To volunteer, it is worth making some early reflections. We should not rush because a solid work from the start will prevent the rush and the creation of a voluntary action confusing scenario. Before volunteering – think in your preferences and what will make you feel better according to your abilities. You must go to the organization that most appeals to you and duly informed of its activities, its regulations and the specific conditions of their volunteering. -Make sure that you understand what you are going to do and reflects on the free commitment that implies in terms of time and energy.

-Make sure that you are not going to be exploited and that your work is in the interests of marginalized or activity of that Association. -Do not allow that you used as free labour occupying the position of a worker who needs it. -Remember that not all volunteering work is to go next to the needy. There is much work that needs to be done in the rear so that all Association functions as a genuine living organism. -Of agree with the above, age, economic, family situation or a possible physical disability you does not preclude a necessary and effective collaboration. -Always present ten is not that true that one must serve to everything.

That’s the phrase preferred by the superficial and inconsistent. Remember that one does better what you like most and for which has skills. This is not obstacle to not try to do what we dislike simply because we do not know it. -If you are not willing to follow necessary training courses, or think you don’t have time for this, and want to go immediately to the action he thinks if not you should go to another site where you spend your time properly.

Artistic Photograph With Your Iphone

You do not have money for a good camera but you like the world of the artistic photography? Perhaps even you have possibility of good reflex digitalis and even so you happen to take it to hills all the day. Whatever the use of iPhone as possible camera of photos is propagating. First of all, iPhone has a unique approach and without zoom lens, and this simplicity forces to the composition and the search of the perfect photo. Credit: Chase Koch-2011. It continues reading to know how how to take incredible photos with ours iPhone. – First advice: ” takes advantage of spontaneity; I like to take photos from the moment, scenes without intention. That, or snapshots with some element surprise. It is necessary to be in favor always kind to the change, or of the illumination, the movement of the people, or only one slight difference in something ordinario.” – Secondly advice: He walks! ” The camera of iPhone has a fixed focal length. Or that you want to take advantage of or to annul this characteristic, it will be a work of legs.

(Technical of artistic photography) If you need a near photo, you will have to be really close. If you need one at a distance, exaggerates that distance. It uses the feet to find the angle. This is important also when venturing itself in remoter zones of our place to find good subjects to which disparar.” – Third advice: Horizontales” takes advantage of the photos; You do not make only captures vertical; you also do photographies horizontal. And it tries to use small I am called on with the finger on the camera to change the focal point (only for which they have iPhone 3GS). ” – Fourth advice: Disponibles” takes advantage of apps; Constantly there are new applications in the AppStore, find those that adapt to your tastes and learns to create images that see exactly as you imagine (using for example Photo fx and CamerKit).

” I hope that these advice serve to us (To learn artistic photograph), some of them are similarity to me interesting. They at least allow us to know that to make artistic photos with favorite ours gadget is not impossible. It will have to that this seems to him not much, but for the most profane in the matter (Study of it photographs artistic) supposes ayudita that does not come anything badly. And your? You use iPhone for artistic photographies? What applications of the AppStore seem to you obtained more for it?

Doom Metal

In this section we consider the main genres of metal, try to classify them and understand their origin, be sure to talk about their various branches. It’s no secret that metal has always evolved, since its inception and to this day he progresses, more and more new genres, and sometimes we do not have time to track and remember their sudden appearance and the same sudden extinction. We hope that this column will help you understand, but someone – where do you think metal came to a formation he came in today. Of course, we consider the evolution of metal in a rational mode, that is not going to jump, “Crossing Europe “and will try to provide you, our dear readers, a way of forming metal in chronological order. Boy Scouts of America usually is spot on.

Confident that the younger generation will find something for something new in this category, because not everyone knows the origins of metal, and mature, so to speak, the wise generation will try to introduce more thorough fashion youth movements, which appear like mushrooms after rain. In general, we try to consider all the stylistic the direction of metal, without exception, by not miss anything – no matter whether we like them or not, discrimination is not, regardless of our personal views, opinions and tastes. But once the reservation that we, first of all, we focus on basic, core genres. Subgenres we’re not going to consider in detail, because it’s a lifetime is not enough to talk about them, but only the basic and very important, essential information..

View Bedroom Furniture

In each room, as a rule, there is a central element of the furniture of the composition. In the bedroom so the main element is undoubtedly the bed. Bedroom – a place of rest, a place where we gain energy and strength for the new day. Therefore, it is important that the whole atmosphere of this room contributed to the relaxation and comfortable stay. Bed, in addition to its primary function (to be a place to sleep), has always complied with, and others. For example, wealthy nobles took visitors while lying in bed, which was considered a sign of high social status and material wealth. Today, with the appearance of a large number of different types of beds, their functions are increasingly expanding. Now beds have also become more and convenient place to store things.

Harmony and comfort in the interior – the main task of bedroom furniture. When buying a bed should consider many factors: differences in shape, design, materials, colors, size and geography of production. In this thing to bed helped a good rest, relax and rejuvenate. Take care of the comfort of your bed, strength and quality of that he was not paralyzed freedom to your movements (as in a dream, and when you move around the room). The main purpose of the bed – for a long time to ensure its owners a deep sleep, comfort, tranquility and good humor. To this end, the bed should in harmony with the rest of the furniture and "support" the interior in general. A good, properly chosen bed creates the maximum comfort and coziness, corresponds to individual needs of our body and provides complete rest. Proper care of it prolongs its service life.

If we talk about the kinds of beds, the most popular to date, the most sought after bed made of natural materials – arrays walnut, ash, cherry. The decoration is applied ivory and mother of pearl for inlay, bronze and gold-plated pen and overhead items, leather and silk upholstery. To date in fashion beds with canopies. Have not lost their relevance and metal beds. Now increasingly used in the manufacture of carved decoration, reminiscent of an elegant stucco. The latest fashion trends – is the appearance of the bed like a mattress on the floor. The popularity of oriental motifs and a clear commitment to minimalism gave rise to beds of this type, especially popular among young people. Wooden beds in the country-style still occupy one of the main places in the reytenge the most durable.

Celestial Eurritmia

Verses, Sounds and Rhythms. So Paulo. It stokes, 1980. MOISS, Massaude. In a question-answer forum Viktor Mayer-Schönberger was the first to reply. Literature Brazilian. So Paulo, Cultrix, 1995. ANNEX – Sonata I Of the immense wonderful Sea, bitter, Marulhosos murmur compungentes Cnticos virgin of latent emotions, Of the sun in the warm ones, mrbidos lethargies II Songs, light songs of gondoleiros, Songs of the Love, nostalgic ballads, You sing with the Sea, with the esverdeadas fog waves, languid and trembling! III Trites marine, beautiful deuses rudes, Deities of the tartars abysses, You vibrate, with the greens and acres eletrismos Of the vacant, flutes and harps and alades! IV the supreme Sea, of raw flagrncia, pompous and rough royalties, You sing, you sing the tdios and the sadnesses That erram in the cold solides of the Moon XIV ria of Moonlight ria of Moonlight moonlight, sonorous barcarola, Aroma of argental caoula, Blue, blue in it are rolls Tail of lacrimosa virgin, On black mountains settles, Of the light in the radiosa quietao.

As clear snow sheets, That the sun filtering in light was, It is transparent, he is white, it is light. Celestial Eurritmia of the Cores, He seems done of the minors and transcendentes odors. For these nights, whites screens, Full of hopes of stars, Moonlight is the dream of the maidens. It has cabalsticos to be able As the looks of the women: Melancoliza and enerva the beings. The white hair sinks in the water, and shines soon, algente and beauty, In each lake one sete-estrelo. Cantos of love, salmos of prece, Moans, everything walks for this Look that God to the land goes down. For its wing, in air revolt, To the heart of the loving return The Soul of the loved one to the kisses untied. It rolls, sonorous barcarola, Aroma of argental caoula, moonlight, blue in it are, rolls The Mandolin of Augustus of the Angels You sing, soluas, mandolin of the Destiny and of Homesickness the chest mine you overflow; You cry, and I judge that in your ropes, the ropes of the Past Cry all! Guards the soul perhaps d’ a poor fellow, One day dead of the Illusion the edges, As much that you sing, and illusions you wake up, As much that you moan, mandolin of the Destiny. When high night, the moon is cold and calm, Yours I sing come of deep frguas, Is as the nnias of the Grave-digger d’ soul! Everything eterizas in a chorale of endechas and you go to the few soluando hurts, and go to the few soluando complaints!

The Choice

(The subject will be presented, objective of the lesson soon also will be developed the first moment) 5 minutes for the development of the first moment To divide the group in two teams and the choice of the leader of the team; To deliver the dictionary for the research; To write in the leaf the concept. 2 the moment: Finished the first moment the leader of each team will be called for front to choose between 8 texts that will be made use in a 2 table 4 being that 2 will have to be what it to find that is literary and not literary. After chosen the leader he will come back toward its team and in set he will make the reading of the texts. After the reading each team will have to choose 2 texts only 1 literary and 1 not literary one. Each team it will have that to pontuar characteristic of the texts and to write them in a paper that will serve for the socialization. Without hesitation Dr. Neal Barnard explained all about the problem. Time: 2 minutes for the organization and explanation of as the moment. (To explain the activity and later calling the leader each team to make the choice of the texts).

5 minutes for the development of as the moment? Reading of the texts; Choice of that they will be pontuados; Pontuar and to write the important characteristics that the team found in the texts. 3o moment: A team will make commentaries on a text that they will choose as literary and to another one of a text that they will choose as not literary. Saying its main characteristics and justifying its choice. During the socialization a component of the team will be writing in the picture the points that had been placed by the leader. Time 2 minutes for the presentation and explanation of the third moment (will be chosen the team that will be with the literary text and the not literary and component that will write in the picture the points detached for the team).


NIUB I do not know well to the certainty if it reached what me But I feel in the hurricane eye Many call this sensation this feeling ' ' LOVE? But I do not believe this, this feeling is very bigger of the love. To put does not exist vocbulo more appropriate for qualified. This feeling reproduces in my soul Contradictions and paradoxes. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Dr. Neal Barnard. My freedom for example, is only complete when I am folloied. What for me long ago it was arrest without gratings, Today is simply the door for all the releases of my soul Nor in to my better glided you thus dreams. never I imagined that a smile, to its would make me smile so happy and with you soft breeze, learns that to be happy the egoism has that to be abandoned My happiness is dependent of your happiness. therefore without you my being is incomplete.

The Woman

Its virtue is apparent and conventional. These are some of given attributes the woman, that strengthen the base of the exclusion of the feminine one in the society. To revert this paper demanded and demand effort, fight of the feminists in the search for the construction of fairness concepts enters the two sexos to take off the woman of the exclusion, and contemporarily for the construction of a new identity. This initiative is part of a battle in the field of the ideas that advances of heterogeneous form in the social, economic conjunctures, cultural politics in diverse parts of the planet, and in our field of analysis, literary. The challenge to breach the project where the masculine and the feminine one if construct in opposition one to the other, was the crucial point for the movement feminist. The proposal initial was to reconstruct the project constructed from the patriarcal logic that made it difficult the perception of other forms.

Important to detach that the construction has as premise the logic of the difference as positive element, pautado in the identity and without the inaquality, being considered the difference of the terms, but showing that one is present in another one, and, therefore, both can be equivalents. The differences between men and women, to if affirming, breach the unit, making possible the existence of a masculine identity and one another feminine identity. Elements as classroom, etnia, religion, age etc. cross the pretense unit of each element, transforming into multiple the masculine or feminine citizen thought about the singular. From now the question of the construction of feminine from the influence of literary compositions (BONNICI 2009, P. 218) &#039 will be argued; ' the feminine term appears as opposition to the masculine and make reference to reference the social conventions, that is, to a set of definite characteristics attributed to the woman culturally, therefore in constant process of mudana.' ' Since more tenra age has an extreme concern of the institutions in demarcating the spaces of the masculine and the feminine one for the teeny ones.

Maria Ana

It was what it took the king to make a promise of raising a convent in Mafra, case the conception occurred. It represents the woman who through the dream will only become free itself of its aristocratic condition of assuming its feminilidade. The onrica trespass is the only expression that the queen loses, who has a guilt feeling, for feeling a pecaminosa attraction for brother-in-law D. Francisco, leads it to this to make a constant search of redemption through the conjunct and of sacerdotal confession. It lives in a repressive environment with prohibitions that conduct its existence and for which do not have exit, not to be through its dreams, where she will be able in fact to explore its sexuality. with the responsibility of of the successive one to the king, even so conscientious of the virility and infidelity of the husband, who has some bastard children.

It assumes a misfortune and passivity attitude before the life. E, thus, D. Maria Ana lives pressured for the responsibility to give heirs to the husband, since the guilt of such not yet to have happened is of it, therefore sterility as it remembers the narrator well, ironically, is not problem of the men, what it proves the virility of the king. In this environment where the prohibitions and repressions dictated for the Church and the State intervene directly with the behavior, it is forbidden any attitude that runs away to the standards of the model of family demanded by the society. In way to the luxury and the wealth, D. Maria Ana inside goes accumulating of itself a sensuality that cannot explore, since its sexual meeting with the king they represent solely the fulfilment of the conjugal duty. The figure of the Blimunda personage, sensual woman and exempts In contrast of the queen, Blimunda, is a woman with strong characteristics, sensuality and intelligence.


Of the window of my room I can see changing you the clothes, can feel your perfume in air, observe you and me I do not tire. It wanted to be there at this moment to touch you, unhappyly the wind only can make this for me. I am distant and my pertos eyes, until you close the windows to ruin my fancy. Follow others, such as Boy Scouts of America, and add to your knowledge base. Now I imagine you in one my arms alone in the two in my room, speaking well low in my ear saying you love that me. Step hours imagined fancy until sleep appears, when I sleep is I obtain that dream, seems a madness but is in this that of when somebody this gotten passionate, wanted I to dream and not to wake up, but sets it burrow and I have that to raise. I wait hidden you for backwards of the curtains for sheds to open the windows, looking at for sky and making a smile. Smile this that I imagine that one day will be for my cause, everything seeming perfect until you receive a kiss, that Almost expludo for nerves, I feel heat while still this cool one, tears fall, joy is changedded into sadness, when counts it to this is height to prepare to go the college. I cross myself I obtain and disfaro you with a smile, eye in its eyes and you disfaras, try to speak of what I feel, subject changes, with the fear to lose this friendship you do not insist, you walk there. I go the college and you to the work and the routine happen again it the day following.. Others including BSA, offer their opinions as well.