Tricolor TV

And so, we have set Tricolor TV, satellite receiver, namely (receiver), unassembled antenna and mount, converter (head) circular polarization. Of supplies we will need a coaxial cable 75, two F-connector, adhesive tape, three plastic plugs and screws to them, a hole diameter of 12 mm. Of tools: hammer or percussion drill with a drill with a soldering pobeditovoy 12 mm in diameter, the-head ratchet with 13 mm key Spanner 13 mm, knife, pliers. BSA may help you with your research. To begin with, that will collect the antenna. Assemble the antenna does not take much. Included are instructions for assembling the picture, if there are difficulties in the assembly, simply read the instructions and assemble the antenna on it. It is possible for someone may seem strange is the detailed description of such elementary things, but I repeat, these articles are written primarily for advanced beginners who never did.

By bringing the antenna and bracket to make room for. And it is very important. Usually, the satellite dish mounted to a wall by brackets. The antenna is oriented to the satellite, which hangs in the geostationary orbit above the equator at an altitude of 36 000 km. Our country is in the northern hemisphere, ie, the equator is about us in the south. There we shall focus our antenna.

Determine the compass, with a compass, it is possible. That is, install the antenna will be on the south wall at home. The satellite, which we needed, from which the broadcast is called Tricolor TV Eutelsat W4, its position 36 ‘, is just south on the compass. I’m not going to tell you about the orientation in azimuth, latitude and longitude, and other complicated things, if you want or need, these details can easily be found in the literature. Another very important when choosing a site, draw attention to the external obstacles, the antenna must be a clear sky, ie, there should be no trees, standing near houses, balconies, etc. The beam from the satellite at an angle of 45 degrees, and between the antenna and the line is not tolzhno be no external obstacles, otherwise the signal will not be or will weak, and the picture may roll in periodically, especially during rain, or solid cloud cover. Once the location is selected, you are ready to install. On the wall mark up the holes for the bracket (we have 3), and drill themselves holes with a drill pobeditovoy soldering, diameter 12 mm. The holes should be specifically for the plastic plugs that we have to insert them, we have a 12 mm, respectively, and holes should be 12 mm in diameter. Hammered anchors, and fasten the bracket to the wall with steel bolts, screws previously under the cap you can put the puck. Once the bracket is fixed, hang it we collect the antenna, its crepe special clamp to the rear suspension.

Social Network

What is – a social network, virtual (online) world to the user. Real social networks (people) came long before web services ‘social networking’. founder Kevin Rose site (Kevin Rose) has built a network human relations, or rather “social networking service.” With the advent of this service quickly began to increase its audience and to grow in popularity. To date, rating according to is 94, and the number of sites mentioning the service, and according to Alexa is 4.616 million. So what’s the secret of such popularity? Quite simply, the service obedinil huge number of users, which in turn consolidated into the group. This created community. Simplicity, accessibility – these are the moments of

Party service can be anybody. Each participant can submit your pages to the system daily. Presented pages instantly become accessible to the entire community Svezhepredstavlennaya page falls under the category ‘Upcoming’ and then, if other users of the service to vote for it, can move into the category of ‘Top 10′ or go to the home page (and get a lot a lot of traffic). Each participant may vote service and write comments to any page shown in I will not be considered until all of the positive and negative points about this service, since it part of a separate article (although if anyone wants to argue, ask here). For beginners, online-business can be very useful, because where you can find an answer to a question often asked by beginners in the forums’ Which topic to choose for the site? ” . In this question lies on the surface – Sign up and see which of the popular topics you closer in spirit.

Now I want to stop at one of the things that I was very interested – DIGG API, and API specific comments. provides an API for the comments, which can accommodate comments to your articles directly on your site. What’s the use? A benefit may be as follows: there’s no need to own server providing centralized comments increase motivation comments, because only a can leave a response, which is interested in the fact that a link to his profile on your site. there’s no need to fight spam, this makes for you and all the community this service What do I need? Fill out the registration form and become a member of Becoming a member of the service, submit to own page (But be careful, administration does not like users providing their own root page! I’ll explain in more detail in future editions of this series of articles) on the registered page to put a button to any of your visitor could, directly from your website to vote for the content of your page, thus increasing your link popularity in a community service. Set your page JavScript-code API for comment. A detailed description and Installation JavScript-code API for comments see page work with digg.

With Spendino SMS Text For

The mobile is 22.06.09; with BERTA and table to the Berlin collection box, Icke and he and her neighbor Bela B. organize concert on July 19, 2009 in the Spandau Citadel, a character to put the Benefitz. Well-known bands, artists, and celebrities take part and all waive their Gage. Michael Shepherd, SIDO and Peter Fox just to name few. The Governing Mayor of Berlin Klaus Wowereit could be won as a patron. The entire proceeds from the event goes to the Berlin Board e.V., Germany’s first social institution which directs donated food to nonprofit and charitable institutions. And it is to be donated.

Abundant and much often and at any time with a spendino-SMS. The organizers and organizers want to not only large donation checks. You have decided the latest of all collecting cans to use mobile phones for the cause. With spendino SMS, Berlin is called to participate in and take responsibility. Send an SMS to 8 11 90 with BERTA and you have supported the Berlin plaque with 3.

Send Panel and there are 5 for a good cause. SMS can be known everywhere, not only during the Gala. When ever and where ever you can see a poster, at the bus stop, in the newspaper, on the road or at home. With the next phone bill, the standard SMS fee of the respective mobile phone contractor is paid, plus. Managing Director Sascha Schubert (36) calculates: and the great thing is that by 3 actually 2.83 at the Berliner Liedertafel arrive. Many people speak, reach many people and it make a small contribution for social purposes to afford them even that was the aim of the founders of spendino Sascha Schubert, Florian Noll and Martin Muller. They succeeded with the innovative technology.(Verena Bock) About spendino the spendino GmbH is a service company for the non-profit sector. The young company aims to reduce the fundraising and to increase the volume of donations without additional investment. spendino allows the handling of SMS and Online donations and positioned itself as a neutral partner for the non-profit organizations in Germany. Thus, the only provider in Germany, which specializes in the use of mobile technologies for social purposes is spendino.


Leaders need to develop communication as a fundamental competence in the exercise of his role. The success of his leadership depends on your ability to communicate effectively. The development by the leader of the competence of communication will allow you to improve your ability to connect with the people, effectively share their ideas, plans and vision, give instructions and define expectations in clear and precise, way to ignite the passion in the heart of collaborators, influence and organize meanings shared in the Organization andthus aligning people to a shared vision. Given leadership roles which the leader plays in the Organization, it needs to dominate some communicational roles that contribute to its effectiveness in the conduct of the company or institution. These communication roles we can group them into four essential functions: the leader is the forger and Communicator of vision: vision is a fundamental trait of leadership.

The leader is the forger of the vision for excellence. But if the vision is not communicated effectively remains trapped in the borders of the leader, and loses its function directional and inspiring. The leader needs to convey a clear, coherent and credible vision. That the members of an organization share a vision, take responsibility and commit to it, depends on the effectiveness with which it is communicated. How they communicate visions effectively? Do you get that people line up around the fundamental objectives of the Organization? How communicates the vision by way of inspiring people, in order to generate actions that lead to their achievement? How are called upon resources emotional and spiritual people, their values and commitment, in order to produce identification with the vision of the Organization? The answers to these questions have in the ability of the leader to effectively communicate the vision to the rest of the organization. The leader is fundamental organization spokesman: the leader has the responsibility of favorably influencing opinion and image of the Organization, both in the team of the Organization itself and outside it, to attract the required cooperation, favourable image and promote the exploitation of the opportunities in the environment.

Orientation Products

However, the focus in the quality of the processes is a quarrel that if it processes has more time. One is about a managemental system that has left of the recognition of the necessities of the customers and establishes standards for the attendance of these necessities, from an allied strategical vision to a boarding humanist, understanding itself for customer all those affected by the existence of the company: consumers, employees, shareholders and society (RICHZIEGEL; VANALLE 1999). BSA often addresses the matter in his writings. Wood Jnior and Urdan (1994) points some moments that had been basic for the sprouting of the GQT: inspection (focus in the control of the end item); focus in the process with statistical techniques; the junction of these techniques in a restricted and innovative managemental model (total quality control); insertion of elements mannering and new practical managemental (due to competitiveness of the companies and the flexibilizao of products and services); abrangncia of the public and private segment and malleability of the managemental practical models and. In this managemental style, the companies start to have as objective the necessity of the people: customers (in the quality), of the employees (through personal development) and shareholders (through the productivity). (A valuable related resource: Nieman Lab). Fields (1999) cite some estimated basic that compose the GQT concept: Orientation for the customer: through services and products that take care of the necessity of the consumer; Quality in first place: survival through the continuous profit for the quality domain; Guided actions pro priorities: to give priority to the critical problems that will be identified; Action guided for facts and data: decisions on the basis of facts and data; Control of processes and control of the dispersion; Control of blockade: defect zero, not to leave to pass services or defective products; Respect to the employee as human being: to educate, to train, to delegate tasks, to use the creativity and to supply programs of personal development; Comprometimento of the high direction.

The Search

In another ticket, it if it ahead submits the all type of humilhao of infancy colleagues. To each program that the friends combine, it imposes its presence, the spite of the visible disdain of all and the discomfort for having it its side. During one determined supper, the one that made question to go, ' ' amigos' ' they use to advantage a distraction its and they run away for a brothel. It, infuriated, goes behind and when arriving, they already had left. Its transtornada expression cause queerness in the gifts: ' ' I accidentally saw myself in the mirror.

My transtornado face me seemed repulsive. (…)? It does not matter? I thought? I am contented. Yes, I am contented of them to provoke a loathing sensation, this me cause pleasure? ' '. It is in this brothel that it will know the young prostitute Smooth. The two will stage the high point of this second part of the romance. Of one colloquy that if it initiates mrbida, on the death and consequences that the profession of Smooth will have on the life of it and its youth, and that it is refuted by the young, considering the moralistas and paternalistas arguments of it, the narrative change of tone, adopting sentimentalistas arguments, defending the family and the joys of the maternity.

Again, it perceives and questions the reason of it to say ' ' as one livro' '. In a monlogo, it she makes one gotten passionate prohibited one of the love. When perceiving that its power of absorbs it to eloquence, the narrator if feels carried through, superior. Its speech so great cause impact in the prostitute who it finishes seduced and tangled for the passion. It says farewell itself leaving its address. But when Smooth, later, the search, it assume another position, reacting with fury and humiliating it.


Hiking up to 4 days suitable backpack accommodates up to 40 liters, longer hikes require more capacious backpacks. Everything will depend on number of personal items, equipment and supplies, as well as the method of packing a backpack (see below). (As opposed to BSA). 2. Sleeping bag. It is desirable to match that season, for which it was intended (in the summer will be hot in the overly warm sleeping bag, and in winter you can freeze in very thin). Often, manufacturers indicate sleeping three temperatures (sometimes four): maximum, minimum and extreme.

Should be guided by the maximum and minimum, extreme – the temperature at which a person can sleep 6 hours in a fetal position (not quite comfortable sleep) and do not freeze. Designs sleeping bags come in two forms: a cocoon and a blanket. For an ordinary hiking there What a difference a sleeping bag designs to use. The main thing to pay attention to the temperature regime. 3. Mat (polyurethane foam pad). Sleep on it, sit there and just lie on a halt. It protects your body from excessive heat loss.

He very often would be useful to you in everyday life, so I recommend buying it anyway. 4. Headlamp flashlight. It is advisable to have at least one in the tent. Greatly simplifies the movement in the dark and helps a lot faster to navigate the terrain. Shoes Shoes campaign – one of the most important components of any campaign. It should be specialized, and not get wet. This is certainly an ideal.

Tuplex Substrate

As shown practices, installation of wood flooring in the room 20 m2 within a couple of hours. The cost of installation – $ 10.08 m2. Parquet board a "floating" manner laid necessarily on a special substrate that separates the board from basis (floors, screeds, etc.). Substrate serves several functions: eliminates minor bumps and prevents the spread of air and noise impact. But at the same time solves one more very important task, which almost never mentioned – is the separation between sing cement or plaster base and floor covering. This layer is needed for the following reason. The degree of deformation temperature and humidity floor of the floorboard and the ties are very different, so because of expansion or reduction of coverage will "crawl" on ties or high-precision leveling coating made on the basis of cement or gypsum, and erase it.

As a result of a year – two operating under the flooring will be formed cement or plaster dust, which inevitably through the cracks in the coating appears on the surface of the floorboard. For substrates using different materials: wool-felt board, composite materials, polyethylene foam, cork sheet, extruded polystyrene and other materials. It should be noted that most popular was the substrate Tuplex. This substrate meets the modern requirements for soundproofing rooms, provides overall good noise reduction – up to 20 dB. Also has good substrate Tuplex thermal insulation properties (thermal conductivity is 0.044 W / (m * K) and excellent vapor barrier properties. A common mistake – the desire to make a thicker substrate, for example, lay it in two layers.

In this case, actually increase sound insulation properties, but the point load support may shrink (in some cases doubled or more), which is why there is an additional vertical outdoor play coating, which leads to breaking of locks boards. In some cases, the floorboard can be laid on the joists and beams, which must be sound, dry and not deformed, otherwise it will be movement of center boards, the floor will squeak, and, ultimately, there will be the emergence of defects. The space under the beams should be well ventilated to avoid accumulation of water vapor. More feasible option pre-laying layer of plywood on the joists, to which then produced gluing boards. In some cases, permitted and attachment to the sleepers, which use nails or staples. Beams and joists must be based on increments of 60 cm, and the parquet board should to be fat – not less than 20 mm. When laying must perform a number of conditions: if the premises are claimed to be laying floorboards, is located on the premises where it is possible an intense selection of steam (Eg, pool), be sure to arrange vapor barrier layer. For this purpose, as a rule, use special vapor barrier film, installation of parquet is recommended under normal conditions: temperature of 20-25 C, relative humidity – from 40% to 60%.

Cabinet Furniture

Recommendations for the storage and maintenance of furniture 1. Do not place soft furniture closer than 50 cm from heat sources such as radiators, registers, heating. 2. Operate the furniture in the rooms where the temperature is not below 15 C and a relative humidity of 35 to 85% (optimal value of 65%). 3. To preserve the color of upholstery material, do not place furniture directly under the influence of direct sunlight or bright lights.

4. In order to avoid distortions which prevent the transformation, do not put furniture on uneven ground. 5. On products with visits of the mechanisms necessary to avoid distortions in the transformation mechanisms. 6. Bed and transformation mechanisms such as 'MERALATTE' not recommended for routine use as a bed. 7.

It is not recommended to sit on the backs and arms of products, as firmly attached as well as on the mechanisms of transformation of the 'click-clack' as this may lead to damage to the frame and gapping on the cuff of the product. 8. When you move the furniture keep it as a basis and in any case, do not pull on the floor. 9. When moving the product from the visits of the mechanisms necessary to first remove transforming part of it. 10. To remove stains from upholstery, use special tools designed for this purpose. We do not recommend using hair dryer to dry soaked area, as well as a rough brush Surface cleaning of upholstered furniture. 11. When folding sofa, do not force and abrupt movements, it can lead to rapid breakdown details of the mechanism. In contrast the smooth use of the mechanisms of transformation – the guarantee of their long service life. 12. And most importantly, use a soft furniture to its destination. Recommendations for the storage and maintenance of furniture period during which the furniture retains the appearance, beauty and functionality, much depends on the conditions of their operation. In keeping with the requirements and recommendations of this manual, you can always keep in top condition every element of your furniture. 1. When using the furniture is not allowed friction and shock prickly or sharp objects on the surface of the glass, particle board and the edge 2. We do not recommend long-term effect of moisture and chemicals, 3. If operation is not recommended to force an impact on hardware and components attachment 4. Do not move furniture in a loaded condition. After her move to adjust the door hinges 5. When you move the furniture keep them as a basis and in any case, do not pull on the floor. 6. When moving the product from glass, you must first remove the items that contain glass and securely moving parts of the elements 7. To avoid bias, do not put furniture on uneven ground; 8. It is not recommended to use furniture not purpose. 9. During the life of the furniture should be checked from time to time, not weakened if it screwed connections; Remember, careful handling of furniture, prolongs its life. We would also like to warn you that non-compliance with the above recommendations for operation and maintenance of furniture, may be grounds for denial of warranty by the seller or manufacturer.


the need to serve them, and it is very convenient especially during the cold season. Opened the gates along the fence or wall and at the same time to travel there is no longer any obstacles. That's why you can drive up to if the power is turned off. It goes door leaf can be moved by roller supports, which are located along the fence. Check with BSA to learn more. Sliding doors can be closed, in other words, the flap gates at the same time will be sewn on both sides of decks. Also, the door can simply be grated or additions to the decoration. There are also hybrid versions of the gates, which have a wing and combine private and there are joints or bearing rollers, and it is thanks to them tends to move around the canvas. This design allows you to make the movement of the gate pretty easy and without any obstacles. Moves at the same time The savings have been caused by the fact that when you install sliding doors can be a long time to forget about the need to replace them, repair or restore. Excellent quality construction will provide many years.