Venezuelan University Professor

In Venezuela, making the conversion to the official exchange rate regime of 4.30, teachers earn between 178 and thousand 200 dollars, according to the minimum and to the maximo rankings.The unionist said that university teachers already are not counted even entre the middle class. We live burdened with credit cards stop subsidize us debts that we grasp in January until julio, when the vacation bonus comes to us and we can make a coarse fertilizer, and arrancamos again in August until December that give us the bonuses. In payment receipts suffer deductions like any employee: loans of housing, vehicle, medical assistance, farmacia, Social Security Institute and savings. We do not vivimos with what we have left. This is certainly an assertion of some facing all Venezuelan University Professor, where each day faces the grim reality of the deterioration of their quality of life and of the family, more when does not offer an approval of salary according to the inflation of the moment reality and where commodities are steadily increased prices, expressing a serious, rigorous, absence from the State in order to avoid these price increases without control that affects the quality of life of the Venezuelan. It is very difficult for the average of the teachers, for those who still do not reach the last ladder holder able to cover the cost of the basic food basket that until April 2010, was estimated to be around four thousand 360 monthly bolivares, according to data from the center of documentacion and analysis for the Trabajadores (Cenda). To this it must be added, as Karelis Fernandez cited the fact that many docentes costean expenses of its postgraduate courses, updated texto books – which are conspicuous by their absence-, Internet and courses of professional mejoramiento before this sad reality in the libraries of the University, it is very interesting to Figueroa’s question Betancourt: who want to enter and remain in the docente University in these working conditions?.

CAda day is increased the amount of teachers looking to rebajar your time load – exclusive dedicacion to half or full time – to secure another job outside the University that will generate more revenue. That motivation is generated of all this, no, what is causing is simply not joining any University, not to exercise the noble task that a teacher exercises more when there is no warranty of any kind in their quality of life. Hopefully President Hugo Chavez evaluate what all this means for their aspirations, commitment to the country that elected him and asserting their right to teachers and ensure an optimal educational level for a Venezuela that requires it.