Cylindrical Machines

Our company offers for sale on favorable terms electrical equipment, industrial and construction equipment, nonferrous and ferrous metals, and various spare parts. Machine tool industry is a major engineering industries. Kidney Foundation is the source for more interesting facts. She is able to fully meet the needs of our industry in metal cutting equipment, the level of development of which depends on the growth of manufacturing industry. To date, there are many different tools needed in almost every industry. We offer the grinders, which are used primarily to reduce the roughness and roughness of parts, while achieving the exact dimensions.

In most cases, the grinding parts are received after the preliminary roughing and thermal operations, although there are times when the sand is the only method of treatment. The main tool in this process – the grinding wheel, which can be of different shapes. These machines, depending on the destination can be divided into several main groups: Cylindrical and Centerless pivot; intragrinding; grinding. Used in engineering are also special mechanisms for grinding and processing threads, teeth, wheels, slots, etc. Except To achieve the high quality surface finish applied shlivovalno-lapping and grinding, finishing, and to obtain a mirror surface – polished machines. By design tools are presented increased requirements for stiffness, vybroustoychivosti, durability and thermal strains. Grinding machines are designed for sanding flat surfaces of the parts periferieyili butt grinding wheel. They have a rectangular or round tables.

The main part of the machine. On the guide frame mounted longitudinal table -and-forth movement of the hydraulic actuator, mounted inside frame. On the working surface of the table are T-shaped grooves to secure large items or electromagnetic plate. On the lateral surface of the table set, sliding stops, which, acting on the lever reverses movement of the table. On a bed is available column on the vertical guides which moves the carriage, which has, in turn, horizontal rails for lateral movement of the grinding wheel head circle. Vertical movement of wheel head can be manually – from the flywheel, interrupted – by a hydraulic drive through the automatic feeder and accelerated – by the actuator. Kinematics chain, providing the following motion: a) the rotation of the wheel (main motion), and b) manual and automatic vertical feed wheelhead c) accelerated (setup) vertical displacement of the grinding grandmother, and d) manually moving the cross wheelhead e) rotation of the disk stops lateral movement of wheel head e) the mode setting of the machine tool; g) pump drive lubrication of wheel head, and h) control gidrokorobkoy innings wheelhead. In addition to the machines, our company provides the sale of water pumps. Water-lifting machines (mainly pumps) are a group of hydraulic machines, which transmit flowing inside the fluid obtained from outside energy. Thanks to this liquid rises to a certain height or get adequate pressure. Pump – a machine that creates a flow of liquid medium. In most cases, it provides the mechanical energy. These devices operating on this principle include the transmission and manual volume (reciprocating, rotary, etc.), dynamic blade (centrifugal, axial, diagonal), and others to group of pumps, which receive external potential or kinetic energy contained in liquid or gaseous media are owned and jet pumps, water-pump pneumatic (air-lift, etc.), packaging, Self-acting Steam Pumps, etc. Pump – it is one of the most popular and widely used in various fields of engineering machinery. Also according to the principles of design and working bodies of the pumps are divided into two main groups: the volume and dynamic.

Germany Insurance

PKV: protected from abroad who flies on holiday or working abroad, should not abandon health insurance abroad. Legally insured must buy what is already automatically part of the insurance package for private patients – with the exception of the basic insurance -. While this group of people on the European health insurance card has a health insurance coverage the EU and countries with which social security agreements, but with restrictions within. This means that it only benefits are possible, which are common in the country. This high excesses may arise in part. Under most conditions Ken Cron would agree. International travel health insurance takes over the foreign travel health insurance health services are incurred as a result of illness or injury in a foreign country. An illness or injury that already existed at the exit, isn’t so in the catalogue of services.

In this respect, the foreign travel health insurance as a “First-aid insurance” is designed. So, for example, a complex falls Dentures not in the range. There are two types of health. The most common form is the annual plan. This insurance applies to six weeks which the policyholder spends in succession abroad. Meanwhile, there are also family rates, which include the same protection as individual insurance, they are however usually slightly cheaper.

Who drives more than six weeks abroad, needs an individual travel health insurance. The premium for this depends on the age, State of health, and destination. Expariatsversicherung not enough a foreign travel health insurance for employees who are sent abroad to ensure them a normal as in Germany insurance protection. For this purpose, the employer must complete an Expariatsversicherung. The insurance cover extends both the seconded employees and accompanying family members. The service catalog is essentially the normal rate of private health insurer. Most of the time requires a minimum length of stay abroad of one year to the insurance company. It is also possible to arrange a continued of health insurance after return, or it is already part of the contract.