In Love

The doubt; the eternal enemy in love. The uneasiness of whether she loves you or do not; the anguish of assuming that maybe his heart belongs to another. Quite simply, you fell in with you; at the most unexpected time and without prior notice you descubriste that she is the woman of your life. There you are; vulnerable as a child for fear of not being reciprocated. The absence of it is part of absence of yourself; without it you need only something perhaps exists a step between friendship and love; or simply, perhaps always you were in love in silence.

Lost amid this tongue twister of the heart. A mathematical equation imperfect beating inside of you. Two drifters lost; hungry people each other. In-love-a-two; dancing in the company to the beat of a different story. When you’re young it deceives solitude under the sheets of stories of midnight rubbing the skin but not the soul. Caressing the love from afar; sips of pleasure that leave you sad because none of them is the woman of your life.

None fills you up. Her; your best friend. That which is Hence; that hears you and knows you. That longs for a happy ending. You’re live and love; enjoy it. It is never late to begin to truly love. Today is a great day to say I love you for the first time. Expert in seduction, today, an apprentice in love games. Protagonist of many nights of pleasure; a weekend ritual. Many sensations; few feelings. Short stories that did not exceed the memory of the third day of the week. Meanwhile she was waiting patiently to make you go see her as a friend. He suffered for having you regardless of truth; just like today suffer you to the fear of not being reciprocated. True love; a privilege to those brave people who take the reins of your life and your own destiny. Think about how you’ll feel when you have eighty years and look back with regret of knowing that the train passed by your side but you let him escape. There’s love inside you. Love her; say it. Pride does not make us more human; simply, away us from our own destiny moved by the great domain of cowardice. Paradoxically, we feel helpless and naked inwardly when we share our feelings with the beloved but actually we should feel liberated and happy by having confessed the truth, and that is, ultimately, our greatest victory. Original author and source of the article.

The Last

We must also face problems with imagination, hope, optimism, confidence and positive mental attitude. In general, there are four basic steps to troubleshooting: define the problem. This stage is critical because if we can define or determine with accuracy the problem there will be advanced enough. We need to ask is what is the problem?, what is the problem? And what is the cause or causes of the problem? Rightly be said that a well thought-out problem is a problem half solved. Necessary to determine clearly what really is the problem and not its symptoms. Questions what? When? where? How? who or what? and why? They help the correct definition of the problem.

Generate alternatives to solve the problem. At this stage you should make use of imagination and creativity to find the different alternatives available to solve the problem. Depending on the complexity of the problem, it will be necessary to find possible alternatives from different points of view. There are problems relatively simple that they can be resolved quickly; perhaps to problems more complex required the participation of others, according to their specialties, or make flowcharts that allow illustrate the different steps necessary to provide a solution to the problem. Evaluate and select alternatives.

Once we have the different possible alternatives we must evaluate them based on certain parameters that we must fix, such as time, resources, cost and consequences. Once we make the assessment we must define the more convenient alternative for us. Implement the solution. The last stage of this basic process is put into action what we determined to solve the problem. It is of utmost importance that once the decision is reached must act promptly. Experience has shown with amplitude that reaching a decision is of great value and that the next important step is to act. The action is what allows a problem to be solved. Generally recommends that once the decision is made there that stop to make new reflections and expect to have more information and that this leads to hesitation, create doubts, prolong the problem and delay its solution. We have to remember that many times you cannot count on the information to resolve a problem. In summary, a problem we must define it in the best possible way, knowing that a problem well defined is a problem half solved. Then with imagination and creativity we need to establish the possible alternatives that give solution to the problem; then evaluate them and decide for the best alternative and finally Act to solve the problem. Original author and source of the article.


Remains true that the money is in the lists (eye, already in plural, several lists, not a single), but not strictly in its content, i.e. the personal data entered by visitors to our web site. Change in relation to the definition of the past is that the money is in the relationship that you have been able to develop with people who are on the list. It is not a purely semantic difference and understand it is essential to achieve success with your online business. Once I heard a consultant (and it is something with which I fully agree) that there are only three ways to grow a business.

First, to get more customers or prospects, i.e., grow the list. Second, retain the list, IE, getting those people to buy more. Third, nurture the list, i.e., providing rich and useful content customers. It is a chain in which no link may be missing and may neither modify the order, because everything is designed in a logical manner. In starting your venture, the most important thing is to assemble the list by voluntary subscription; avoid spam, which is a strategy harmful for their customers and, ultimately, to yourself. Then, the task is to retain those customers, engage them so they become frequent visitors of your web site and, especially, often acquiring the products and services offered. Analyze this exercise: If you increases the amount of subscribers by 10 percent and get them all to buy, your sales will increase, clear, 10 percent; and if that process meets several times a year, the income figure will grow to levels not imagine. Once the visitor has left entered their data on a voluntary basis (this is the only valid option), his job is to win the trust and credibility of the customer. The surest way to achieve that goal is to deliver content-rich, high-quality and in different formats: audios, videos and podcasts.

Energy Survey

Good effect can be achieved through setting up of HVAC systems. Of course Organization of energy audits in buildings with large areas is difficult and requires an integrated approach. Integrated approach to energy audit for more effective implementation of energy saving opportunities in buildings with large area, businesses and industries, as well as to reduce the risk recommend a comprehensive approach, which offers a wide range of activities, maximum savings, and includes a review of the whole energoptreblyayuschego equipment. With this approach, using a methodical collection of data, which greatly simplifies the task of the experts and you can find, and subsequently put into practice, without difficulties optimally suited solution. Complex analysis and modeling to help identify unusual expenses and loss of energy. During the calculations, it is necessary to focus on the balance between the actual values consumption and energy consumption of production systems engineering or building and settlement. It is also necessary to consider features outdoor climate. In addition, the selection of energy conservation measures needed to calculate their interaction.

Each building must be regarded as unique – it will help to identify individual opportunities to improve energy efficiency of the facility and found abnormalities in its operation. Complex energy audit of facilities in addition to the analysis of all energy consumption should include improvement of maintenance of the building and during its operation, perhaps teaching people. When carrying out a comprehensive energy audit should focus not only on the energy conservation equipment, but also to the formation of his best work in accordance with the required load. Its own characteristics and organization has Energy audit electrical networks, energy audit objects utilities, energy audit business, but for all of these areas will be most effective for comprehensive energy audit. The cost of energy audits Energy audit rates for determining the value of the energy audit (Energy Survey), requires pre-departure of experts on the enterprise, to determine the scope of work for an energy audit, and conduct meetings with management and staff of the subject company to discuss the timing of the energy audit. A comprehensive energy audit – this is a great and laborious work. He carried a team of specialists has in his composed of engineers, electricians, heating equipment, instrumentation and economists, specially trained and have practical experience and with skills to work with special instruments. Therefore, the qualification Professional and complete instrumentation of the park, energy auditing organization also depends on the cost of energy audits.

Qualified energoauditory ready to solve most problems, which are put before them, always warn the customer about his doubts in achieving the efficiency of a decision. The basis for determining the cost of energy audits are estimates, projects, and the choice of methods for the energy survey. Methods established by experts of the audit organization, independently, the main thing that has been provided fully reflected in the auditor's evaluation information: – use of energy efficiency – efficiency Work equipment – the state accounting and reporting ERT use – analysis of the costs for fuel and energy supply. Thus, the cost of energy audit includes, execution of works: – Survey companies to identify potential reserves of fuel and energy resources – for the construction of energy Object ID – to project appraisal of the production system – the rational and energy-efficient use of energy resources, with appropriate recommendations.

change Your Life

Every human being at some stage in their lives, whether by a strong experience or an awakening of conscience, feel the imperative desire to modify some aspects of his life. The most often happens that the desire to change our life has its origin in a personal or professional dissatisfaction. In both cases prevails the sense of frustration, dissatisfaction or existential vacuum. This article to have some validity or experiential livelihood, rather than argumentative, I’ll have to talk about my own experience about the attitude of personal change. So I must confess that this decision to write this article for the purpose of sharing my ideas, have the noble intention of rethinking my person the how I’m doing things: remember that the idea of change is never exhausted, there is always the possibility of changing something. It also has the purpose that you can find some elements that will serve to carry out the task of assessing your next decision making. What is share experiences; enrich us; improve our quality of life.

There is a likelihood that this article does not leave you something interesting. I want to say with this that, perhaps you are finished reading the article and don’t have any printing or much less a learning. Is that that can happen. To my me happened with a book and technique that starts me after so many years (I mean the book of NLP). When I was studying in high school, and now I understand that happens to the majority of young people, they have a feeling of anxiety and meaninglessness of life. I was terribly wrong emotionally; I felt overwhelmed and was not the reason for why I felt that way. I am concerned that this happens in the majority of young people, but what is most alarming, is that this phenomenon has been trivialized. Something we should do about it.

I said that I was really uncomfortable, life hurt me, at least that expressed at every opportunity that had and in truth never my intention was to appeal to the commiseration. My mother had a friend who was concerned about my case, and in an afternoon of personal anguish, put me in their hands the book of NLP. From I always had the habit of reading. The book I read. I was interested, it excited me. I shared it. I felt and knew that I could change me life. The detail was that you did me indeed difficult start the change he wanted. And here I must comment that in addition to all go through this test of willpower, which, unfortunately in most of the time we are defeated, that is why most books and self-help courses do not work, thats my thesis: just one so decides. My life continued. Years passed and I do not remember why in the Faculty of philosophy I went back to reading this book. It was more understandable, however, my life did not suffer changes in background, I only gained knowledge. Are still psychologically how does not explain having knowledge of something and not be able to apply efficiently to my life. As it says precisely that book: move from thought to action. A couple of years later I understood and applied knowledge of NLP giving me interesting results. Other people can operate any other technique or model. What really matters is to be fully aware that we must be alert and find an opportunity to change our life. Original author and source of the article

Michael Laitman

I.e., while the Bible only describes and refers to the upper world, the corresponding events must also occur on the earthly plane. Properly read the Torah even so, the Kabbalists considered objects and spiritual events – roots – infinitely more important than its material consequences. They explain that a Kabbalist with exceptional spiritual reach of Moses, would be incapable of writing a single word with the simple aim of tell us about history or ethics. We are taught that Moses had one goal in life: reveal the top world to humanity to help us perceive it as he did, thus reaching the highest goal of our existence. Hence, the correct way of reading the Torah is mindful of the fact that each word refers to a spiritual force that is located in the upper world.

Then, one gradually begins to connect with these forces and to perceive them, just as Moses did. Those who have already developed the ability to perceive the upper world are called Kabbalists, and when they read the Torah not displayed historical events or moral teachings. On the other hand, clearly perceive how the spiritual forces govern us to us and everything around us, and how everything finally joins in the full and infinite Luz Superior. ** The Rav Dr. Michael Laitman is master in cibernetica, doctor in philosophy and Kabbalah, Professor of ontology and theory of knowledge.

He is founder and President of Bnei Baruj and Institute Ari, in Israel. More information on, and Michael Laitman Sobre the author: Dr.Phd Michael Laitman is Professor of ontology, PhD in philosophy and Kabbalah, with master’s degree in cybernetic biology. Author of 40 books on authentic Kabbalah. Founder of Bnei Baruj and Institute Ari, in Israel, dedicated to the teaching of the Kabbalah wisdom for free. Bnei Baruch has become a global organization with students from all parts of the world. Its members are dedicated to the research and dissemination of the wisdom of Kabbalah. Information in original author and source of the article


This statement seems contradictory, but it is convenient to observe the weight of the same, only if you can distinguish whether it is correct or incorrect. Some critics say that philosophers tend to place God’s name in their philosophical presentations, so that scholars are more difficult to refute them. Thing that seems certain in some respects but very false in the majority of cases. Most of the philosophers by cultivating a so divine science as it is the case of philosophy tend to contemplate the truth that manifests the existence of God. Which I bear witness. This essay is written by a great philosopher, which not all thinkers approval, interested simply interested in the soul of the same. Approving this Treaty or not to approve it, will be open to whoever wants to read it and understand that only the wonders of God make the wise man. One morning I was reading the Scriptures, when suddenly I approached a woman and I said because you read the Bible, to case you belong to a religious group? What answer: I read the Bible because I wish to attain wisdom, and read books because I want to get to a good level of knowledge.

Which slightly confused and told me maybe you’re right. Look to answer your first question, that’s because I was reading the Bible, but does not reply to the second in which I created if he belonged to any religious group. Since no it deems convenient, since I do not belong to any religious group. When we say that man is an animal evolutionally formed by nature and not by God. Automatically undoes the spiritual spheres of being created by God. Reason why materialists speak prints that form the mechanical processes in the attitudes of men. Of which are erroneous interpretations that lead to devise some kind of soul in the individual, which is not affected by any spiritual force and if for a very complex machine called brain.

Sabor A Chocolate Jose Carlos Carmona

Jose Carlos Carmona is Malaga, born the year 1963. He has participated in the publication of dozens of books as co-author or Coordinator, in addition to being author solo of several books of short stories. You have so many fronts that mention them all would make these lines one resume more than a bibliographic notice, so I refer you to his blog. This novel won the 13th award University of Seville and has been a sales success. He is an entertaining narrative, without fanfare or excessive claims, written for passing a good time, with a brief, direct language and uncompromising to the extensive description of characters and landscapes. Even so, throughout the book atmosphere the times that is going through the history, and one hour of reading have come the 20th century from the hand of a man who manufactures chocolate for love. Knowing that Jose Carlos Carmona is author of works much more elaborated, more complete and complex, such as for example the lost art of conversation, this concession to literature shopping is a pleasant and recommended reading.

Cure For Herpes

Definitely no Herpes cure purchasing any course or eBook on how to cure herpes, without reading this. Then decide. I often meet people who live with this problem, usually are friends of mine, that have not treated because of embarrassment (do not blame them to my I spend the same), the internet is a powerful tool, which lends itself to an infinite number of fraud, without that people can make any claim, due to the confusing laws of cyber space already have seen the exaggerated proclamations of persons claiming to cure herpesoffering products, e-books and how they can teach you to do the same. Unfortunately for many of us, many of our desires are destroyed by having to deal with people who try to take advantage of us with their Deceits. There are countless web sites on the Internet that offer us as cure HERPES through important information.

And worst of all is that many often fall thinking to purchase these products, they will cure herpes of the evening to the morning. Unfortunately this rarely happens since these web sites show you anything that you don’t know at this time. In fact, I can assure that 99% of these web sites on the Internet are frauds. It is likely that you also have fallen before those proclamations of people offering you information about cure the HERPES, like me. I have tried so many of these forms to cure herpes, that at this time already I do not remember how many. But then so much disillusionment and in the midst of so much turbulence, I chose to make a drastic decision: would you be willing to find at least somewhere that is legitimate and that really had the cure for this malady. And he would do it without falling victim to the fascination that produce us sites that offer you a quick and definitive solution to your problems of any kind. Literally, I contacted countless owners of web sites that offered techniques, products, e-books, on cure the HERPES.

The Forces

Who are familiar with the literature on success should pay note the emphasis the authors put on the part of many people in its success and personal growth. Only the people can raise or lower, pointing to the problems that exist within you. There only remains one carefully listen to their opinion, make the separation of wheat from the chaff through the analysis and decide that as a result of actions taken to obtain a mutually beneficial result. If you are afraid of such work, or feel a lack of knowledge on the subject, nothing could be simpler. Find them, the knowledge scattered everywhere, it would be a desire to gather together and start acting. That act, forcing the verb take to move is the most difficult.

It does not work only when a person has a way to retreat. When they are absent in the work force aimed not included preservation of human life, regardless on whether it is righteous or sinner. If both these forces will receive recharge from the man in the form of ideas to combat their former way of thinking, stereotypes and attitudes of their potential grow and can easily help a person get out of her predicament. Only the synergy of action will lead to positive results. Refusal to compromise the integrity of any component of the system and lead to the destruction, so the potential destructive forces will prevail. To avoid this from a man must make a request to the relevancy of such aid, having received it in the subtle world, the question of granting prosimoy reinforcements, where the decisive criterion is the purity of thoughts of man.

No thought is hidden, and how the person would not conceal from himself his thoughts, everything will be fixed in the energy field. If at heart worm greed is showing signs of life will be difficult to get help until not cope with it. You can argue that many people who know the person, not a nice one, live like cheese in butter. There are two types of forces with which the person interacts creative and destructive. When interacting with the forces of creation man gets the energy to implement their plans without giving in return their life, designed to perform other problems associated with the solution of questions of evolution, thus you are not wasting limited resources, to preserve and increase given 'talent'. When interacting with the forces of destruction mechanism for cooperation is also to issue some help, but instead take the appropriate amount of life force directly proportional issued. Such cooperation is under the jurisdiction of karma. So you choose interaction, with some forces prefer.