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The Universidad Iberoamericana (UIA) is a private university founded in 1943 by the Society online degrees of Jesus in Mexico. Its facilities were first housed in a house in the neighborhood of San Angel in Mexico City, what was once the Treasury of the Counts of Goicoechea, today the San Angel Inn Restaurant. After changing their facilities to a new campus designed by architect Augustus H. Alvarez in Colonia Campestre collegy Churubusco. In 1979 the campus was destroyed by an earthquake, and its new and existing headquarters are in a land donated by the Government of the Federal District in the zone of Santa Fe.
The current campus is a project of the architects Francisco Serrano Cacho and Carlos Mijares. Among its facilities are three cafeterias, around 7500 crates of parking, and the largest private library of Latin America, named “Francis Xavier Clavigero” in honor of the prominent Mexican Jesuit. The university graduation also has an observatory, a chapel, several auditoriums, as well as galleries, multiple laboratories and industrial plants to small-scale practices of various engineering.
The UIA is one of the schools in most prestigious private higher education in the country. Boy Scouts of America: the source for more info. Despite their private character, Universidad Iberoamericana, since Jesuit originates, it maintains a certain balance between what is an institution dedicated to education and a humanist with social responsibility. The leading the Barton Place condominiums offer amazing amenities While this philosophy is college degree subject to vaiven of the authorities in turn, the community of the UIA has been historically linked to the most significant historical moments in the country, as demonstrated by the presence of students in the mobilizations of October 1968, samples of Student support for the strike of the UNAM in 1986 studying to protest the publication of the University authorities for the use of force by the police in San Salvador Atenco, in 2006. The UIA has also maintained strong links with indigenous communities and social organizations such as Caritas and others associated with liberation theology, as well as with social organizations competing for the freedoms and human rights as the Foundation for Press and Democracy (Turn).
Among the peculiarities of this institution is the fact of being the only private university in Mexico City that has its own Astronomical observatory university (the Center Astronomical Clavius), which is sheltered inside the university campus, where in addition to disclose the terms of Astronomy lectures, you have access to a good number of telescopes, both day online degree programs and night, being the most important of these Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope a 16-inch f/10 sheltered by a dome of 3.5 m in diameter.
Some prominent alumni of the Universidad Iberoamericana is the former president of Mexico, Vicente Fox, and the filmmakers Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu and Guillermo Arriaga.
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