Brazilian Imaginary

This battle around the symbols disclosed an important content that can to supply excellent elements that dimensionam the vision of the republic and its divergent points of the diverse groups that were part of this historical movement. In this direction, the author points that the quarrel of these same symbols can disclose the vision that the regimen intends to fix in imaginary the popular one, beyond demonstrating the capacity to manipulate it, remaking it in accordance with its values and interests. We can understand that the battle around the vision of Republic that if it searched to implement in Brazil, is inside of a context that discloses that any regimen politician has the purpose to create a civic panteo and to point out figures that can serve of image and models for the society. The use of hymns and flags if became symbols with meanings ' ' universais' '. We cannot currently imagine a City, State or Country that do not have a symbol that it can identify it as an institution.

Associations of friends, educational institutions and others need to create its symbols as an image that if materializes in interior of the society. The Brazilian republican regimen used of all these apparatuses to affirm itself. The battles ideological politics and that if had effected before the implementation of the regimen well, when already it presented this character of manipulation of symbologies from the idea of federacy in counterpoint to the centralism of the imperial government, Abolition in detriment the Slavery as institution that determined ' ' atraso' ' social moral and of the nation. We can also identify an intense battle that it searched to define the image of the new regimen that perpassava, consequently, in reaching imaginary the popular one and recriar them around republican values. In this direction, Jose Murilo de Carvalho observes: ' ' The elaboration of an imaginary one is integrant part of legitimation of any regimen politician.