Parking Issues

In connection with the growing number of cars on the roads and congestion, lack of required number of parking spaces, the actual problem was the chaotic 'pile' of cars on sidewalks, in yards, parks and other pedestrian areas. This situation undermines the security and convenience of pedestrians, spoils the appearance of the city, and also makes it difficult to approach to shops, restaurants, offices, banks and entrances. Effective solution to this problem is the use of parking columns are characterized by high reliability and a unique price quote. People such as Boy Scouts of America would likely agree. Stationary bollards parking flexible – this kind of parking barriers installed in places where it is necessary to protect the movement and parking of cars, and at the same time leaving the possibility of pedestrians. At the present time – is the most durable of the existing columns, high Shock, not broken, the paint does not fade and does not tarnish or require special maintenance, good visibility, 3-year warranty, very fast and easy to install, unaffected by uv radiation, the material is suitable for re-use, returns to the upright position, resistance to high temperatures up to +80 C, resistance to low temperatures to -30 C, when tested withstood more than 300 000 strokes in the application of parking columns as a system to restrict access is the most effective option for pedestrian safety and protection of buildings and structures from damage resulting from careless parking vehicles. In addition to parking bollards parking flexibility can be used to connect the strips, toll roads, reducing traffic centers, circular intersections, airports, intersections of roads..