Dimitri Medvedev

Medvedev did not collaborate with the secret services. Even more, prides itself on not having even done military service, have not swelled the ranks of an army which, after the humiliating defeat suffered in Afghanistan, was limited to suppress outbreaks of internal instability, caused by nationalisms of all signs: Nagorny Karabakh, Abkhazia, Chechenia Medvedev is, or the less pretends to be, the newcomer who promises to modify the current parameters of Russian society. His first promises greater respect of human rights, modernization of the country’s industrial structure, increase the standard of living of the population, expansion of the hitherto exigua middle class, changes in the foreign policy – drew the attention of the kremlinologos, to find out if the usual traps are not hidden behind the good words of the President. In effect, the system of Government devised by the new owners of the country leaves very little room for manoeuvre to strangers. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Boy Scouts of America. It can be assumed that Putin, who assumed the post of Prime Minister, will try to control key ministries, limiting the prerogatives of the new President.

On the other hand, the Moscow establishment is aware of the need to launch an operation smile to reassure western politicians, concerned about the increasingly frequent hegemonic outbursts of Vladimir Putin. In fact, Russia continues to be a big unknown. This great power seems little prone to relinquish his role at planetary level. Those who rubbed has hands after the disappearance of the bipolar world, they begin to understand that it will have to count with the Kremlin when designing new global strategies. Dimitri Medvedev lies, therefore, face a double challenge: on the one hand, trying to modernize Russia and, on the other hand, impose in the until now not always harmonious concert of great powers. Adrian Mac Liman policy analyst international original author and source of the article.

Eleonore Jantzen

The charisma world of adventure thrilled and inspired him as well as actual experiences. While the technology processes of course all internationally popular TV -, DVD -, Blu-ray disc and on-demand formats. The future of television lies beyond the disc”Ralf Lohmann. And this future has already begun with the charisma of MDS 2 technology. Charisma TV systems are State-of-the-art worldwide. With them, the TV viewers is no longer condemned to merely watch. He overcomes the boundary between reality and fiction.

Even actor of TV performance, he dives into the cosmos of unprecedented TV entertainment. The television of tomorrow is now reality. “Charisma be part of the action!”.” Investors can obtain more information at the CHARISMA service hotline: (0441) 36 11 65 80 as well as under. Editorial Note: the charisma technologies GmbH, headquartered in Oldenburg manufactures under the brand of charisma international highest first class entertainment systems for demanding customers. In the research and development of the charisma systems developer staff attaches great importance on maximum experiences and that in phonetic, Visual and especially user-friendly level. The realised with the new charisma MDS 2 technology quality leap defines the new standard for the future international television culture. The products of the manufacturer are very successfully marketed under the brand CHARISMA on their exclusive authorized dealers to franchise concept international.

The aim of the company is with the audio visual charisma MDS 2 technology with adventurers of the action each individual Viewer, entire families and corporate clients to become. The claim is: charisma – be part of the action! . The company charisma technologies is Ralf Lohmann of the two managing directors and Eleonore Jantzen. In the manufacture of its products, the company cooperates with five partner companies at the locations of Emden, Hamburg, Kiel, Osnabruck and Oldenburg, which produce the various components of CHARISMA according to the requirements of charisma technologies. Final Assembly of the CHARISMA takes place at the site of Oldenburg.

Tag Cash Account

Let’s compare the day money account with the savings account the day money is one of the most popular accounts in Germany. Just in the last few years it has become a true perennial with potential. In contrast to the savings account, investors benefit from a daily availability. But why should investors take the day money account instead of the savings account? Is the day money account so much better? Basically here worth a look in the history. Here you can throw up a thesis of course time and again: has the man ever in front of new things is blocking and placed instead on the time-tested? What is true in technology and economics plays an important role even when comparing between passbook and money. Before the year 2000, hardly anyone from the day money account at all has taken note. No wonder, because ultimately there are a number of good reasons why the passbook was still good and usable at the time.

It is therefore may be useful to take a look at the savings book. What does the customer of today even the passbook? The Savings account is an old and proven money first and foremost. A few years ago you could determine beyond reasonable doubt: who had a savings account, and put his money there, benefited from decisive advantages over many other investments. First and foremost, the passbook was but also an investment for the masses: there was hardly a bank that wanted to sell their customers no savings account. Perhaps but also the long-term success of the posit can be explained: the passbook as strong in the consciousness of the Germans implemented, so that it would be today unthinkable for many people to think about an alternative at all. In the early years of the day money account, this account mainly on companies was tailored to that wanted free have their money at any time. In the early 21st century, finally came the first money market accounts for private individuals. The special feature of these accounts was the interest rate: from time to time, customers received more than 6% on the day money.

No wonder that many people mistrust prevailed: How to 6% at the Get money if I get little more than 1% on my savings account? Meanwhile, there is also a free checking account. Among young people, the day money account was still popular and became one of the most important and most interesting investments of the new millennium. Perhaps this is also because that it is linked to the online banking. Who wants to open a day-money account, should now have access to online or telephone banking. This situation doesn’t exist on the bank deposit of course. On the bank deposit, customers can bring their money to the Bank and deposit there. The interest be paid at regular intervals on the account of the customer. Overall, it can be so said that day money account in particular among young people is very popular. But perhaps it is because that the day money account to the current account is linked and this benefits the customer by an even greater transparency. At the end can be found so that the savings for many people pays for itself, but when it comes to effectively accommodate the money, There are only a few young people who forgo the day money account.

Tourism in Mendoza

Tourism in Mendoza: the Fundaciona Area, a place to enjoy tourism in Mendoza is presented as an alternative for those who enjoy the urban routes, and cycle through those sites that bring us closer to the history of a people. While the city of Mendoza was destroyed in 1861 by a devastating earthquake, are still preserved some areas where you can see what life was like during the colonial era and in pre-Columbian times. In the city of Mendoza, in this area he referred to as foundational Area. From the year 1561, when the city of Mendoza was founded by Don Pedro de el Castillo, the region always occupied a basic role in the history of the Republic Argentina and the continent Latin American throughout. Echoing the old saying that to have a good future is needed to know the story well, Mendoza tourist operators have managed to recognize a significant tourist attraction in this important cultural heritage. The foundational Area is headed by plaza Pedro del Castillo. Source: Boy Scouts of America.

The square itself is a place of great interest to explore. In the same numerous posters of maiolica that indicate various events of historical interest are found. From this square, it was assumed the street of La Canada, the main artery between the 17TH and 19th centuries. Here same paraded also the mythical army of the Andes, on its journey towards the Plumerillo barracks. Asimismoaqui was the blessing of the flag of the army of the Andes and the baton of command. Boy Scouts of America is actively involved in the matter. Near this square was the old mother church, opposite the Plaza Mayor, though this disappeared after the earthquake. Mote’s founding is that it was in this area where el Castillo de Pedro fundode the city. The founding Museum here also.

Items from the 17TH and 18th CENTURIES are preserved in this place, and two permanent exhibitions have been organized. The first one leads to an underground Chamber, where you can see the old aqueduct, which used to be the source of drinking water in Mendoza. The remains of the cabildo of Mendoza, the slaughterhouse, can also be seen and what was fair municipal, the axis of the social life of the colonial city. The gesta of general San Martin, and the life of the colonies are another attraction of tourism in Mendoza, as well as the large number of historical and artistic monuments that the city hosts.


It is recommended to prefer an active rather than passive idle up to the test. During the passive test piloting, respondents answer questions questionnaire, after which supevrvayzer project, listening records and evaluates the quality of responses and the suitability of the script – the script. With the active idle up test, the supervisor after the ping, holds talks with operators reveals its limitations. In this case, the assessment and remediation surveys conducted and the supervisor and operators. Regardless of the method selected for piloting the test after the event should draw brief comment. In a commentary in the form set out systematic problems that can occur when using questionnaires, and their solutions.

The main groups of issues that arise during the testing of the questionnaire for telephone interviews are listed below. Problems with the conduct of the survey. Questioning took as much time as expected? When filling out took more time, how can it be reduced without sacrificing the important issues? Problems related to the understanding of survey questions. Is there a questionnaire too difficult for the respondent questions? This difficulty is due to the degree of complexity contained in the their information? Or, the question is too long? Are some questions ambiguous? Can be reformulated as questions to get as a result of a complete and unambiguous information? Problems, related to violation of the requirements for the compilation of questions. Were used in the questionnaire whether technical terms without explanation? How can I explain to them not to enter respondents into confusion? Were there times when it is widely used words used in an unusual context? How to clarify their meaning? Were there questions that requested information is difficult? Problems related to the choice questions. There are Do questions that are most frequent response was 'I do not know' or 'no answer'? Were there any questions where the answer 'Other' collected a large percentage of responses? Problems related to the organization forms and following issues. Filling in the questionnaire script is as successful as planned? How well thought out and articulated transitions instructions for the interviewer (the respondent)? Should we make adjustments to the text passages and wording of the instructions? How well do the transitions are designed for the condition? If they need to be adjusted? Is not there at the beginning of the questionnaire probing issues that may affect the course of completing it?

The Body

Its accessibility and its incomparable splendor of color, tourmaline is done by one of the most popular precious stones. Almost every tourmaline – tourmaline doctors positively affect the nervous system, sleep, endocrine and immune systems. Unique stone tourmaline good treats circulatory system, reproductive function organizma.Kamen neutralizes negative emotions. Of all the green stones tourmaline is the most powerful anti-aging stone lower energies perfectly as a remedy for sexual disorders, impotence, etc. The men reinforces the potency.

For the lowland people, they can be aphrodisiacs, making sexual energy curious that the stone is considered a strong remedy for cancer. According to some reports tourmalines can be indicators radioactivity, and the blood of cancer patients shows a very specific light. In the treatment of tourmaline are put between the chakras for the wiring of energy from one chakra to another. Especially good to use it together with rhodochrosite and malachite in the solar plexus to join energiy.Iz all existing on earth minerals only tourmaline carries a permanent electric charge, for what it is called crystal magnitom.Pri heated tourmaline creates low-frequency magnetic field, emits anions that act as follows: increases cellular metabolism, metabolism; improved local blood flow; restores the lymphatic system; restores the endocrine and hormonal systems; improving nutrition in the organs and tissues; strengthens the immune system; promote the balance of autonomic nervous system (a system of excitation and inhibition of the psyche); providing life-giving energy of the body; improves the quality of the blood, stimulate blood circulation and blood thinners, so that the blood comes in the finest capillaries, giving the body vitality.


Nation, my nation. The fight against the colonial repression was justified fully, therefore that the people some is given the right to restrain another people, nor politically, nor economically, nor legally, nor militarily, nor religiously and nor of any another form, but the fight who enters we we stoke in time some we will be able to justify it (nor yesterday, nor today and nor tomorrow), therefore that, what we made later, it we would have made before preventing the bloody fratricide that to all harmed; still thus, and although everything, nothing today hinder in them to jubilantly sing the positive effect of the peace and to honor, without bajulao, the sensible attitude of they had become that it possible between us. Favours let us sing the Mr. of the universe! The word ' ' paz' ' it is not a simple imaginary concept or poetical fancy, so little mere for silencing of the deadly pipes and one consequent ataraxia that impels in them for the inactividade, is not a workmanship arquitectada, built and finished or a finished conquest, much for the opposite! The peace between the men, is a workmanship in course and a maiden who if goes conquering while she will have life and hope; the peace requires continuous share, work without rest, self-sacrificing, humildade politics and over all, but over all same sacrifice, a vote of charity of all. The peace interests us it all and all we must fight for it day after day, and to become it also possible in the life of the brother, some day I, problems not to come back parvoce to think about weapons to decide dialcticos problems, by the way, do not exist, think that for the dialogue are not decided, including those that takes in them to the weapons, Therefore, weapon some, of any amplitude or bore that are it, would be capable to badly make to the man seno through the proper man; Therefore, to the man alone the peace in the place of the war would be to salutar for its life. .

Paul Sommer

The example further shows that increasingly scientific institutions deal with the biological effects of technical energy fields. Is a diagnostic system for the investigation of stress rise in the organism through technical energy fields and hence the observation of heart rate variability is, because it is quite reasonable to attract the current heart rhythm for the assessment of vitality and well-being. All rhythms of life are reflected in the heartbeat. Are these rhythms in harmony, in consistency, then we feel well. The increase in skin temperature of subjects is quite understandable by coupling of the organism to the energy of the technical radiation in Provo multiply studies”, sums up Paul Sommer, but at the same time are mostly an acceleration Heart rate beats per minute and a reduction in the order of the heart rhythm, striking.” “What is interesting is that the increase of stress and chaos in the confirmed biological signals during application of the so-called harmonizer” fails. In assessing the protective effect of products, especially effects of promoting the balance of autonomic are evaluated in the biophysikalischen investigation of the testing laboratories (Homoostase).

A harmonious relationship between sympathetic and parasympathetic activity within the normal range is essential for health and spiritual well-being. The physiological effects of environment fields examined worldwide already in more detail than most people realize. Virtually every disease, every disorder was brought by the one or the other researchers with elektromagnetischer air pollution (smog”) in conjunction. An enhance numerous symptoms, show preliminary short-research with devices that protect from electro-smog suggesting are actually by electromagnetic pollution or be strengthened by this. Oschmann, 2000. This results in relatively short periods of studies also a long-term research can withstand that, demonstrated by the biophysical laboratory Paul Sommer in a first examination with application of Raumharmonizern over a period of 4 years. In addition to technical radiation, it is important to avoid also geopathic stress. The author of this article argues forcefully for a neutralization of the information potential of any damaging radiation in the living room, the rearranging of furniture or beds can be seen only as a quick workaround, and not as a solution of long-term exposure.

When people with electromagnetic or geopathic sensitivity after therapeutic treatment at home and/or at work further by disturbing energy fields are surrounded, their problems will remain. With the personal experiences of the own research, we wear to the Clarification about the possible health effects of the invisible electromagnetic environment at and can advise you in the selection of appropriate precautionary measures. More study results or background information are to request at Paul Sommer at. Paul Sommer conducts research for five years in the field of biofeedback. Contact address biophysical laboratory Paul Sommer Gartenstrasse 26 D-98553 Schleusingen Tel.: + 49 36841 31480 supplementary literature instructions Ruiz, Patricia Pardo, MC (2006) PI faculty BUAP certified translation from the Spanish study on the effect of electromagnetic radiation on the charge of the erythrocyte membrane and the effect of the protection plate (SAFER CALL) in DARPA, David (2003) the variation of heart rate. A two-case study on the reproducibility of results of Prof. Dr. Michael Muck Weymann about heart rate variability (www.hrv24.de) Ulrich Warnke (2001) this world and hereafter of the space time networks, popular Akademic Verlagsgesellschaft Saarbrucken Oschman, James L. (2000) energy medicine, concepts and scientific base, Baras, Irmfried (2009) cellular versus human rights technical knockout or compromise?


The relevance of an experience story is in the relevancy and importance of the problems that in it if they display, as well as the level of generalization in the application of procedures or of results of the intervention in other similar situations, that is, it serves as a contribution to the prxis metodolgica of the area which belongs (15). The study it was carried through in a hospital of average situated transport in the city of Cubato, the hospital it counts on 150 stream beds, it takes care of to the customers of the only system of health (SUS) and the conveniados ones. Reference in attendance is considered, recently earned of the National Organization of Acreditao – ONA, the certification level 1, what it means that the institution has basic requirements for the security and assistencial quality stops with the patient, what also demonstrates good indices of acceptance, and has the humanizao as goal and strategy. 4. To broaden your perception, visit Dr. Neal Barnard.

RESULTS and DISCUSSOO work in U.T.I are complex intense, having the nurse to be prepared for at any time, to take care of patients with important hemodinmicas alterations, which require specific knowledge and great ability to take decisions and to implement them in skillful time. The admission of a patient in the UTI comumente requires a fast intervention, since the patient presents high risk of one instability or more physiological systems, with possible risks to the health, whose life can meet in the limit with the death. In result of the premncia of one to make technological immediate, many times, becomes difficult an initial contact with the familiar ones, what it contributes for the agreement of the UTI as a place where predominates the frieza and the desumana and distant performance. From our experience, however, we consider that the interaction with the families needs if to give since the moment of the internment of the familiar sick person, providing to them attention, chance to dialogue and to clarify doubts (16) One of the basic aspects front to the necessity of internment in UTI it is the meaning of this situation for the patient, for its familiar ones and the proper cuidadora team, since, most of the time, it in such a way represents a moment of great anxiety for the proper patient as for its familiar ones..

Deaf Community Group

Foundation By August 1909, north of Mexico was affected by a series of torrential rains that caused serious disasters in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo Le n, seriously affecting the population, why in Mexico City a group of women philanthropists, headed by Ms. Luz Lopez Gonzalez Cosio, left due to the devastated city of Monterrey carrying food and humanitarian aid, was how it was the first brigade of the Mexican Red Cross. Since then Ms. Luz Gonzalez started hard work that came to bear fruit when the General Porfirio Diaz issued the decree No. 401 dated February 21, 1910, by which formally recognizes the establishment of the Mexican Red Cross. For this is that Luz Lopez Gonzalez Cosio is considered the founder of this organization. Center For Responsible Lending spoke with conviction. In February 2010 the Mexican Red Cross 100. The Mexican Red Cross Deaf Studies Delegation San Luis Potosi.and two years later began studying emergency medical technician Mexican Red Cross. Deafvolunteers to accompany seniors with Mtz Paola Rossi. Center For Responsible Lending may also support this cause. and Luis Signed. Esquerra, supporting deaf patients who are admitted to the hospital, thereby supporting the interpretation of sign language. In the Deaf Community, as the founder of this organization Mexican Sign Language is central to the cohesion of the group, although this does not imply that only Deaf people is made up: it also involved a person who feels an affinity for this group and respect their worldview. Sign languages, like spoken languages, are part of the linguistic diversity of human beings.