Fruit Movement

But what it is that has in this movement that as much attracts ones, at the same time that cause repulses in others. The objective of this part of the gift obre is only to display, and this of not deep form, some of the things that have in this movement. Mrcio Argachof, in a work that the Fruit of the Deceit in the Body wrote under the G-12 heading of Christ, work this finding in the site, signs up some things which point as good in the movement, although to write to fight it. These things are, according to it, the meetings in the houses of the believers, or cells; the sanctity search; the intense conjunct for an intention and a systematic work of evangelizao. On the other hand to this, it has strange things to the Word of God, as, as the dither of the dreams, through which, according to Castellanos, a transformation in the real world can be made, bringing to the reality what we incubamos in our minds (a plagiarism of Paul Yonggi Cho); used techniques of regression in ' ' Meeting with Deus' ' , where the encontristas are taken to repeat a conjunct where the shepherd says that God chose in them since the womb of our mother, and then asks for to whom if they imagine since the instant of the conception, passing for the uterine life, as he dealt it to God with love, until its birth; the necessity of the participation in Meeting so that it has true repentance; the necessity of if pardoning to all, even though the God to get rid itself; the confession of sins the leaders; the theology of the prosperity; practical judaizantes, as to touch shofar for ' ' to call the Espirito Santo ' ' ; reduction of the value of the shepherd; bigger emphasis in the amount that in the quality of the believers; the creative calls jejuns, as, for example, jejum of the delights, where the person chooses some delights of its preference and if she abdicates of them for some time; the ostensive search for speaking in languages; the valuation of all and any tradition as old and bad thing; etc.

Laws Movement

A capacity and who have secured universal activity in the evolutionary history of mankind a position that no other people can ever hope to achieve "(history of ancient Greece Chapter XIII) this kind of survey are positive, it is desirable to reach so high that not only is a realization of the work of the Greeks but also astonished us for future generations. Let us quote the last survey, and then return to our case. "that would not be causes of prosperity for the feasts Greece was the entire universe, the temples were monarchs of all, the games that many people came around, the oracles that excited the imagination of all nations, in order to taste and the arts, brought these latter to perfection so complete that you must not know to hope to overcome them "(Book twentieth, chapter VII, the Spirit of Laws) young people you are meant to make trail up to them to break the mediocrity that invaded the land at an educational level up to them to break down the boundaries that society imposes thinkers, in order to exploit and loss of worthy purposes that were drawn. I encourage you go with. " Anaximenes Air Appearance: when perfect is imperceptible to the eye, but instead is manifested through the cold to hot and humid. And the movement. Anaximenes in his system refers to the movement several times saying "In fact all the things that are transformed, not transformed if not move!" fence powerful postulate. Now expose some movements in order to know whether in fact the movement is as important as Anaximenes said or if it is common. .

Novocherkassk System OPP

Novocherkassk OPP system includes the development of the following steps: 1) established a leading product – the representative of the conditional, ie, a product which is predominant in the production program and is constantly made to Throughout the months of planning period, approximately equal amounts. All other products as it conditionally complement is the leading product. On this basis, the calculation is performed conditional on a set of parts Product-representative, and 2) calculated the necessary advance on every detail in all production stages and on this basis is determined by the size of backlog, which should be compulsory and , so he as if “removed” from the register. This makes it possible to establish a uniform schedule-task in conventional car-kits for all the shops, without differentiating the job according to the calendar ahead. Thus, all the shops working on closing a single set of numbers, and 3) to have daily information on the implementation plan for each shop configuration issue items, used file cabinet and the schedule of proportionality.

The Reception

But this is only a preliminary scheme – how it works for many but not all. There are lots of exceptions, does not allow to use this technique without control results. One of the examples – have left-handers often seen the opposite position. And we need reliable data. What are we doing to adapt this method to a particular interlocutor? That's right, ask questions to which answers must call exactly that the reaction we want to learn to identify with this particular person. We want to know exactly how our interlocutor accesses information in their visual memory? Here are examples of such questions: in your company where you previously worked, had an office with separate entrance, or it was a room in the business center? Your former manager was young? You like how you have met us at the reception? You'll quickly find us? And so on.

Recollection of Heard monitored in a similar way: remember, we talked previously on the telephone and so on. To test how accurately we tracked the reaction of memories, we can offer something the other party imagine – and estimate how unlike the memory looks like a fantasy. Here are examples of questions in order to bring about the desired involuntary reaction: How would you like to look your workplace? And so on. Done, now we can proceed to the interview – and we will know exactly when the candidate says what he actually did at the same workplace, and when – embellishes his exploits and tells you that he wanted to be in his biography, but actually different from real life.

Understanding Transactions Thoroughly

Have you ever confronted with the fact that the successful conclusion of the transaction with the buyer frustrated just because the seller did not understand what is really the customer wants? Personally, I have witnessed such a situation already so many times. And sometimes it also happens that a potential customer like and aims to purchase, but takes a completely opposite decision only on the grounds that the consultant was unable to affordable for the buyer to talk about language advantages of this product. What do I mean? Here is a simple example. A few weeks ago I burned my power supply on my computer. Since I constantly use the services of the Internet, but to my inbox every day there are dozens of letters, many of which require a rapid response, for me is simply unacceptable to sit with non-working computer. So on the same day I went to the nearest supermarket for a new computer purchase, at the same time deciding to buy a new fan for the processor. Having come into the store, I opted for a long time from the range, which was presented at the showcase, but still decided to go to a consultant. With power supply, we figured out pretty quickly, but when it came to the fan, then there is the problems started. But here we learned about it only later, when I was about to pay at all, as it turned out, a waste product to me. The consultant asked me a couple of questions and began to look what I said.

The Interview

In the interview, the applicant present, the interpreter, immigration officers, the lawyer. The interview itself can take from several hours to several days. During an interview on a mandatory basis is a protocol that is betrayed by the end of the applicant. Interviewing all persons the applicant's family over 14 years, although children are given simple questions. Spouse may participate in an interview with her husband, but has no right to suggest, comment and give their testimony.

We must remember that the interview itself is conducted to verify that the applicant himself and his family members were prosecuted, the threat to their lives and health was real and not imaginary. And all this has prompted the applicant and his family become refugees. The essence of the interview is in articulating the history of persecution and answer questions on it. After the interview, a decision is either positive (the applicant together with family members grant refugee status) or negative. In case of refusal the applicant has the right to appeal the decision in court. Do not think that counsel will assist the applicant or prompt. Its activity is reduced solely to ensure that the process itself was not admitted any wrongdoing that was provided with an interpreter to be provided during relevant forms and forms to the applicant and his family members is not subjected to psychological pressure. Although almost always pressure on the complainant and his family is. Once the case is agreed statement on the process, the applicant and his family members share information about a possible settlement.

Taxi Companies

Taxi companies have now become an integral part of cities, especially large ones. The rhythm of life of modern people is accelerating, so people looking for ways to save time. Throughout its history the taxi has established itself as a friend and assistant for citizens. Sitting in the car, we seldom think, what kind of person behind the wheel. We can define a visual age, sex, but that he is internally, we think is very rare. We’re talking with them, sometimes sharing their problems, and out of the car, cross out of his life. If we carefully look closely, the driver of a taxi is very complicated, nervous.

He works with people and for people. It is the responsibility of the lives and health of passengers. He must be alert to what is happening on the street and in the cabin. To become a good taxi driver, you must develop the will, stamina, acute reactions. True taxi drivers – a little psychology, they feel the mood people know when to talk and in which situations is better to keep silent, well aware of their city and can give good advice in any nightclub or restaurant, you can spend an evening. Currently, there is competition between transport companies, a kind of struggle for the client, an increasing number of services, so staff requirements also rise, being more careful selection of personnel.

Essential character of the driver, his professionalism. Consent, much nicer to ride in a taxi with a helpful and polite driver, clean, not smoky saloon. Different companies staff requirements are different, but we can identify major: Experience in a taxi – desirable. Age limit – from 20 years to retirement age, there are exceptions. Driving experience – from 2, in some companies from 5 years old. Courtesy, responsibility and patience. Professionalism – to be determined in practice. Excellent knowledge of (and / or GPS-navigator). Knowledge of foreign languages, as guests of any city glad to hear stories about the history of the driver of the city and its attractions. The most important thing is the desire person to work in a taxi. Vacancies in the taxi lot. In turn, the company promises to official employment, good wages, at the request of a large number of orders, serviceable vehicles, communications by radio or mobile phone, work in a cohesive team. Owners are invited to cooperate with their own car, willing to rent it. In Yekaterinburg, taxi services in demand today than ever before. To work in a taxi Ekaterinburg always need drivers. Schedule free, you can adjust it to a specific employee. Payment schemes are different. The minimum wage in a taxi from 2000 tr per shift, per month from 25000, 30000 rubles. Profession of taxi driver has its own specific and very interesting for some of the taxi – is the work of a lifetime. It has its pluses and minuses, as in any other profession. The most important thing – is to love his job and notice only the good.


All misfortune is a lesson in economic scenarios, trade show significant dynamics, where for example, firms play a determining role in its activity, especially those who have prepared for it, have been identified with the scope, importance , impact generated by the ability to interpret and implement the contributions that we lay the administrative science. Unfortunately, many have neglected what it represents even management schools of universities that do not update their curricula, do not even bother to define the profile of the administrator is required to meet the challenges, changes, opportunities and threats.

It is evident in the performance, a little proactive management, creative and innovative strategist, considerable waste of human talent, the resources that make up the company. Just before this reality, which requires changes, transformations, we have always insisted that more serious about representing the administration and training of professionals really know how to implement its principles, so that will contribute not only to ensure the efficient operation of enterprises, but to work with government programs for economic and technological development. Thus, within our ability and commitment as a teacher, we emphasize the importance of updating the knowledge of corporate behavior according to the present, showing great competitiveness, not only in offering your products or services, but in having a management trained, who knows how to interpret the opportunities, develop programs, plans to encourage their performance and enable the company where they work to achieve an advantageous position in conquering markets and develops. Within the forums, workshops, seminars organized, in order to motivate not only the study of management, executives and all those professionals, we discuss, analyze and develop topical issues of modern management has demonstrated its effectiveness, excellence in its applicability, noting with how important this role of government.

Governmental Auditorship

In the Brazilian territory, the auditoriagovernamental finds its support legal, with the emission of Law n 4,728 of julhode 1965, that it came to normatizar the functioning of the financial market and created obrigatoriedade of the practical one of the Governmental Auditorship in Brazil. In the temposatuais, the governmental auditorship establishes that its accomplishment if accomplishes nacomprovao of the legality of the actions undertaken for the agencies and entities quecompe the direct and indirect public administration, enclosing in such a way the esferFederal, State and Municipal. Being thus, the auditorship governamentalconstitui in an important instrument of control, to the measure that possibilitauma better allocation of resources public, contributing to detect and proporcorreo of wastefulnesses of resources, of the administrative improbity, anegligncia and the omission and, mainly anticipating these occurrences, looking for to guarantee the observance to it of destesrecursos norms that regulate the application, as well as in the search guaranteeing the intended results, emconsonncia with good the practical ones of transparency of the public administration. It considers governmental aauditoria inside a specialization of the field of the auditorship, to poisapesar to follow principles and norms techniques, it presents peculiarities naaplicao and specific systematics. (S, 2002, p.44) the auditorship in the public sector, specifically, is the set of techniques that it aims at to evaluate the public administration and aaplicao of public resources for entities of public law and private, by means of the confrontation between the critriotcnico, operational or legal determined situation joined and.

2.2.OBJETIVOS, PURPOSE AND OBJECTS GOVERNMENTAL DAAUDITORIA the Governmental Auditorship has primordial porobjetivo to guarantee resulted operational in the management public dasituao. Observing the related excellent aspects to the avaliaodos programs of government and the public administration. Thus, also it presents excellent comoobjetivos: To give has supported to the full exercise of the ministerial supervision, through the following basic activities: To examine the observance of the specific legislaomunicipal and norms correlatas; To evaluate the execution of the dosmunicpios programs, contracts, accords, agreements, adjustments and others instrumentoscongneres; To observe the fulfilment for the agencies and entities, of the princpiosfundamentais of planning, coordination, decentralization, delegation decompetncia and control; To evaluate the administrative and operational performance dasunidades of the direct administration and supervised entities. .

Egypt Government

The two brothers had helped Zer to set the tent in the square and later if they had directed for the office of the government that managed purchase and sales of lands. After to register lands and to pay the tax with silver rings, Hanareb and Menom had come back toward the tent. – A herald passed for the square announcing that the government is convoking architects to plan the construction of the tomb of the Fara. Zer said. Hanareb looked at for the brother. – You are architect, you must offer your services. You will have privileges working for the government.

Menon he remained been silent, thoughtful. Hanareb insisted. – What you want? To be farmer the remaining portion of its life? It goes to sign up itself! – Mnfis must have good architects, does not know if I will have conditions to compete with them! – Cost nothing not to try, my uncle! Zer said. – Later you it goes to repent itself for not having attemped. It informed Hanareb. – It is well. Where I must go? – In the office of the administration of workmanships. Zer answered.

Eight architects if had presented in the office of Tanuhe, the administrator of workmanships. Menon made its registration. Tanuhe spoke for the group: – The Fara, that represents the Hrus god in the land, supreme governor of all Egypt, head of all the tribes, decided to give to beginning the construction of its tomb, the dwelling of its body, when its soul will be to live next to deuses. The Fara does not desire a construction with much luxury, but a tomb that lasts per the centuries and that it is inviolable. The candidates must inside bring a miniature of the workmanship of fifteen days. The architect who will be chosen will receive house, lands and servants, beyond foods for its family while he will be employee of the government.