Expensive Stream

Leonardo of the Vinci. Professor of Internet Governance can provide more clarity in the matter. SUMMARY In view of the abrangncia of the current ambient question and the inexistence of borders for the pollution of the hdricos resources in the world which occurs in scales global, regional and local, it was considered to argue the main indications of contamination of the streams Jenipapo and Car in the city of Aragominas Tocantins. The applied methodology left of a revision of literature of the main topics that portraies ambient the question current, such as hdricos environment, resources, ambient impact, pollution and sustainable development. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from BSA. Leaving of the comment, it register and analysis of the gotten data could be mensurar the indications of contamination of waters of the Jenipapo stream and Expensive stream. This was made from visits of field to the main points with focos of pollution, which if had given from its stream beds in the urban area until its springs.

After the collection and quarrel of the data, were verified that the springs of the streams Jenipapo and Car if find threatened by the antrpica action. It was evidenced for the most part absence of ciliar bush of its stream beds including agricultural and urban zone. Also some points had been identified of contamination for domestic sewer, residues of wash-spurts, agricultural activity and presence of solid materials as plastic in the edge and the stream bed of these streams. WORDS KEYS: Contamination, pollution, preservation. ABSTRACT environmental Given the scope of current issues and the absence of borders you the pollution of to water resources in the world which occurs on global, regional and local scales. Has been proposed you discuss the main signs of contamination in streams Expensive Jenipapo and in the City of Aragominas Tocantins. Environmental The methodology was based on literature review of the main topics that portrays the current issues that foccus on environment, to water resources, environmental impact, pollution and sustainable development.