Normally means immaturity in development lower than normal psychic development, until the age of 14 years, and can observe in them learning and behavior problems. It is students who for various reasons can experience a delay in the normal rhythm of its evolutionary development and which shows no mental retardation. It is important that parents and teachers are aware of the characteristics of this disorder, as well as the main learning areas that tend to be affected to design adaptations on the methodology used and so be able to respond to the needs that these students employed in areas that are described below. In the area of literacy:-its reading is choppy, syllabic, imaginative, lost line. -Sometimes they have lack of reading comprehension. -Bad spelling. -Irregular, sometimes illegible letter. -They commit omissions, substitutions, investments.

-They get very nervous when reading aloud. -Low written expression. In the area of Mathematics:-slow in the calculation mental or counted on the fingers. -They have a hard learn multiplication tables. -Difficulty in troubleshooting reasoned. -Put the result directly without explaining the strategy.

Each student has to a greater or lesser extent these symptoms. Sometimes under the label of school delay there may be pupils with an undiagnosed dyslexia. In general:-are very imaginative, creative and sensitive students. -Lack of attention. -It seems that they don’t listen, they are in their world. -He copied in Slate is difficult. -Evil grab the pencil. -Slow in the execution of the tasks. What to do if you identify it in the classroom? -Lead you to the Counselor for the Center (if any) so that they are diagnosed to this student and derive the appropriate professional. -Talk to the parents to come to a specialized center, to make him a pedagogical assessment or to solve this delay. How help you in the classroom? -Make sure that you understand well the tasks because they often do not understand them. -Evaluate their performance based on their own efforts and accomplishments, rather than evaluate you with respect to the students in your class. -Recognize that they are working children much more than others to achieve the same level of knowledge. -Patience is a key element as they have alternation of good and bad days, are inconsistent in their performance. -Reinforce them positively. Within the different special educational needs that exist, the case of the maturative delay is particularly sensitive, since they are children who do not experience a so significant distance from the rest of his teammates, as if may occur to a student with mental retardation, they realize everything that happens to her around, the rejection of their peers or prejudices they may have his teachers towards them. Therefore, it is essential to count with the help of a psychoeducational Cabinet that regularly attend the regular school which the child attends and coordinates with professionals involved him, provide intervention strategies, may provide adaptive materials, etc.

Albert Einstein

Vegetarian Albert Einstein became a vegan a year before his death. He said that "thanks to its purely physical effect on the human temperament, vegetarianism had would be most beneficial effect on most of humanity. " Richard Gere – American actor. Is a member of the American Committee for Peace in . Richard professes Buddhism and is a staunch vegan. Bill Kaulitz – lead singer of German band Tokio Hotel. Twin brother, guitarist Tom Kaulitz. People such as Viktor Mayer-Schönberger would likely agree.

Bill voiced the lead role in the German version of the film Arthur and the Invisibles. Like his twin brother, Bill staunch vegetarian. As he said in an interview: " My mother prepares us for Christmas vegetarian dish instead of this duck." Bob Dylan – American singer-songwriter songs, poet, artist, actor. Many of his songs such as Blowin 'in the Wind and The Times They Are a-Changin', became the anthem for the movement civil rights and antiwar movements in the U.S Bob is the Australian Vegetarian Society. Kim Basinger – American actress, former Baldwin.

Academy Award-winning and Golden Globe. Kim loves animals and is vegan. Madonna – American singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, actress, director and screenwriter, known to most for his videos, stage performances, as well as the use of political, sexual images in their works. Vegetarian Madonna's iq is 140 points. Avril Lavigne – Canadian singer, singer-songwriter, fashion designer and actress. According to Avril and her vegan does not eat even mushrooms. Like her friend Tobey McGuire, who plays Spider-Man. They argue that "

Coating Wheels

Out in reverse also is complicated and unpredictable – in short, you've arrived! We have a familiar, stubborn and foolhardy to attempt ditch jump. If you're at it go, then at least do not forget to buckle your safety belt and landed all, including animals, out of the car – perhaps the passengers! We advise you to go to other, more competent, proven professionals through. Arriving to the den, look on the bottom. If it is not quite solid, the wheels for better traction to reduce pressure in the tires up to 1.0 kgf/cm2. Then turn wheel drive, downshift, lock the central differential and rear axle differential, if any.

Driving a car, it should be forwarded to the obstacle at an angle of 45 degrees to line the edge of the moat. And remember, a feature of governance in overcoming the ditches and drains is the need to maintain a constant speed and smooth movement from beginning to end obstruction. In this case, the vehicle with you, nothing should happen. But even small changes speed, even briefly, can lead to blow the wheels on the wall of the ditch, so that gazovat or inhibit prohibited. We suggest that boldly go into an obstacle at a speed of 2-3 km / h, while maintaining constant speed engine crankshaft. Once the front axle wheels come into contact with the opposite wall of the ditch, do not even think it's over. Make an effort and do not increase speed until, until ensure contact with the ground all four wheels of your formidable off-roader. Otherwise the increase in speed will lead to the failure of the rear axle in a ditch, and thus the front axle to rise above the ground – the car will lose contact with the coating and become unmanageable.

Therefore, the continuity and smoothness of movement are necessary conditions for overcoming the ditches and trenches. If the car stopped due to the mutual slip bridges, hand over back. Begin motion again on a different trajectory. And remember, when choosing a place to travel across the ditch should be chosen larger areas with lower height of benches.

Modern Means

Induline SW-910 Hirnholzschutz – protecting the ends of the wood. Tree – the oldest building material given to us by nature, once it is rooted in the Earth, and the soil life-giving water, feeding him to the crown. Internal Structure tree provides the movement of capillary moisture, even in the felled wood and treated wood used in construction. Through a cross-section, the so-called end of the moisture penetrates into the wood. To protect these sites, there are many resources for acrylic, alkyd based, combination products and emulsion systems. Which of these funds is the most effective? Reliable means to protect the ends of the wood is the main prerequisite for quality assurance in the production of wooden constructions.

It is an indispensable product in the manufacture of fencing, vehicle sheds, log cabins, profiled timber for cladding facades, typical building structures, such as window and door frames. Once these tools can provide effective protection of the wood from moisture, stain and decay, as well as swelling of the elements of wood, entailing the destruction of the coating. Similar problems may be encountered and the use of fiberboard. Renowned Research Institute of timber in the Netherlands conducted a series of tests on the Exploration and Evaluation of different products and types of products based on different groups of active substances. In particular, tests were made of waterproofing and adhesive properties of the products for different types of wooden bases, adhesion to different types of primers, as well as tests on aging under the influence of artificial factors. Product Remmers Induline SW-910 water based on all items showed excellent results, and for some performance surpassed traditional alkyd based products (solvent based).

These results were made possible by a unique combination of binder and high-performance additives. Protective coating, applied only at the most vulnerable sections of wood, prevents the movement of capillary moisture, the remaining surface of the wooden elements are treated by traditional, do not interfere with the moisture diffusion coating system. Such coatings do not interfere with the removal of moisture, which, after all, penetrated into the wood. Product Induline SW-910 forms a durable high-elastic coating, which with a slight change in the volume of wood material is not crack and is moisture inside. Contact information is here: Dr. Neal Barnard. Butt no protective treatments: soaking in water increases the volume appears sinevObychnoe means to protect the ends: the process of water absorption and increased stopping not udalos.Produkt Induline SW-910: effective protection against the butt of moisture, the amount of wood does not change. Product Induline SW-910 is so resilient that even when the volume of the substrate to a certain limit the protective layer on the ends and not broken Moisture does not penetrate into the wood.

Parking Issues

In connection with the growing number of cars on the roads and congestion, lack of required number of parking spaces, the actual problem was the chaotic 'pile' of cars on sidewalks, in yards, parks and other pedestrian areas. This situation undermines the security and convenience of pedestrians, spoils the appearance of the city, and also makes it difficult to approach to shops, restaurants, offices, banks and entrances. Effective solution to this problem is the use of parking columns are characterized by high reliability and a unique price quote. People such as Boy Scouts of America would likely agree. Stationary bollards parking flexible – this kind of parking barriers installed in places where it is necessary to protect the movement and parking of cars, and at the same time leaving the possibility of pedestrians. At the present time – is the most durable of the existing columns, high Shock, not broken, the paint does not fade and does not tarnish or require special maintenance, good visibility, 3-year warranty, very fast and easy to install, unaffected by uv radiation, the material is suitable for re-use, returns to the upright position, resistance to high temperatures up to +80 C, resistance to low temperatures to -30 C, when tested withstood more than 300 000 strokes in the application of parking columns as a system to restrict access is the most effective option for pedestrian safety and protection of buildings and structures from damage resulting from careless parking vehicles. In addition to parking bollards parking flexibility can be used to connect the strips, toll roads, reducing traffic centers, circular intersections, airports, intersections of roads..

Christianity And Persecution

Main article: Persecution of Christians
Before the Edict of Milan, primitive Christianity was an illegal movement, which many considered antisocial and atheist because they refused to perform religious activities pagan who was thought to appease the gods, becoming a threat to the light society. According to Tertullian, “Christians are to blame for all public disaster and misfortune that occurs all the people. If the Tiber climbs up the walls, if not the Nile rises and floods the fields, if the sky withholds the rain, if there is an earthquake or famine or plague, then emerges the cry: ‘.