Art Of Ilyustratsii

We compare the perceptions of literary works and illustrations relating to the adult reader and child. Adult readers in the process of perception of literary works based on their far more extensive than that child, cognition, for his great life experience. Skilled adult reader can practically unlimited volume and a very long time to perceive verbal information. And the perception is different from Children are much more rationality, it is more focused on comprehension of the meaning of the text. For him, the most important is reflected in the literary work the basic ideas, vision, unique identity writer. A different perception of the text is peculiar to the reader-child transmission.

For example, a long read, do not interrupt viewing of images, it quickly tiring. But the emotional and sensual sphere of perception appears very actively, directly. Moments of experience, all sorts of emotional responses induced by reading (surprise, joy, sadness, anger, joy, etc.) occur in children is much stronger, brighter, directly than in adults. On the other hand, a child is not there needs to concentrate all their attention on the text. In my thoughts, ideas, book a child perceive only what is available of his mind. It is particularly acute psyche responds to external, the most striking and spectacular moments of action, its sharp turns and events. And in the nature of literary heroes, their deeds child takes first the most simple and accessible to understanding of the features that cause it deep and strong emotional reaction. Naturally, under these conditions, the image was not only not a hindrance in the process of reading, but, in contrast, creates a desirable and even needed extra incentive to quit abundant and rich in emotional energy of the child.

Varieties Of Door Designs

It is interesting to calculate in his spare time – how many doors we have to overcome the day. Room, toilet, bath, kitchen, entrance, elevator, car, office, shop. At least 50 times per day, we greet each other with the door handle. In the month 1500 times per year – about 2000, over a lifetime – more than 100 000 times. Hundred of thousands of times we meet different doors: gray, white, wooden, plastic, metal, glass, etc, and did we not think about how these very same doors and who arranged their produces. Statistics tell us that the most popular – a Finnish interior white doors Alavus. Maybe because the door Finnish ideal for our harsh climatic conditions with temperature changes of up to 70 degrees (40 in summer and -30 in the winter), and maybe because it was not so expensive but higher quality than its counterparts from other countries.

Distinguished panel and paneled interior doors. Pine – the most common inexpensive material for manufacturing doors. Doors made of pine stand at the very bottom of all price segments, but not in quality, market doors. The average price of pine panelboard doors – 1500 rubles. Doors are made from the entire spectrum of door materials – wood, plastic, metal and glass. Distinguish 2 types of door construction.

Shielding door design speaks for itself: a shield and rail, panel door is constructed a little more complicated: rail, honeycomb panels. When interior doors made from one wood species: oak, pine, walnut, cherry, ash, hornbeam, maple and others, experts say, from the array, then the price of the door increases. When the door design is combined with the MDF or wood veneer, the price accordingly reduced. Wide price fork (from one thousand to one hundred thousand) allows everyone to choose a door that said, can afford. Glass. It would seem that such unreliable material may not be used for manufacture of doors, but we see the glass doors at supermarkets, hotels. More “home” version of windows – as part of a wooden door. Glass, incidentally, reduces the cost of the door. Plastic doors. Very Service-friendly, cheap, beautiful, modern plastics with properties virtually identical to the tree – it is exactly the same conductive, long-lived, proofing, but most importantly – water-resistant. PVC doors similar in their characteristics with the plastic, but even the doors of PVC fireproof. The reliability of such a door attached to a metal skeleton. Metal doors are made of aluminum – lightweight and durable metal. Best of such material is obtained fire laminated doors – beautiful, fireproof, Sound Attenuated, very reliable. When choosing doors beware of imitations. Company ADV-Trade. Most advantageous offer. Finnish door. Moscow. Currently the Finnish quality. When using materials article link to a site.

In Heidelberg

These solid technical education existed not free for thousands of years. Goldsmiths can precisely determine the fineness. Watchmaker or optometrists have not the knowledge”a goldsmith. So, there are goods with a fineness stamp bears, who in reality is a completely different alloy. This occurs mostly with jewels acquired abroad.

Who would like to sell gemstones, such as diamonds, should a qualified Gemmologist (= gemstone specialist) consult. Only this can determine the authenticity of the jewel with safety. For example, diamonds are valuable and lasting value stones. Bjorn best, Goldsmith in third generation and Gemmolge has made thousands provisions of precious metal. He stressed the importance of a calibrated scale. This, the consumer should take care just so the consumer is sure, not, like the retired couple from Warstein, to be deceived. Also, it is important that the customer gets his money immediately, and on a transfer must wait not until two or three weeks, that may never come. Additional costs for analysis, divorce or a percentage lower remuneration rate should immediately deter consumers.

The police recommends several vendors make an offer consumers who want to sell their valuable family jewelry or coins. Flying dealer or home visits are to ignore anyway. Sometimes, such traders remain only two days in a city where they have settled in another store as a lodger. The purchase and sale of scrap gold is not permitted to them. This is according to a recent judgment of the Administrative Court of Minden in Germany (VG Minden, judgment of March 25, 2009, case No. 3 K 224/09) has been confirmed. Such travel trade Yes also already not serious sound. In Heidelberg, the police, in collaboration with the Ordnungsamt stopped two originating from the former Yugoslavia and in the Frankfurt area men who bought gold in a town hall. They even had a trade licence. Many black sheep in the industry cavort. Should a sale of scrap gold only for professionals take place, and not at the merchant around the corner”. Goldsmiths and gemmologists are the right contacts.

Falling Interest Rates: Credit Debt Worth

What you owe to the credit note should be who is currently looking for a cheap loan, you will easily find it. Lending rates are very cheap and if you need a loan fast, can be currently faster again debt-free than some years ago. If you already have a loan, is fret most about the current low interest rates. Usually, you pay for many years on a loan from, that to the interest rates, which have been regarded at the conclusion of the Treaty. Who wants to benefit from the favourable credit interest on the market but also in an ongoing credit, cannot refinance the loan.

This is prematurely resolved the old credit and instead set up a new credit agreement. However, there is to note some for credit debt consolidation. It is important that complied with the terms of the existing loan. Are there any special requirements for credit debt consolidation? Often, an early repayment indemnity will be paid by early resolution because the Bank with the continue of the credit interest is calculated. The penalty interest”should in any case not more favourable credit supply rebalance. Is also to be observed that the fees that you paid for the credit (some years ago, they were more common than it is today), get back. Often this fee is 1-3%. The fee can be quite high depending on the amount of credit.

Because these but once is paid at the beginning, there is no way to get them back. Who wants to give up should just look around for the new loan and choose a cheap provider. Cheap providers can be found by using a comparison of the credit. If you need support with the loan refinancing, can help the Bank. The formalities can assume that that one has to cope with, if you would like to refinance the loan. Using a credit rescheduling you can benefit, if you ignored some important things, so from the valid interest.

State Book

At the next purchase, memory recalls that a similar piece was bought. Helps austerity measures further among other to save a budget book, without the own default to neglect. Only awareness of the own finances helps to restrain themselves and the daily temptations was to keep. How to lead a household book? Of course remains up to each form in which he leads his budget book. Like Virtual PC freaks can do that, traditionalists choose the booklet form. It is only important that it leads it every day on the expenditure incurred. A day later most people can no longer remember every detail, which cost money. But even the small amounts add up during the time of considerable magnitude as the budget book proves impressively.

The opening of balance sheet over each month emblazoned the output level or as defined budget as the current account balance in the budget book. Do not hesitate to enter him, even if he should be provided with a minus. The budget book will help you to eliminate the Red number. The credit side now the positive: List everything, what you can post within a month as a regular income. Typically, the salary, wage, pensions, supplementary contributions or State benefits will be. If you have annually maturing revenue, such as leases, interest, or royalties, take proportionally calculated with these on the month. Include anything, which is not secure. Get a tax refund, contrary to expectations, you have a nice extra, but not guaranteed spreadsheet size. The fixed expenditure under this heading capture all expenditures, which are needed monthly to ensure your existence.

The Retirement Age Rising

How far can or will continue this still so? Why is the pension for women lower? All times be taken into account in the calculation of the pension, in which no pension contributions have been paid. For example this would be the mother time in women or general care time, if a spouse or family member on the care of the insured person is instructed. It is usually the women in a partnership, which take care of the upbringing of children; the trend is decreasing, however, because today more and more men stay at home while the women take care of their professional career. This is one of the reasons why the scissors, which shows the distances between of the pensions of men and women, joining more and more; or even in the opposite direction. How does it influence his pension? As a general rule: the longer one waits with the entering of the pension, the more money you can get monthly, because logically no contributions are paid during these months. Per month, the man less Works, decreases the pension by 0.3%. Who is so five years earlier in retirement than the average, which must reckon with 18% deductions and this is a fairly large sum. How can you find information about his own pension? There are pension consultants who specialize in the details of the pension, such as pension contributions, retirement age, and type of annuity.

With a pension consultancy, you can learn all you need to know about insurance, rights and obligations. You get accurate information to all of his questions and have thereby not even suspicious that it is pushed by the pension consultants in a certain direction of certain insurance or similar. This is because that pension consultants are freelance, independent representatives who want to represent only the interests of your clients and are engaged by any insurance providers. Have a specialist retirement advice be consulted? Generally this is not necessary. Many pension consultants offer on your website various articles for all possible insurance areas, allow themselves to share, before you pay financially for personal advice. Just at the present time, almost all cases are solved especially in cases of illness in the self-diagnostics and everything on the Internet is regulated, it is important to show what they know also for pension consultants. Therefore, many Web pages of the specialists are nearly overflowing with articles that explain various problem cases involving pension consultants already have deals; However current examples are separated on many of the older incidents, so that you can find faster just about changes that just only are in force.

No pension is the youth of today have more later rumor or fact? Actually heard today, especially by young people themselves, that they will have no pension at all yet but is that so? Can / do as far as ever come? In principle you may not require of people that they work on the rest of her life and may never come to rest. However, there are also more and more older people, whose rente must be financed somehow. If the number of older people in Germany continue to rise, also the retirement age will have to rise or the pensions are reduced.

Learning Foreign Languages Experience

Indian experiment in the fight against illiteracy Nine years ago, a national television network of India has decided to introduce a program of subtitles on the type of karaoke – not a foreign language, and Hindi, the language of singing stars. The first state in which the show has shown with subtitles, was Gujarat. Local residents saw the opportunity to sing along with the text subtitle artists. They began to pay attention to the running line of text at the bottom of the screen, often copied words, bringing them down on paper, and returned to them after the fact, as the show ended. With this number of people who can read, rapidly increased. According to the researcher Gemma Dzhadvani, the number of reading the villages of India for the past 10 years has increased by more than 50%. Her research also shows that rural women, who can now yourself read and understand the bus schedule, have become more mobile and all many children leave school. The Indian experiment with karaoke for combating illiteracy is unique in its kind.

Technically, he is known as captioning in their native language, or SLS. For recent years, functional literacy in areas with access to the SLS has more than 2 times. Subtitles acted as a catalyst, which allowed up to four times the level of free reading of adults in India. The apparent effectiveness of the subtitle, along with their low cost (only 1 cent per person per year) has attracted the attention of scientists and teachers.

Computer Skills

It started when I taught studio painting and engaged in drawing and painting from ruki.S each year more and more aware that modern children hand drawing does not want to, but more and more attracted to computers and modern tehnologiyam.I at some point, I finally understood the meaning of hackneyed sayings about the fact that the baby's mouth verb istina.Imenno children and instilled in me an interest in computer graphics. At the same time, children really do not feel like reading books, so more black and white kompyutenoy tutorials on literacy, and while reading, I know for myself, so hard to figure out where it is described by a button or a window. Just need to someone who has shown to be particularly pressing and that can come of it, most often it is important to show not just once or twice a child to understand and zapomnil.Da and not every child will dare ask again. And even the most patient teacher would not repeat to you the same one hundred raz.Eto just think, he sat down at the computer, opened the Corel Drava, took the pencil tool, and went himself risovat.Elementarno from even being an artist a long time I could not draw in the program is the easiest, more or less decent drawing, without mentioning the animation. In addition, children often quite reluctant to go somewhere to visit the club or course, the weather is bad, then my mother once with him to ride, then it simply laziness slazit with your favorite sofa – so why anything of interest will be gone! With my son was .A because if a child does not see a quick and brilliant result of his work, then loses all interest in learning! I myself ended up a whole bunch of all courses on schedule, she studied for many teachers, there is something recorded, resulting in a large part of these records are simply lost.

Germany Kluwer

DKLK 2014 goes in Augsburg, Dortmund and Hanover In May and June 2014 the German Kitaleitungskongress in the second round. Due to the overwhelming response to the events of this year’s three events will offer Wolters Kluwer Kitaleitungen and makers in the coming year for the discussion of current developments, innovative trends and new pedagogical approaches in the field of early childhood education: the first event will be on May 13th and 14th take place 2014 in the Dortmund Westfalen Halle Convention Centre, the two other specialist events follow on 2nd and 3rd June in Hannover, as well as on 24 and 25 June in Augsburg. For the this year’s conventions, there were over 2,000 registrations. Possible we have registrations from now this year as the leading trade event for Kitaleiterinnen, lead the German Kitaleitungskongress and Kitatrager in Germany established”, explains Michael Gloss spur us together with our Managing Director of this success for US is Wolters Kluwer Germany GmbH. Partners continuously to insert for the further development of modern day-care centres. In our eyes a central importance of competence and qualification of Kitaleitungen.” Interested representatives of children day and educational institutions, ministries, authorities and the economy can register at now and in the next year to secure a place for the events. When a registration until November 30, Kitaleitungen benefit from 50,-Euro discount.

Proven partners, new top issues even at the events in 2014 can the Informationsdienstleister Wolters Kluwer count on the support of proven partner such as the trade union education and Science (GEW) and Association of the German child help. “Is the top event for the early childhood education field under the motto Kitas shaping the future”. Over 60 different practical forums, lectures and discussions, the participants receive important impulses for a successful Kitaleitung. Renowned experts such as Professor Marion Hundt or Professor Dr. Helen Knauf talk about current aspects of Kita everyday life: media literacy and its mediation in the Kita also discusses such as the issues of management competence, quality assurance, and the use of cooperation. In addition to the professional training also the carrier cross-networking not neglected in the context of the DKLK. How to contact with Wolters Kluwer / Carl link Publisher Petra Schardt Adolf-Kolping-str. 10 96317 Kronach Tel. 09261/969-4220 fax 02631/8011-4220


We know Facebook the minimum age aims to reduce so far officially 13 years, for its users. Euskirchen, 12.06.2012 – why Facebook wants to open up at all for the smaller ones? The company argues it already have millions of users under 13, who gave her age wrong at logon, and would increase their security. Statistics confirm this in the United States for example 7.5 million children at the age to have cheated. Critics say Facebook, however, to significantly increase their target audience for paid apps and games with this change. This is a measure to support the Facebookaktie decline recently in the value. Ask the experts: why a kids Facebook? Ralf Schmitz, the expert for Internet security of the sure strong team ( considered the step from the perspective of child protection: nothing is basically to say if Facebook creates a child Facebook page for its users under 13.

But these should be separated by the large platform / are offered. This network for children in the primary school age should be manageable and free from fee-based services. In addition, a team of Internet educators important that monitors a moderation of posts and the compliance with the Netiquette would be. In addition, at least one accessible emergency button for hot situations should exist, such as soliciting pedophile or if cyberbullying is exercised by the children. You must bring the children at an early stage in the new media world and professionals media literacy be. “Restricting the opening hours would be desirable: a Kinderfacebook, which is open 24 hours a day, very big risks.” Hello, Mama, did not know that you are also on Facebook… We parents have learned long ago that push our children between 10 and 12 years of age on Facebook, because most of their friends and classmates also have an account. Ban good little, since all experts agree, because such bans can be bypassed pretty easily with the Internet-enabled mobile phone or with friends.

It is important to connect with the children in dialog. Listen to understanding, why your child keeps a Facebook membership for essential and objectively uncover it over the potential risks in this vast network. Do offer, if you dare to it helping us set up your account and its settings. With webinars fit the Internet because not all parents will have enough basic knowledge for a professional media education of their children, they can perceive useful services such as about the sure strong webinars on Internet safety. Shelter information ready. Ralf Schmitz promises: we are keeping the situation on Facebook in the eye. As soon as children in the primary school age there officially have access, we will inform parents about their controls and recommended security measures.