Infantile Maternal Health

Moreover, the health institutions had promoted the incentive to the programs of maternal aleitamento, as the method ' ' mother canguru' '. With the practical one of this, the decline of the time of hospital permanence of just been born the premature ones was observed. This was proven in studies that had demonstrated that interned 29% enter of just born in neonatais units that had tried the method ' ' mother canguru' ' , 23% had had high hospital precocious (SALIM and GOLALVES, 1991). How much the exposition of just been born to chupetas and artificial peaks, has not been recommended, since these intervene with the maternal aleitamento. Therefore, the programs of incentive to the maternal aleitamento are an important tool for the development of just been born the premature ones of low weight, since human milk contains indispensable nutrients to the feeding of these babies, guaranteeing the profit of weight of these and high hospital the precocious one. REFERENCES ABRO, A.C.F.V., H.F, MARIN and, GUTIRREZ M.G.R.

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Brazil Century

It is important to perceive that the necessity to colonize the land to protect it and to explore them its wealth had made with that the Government of Portugal installed the devices and producers of sugar in our coast, but this culture was selected by if dealing with a product of high value in the European commerce and by its increasing consumption in the Europe. Therefore, after the difficulties of its implantation, the money lack to mount the milling, to buy the slaves, to refine the sugar and, over all to carry it to the consuming markets from Europe, the sugar became the essential Brazilian product and was to the base of sustentation of the economy and the settling of Brazil during centuries XVI and XVII. Thus, it is given credit that in century XVIII, it had an emergency of the beet-sugar and the formation of the knowledge and the techniques for construction of a sugar industry on the part of the dutches, who had made with that our main product entered in decay and lost the consuming market for the European continent, and was for this reason that would finish the monopoly it sugar and would modify the politician-economic picture of the time in our country. Valley to stand out that to the competition with the dutches, the sugar has much time came more if decaying each time around its prices in the determined market to the step that the costs of the production only increased what it took the cotton to assume the place of exposition in the paraibana economy from century XIX, and as Acio Villar argued de Aquino: ‘ ‘ Of beginning competed, almost in equality conditions, the cotton little by little goes acquiring advantages on the sugar and before the ending of the first half of the century, already it appeared in first place in the exportations of the Provncia’ ‘.

The Perspective

It is important to perceive that this set of cultural traces with greater or minor intensity, arrives until forming an only set that has the other as subgroup. The patriarcalismo, the supridora and affective face of the father, taking care of what of it they wait the members of the clan, and the patrimonialismo, the hierarchic and absolute face, imposing with the traditional acceptance its will its members, coexist side by side in the Brazilian culture (PRATES, 1996). According to Castells (1999, P. 169), the main transformation that is occurring in the family is the end of the patriarcalismo, that ‘ ‘ it is characterized institucionalmente for the authority, imposed, of the man on the woman and children in the scope familiar’ ‘. This system, according to author, is taken root in the civilization, reason of its historical and cultural perpetuation, also determining interpersonal relationships that surpass the limits of the family. One of the main factors, in the perspective of the author, and that it determined this change, is the insertion of the women in the work market. From the decade of 1980, concomitantly with the globalization, it was generalized magnifying of the women in work ranks. With the increasing decline of the patriarcal family, today it is possible to exist a familiar company consisting by a monoparental family, in which they work, for example, mother and son.

Although this, a considerable number of studies continues being developed, with the approach in the patriarcal familiar company. It is important to point out that this type of familiar structure did not leave to exist, but integrally does not correspond more to the representation of familiar organization.

Lubavitcher Rebbe

"If he did not want anything to be happy, easily achieved, but want to be happier than others, and this is very difficult, because he believes that the other person happier than they really are" (Montesquieu) The Happiness does not mean that we should always be laughing and smiling. The willingness to life, setting new challenges and meeting them, accepting the challenge of turning a negative into a positive trait, so the potential for an upgrade, you defeat the obstacles, and build the sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. This brings true joy. The previous Lubavitcher Rebbe said, "is as joyful as you would be if the problem had already disappeared." This is possible only if it is capable of displaying the resolution of the problem, giving it priority over the incident, is saying that we must create a solution to the problem and that we focus on it with intense concentration. Many times we stayed at the problem that paralyzes us, we are distressed and that we accumulate within us, until we explode into crisis, or somatic. The resolution of the fact in mind, though in practice it is finished, is the key to address any problem with a positive attitude and cheerful. The third Rebbe of Lubavitch has the following tips to be happy: 1 – Divert your thoughts from negative things a positive thoughts, but for you to be trivial and mundane things. 2 – Tora Study 3 – seeks and acts happy, and you are going to become realmentea happy.

Bibliographical Research

After the collection of the data of this first one, we will carry through the second structuralized half interview, also inside of the preset limit (to see cronograma). Made these, we will give to beginning the final analysis of the data collected for posterior quarrel of the results and consideraes.Elaboration of the two entrevistasFF Bibliographical Research FF Delivery of Daily pay Search of participantesFF Contact for consentimentoFF 1 EntrevistFF Bibliographical Research (final project) Analysis of the data and deliver of projetoFF f vacation ? Term of Assent.

The participants will not be identified by the true names, only the initials. The interviews had been elaborated with the concern not to contain questions of offensive matrix. 3 RESULTS We perceive that for these gestantes the gestacional period brings many transformations, with this notices that some of them are more involved with the pregnancy of what the others. As for example one of the mothers it did not wait to be pregnant more happened, but if it was for to choose would not like to engravidar, therefore she does not obtain to support the changes in the body. Another point that we identifcamos is how much the participation of the parents of the baby in the period of the gestation, was surprising, therefore one of the gestantes not deferred payment with the father of the son, but it of the same assistance it as if it was married. With this we perceive that in some cases the father of the child not to live in the same house does not mean that it does not give to assistance the mother of its son. We identify that some already think about the idealized baby and others do not give much importance when is about the colloquy with the baby, canalize these feelings for arrumao of the room of the baby, the name, the clothes, 4 etc.

Permanent Preservation

The study of the Inga sort it represents an important contribution for the knowledge of the flora of the plain of flooding of the high river Paran. The knowledge of the genetic differentiation of populations of this sort will contribute in the attainment of information concerning the distribution of these species in different environments of this area, having disclosed its preferential habitat, beyond supplying to ecological subsidies and information revegetao. Thus, it was objectified to verify if three populations of the Inga sort (Mimosaceae) in ripria area in the plain of flooding of the high river Paran, in Porto Rico (PR), are genetically isoladas.FUNDAMENTAO TERICAA alagvel plain of the high river Paran constitute the last stretch of this river, free of barrages, in Brazilian territory (AUGUSTIN et al., 1995), presenting flooding pulses that they confer a particular dynamics to the ecosystem, with annual fluctuations of the water level that oscillate between phases terrestrial and aquatic, where the primary production depends on the composition of the water and the fertility of the sediments during the aquatic phase, and of the humidity of the ground during the terrestrial phase (AUGUSTIN et al., 1995; JUNK, 1997; UEM.NUPLIA/PELD, 2000). The Plain of Flooding of Alto Rio Paran (PIARP) presents diverse antrpicos uses as mining, agriculture, cattle, fish and tourism. The state of conservation of the plain is space heterogeneous, obeying a gradient that goes of bigger alteration in next areas to the lesser cities and each time in the measure where it increases its distance of the urban centers (AUGUSTIN and ZAHWSKI, 1996). These riprias areas are recognized for the Ambient Legislation of Brazil as Areas of Permanent Preservation for Law 4,771, of 15 of September of 1965 e, in the stretch of the high river Paran called alagvel plain, these understand 500 bands of m of width and present the vegetal covering in varied disturbance degrees (SOUZA et al., 1997).


After the reading and detailed analysis of the workmanship thoughts (pensees) we develop the following topics. 1 God and the happiness. 2 God as I alliviate of the suffering. 3 human Suffering as synonymous of growth. 1 God and the Happiness. All human being searchs the happiness since the antiquity, but what it is the happiness, she would be it as the air that can be direction, but not seen, that although not to have I smell, flavor or taste we do not live without it.

All person has point or points of view in accordance with its subjectivity, what for some she can be considered significant, positive or even though happiness, for outrem can be considered disaster, as example: to eat caviar, shrimp can be excellent for many, but for that the fruits of the sea are alrgicos can mean the end of the life, therefore can falecer if ingest the food. All want the happiness, pray and make rituals for its Deuses, but what it is the happiness, if I ask for a God then it I am not I enter in the ones in the terrestrial plan, or if he is as I can identifies there clearly? It would be to have a richness, being millionaire having capital to decide any problem, but the money not purchase the life or purchase? It can be the happiness the same thing that fame, being world-wide known having I sanction and thousand of followers? Or better having much power, to be an official consumista where I full my body of nutrients of which it not it needs creating deposits fat and completing the brain with propagandas where the occult messages are true dominant signals, that influence the culture of the world-wide population. To look something, that I cannot see, but which the places certain to be explored and analyzed, and God what she has to have with happiness, therefore nor always a person desires what really she needs, therefore the body human needs food to be able to survive, but exactly with the saciada hunger some continue to eat and to eat each time more or to drink and to drink compulsory and the list can be extended infinitely, they feel lack of something and they look for to saciar all its emotional necessity and not physical it that he would be the correct one.

Leonardo Richardson

The complexity of the issue requires us to deal with it involving multidisciplinary technicians and professionals, so that we can clearly affirm, that the fundamental objectives of our work, will motivate the highest levels of political power, as well as to the political parties and society in general, so that road safety in the Dominican Republic is a State issue. Also will be our commitment to collaborate in the creation of a social conscience to treat a preventable epidemic, as it has been classified by the World Health Organization. 2008 Was tinged by the large number of victims in sinister vials and so far in 2009, projected that much will not be difference, so we make a call for reflection to all sectors of national life to curb this calamity that affects regardless of creed, ideology, philosophy, or race. Regardless of age or gender. We urge all persons wishing to belong to the network to come to us so that together we present best solutions against road violence. Three thousand human beings are lost on roads every day in the world by users of public roads (motorists and pedestrians) irresponsibility without make reference of the injured. Of these fatalities, Rep. Dominican contributes 6 to 8 deaths each day, which represents a mortality rate per 100,000 population of around 25%, becoming the third Latin American country of major road accidents, according to reports of the MERCOSUR, only to still above us, Mexico and Argentina.

The latest reports submitted in Madrid by the Iberoamerican General Secretariat, confirmed that the overall trend in the number of fatalities in traffic accidents is down; However, in the block in Latin America is the opposite. While Rep. Dominican in the worst situation, since both Mexico and Argentina, as the majority of the Nations began to implement initiatives for the purpose of reducing accident rates. In that regard, we we are falling behind. This group, concerned about the high incidence of claims for transit in Dominican society and its effects on our economy, is preparing to debate the issue with seriousness and breadth, that may lead to make effective decisions, which place the country with dignity from 2010 on the rails of the Decade of the Global road safety, as it will be decreed by the World Ministerial Conference in Moscow next November by the United Nations. This episode of FundReD will be coordinated by Facundo Miguelina ing, and subordination by Stella Fernandez. Both with vast experience and prestige in road Affairs. Important personalities that make up the network of road safety so far are: Mr.

Gustavo Urena, Dr. Vanessa Acosta, Dr. Pablo Arredondo, Mr. Lugo Marcelino, Dr. Bertha Byas, the Licda. Vicenta Solano, Dr. Leonardo Richardson, Lic. Luis Alba, Dr. Aracelis Morales, Mr. Noel Rodriguez, BA Rosa H. Galay, Fernando Custodio, among others. Finally, we want to inform that the network of road safety programme in the remainder of the year, will perform several activities that in due course we will disclose about, requesting you, journalists and media, the solidarity support, since road safety is a commitment of all. Dominican Republic, with studies in engineering electromechanic, energy and road safety. President of the dignity network Foundation and current Assistant Secretary of State for land transit of the Dominican Republic. Author of the book on road safety in Dominican Republic.

Arcane Tower

One of the letters that are not welcome in the circulation of the tarot is the tower. N or however, this suspicion to encontrla is due to a lack of knowledge of the complex symbolism that this deck provides. When we accept the divine knowledge and blessing of the lighting, we feel that our soul is filled with peace, like a quiet river. But when we refuse to hear the voice of wisdom, this quiet river becomes a hurricane that rock with whatever is in its path and will destroy the more solid constructions. The Tower has a powerful, destructive energy in part, but also beneficial.

When a building this old and no longer must collapse to build a new one on its foundations. This is, in particular, the invitation of the tower. Commonly all human beings are reluctant to abandon the security of what is known to us. However, even family, it does not mean that it is better for us. Many people need to feel that they are in control of their world, they have the necessity of knowing that everything will remain more or less the same. Not However, nothing further from the truth. Life is a permanent change, and those who have more difficulties to adapt these changes will be those who suffer most.

The Tower reminds us in a clear manner. When the individual feels that material objects are more important than the spirit or mind, starts the construction of a tower of falsehoods, whose base is very unstable. The long or the short, divine designs will land with this stack of lies on which the individual has constructed a world of unreal. The Tower gives us a lesson in humility, since nobody is invincible. But every crisis gives us an opportunity to change, improve. Who does not see this opportunity, cannot pull anything positive and the entire situation will be a huge loss and disaster. Tower teaches us that nothing of what we know will remain standing, but the soul is immutable. The fire that appears in the target tieneel illustration of burn everything negative and old-fashioned, but leaves intact the seed of what is good for you germinate again. In the tarot Tower marks the first step on a way of lighting that will lead us to a stage of more evolution.


Where lie the Ignacio Ortega writer tea words pick up with the aftertaste of a night placid, of full moon on the beaches of the Cape, with a smile where might be the universe. Sales on the street, you greet people with gestures and things as such, good morning or later. Greetings and expressions that punctuate the morning. Are used to the tumult, to the honking, the dirt of the street that you draw each day, to buses, to clutter that feeds the city. Still, enjoying the spectacle of the clear sky, and traces the path that always leads to the same tempting trade, unconscious raisins without looking next to the seller of the once that page you lucky day, calms traffic, buildings of the historical center waiting for its restoration until the newsstand, that clothesline of disordered papers, this Delicatessen of daily news and paper textures. You start to read the frightening headlines that you speak of the crisis does not stop, the monthly bleeding of the city every day or the poor without remission are news journals you gut thoroughly so you formes an opinion with which load your freedom to think.

Their words are diamonds that already not die while living men, scattered with details and daily notes. Each page is a perfect future of invisible communication, but you unworthy before certain information. Notes that you would like to put a muzzle on the words. You can not understand that the words of the newspaper are like stones that lie on a river that you have to drink. Your democratic deficit does not reach that flow of clean words like washed into the stream of the River, which can be moved or hurt, but other than these other canned words that offer some politicians every day, words which their protagonists escaquean after the artifice of the ambiguity. Fresh words against canned words. Your eyes eyes approaching the waters of that river of words and still surprised in every headline, but words only have the Mission of hug you, offer you a spring of inner freedom that you can drink; touring information and you unworthy to the words of the messengers or the opinions of those who there written, that they only rest on the plain of the mirror in which you drink. You heard that no democracy without freedom of expression, but you have not understood anything.

You have not understood how that news is valid for the day of the date, although it may not be for the next day, or that a story without a few drops of intention is so tasteless as distilled water. Pale, belly up, you lie adrift in the River, a fish floats in the crystal clear waters of democracy. You have lost freedom.