The Forces

Who are familiar with the literature on success should pay note the emphasis the authors put on the part of many people in its success and personal growth. Only the people can raise or lower, pointing to the problems that exist within you. There only remains one carefully listen to their opinion, make the separation of wheat from the chaff through the analysis and decide that as a result of actions taken to obtain a mutually beneficial result. If you are afraid of such work, or feel a lack of knowledge on the subject, nothing could be simpler. Find them, the knowledge scattered everywhere, it would be a desire to gather together and start acting. That act, forcing the verb take to move is the most difficult.

It does not work only when a person has a way to retreat. When they are absent in the work force aimed not included preservation of human life, regardless on whether it is righteous or sinner. If both these forces will receive recharge from the man in the form of ideas to combat their former way of thinking, stereotypes and attitudes of their potential grow and can easily help a person get out of her predicament. Only the synergy of action will lead to positive results. Refusal to compromise the integrity of any component of the system and lead to the destruction, so the potential destructive forces will prevail. To avoid this from a man must make a request to the relevancy of such aid, having received it in the subtle world, the question of granting prosimoy reinforcements, where the decisive criterion is the purity of thoughts of man.

No thought is hidden, and how the person would not conceal from himself his thoughts, everything will be fixed in the energy field. If at heart worm greed is showing signs of life will be difficult to get help until not cope with it. You can argue that many people who know the person, not a nice one, live like cheese in butter. There are two types of forces with which the person interacts creative and destructive. When interacting with the forces of creation man gets the energy to implement their plans without giving in return their life, designed to perform other problems associated with the solution of questions of evolution, thus you are not wasting limited resources, to preserve and increase given 'talent'. When interacting with the forces of destruction mechanism for cooperation is also to issue some help, but instead take the appropriate amount of life force directly proportional issued. Such cooperation is under the jurisdiction of karma. So you choose interaction, with some forces prefer.

The Cycle Of The Imperfect Profit And Its End

I buy its product I give my profit to you But then you go and vende or lose the profit Then I find or obtain its profit That before was my profit Then I is with its product and also its profit But it comes one and it destroys my product and finally it steals my profit Then goes and continues the cycle Thus repeating Without knowing that somebody anger to destroy its product and also steals its profit But you, bigger come a greater of what of what Bigger I of what bigger it and of what other and play a rock an angular rock that wounds thus the cycle ofthe profit Then the cycle is weak, defective, and wounded will be established a new cycle a new kingdom Without he acts loses, without bankruptcy acts Without the robbery acts, without the destruction acts Being thus this new cycle swells and this new reign tare joy, peace For that adhering

Latin American Writer

I have so much to say that I jam. I don’t know where to start. Cesar Vallejo. Dedicated to: Ersuli. To whom reminded everytime I read to Vargas Llosa.

I learned yesterday morning that the writer Vargas Llosa won the highest honor that can be given to a writer. This morning in conversations I had with a friend, I was realizing the real importance that has this event. That conversation flowed several ideas. First that nothing, commented that Latin America feels satisfied by such recognition. Sometimes, more later that early, realized some things. This award is a clear example: Finally! We express my friend and a server.

Another idea that we got is that the benefit which leaves the world of literature is a feeling of freshness of the dew/creative or imaginative. We are left with the feeling that we shared, or better said, we were part of that achievement. You who do not read to Vargas Llosa? Who not is in love of some of his characters? Who not is has been wanting to visit Peru, Paris and other regions that appear in his works to see with their own eyes the simile of the real beauty with your imagination? Who not been reflected in the ancestral ordinariness of the behavior of humans? Who not has lived politically its time and space? Who has not enjoyed a book of the generation from the Boom? Who will not buy a book not to be without reading it? Who will not know of life and work (even more things I neither own writer knew)? Who will not enjoy this event? We also argued that this news was fruitful for the craft of the writer. And we are going to rediscover the narrative from a literary and aesthetic endeavor with a hint of politics and social consciousness. We insist that it rewards the literature, to the creation of wonderful stories that are in the same reality. It is as if take pictures of our daily life and study them we enjoy aesthetically esa image. We have a simple literature (more non-simplistic), who is so successful that any models not this feat. The literary works of the new Nobel are unique, fun, thoughtful, loving every book has its own success, quality and warmth. At this time in particular and by way of comment, not as an attempt even of literary criticism, comes to my memory: the notebooks of Don Rigoberto. How wonderful book! What sensuality! What aesthetic richness! What manner of writing! What creative cleaning! Congratulations on this event. To serve as inspiration for all those who want to learn to write. Vargas Llosa read, we read good literature, we enjoy the Latin American novel. Let us seek the source of literary inspiration. And express your opinion.

University Professor

He managed to enter the website of Trinity College and add a peculiar profile of the new Professor, doctor Conan T. Barbarian. It included a photograph of the Conan played in the eighties by Schwarzenegger. Conan the barbarian has set aside the sword for sheathing on the skin of a College Professor of English literature. Thats the new profession that has given you a hacker, who has managed to sneak into the website of Trinity College, Dublin to announce the arrival of a new teacher, doctor Conan T.

Barbarian. The information leaked by hacker included a photograph of the Conan in the Decade of the eighties portrayed by the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, as well as a long list of credentials: a doctorate of the University of Dublin and a member of the Board of Directors of Trinity College, among others. In addition, as tells the British newspaper The Guardian, the so-called associate professor in studies of Hyborian and murderer of tyrants has the experience of having spent years chained to the fearsome Wheel of pain, an era that gave him the mental discipline to deal successfully with the contemporary critical theory. Among the subjects that the doctor Barbarian planned to impart for the academic year 2011 / 2012 included Crom relevance in the modern world, theories of the literatur to revenge for beginners, deciphering the mystery of steel and D.H. Lawrence. Trinity College has already proceeded to remove this information from its web page, although you can still view as a screenshot. Source of the news: A hacker becomes a University Professor of literature to Conan the barbarian


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Inspired by the fascinating Moroccan city of Marrakech, by its Jemaa el Fna square, its religious and social tensions, and its countless and picturesque street scenes has produced countless literary and thinking works. Here is a new list of five of these works, whose stories, thoughts and adventures revolve around Marrakech, the ochre City: 1. Marrakech George Orwell (Motihari, India 1903 London, England 1950) famous English author George Orwell spent the winter of 1938-39 in Marrakech and left as a legacy of his marraquechi experience a short essay, Severus and lucid, which bears the name of the city. Their descriptions are vivid and full of reflections at the same time extremely critical and closely human. This essay is an eloquent portrait of the colonial reality of the Moroccan city in the 1930s, where Jewish, Arab and Subsaharan populations appear invisible to the indifferent, frivolous and blinded European look. 2. The repudiated Touria Oulehri this novel, of recent publication, narrates the moral Odyssey of Niran, a still young, modern woman rejected by her husband for not being able to give a child.

After more than fifteen years of marriage, family, and social pressure whose archaic rules consider a disgrace not fathering children, made her husband decides to abandon Niran to marry a young woman and fertile. Thus, Niran becomes conservative and relentless Fez Casablanca, more liberal and lenient, where it will take place a rediscovery of itself and a desire to start again that will take her an ultimate to Marrakech, where Niran expected to reunite with the love. Ultimately, this novel recounts gives us a closer and more realistic vision of the phenomenon of repudiation in Morocco, at the time that reveals the tensions of cultural complexity, between modernity and tradition, the current Moroccan woman suffering. 3. The Quartet of Marrakech Alberto Ciaurriz (Pamplona, Spain, 1947) this novel is singularly narrated from the quadrangular perspective of its four protagonists, the Mohammed and Adid Moroccans and Spaniards Juan Carlos and Paco.

Borodino Citizenship

Teachers who are confident that over time the best guys will go on graduate school and continue the glorious traditions of scientific schools of the university. Love of country – in our hearts Today's students – intellectual elite in the near future will determine priorities for further development our country. In the Russian State Social University, seeking not only to give them knowledge but also to create the qualities of citizenship, patriotism and social responsibility. Rector Vasily RSCU I. Zhukov has repeatedly stressed that the future professionals should be, above all, patriots. Important role in shaping students' active citizenship is the Board of Veterans RSCU. Moscow Committee of the Veterans War, which includes 574 primary organizations of the veterans, held a contest for the best arrangement of patriotic education. As the result of the veteran organization RSSU awarded 2nd place.

The most important condition of patriotic Education at the University of memory becomes a succession of generations. Become a good tradition of military and historical tours of WWII veterans and RSCU students to places of the immortal feats of arms Russians. So, the guys were in the village Golovkova Naro-Fominsk, where at the Museum of Military Glory set shestnadtsatitonnaya obelisk, brought from the Kuznetsk Basin, home to a girlfriend Zoe Kosmodemyanskoy – Vera Voloshin. Students visited the memorial sites and the field of Borodino, visited the Church of Savior, established in 1820 on the spot death of Major General AA Tuchkov Borodino Museum, the exhibition "Field of Russian glory." In many ways, because of these trips, students have realized the high price paid our people for freedom and independence. In addition, fellows participate in the student's scientific conferences on the problems of forming patriotism and citizenship, and round table discussions, gatherings that are held at the Museum of RSCU, patriotic rallies, festivals and other events. Under the slogan "Homeland Security – a sacred duty of every one of us!" In University is celebrating February 23, May 9, and other important dates.


The Moroccan city of Marrakesh, also known as the Pearl of the South, has inspired authors of numerous nationalities to produce literary works of all genres. Its vibrant atmosphere, its undeniable magic and mysterious atmosphere have infused a poetic breath these authors and authors who have shaped his particular vision of this inimitable city and its many charms in countless texts. Here is a small list of 5 books whose stories or reflections revolve around Marrakech, the ochre City: 1. Hideous Kinky Esther Freud (London, England 1963) this novel, made into a film in 1998, recounts the experience in Marrakech of a young hippy and their two daughters, five and seven years in the 1960s. The mother has proposed to find a guide in his mystical journey towards spiritual perfection.

The most peculiar of this novel is that the story is narrated by one of the girls, who, with his child but deliciously sarcastic vision, has his discovery of adult conflicts and cultural differences between East and West. The novel is in some sense autobiographical and essentially explores a young woman finding herself through the eyes of his daughter for five years. 2 Zaynab, Queen of Marrakech Zakya Daoud (Bernay, France, 1937) the status of women in Morocco remains, how much less complicated. However, the novelist Zakya Daoud unearths the historical character of Zaynab, one of the wives of the mythical Yosef Ibn Tachfin and true founder of the city of Marrakech. The book narrates the difficulties encountered by Zaynab to circumvent the presidio of social conventions that detained women and to develop all its capabilities and thus make Marrakech what is still today, a fascinating city. Also tells the unwavering love between the powerful Ibn Tachfin and Zaynab, a woman exemplary for his tenacity and his courage. 3 Street in Marrakech Elizabeth Warnock Fernea (Milwaukee, USA 1927 Austin, USA 2008) Elizabeth Warnock Fernea was an anthropologist who dedicated his life to the study of topics Africa and Middle East-related and who travelled widely in these territories.

History Sumy Cadet Corps

Ivan Gerasimov Kharitonenko began his career a simple peasant, but soon after his charity was elevated to the hereditary nobility. Ivan Gerasimov pretty much done for the city of Sumy's own money. He built a huge Holy Trinity Cathedral, an excellent hospital named Zenaida holy martyr for free treatment of citizens, made a bridge across the city and much more, for which he was, a monument – a figure upright. Kharitonenko dreamed that in his home town was founded by the cadet corps. Unfortunately, life did not succeed, and he bequeathed to his son, Pavel Ivanovich Kharitonenko realize his dream.

According to the regulations Military Council in 1899, the highest approved, in Sumy Sumy was founded Cadet Copus, who were going to open a new school in 1900. Staff corps of 500 cadets. In April of 1900. Director of the Cadet Corps was Sumy appointed Major-General Kublitsky-Piottukh. With the arrival in May 1900 the Director of Housing, began preparations for opening the case, namely: the plant necessary conditions of temporary accommodation for cadets in the building Boarding at the Lutheran Church; procure uniforms, bought textbooks and teaching aids; bought dishes and all the necessities of life for future cadets. Then began the meeting for the Building Commission construction of buildings for Sumy Cadet Corps on a plot of 50 acres donated by the body Sumy PI Kharitonenko. This area, called "wall" was on the high bank of the river and consisted of Psel field of the earth, completely flat, on which were erected all the buildings housing, then the slope was a garden with greenhouses, at the bottom of a large meadow with several branches of the river Psyol. A few days before the opening of the body, which was scheduled for August 31, 1900 year, took the entrance exam in first class. Have stood and has been received was 61 people. Soon after the opening of the Sumy Cadet hulls – a dream come true Ivan Gerasimovich Kharitonenko after his death.

Literature Materials

Materials language and literature language and literature page collects a multitude of materials and educational resources of all kinds. Not only language and literature but also other subjects: mathematics, English, Sciences, etc. It is very useful for all those professors who follow the evolution of new technologies and want to incorporate into their daily work something more than pretty reified and unchangeable information that comes in textbooks. New technologies that currently are being incorporated in the teaching work require supervised and practical materials that not always are among the resources that publishers offer us. These have been prepared too hastily and in many cases from a certain distance in relation to what really is made and can be done in the current classes.

CHS students need a few very active attitudes by their teachers to not be permanently distorting the proceeding in the classroom. Without a proper motivation are dispersed and generating disciplinary problems. These language materials and literature will help us to overcome the difficulties..