Visconde Raoul

It speaks of an architect who is in the subsoil of the opera and terrifies the people who zombo of it. This history of ' ' Ghost of the pera' ' it happened in Century XIX, in Paris, in a very pretty building, constructed between 1857 and 1874, on a great underground water sheet. The Ghost of the Opera is a romance that speaks of the history of Erich, an architect of the Palaces in the Prsia. By it to know secrets of the architecture, it was pursued and if it hides in Paris, with a Persian. It understood of architecture, music, literature and also wise person to use the Punjab bow, one of the forms of used hanging in the Prsia. He finished liveing in the subsoil of the Opera, of where it controlled the building, knowing all the hiding places, accesses and tickets. Then the ghost knows Cristine Daa, a singer orphan of a violinista.

It gets passionate itself for it and decides to become it better singer of the Opera. The voice of it appeared for backwards of the mirrors, it starts to believe that it is one ' ' angel of msica' ' that the father of it had sent after deceased. Cristine obtains the absolute success and is recognized in all the Operas, until when it is convoked to substitute Carlotta, the Diva ignorant of the spectacle. Cristine Daa operates leaves it full in its first spectacle, and its love of infancy that sponsored the theater, Visconde Raoul de Chagny was present to the spectacle. Cristine is a young, inexperienced, induced and easily weak young woman. Raoul is a shy and gotten passionate boy, who is corresponded. the Ghost, is sincere, seductive, brilliant, strong and has many good feelings, exactly after as much suffering. The Ghost perceives that Cristine is if approaching to Raoul and takes Cristine for the subterranean.