Under this model has become an accepted theoretical check models in physics and astrophysics, has become commonplace to use it as a theoretical basis for determining the program of astronomical observations, that is, in short, it provided the necessary common language theorists and observers to better mutual understanding. This is its indisputable advantage. Nevertheless, we can not say that in this theory is going smoothly. First, it assumes the existence of principalities, to which there was nothing restricting thus the universe in space and time. Further, it can not explain the state of matter, or rather, its contents, in which it was before the explosion (the state?). She did not yet able to say about the cause of the explosion, about the Mige first Principle.

Uncertainty about the very, very beginning is called the problem of singularity of the universe, the fundamental problem, it is open to solutions which may require efforts Many generations of scientists. And finally, she can not explain the strange nature of the explosion: "fragments" – the products are removed from the center of the explosion is not a slowdown or a constant speed and with acceleration, reaching the speed of light in the limit removal. To explain this phenomenon, theorists came up with "dark" matter, not yet discovered. In the end, all boils down to finding a satisfactory explanation of cosmological principle with the help of another mechanism, other theories or hypotheses may be fundamentally different, but, nevertheless, which leads to the same investigation, since the fact of receding galaxies can be considered proven. Swarmed by offers, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is currently assessing future choices.