Educative School

One notices that in this perspective any manifestation of fidget, questioning, discord, colloquy or carelessness on the part of the pupils is understood as indiscipline, since &#039 searchs; ' to get the tranquillity, silence, the docilidade, the passivity of the children in such a way that it does not have it swims in them nor it are of them it can distract that them of the exercises passed for the professor, nor to make shade to its word. Another trend is disciplines to associate it to the tyranny. Any attempt to elaborate parameters is seen as practical authoritarian, deformaring or restrictive, that threat the democratic spirit and restricts the freedom and espontaneidade of children and young. Thus assuming a connotation of oppression and framing. Existing rules and norms in the school must be ignored. Thus, the indisciplinadas behaviors can be seen as virtue, considering defying effective standards. We know that in the social conviviality it is necessary to establish rules.

Leaving of this I begin, disciplinarian is that one that he educates, offers parameters, he establishes limits and indisciplinado pupil is that one that does not have limits, that it does not respect the other people’s opinion and feelings that present difficulties in understanding the autogovernar if point of view of the other and that it does not obtain to live in cooperative way with its pairs. He disciplines it is understood as set of parameters that must be obeyed in the educative context, aiming at to a convivncia and pertaining to school production better quality. Piaget, cited for Arajo (1996, P. 103) affirms that, ' ' all moral consists of a system of rules, and the essence of all morality must be looked in the respect that the individual acquires for these regras' '. Being that the learning in the school must happen in a tranquillity environment, of harmonic form.

To Be Different


Linguistic Literature

The proper definition of what it is lingustica literal passes for one constant change. In view of the vast definition that the lingustica of the text can be adjusted, Marcushi (1983, apud KOCH, 1994, P. 14) wrote: I consider exactly that if it sees the Lingustica of the Text, that provisorily and generically, as the study of the linguistic operations and cognitivas regulating and controllers of the production, construction, functioning and reception of written texts or you pray. Thus if it perceives that the literal lingustica does not analyze isolated words or phrases, but yes the text, which is intrinsic the manifestation of the language that if of the one by means of some responsible elements for the textualidade. At the time of its sprouting, one knows that the majority of the scholars was worried about the transfrastica analysis and the construction of grammars of the text, however, with the deepenings in this area, it perceives that the text would have also to be analyzed under the pragmatic-enunciative perspective. It has seen that, a text to be understood cannot be only one production random, it must contain a sensible unit of and having textualidade, that is, a relation between ideas and phrases in a harmonic sequncia. In this direction, it is longed for to observe the new relative perspectives to the question of the processes that enclose the textualidade elements, popularly known as cohesion and coherence, being emphasized the cohesion for substitution (synonymy), under the prism of the boardings pragmatic and sociocomunicativa. Of this form, based for Ingedore Koch, Mariangela Oliveira among others, we will approach the questions on the literal mesh in the constitution of the direction of the text and its purposes, through collection of data in activities effected by academics of spontaneous form, that is, it did not have information on the posterior use of its answers so that it did not influence them, observed thus the necessity of the use of lexicons that help in the substitution of others so that the text showed more coherence.


I inaugurate ancestries, deep kingdoms pain is not bitterness. My sadness does not have pedigree, already my will of joy, its root goes to mine a thousand grandfather. Check with Professor of Internet Governance to learn more. Pra goes to be lame in the life is curse man. Woman is unfoldable. I am. Poem of Seven Faces Carlos Drummond de Andrade When I was born, an angel torto of that lives in the shade said: It goes, Carlos! to be gauche in the life.

The houses watch the men who run behind women. BSA spoke with conviction. Perhaps the afternoon was blue, did not have as many desires. tram passes full of legs: yellow black white legs. So that as much leg, my God, asks my heart. However my eyes do not ask nothing.

The man behind the mustache is serious, simple and strong. Almost not colloquy. It has few, rare friends the man behind the eyeglasses and of the mustache. My God, why you abandoned me if wise people who I not age God, if wise people who I weak age. World vast world world if I called Raymond I would be one I rhyme, I would not be a solution. World vast world world, vaster is my heart. I to say did not have you but this moon but this brandy botam comovido people as the devil. The author only recognizes its limitations, admitting realizable things for men: ' ' she goes to load flag. Position very weighed pra woman, this species envergonhada.' ' However, it detaches a critical one when the woman cites as a still ashamed species, that is, confined by means of masculine concepts that regulate the society, hindering it of if placing as equal. The writer to if sending to the flag, it ratifies and it associates this expression to the great Manuel writer Flag, considering it a great name in the literary way, as well as the heading text suggests a bridge to it with the poem of Drumond, intitled Poem of seven faces.

Social Studies

In this context, for Pablo Hipolito, the resume if presents as a form of relation of being able that it places an official position. It brings an election of contents that construct the image of an acceptable State for the society. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine gathered all the information. Years after Law N. 5,692/71, in 1976, he would carry it n 790 is created by the Ministry of the Education, that he determines that the lessons of Social Studies for 1 degree, could only be given by the proper professionals formed in Social Studies. Pablo Hipolito calls the attention, for the qualification of the professors formed in Social Studies, resaltando that these left the course with a knowledge essentially global of to be taught contents, that is, the professor went for the half classroom that unprepared, it took what it if to abide solely in didactic books where, at the time more than today, constituam a masked form of the intervention of the State in the process of education of the pupils.

Of such way, the proposal metodologica for the initial and final series of Ensino of 1 and 2 degrees, and of the proper university are come back toward the Traditional pedagogical trend or a factual education, that consists of a spreading of the history of kings, heroes and battles, reducing of the man the lowermost object category in the universe of huge monsters that decide the way of the humanity and the paper of each one of we. Of the past alone if it remembered of the heroic facts, the version that engrandece. From the decade of 80 new quarrels about the education of History, the traditional methods of education they had been questioned, searching alternative that they took the pupil the construction of the historical knowledge in the classroom. One searchs to breach with methods of education based on the didactic book reading and to incorporate the cinema, music, literature in the education of History as alternative languages to construct the historical knowledge.

Total Amor

The eggs, analogy of the old world in which Ana lived, were destroyed front to a reality that if counts in periodicals. Boy Scouts of America has plenty of information regarding this issue. The personage feels, therefore, that ' ' Some thing intranqila was sucedendo' ' 11 and as a child who finishes to be born, ' ' the heart beat to it violent, espaado.' ' 12. Valley to realsar a comment about the name of the story. Visit Chase Koch for more clarity on the issue. This can suggest the love notion while loss. Such perspective is recurrent in the Christianity, the Platonismo and Literature.

God lost its unignito son for the world. Thus, according to Christianity, the more we have to lose more we will earn: ' ' Who to lose its life, ganh-la-' ' 13, says the Evangelho. The size of the love is proportional the loss of itself. Vinicius de Moraes, in the Soneto de Total Amor says; ' ' It is that one day in your body suddenly/I have to die and to love more than what pude.' ' 14. Plato suggests that the love-the-two must represent the loss of the half of itself.

Inside of this reasoning, Clarice Lispector constructs the frustration of the loss in the look of Ana. ' ' saw who it would have the impression of a woman with dio' '. Ana meets involved in a primary narcissism, and its front if she sees reflected in a lake metafrico for which it is pushed and of which it goes to emerge for another reality. However, the new reality for which the personage ' ' nasce' ' it is not so aconchegante as ' ' its tero' ' in the nineth floor. From there the internal and subjective conflicts for the flows of conscience and under the veil of introspection occur counted used for the author to demonstrate the shock of the two worlds between which the personage if finds.

Expensive Stream

Leonardo of the Vinci. Professor of Internet Governance can provide more clarity in the matter. SUMMARY In view of the abrangncia of the current ambient question and the inexistence of borders for the pollution of the hdricos resources in the world which occurs in scales global, regional and local, it was considered to argue the main indications of contamination of the streams Jenipapo and Car in the city of Aragominas Tocantins. The applied methodology left of a revision of literature of the main topics that portraies ambient the question current, such as hdricos environment, resources, ambient impact, pollution and sustainable development. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from BSA. Leaving of the comment, it register and analysis of the gotten data could be mensurar the indications of contamination of waters of the Jenipapo stream and Expensive stream. This was made from visits of field to the main points with focos of pollution, which if had given from its stream beds in the urban area until its springs.

After the collection and quarrel of the data, were verified that the springs of the streams Jenipapo and Car if find threatened by the antrpica action. It was evidenced for the most part absence of ciliar bush of its stream beds including agricultural and urban zone. Also some points had been identified of contamination for domestic sewer, residues of wash-spurts, agricultural activity and presence of solid materials as plastic in the edge and the stream bed of these streams. WORDS KEYS: Contamination, pollution, preservation. ABSTRACT environmental Given the scope of current issues and the absence of borders you the pollution of to water resources in the world which occurs on global, regional and local scales. Has been proposed you discuss the main signs of contamination in streams Expensive Jenipapo and in the City of Aragominas Tocantins. Environmental The methodology was based on literature review of the main topics that portrays the current issues that foccus on environment, to water resources, environmental impact, pollution and sustainable development.

Old Greece

Being thus, they will develop a conscience of bigger responsibility at the moment to choose its representatives. The study if he composes in five parts: introduction, development, conclusion, references and annexes. The introduction is composed in the following item: contextualizao, objectives, justification, formularization of the problem, questions of research, hypothesis, definition of terms and organization of the study. (As opposed to Dr. Neal Barnard). The development is composed in: revision of literature, methodology, presentation and analysis of the results of the field research the first chapter presents the electoral process in Brazil since the establishment of the Republic and the disability of the rights of the people to choose its representatives. In as the chapter the approach is on the democratic systems of government as primordial principle to the citizenship. The third chapter approaches the electoral processes in the city of Linhares from the decade of 50 from says of some inhabitants and old mayors. 2 THE VOTE IN BRAZIL: HISTORICAL ASPECTS Are considered in this study, the vote as maximum instrument of representation of the popular will in any instance.

E, even so in Brazil, the vote is obligator, not if it believes that this characteristic comes to stain the intention of popular that it locks up the electoral processes. The vote, however is not an isolated action. It is the culminncia of a long process of fight for the popular participation at different times and civilizations. 2,1 VOTE IDENTITY: SOCIAL ASPECTS AND POLITICIANS the word vote sends to a concept and an action that retraces to Old Greece. Appeared from the moment where the State if organizes and if structure, it was, however, acquiring different applications in agreement the interests of each time and society. On the other hand, identity, in the sociological conception ‘ ‘ … fills the space between the interior and the exterior?

Visconde Raoul

It speaks of an architect who is in the subsoil of the opera and terrifies the people who zombo of it. This history of ' ' Ghost of the pera' ' it happened in Century XIX, in Paris, in a very pretty building, constructed between 1857 and 1874, on a great underground water sheet. The Ghost of the Opera is a romance that speaks of the history of Erich, an architect of the Palaces in the Prsia. By it to know secrets of the architecture, it was pursued and if it hides in Paris, with a Persian. It understood of architecture, music, literature and also wise person to use the Punjab bow, one of the forms of used hanging in the Prsia. He finished liveing in the subsoil of the Opera, of where it controlled the building, knowing all the hiding places, accesses and tickets. Then the ghost knows Cristine Daa, a singer orphan of a violinista.

It gets passionate itself for it and decides to become it better singer of the Opera. The voice of it appeared for backwards of the mirrors, it starts to believe that it is one ' ' angel of msica' ' that the father of it had sent after deceased. Cristine obtains the absolute success and is recognized in all the Operas, until when it is convoked to substitute Carlotta, the Diva ignorant of the spectacle. Cristine Daa operates leaves it full in its first spectacle, and its love of infancy that sponsored the theater, Visconde Raoul de Chagny was present to the spectacle. Cristine is a young, inexperienced, induced and easily weak young woman. Raoul is a shy and gotten passionate boy, who is corresponded. the Ghost, is sincere, seductive, brilliant, strong and has many good feelings, exactly after as much suffering. The Ghost perceives that Cristine is if approaching to Raoul and takes Cristine for the subterranean.

Kiev Theological Academy

Mikhail Bulgakov's life was not easy. More than once he found himself in a desperate situation, experiencing the collapse of the vague hope of recognition and success. The man who brought Russian literature in the XX century worldwide fame, his life's journey graduated from the modest librettist and consultant of the Bolshoi Theater. At that time, in March 1940, thirteen of Bulgakov's plays and dramatizations of the Art Theater went on only two: "The days of Turbine" and "Dead Souls" and the main product Bulgakov – the novel "The Master and Margarita" has more than a quarter century had to wait for a meeting with your readers. Known to the public during his lifetime as a writer acclaimed "Days of Turbine," writer became more legend to the extent that, as with playbills and on the pages of literary publications his name disappeared. Only in the 60s when it was finally published, most Bulgakov works gradually became manifest genuine Figure literary biography.

The son of a professor of the Kiev Theological Academy, country doctor – a graduate of the University of Kiev – began his practice in the hospitals of World War I, where life was a powerful charge pacifism. Then – st hospital in the village of St. Nicholas of Smolensk province, and later – municipal hospital in Vyazma, where he led the October revolution Bulgakov, 1917. Next – the vicissitudes of civil war, returning to his native Kiev, fourteen times from hand to hand, sequential mobilization of almost all the warring armies in the Ukraine. In one of his first feature articles that appeared in November 1919 in a busy Denikin troops Terrible, Mikhail Bulgakov, one year before the evacuation of the Crimea and the end of the White movement in Southern Russia to be extremely accurately described the tragedy of the future of the country.

These lines are written as if today: "We will have to pay for past incredible difficulty, severe poverty of life. Pay and in a figurative and literal sense. Pay for the March Madness days, crazy days of October, for samostiynyh traitors, for the wickedness of the workers in Brest, for an insane use machines for printing money … for everything! And we will pay. And just when it's already too late, we'll start again Khoi-create that, to become full, so let us again in the Versailles hall. Who will see these bright days? We? Oh no! Our children, perhaps, perhaps, and grandchildren, because the scope is broad and stories of the decade it just as easy to "read" as well as some years. And we, the representatives of the unlucky generation, dying back in the rank of wretched bankrupt, will be forced to tell our children: – Dresses, honest and always keep in mind the social revolution! "Revolution Bulgakov, like many of his countrymen, could not be taken as a very formidable given, which is now, willy-nilly have to coexist. And the diary, who was in the mid-20s, the writer gave the characteristic title: "Under the fifth." And in this tragic combination of moral opposition to the revolution and the need to somehow to adapt to life in her view is created, perhaps one of the major contradictions of Bulgakov's work. H, as a writer, Bulgakov was the revolution owes its birth. It is no accident, he clearly aware of the need to find artistic expression of the created adeksvatnoe revolution era.