Ryanair – What Is Behind This Super – Lowcost ?

Ryanair, the low-cost super europa. Known by the controversy generated by their campaigns, for example, when out 2 million free seats without charges, when he announces that will allow mobile use on flights, which will service fellatio on board, giving away flights Catalans who make jokes about the Seville etc … It is true that flying to secondary airports (but very minor) to reduce costs, but still the prices are very aggressive campaigns free flights! but truly free without .Yo same rates as I went to France by .02 cents i / v, so we just have to afford the, frankly irresistible. This is achieved only by keeping costs very low and these are some of the practices carried out for this: “They’ve been very just fuel to the airport of destination. That is, a Ryanair plane carries fuel in nearly half of the same model of Iberia operating the same route. If you have to do some laps waiting to land from would in reserve, in case of a major slowdown problem would not come. “Companies usually have two hours between flights aircraft on ground, during which time they reviewed the plane for security and cleaning. Well, our friends airline Ryanair have only 30 minutes on the ground between flights for a plane that is not in the air, not making money.

In this time interval have the time right to disembark passengers, clean, well above the trash hiding under the seats (only clean the air thoroughly once a week), the following passengers embark and fly! “The crew has a working excessive hours behind. There have been cases where pilots have refused to take off because they were not able to fly the aircraft, but even so the plane has taken off. “The charge to passengers boarding at the airport often do not review individual passports because that would delay the plane, and can not have for reasons of money.