Modern Means

Induline SW-910 Hirnholzschutz – protecting the ends of the wood. Tree – the oldest building material given to us by nature, once it is rooted in the Earth, and the soil life-giving water, feeding him to the crown. Internal Structure tree provides the movement of capillary moisture, even in the felled wood and treated wood used in construction. Through a cross-section, the so-called end of the moisture penetrates into the wood. To protect these sites, there are many resources for acrylic, alkyd based, combination products and emulsion systems. Which of these funds is the most effective? Reliable means to protect the ends of the wood is the main prerequisite for quality assurance in the production of wooden constructions.

It is an indispensable product in the manufacture of fencing, vehicle sheds, log cabins, profiled timber for cladding facades, typical building structures, such as window and door frames. Once these tools can provide effective protection of the wood from moisture, stain and decay, as well as swelling of the elements of wood, entailing the destruction of the coating. Similar problems may be encountered and the use of fiberboard. Renowned Research Institute of timber in the Netherlands conducted a series of tests on the Exploration and Evaluation of different products and types of products based on different groups of active substances. In particular, tests were made of waterproofing and adhesive properties of the products for different types of wooden bases, adhesion to different types of primers, as well as tests on aging under the influence of artificial factors. Product Remmers Induline SW-910 water based on all items showed excellent results, and for some performance surpassed traditional alkyd based products (solvent based).

These results were made possible by a unique combination of binder and high-performance additives. Protective coating, applied only at the most vulnerable sections of wood, prevents the movement of capillary moisture, the remaining surface of the wooden elements are treated by traditional, do not interfere with the moisture diffusion coating system. Such coatings do not interfere with the removal of moisture, which, after all, penetrated into the wood. Product Induline SW-910 forms a durable high-elastic coating, which with a slight change in the volume of wood material is not crack and is moisture inside. Contact information is here: Dr. Neal Barnard. Butt no protective treatments: soaking in water increases the volume appears sinevObychnoe means to protect the ends: the process of water absorption and increased stopping not udalos.Produkt Induline SW-910: effective protection against the butt of moisture, the amount of wood does not change. Product Induline SW-910 is so resilient that even when the volume of the substrate to a certain limit the protective layer on the ends and not broken Moisture does not penetrate into the wood.