Internet VPA

It is a fact that all efforts to achieve better search engine positioning will tend to fail, unless before putting money into online marketing campaigns to optimize the site not from the point of view of programming. That is, we need to work on programming the site to make it fully compatible with the requirements of the crawlers of search engines. It is understood that if the bots can not decode the contents of the site difficult to achieve a proper search engine positioning. Thus, there are several points to consider an SEO logara remarkable. First, it is necessary to have no broken link. This is a very big drawback, not only for his effectiveness in indexing, but for the prestige to the user. Nieman Foundation: the source for more info. Just think how we feel when we go somewhere interesting or we believe quality and find this annoying error 404 "page not found". It is always necessary to design with the same general look and feel of the site and include in your server page for these eventualities that pass, and very often in especially dynamic sites.

The search engine positioning depends heavily on the textual content of the site, and the tags that are collected by the crawlers. Therefore, we must pay special attention to these aspects, ie the text on the site, both visual and code (tags). To view "raw" our site, very similar to how it would be a crawler, we can test with Lynx, a text-only browser interprets. It is quite unfriendly and unresponsive to mouse and only moves like the old DOS programs, with the cursor, but with its use, we can "X-ray him" to the text on our site. To improve search engine rankings, we should not abuse the scripts.

In fact, many commercial sites can discard them. Perhaps, this colorful pendant in Flash can be replaced by an entirely designed in HTML, or that huge plug in that takes forever to load, can be replaced by a gif. All these factors make the seaworthiness of the site, and a better search engine positioning. The process that leads to a good SEO is long, if not eternal, nor is it impossible to achieve. With the advice of a good study of online marketing consultants and SEO, and Internet VPA is possible to achieve prominent search engine positioning, and in a very short time. Often, as in this case, success is not about to invest large sums of money, but a professional and appropriate action.