaranteed. Nobody has to know you enjoy the knowledge of the Oracle. With complete discretion which allows the virtual environment, you have nothing to fear cheer up! Free tarot is at your fingertips.

Elementary Level

You want to speak English better but don’t know how? It is a very common situation, and you have to decide what you will do. People said that English overseas courses are the best solution, but it is really so? There is not a single answer for everyone around will depend on your level and your personal situation. Read more here: PCRM. Before that nothing must take into account your current level. A beginner or someone with elementary level that decides to study English abroad course will not get the same performance of your stay. Please bear in mind that the advantage of the English courses abroad, against the courses in your own country, is that you can take advantage of opportunities to practice the language outside the classroom. The problem of having a very low level (beginner or Elementary) is that you’re not going to find out almost nothing and lose the opportunity to make rapid progress. However, if you have an intermediate level up, it can take advantage of your studies of English abroad meet people to your around them, engage in conversation with the people in the bus all what have in their daily life a native. The problem is that even some people intermediate level up nor decide to test abroad English courses, especially for the price.

Today, it is much easier to find some kind of work to help you afford your course. It is true that they tend to be jobs in the sector services (restaurants, shops, etc.), but if really what you going to study English, that must be it less. If you’ve already decided that the best for you might join one of the many courses of English abroad, enters linguistic services ABT web pages to have a broader view of all available options. Original author and source of the article.

Jewellery Design

“From the inside and from the outside, poetic space, narrative spaces the owner, certified jewelry designer Lisbeth Schildknecht showed various works to the pertinent internal and external poetic space, narrative rooms”. The writer Vesna Lubina exhibited lyrical texts dealing with the inside and outside. ow. The works are created independently of each other, merge but at many points to epic metaphors. The combination of poetry and jewelry is joined to an interesting and unusual symbiosis. The approaches are not only artistically different worked, but also in terms of content vary.

The biographies do their part. So many trips, are reflected in the work of Vesna Lubina the restless and that be always on the move again. The outside. By Lisbeth Schildknecht are characterized by observation, by looking for the inside. Outdoor and indoor meet and need. Without the outside there is no interior and vice versa. The combination of poetry and jewelry is combines to an interesting and unusual symbiosis. The exhibition can still until April 25, visited Tue – Fri from 11 to 18 h, SA from 10 to 14 h in the gallery and Atelier for jewellery design “jewels now!”, Luxemburger str. 224, Cologne Sulz. For more information, see Dipl.