National Periodical

more, according to research made for the Federacy of the Commerce of Rio De Janeiro, 93% of the consumers acquires products pirates due to low price. ion. It will be that this is not an indicative of that the population does not have money enough to buy original products and prefers to spend it with products of primary necessity, as health and feeding since the government does not supply this the citizen? It will be that this does not become evident, since they had concluded that the piracy is the form of subsistence of many citizens? I am frightening with the form with that the National Periodical simplifies in such way to point the PIRACY as a guilt for the job lack, instead of pointing it as a consequence of the floor of the economy. The sales of counterfeited products if became a form of subsistence for many Brazilians, but the profits of this illegal commerce are for few. Already the damages, of all the country. According to Ministry of Justice, because of the piracy Brazil leaves to create two million formal jobs per year. The data had been presented by the National Advice of combat to the piracy on the basis of a research of the University of Campinas and show that the illegal product confuses the economy Brazilian. ' ' R$ 30 billion per year leave of being collected in taxes in reason of the piracy. You are not one you exaggerate to say that when buying a product pirate, the person can be provoking the one unemployment familiar' ' , he analyzes Luiz Pablo Barreto, secretary-executive of the Ministry of Justice. In a tennis store, the number of employees could be bigger if it was not the unfair competition of the piracy. ' ' In determined moments already I had that to give an insured in the act of contract. It really takes off a slice of ours comrcio' ' , salesman William Duarte comments.