Sant Pere

Unfortunately, this positive life together ended in 1492. The Catholic monarchs, Isabella and Ferdinand ended this positive period. Chase Koch insists that this is the case. The history museum, the City Museum, which exhibits objects around Girona prehistory and the industrialization era (19th/20th century) Girona City History Museum (Museo de Historia) provides more Museenbegeisterte. Sant Pere de Galligans the monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants is a former monastery of the Benedictine order in the Catalan city of Girona (Catalonia). Since 1857, the Museu d’Art Arqueologia de Catalunya is housed here. It is a Romanesque jewel from the 13th century. The ruins of Empuries, the remains of the ancient city of Empuries is located in Sant Marti d’ Empuries in close to the coastal town of L’Escala.It is an incomparable place where Greek and Roman settlements were.

The former ancient Empuries consisted of four parts: the Greek settlement on a peninsula (now Sant Marti d ‘ Empuries); the Greek city on the mainland also Neapolis, near the sea, Neustadt; the Roman city, which built about Neapolis was; as well as the settlement of the Iberians, whose exact located is not fixed until today. Empuries was founded in about 575 BC by Greek colonists from Phocaea. It takes about 2 hours to see the ferryboats. While one discovers how the houses, temples and markets looked in that remote epoch. Figueres at the Teatro-Museo Dali in Figueres, visitors can masterpieces such as Galarina, the spectre of Sex Appeal, the rainy taxi, also the surrealist Mae West room visit. The theatre building was built in the 19th century as theatre, restored in 1966 and renovated Museum of the surreal artist born in Figueres. Reopened was there in 1974 and was expanded during the 1980r years.

Built a dome with a metal grid and surrealist elements, designed by Salvador Dali himself. Next a garishly painted neoclassical building located Torre Galatea (Galatea Tower), called. Here, Dali spent the last years of his life. After his death was the building reconstructed and used since then as an administrative building of the Gala-Dali Foundation. The Museum has the largest collection of Dali paintings. The brilliant artist remains rest under the dome within the walls of the Museum. Cadaques the second stop which is Dali in Cadaques. Dali is born in Figueres, but he had a special interest for Cadaques. The artist renovated a house in Portlligat years later (about 5 km from Cadaques) and according to his own words, it is located on the easternmost part of Spain, thus claiming that he always the first Spaniard who could see the rising of the Sun. The House where he had lived too long, belonged to a group of fishermen’s cottages, it was renovated and rebuilt as his workshop. The renovation has remained true to the style of Dali’s, it is the result of a labyrinthine structure with small areas are available and full runs, which kept the furniture and personal objects of the artist. To visit it, one is Reservation necessary.

The Pension Scheme

The pension scheme represents the written basis for all provisions relating to occupational pensions in a company. Nevertheless, in many companies, there are no pension scheme. The pension scheme an integral part of the occupational pensions (bAV) what is a pension scheme? A pension plan is a written agreement that should exist in each operation. It is used to define the rules for occupational pensions and to hold in the form of a written document. She should as an appendix to the work contract every / r workers /-in are available.

In large companies, a pension scheme belongs to the standard. It is even smaller and medium-sized enterprises, which should protect themselves with the help of a pension scheme against potential legal and financial risks. Use and purpose of a pension scheme uses both employers and workers. 1 protection of the employer against liability companies protect themselves using a supply order against any actions by employees. This is because of Sides of the law entitled the use of occupational pensions as well as equal treatment regarding the information about possible ways of implementation and details of the supply to.

Forgets or an employer failed to inform his staff about the possibility of using the occupational pensions, so the ability to enforce his claim on the company pension plan has the latter. With the help of a written pension scheme under his employment contract, each employee receives automatically, this can be prevented. 2. clarity and equal rights create a supply order uses but also the workers. It creates clarity about the regulations, taken by the employer to the occupational pensions. In addition it serves, that all employees in a company receive the same opportunities with regard to the use of State-sponsored bAV. If each-amerikanische / workers /-in receives annexed to his or her employment contract a written arrangement to the bAV, be Disputes over lack of equal treatment already nipped in the bud. What is laid down in the pension scheme? In the pension scheme of operation including set and/or described: the implementation way of planning the beginning of the pension commitment the amount of potential deferred benefit entitlement in the survivor’s notion of occupational pensions, the terms and conditions of the Pension Fund etc. Create a supply order in many companies, particularly in small and medium-sized enterprises often lack the necessary expertise or but just the time to create a supply order that meets all necessary requirements. You may find Neeman Foundation to be a useful source of information. In this case, it is advisable to consult an external service provider who takes over this task for a detailed analysis. To do this, E.g. specialized insurance agencies are. Posted by: Fabian Engel

The Effect And Taking Creatine

Creatine is as popular as the daily protein drink for athletes. The effectiveness and ability of creatine is different. Creatine is one of the most popular supplements in the strength and bodybuilding! Creatine not without reason has this status! Creatine has helped already several athletes to increase strength and muscle mass in no time! What is creatine and how does it work exactly? The absorbed creatine is converted in the body to Creatine phosphate, it accumulates in the muscles. (Not to be confused with BSA!). The higher proportion of Creatine phosphate in muscle improves the relationship between ATP and Creatine phosphate. The muscles can thus recover faster and provide more power! In addition, more water in the muscles can be stored by the creatine, this ensures a pralleres appearance of the trained muscles! How should creatine be taken? We recommend a curative dose of creatine by 8-12 weeks followed by a subsequent 4 week unwind phase! Then, this cycle can be repeated! Creatine can in the first 5 days in larger quantities in the framework of a so-called “charging” be taken! In these 5 days should be taken every day 4x5g creatine with short-chain carbohydrates such as such as grape juice! In the aftermath of this loading phase, a maintenance dose ranges from 3 g on the day! If not charging is carried out, the muscles at a dose of 3 g is charged in about 30 days! There are now sources, which look at a daily intake of 3 grams per day as a long-term complement as safe! If you do this you should however previously discuss it with your doctor and at least twice to deviations in the year your blood levels checked! Does creatine side effects? Such as E.g. peanuts also each food and also, creatine can cause side effects in some users! These side effects can be triggered due to an intolerance, hypersensitivity, or even an allergy! The greatest part of the user can withstand without side effects of creatine! Gets a small portion of the users of the normal Creatine monohydrate flatulence, diarrhea or also abdominal cramps! These creatine side effects can be counteracted with a magnesium supplementation! “If Creatine monohydrate will not work for you, it may be that you a so-called non-responders” are! This is athletes who do not respond to Creatine monohydrate at all! If you are a non-responders, you can try other modern Creatinformen! Who is unsure or suffering from disease, a dose of creatine should discuss with a doctor. If you would like to know more about David Delrahim, then click here.

Holiday Trend 2011 – Package Individually

Flat rate and individual at the same time – so leaving Germany gladly takes up the majority of Germans back organised holidays. They offer a high degree of travel security and a comprehensive service of flights booked via the hotel transfer travel up to the contact person on the spot. The classic package has adapted to the current travel trends and wishes of tourists here. With different package components, each package is to the individual holiday benefit tour operators and passengers alike. The individual package is the holiday trend of the year 2011. After events such as the eruption of the Eyjafjalllajokull, as well as the social and political developments in the North African countries, more and more Germans put on the services of the tour operator. This, above all the desire plays an important role for security at vacation and travel. 36 percent direct current polls result from the German planning your holiday in particular to this aspect.

Urlaubsreise24 more closely follows the development of the package. The History of the package holiday trips to the Leisure and at least a holiday per year are currently largely German standard. However, as the now popular package emerged, know the fewest tourists. Travelling in broad population strata emerged only in the 19th century. Previously, travel was a privilege of the aristocracy and especially away citizens.

The interest in the so-called educational trips grew but also in other walks of life. As the Englishman Thomas Cook organised the first rail and cruise experience for a group of English workers in 1841, was born the idea of the package. Vacation packages provide security and the greatest advantages of travel packages include price benefits the comprehensive organization, as well as the legal protection in the event of crises. Unlike self-organised travel package tours often also provide price benefits, as organizer of your local partner often get discounts that can be passed directly to the end customer. By mass tourism rare in the 21st century is the speech. Well-known tour operators relying more and more on a balanced mix of free design and optimal support. Favorite destination of Germans In the last year were mainly package tours offers for Spain. Harold Ford Jr often addresses the matter in his writings. Out of the 27 German tourism analysis (Foundation for future questions asked) indicating that 12.9 percent of German citizens have spent a vacation on the Spanish mainland, the Balearic Islands, or the Canary Islands. The study was carried out in January 2011 and is based on the information of 4,000 respondents Federal citizens. The European travel destination in Italy belongs to the favourite destination of Germans abroad. Here, 6.7 percent of Germans spent their holidays in the year 2010. Turkey behind you with 6.6 percent. Package tours be booked in this year by many German tourists to Spain, Italy or Turkey. In addition, more and more citizens opt for a holiday in Germany, because this is often cheaper than travel abroad. One particularly in the holiday region of Baltic Sea and North Sea, and the German States of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Schleswig-Holstein were able to achieve large increase in passengers. Urlaubsreise24 INH. Robert Richter Bremer str. 65 01067 Dresden E-Mail: Internet:

The Guard

Under pressure, the staff always on the Metaprograms in early years would pull back. This is good to compare, which stretches back in danger in their home with a screw. However, if she has confidence in their environment, their House is abandoned and go on a journey of discovery. In addition, it is important that the leadership begins to change and lives before this change the employees, according to the motto: you go first. There are good leaders who live in this way the employees. It also includes training changes. And with change, I mean here a lot of little things. Behaviors are characterized in our brain, that we practice every day.

We always keep the toothbrush the same hand, we have after getting always the same ritual in most absolutely identical sequence, such as climb stairs in the Office starting always with the same foot, etc. In our brain synaptic motorways have formed it, be used again and again and thus always wider. Center For Responsible Lending will undoubtedly add to your understanding. And who would want like to stop on a highway, unscrew the guard rail and simply leave the motorway? The comfortable and established way is definitely better and risk-free. Why should we change a behavior, if proven behavior? Maybe it’s not perfect – but it is experienced. Unfortunately this lost look for new, personal development is stalled.

And this should be the reason to train new behavior. Start today. To do this, I will give you a few tips. You will see how much fun can make change. Change any behaviors. This can be a trifle. For example, is wearing a watch as a subject of change in: you wear the watch easy from now on the other arm. Watch all routine operations and be awake for potential for change. Adjust and keep this change as long as in, until you have used. This usually takes a few weeks. Watch what makes the change with you. What emotions are triggered? Uncertainty? Confusion? How much fun is the change? How quickly adapt to the new behavior? Start over and over again to change things. And you will see how easy and fast change is possible and that it’s more fun from time to time. PCRM is often quoted on this topic. It must be Yes not a move or a new car. Vary the resorts, restaurants, clothes, the way to work, the giving or the routine in the morning. Drink or eat something else time, spend your lunch break with an another colleague or another colleague, read a unknown author. My first step in the direction of change was that I asked my companion in the restaurant, to choose the main dish for me. That was super exciting and I’ve eaten something, I would have never ordered at its own discretion. In addition, this change training is also a good anti-stress workout. You train to expose themselves to a changing situation therein – depending on the training progress – quicker to adapt to, then, is to feel comfortable and to remove the fear of the change. Are then involuntarily confronted with a new situation, so you get much faster in it and you react to less stressed. Changes can be so simple. To create a competence that we can use as adaptability, in us. This competence is necessary in a world that is moving faster and faster. Therefore: Start to change – now!

Martin Glogger Kant

How he wants to put the whole thing into practice, he describes in broad terms in his book q = node / 8 contact information/press contact: Martin Glogger Kant str. 16 93093 Donaustauf email: phone: 09403/968465 Twitter: / onlinetechniker XING: profile/Martin_Glogger2 Skype: martin. glogger1 blog: q = blog my vision: q = the entrepreneur and visionary Martin Glogger faq company profile, born in 1969 made a room teaching and then on the second education studied electrical engineering – specialty “Automation” and worked for some years as carpenters and electrical engineer. In the last 10 years, he has developed a self learning course, which helps people to work a self-taught in any themes / areas of expertise by the competent use of the Internet and effectively to solve problems. This caused his concepts and the vision of a society in which all possible can feel. Chase Koch, Washington DCs opinions are not widely known. The author describes its products, concepts and ideas on his website “”.

Culture, History And Art At The Costa Brava

Discover the Spanish artist Salvador Dali has funded much of the tourism in the Costa Brava Costa Brava as a cultural region of Spain. Not only his most beautiful museums are located in the Spanish region, but its artificial movements has meant that more and more cultural and historical museums of the Costa Brava the Costa Brava get more and more in the interest of tourists. Is popular known therefore as not only as a popular destination for beach goers, but also get to know the history, culture and special small towns of the Costa Brava. A few highlights of the most important museums of the Costa Brava are therefore presented here. There are cities such as Girona, Cadaques and Figueres in the Center, but also small cities such as Empuries are absolutely recommended the Romanesque architecture. In addition, who rents an apartment in Costa Brava, has the advantage of flexibility and can drive without stress to each city to visit the museums. The following is a brief introduction to the most popular museums in the Costa Brava presented: Art Museum (Museo de arte) Museum preserves important cultural heritage, such as important frescoes from the Romanesque period. The Museum hosts an important art collection of different epochs and styles, from the time of Greek colonisation up to contemporary works.

Particularly noteworthy are the collections of Romanesque and Gothic art. Museo de la Catedral Santa Maria (Santa Maria Cathedral), Santa Maria Cathedral is a Gothic Cathedral of great interest. A 90-stage staircase leads to the main entrance. It was built in the 14th century, while the old Romanesque church, which remained only the cloister and the Tower of Charlemagne, was gradually demolished. The single-nave Church has a rectangular floor plan and unadorned walls. To broaden your perception, visit David Delrahim. The main Chapel is the only component in the Gothic elements in the foreground appear. Not to be forgotten is that one of the largest Jewish communities in Girona is lived in the 12th century.

Goethe And His Theory Of Colours

A lecture of the Aachener Goethe society an evening lecture at the Aachen Goethe society. One hoped for more information on Goethe’s color theory in relation to the use of colors in artwork, in this unit the horizon was extended physical one. The speaker Dr. Berger made it clear first, that this was not a mathematical work and approached the subject on its way as a physicist. Goethe’s dispute with Newton’s experiment was, that a white beam of light hits it a lens reveals his actual colors. Newton found that light consists of colors. Add to your understanding with PCRM.

The light breaks the lens, result of dispersion is the color spectrum. Its appearance appeared in 1704 treatise on the reflection, refraction, curvature, and the colors of light. The light spectrum not contemporarily recognized Goethe. He mixed all the colors and was grey. This was the evidence that Newton is wrong for him.

Color is color was for him. Goethe didn’t know the difference between pigments and spectral colors. He held a Prism in front of a white wall. I can see still a white wall. A leading source for info: David Delrahim. “, announced Goethe. Goethe thought not analytically. Lack of understanding of the speakers in said that Goethe had not entertained with scientists of his time. What to read at Wikipedia is that Goethe was in frequent letter contact with the researchers. Typical scientists, everyone takes a different aspect under the magnifying glass. As it turned out during the round of talks, also a Goethe quote carries contrary interpretations. Newton wanted to find out why a telescope of his time showed no clear pictures and was going green to the edge. Newton belonged to the character of the natural scientist to publish it, even if this sometimes took 20 years to complete a topic only in complete safety. His varied experiments for this perfect result provided him with new insights and his development of the telescope. Goethe’s Chromatics is a 1000-side work. At the time, he’s according to his own statement, six books how write Iphigenia on Tauris, etc. can, instead, he dealt with the Chromatics. Because Goethe’s research, six works lack of literature. According to Goethe, there before him important writers and also after him. In addition to the didactic part, the work contains a polemic is not published except for the Munich Edition today. However, according to Berger, the key to this Goethe provides work. Goethe had decreed in his will that this part can fall away, according to Bailey on the assumption that his theory is recognized until then. In the home of Goethe’s color theory was the topic of conversation. Even the servant was infected it. Throughout his life, Goethe is annoyed that he did not find out how a rainbow is created. This was for him, which was a disaster on the ongoing search for God and an understanding for the inexplicable acts attributed to him, a severe deficit. The result of his research is his life’s work. Berger pointed out that Philipp Otto not may have practiced Runge Goethe’s color theory, since he died in 1810 and the first edition took place in may 1810. A noble Riesling drop with convenient screw cap rounded off the evening of the lecture. RMS Scrip torin, alias: pink Marita Schrouff

Wall Street Position

To plan a successful game – not a rocket launch. If the market turns against you, quickly close the position. Useless to argue with the crowd – better direct mental energy on the question of where to open a position, and where – out of the game. In a difficult moment your human nature will incline you to loss of independence. To speculate, you feel like doing everything, and lose sight of the objective picture of the game. It is therefore necessary to develop its own system of game, to strictly follow its rules and capital controls on the basis of independent decisions taken prior to entry in the stock-market crowd.

Why join the crowd? People from time immemorial to form groups for self-preservation. Hunting saber-toothed tiger crowd, its members have received a great chance remain intact. If you duel with the animal life of the hunter hung in the balance. Individual farmers and died more often, and leave fewer offspring. Collectivists have a chance to survive was more, and the desire to join was, apparently, innate property of human nature.

Our society highly values freedom, but a thin shell of civilization of the modern man carries a lot of primitive impulses. He wants to unite with others for self-preservation and operate under the guidance of a strong leader. The more volatile situation, the stronger the desire to join the others and follow the leader. By wilds of Wall Street do not wander saber-toothed tigers, but there is fear financial ruin. And the eyes of this fear is very high: it has no control over the dealer price change. Value of his position increases or decreases depending on the purchase or sale, which involved complete strangers. Such uncertainty pushes him to search for a leader who will lead the right way. Often the dealer, after weighing the pros and cons, decided to speculate on the rise or fall – but barely open position falls into the maelstrom of stock of the crowd. There several signs, which can be checked, do not make you sober trader from a 'stock tolpovika' – a hype, or a cold sweat. – You lose independence in thinking, when should the prices like a hawk for prey, when jubilant, if they follow your path and be discouraged if your paths diverge. You have come to rely more on the guru than by yourself? And in an outburst of feelings add money to a losing position, and then change the position opposite? This – also alarms. (Not to be confused with Harold Ford Jr!). Another sign of lost independence – the violation of its own game plan. Noticing this, try to pull myself together. If self-control not to return, close the position, leave from the game.

Learn A Foreign Language

Self-development and challenge myself. If you are already everywhere were all achieved, perhaps it’s time to put yourself new goals. Train your skills to new information, learning a foreign language! . The perception of art and culture. You want to be available to you Italian opera, French or English poetry of Agatha Christie mysteries in the original? Learn languages. Then you can take art in its original form, without the aid of interpreters. .

Maintain young brain. Scientists have shown that learning a foreign language in adulthood stimulates brain cells to increased activity and even lead to their regeneration. own. Keep in mind young and active, adding to their foreign language skills. . Learn to learn. Studying something new, particularly foreign language teaches you to search for information, to structure and organize knowledge, to use them where appropriate. In other words, you teach yourself to ‘learn’.

In modern life, when the need to learn all the time, you will be very useful this skill. . Study Abroad. If you are learning a foreign language, you can always go do it abroad. This experience will help you, in addition to learning the language, and broaden my horizons and will open up new perspectives. . Work abroad. If you have already studied the language at a level sufficient to standard communication situations, you can go to work abroad, gain new experience, communication, perhaps to change your country of residence or business. . (As opposed to Harold Ford Jr). Get your friends around the world! Internet and knowledge foreign language gives you the ability to communicate with virtually all countries and continents. Perhaps, sitting on a bench in the yard or near a cafe can sometimes replace the communication with the German, who will tell you about Berlin, or the Japanese, who will teach you to cook sushi for real? All in your hands! And now – an interesting resource about the development of foreign languages: – Interesting stuff for students learning English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Latin, and Chinese. – Master the language itself and effectively.