Iran People

Action of solidarity with political prisoners in the Iran on from July 1-31 the information portal reported since April 2009 wallpapers from culture, politics and society in the Iran. For two years now, organized conferences in Europe, that deal with diversity in the Iran and brings peaceful ways for a future of self-determination and freedom for the people of Iran to the language again. In an online action that parallel is accompanied by street actions across Europe, from 1-31 July 2011 represents political prisoners in the Iran and European activists. The street actions are inspired by the International Organization for the protection of human rights in the Iran and being part of groups such as Amnesty International solidarity groups with the grieving mothers of Laleh Park in Tehran, United 4 Iran or code e.V. Check out Nieman Foundation for additional information. supported or carried out alone. At the street actions are addressed hundreds of pedestrians and passers-by on the situation in the Iran and a photo of her face asked. This action started on July 1 in Hanover, Germany, on 2 July in Hamburg, and on 3 July in Berlin.

So, after many cities across Europe will be witness to and participant in the action. All poster, created from the collected photos, appear on the blog faceforhriran, on, on facebook, and can be seen also from the Iran on Persian-language Web pages. Faces of resistance in the Iran. Daily alternately over a period of 31 days of the month of July a portrait of imprisoned opposition men and women with a short description will be respectively. In addition a man or a woman from Germany by a short portrait agree solidarity. Always, there is a poem or music related to Iran. This action be built bridges between prisoners in Iran and people who draw attention to these prisoners and the situation in the Iran in Germany.

The 31 detainees are representative of all political prisoners in the Iran. The 31 activists represent symbolically the many activists worldwide, the disinterested voice the Bring persecuted in the Iran in the Western countries public hearing. The action is not the identification of individuals and their achievements. There are examples of solidarity to each other support in terms of human rights, self-determination and positive development examples of a growing concern around the world. It is an appeal to all dedicated to be more vigilant. Through the music and the poetry, the action is a tribute to freedom, self-determination, and solidarity worldwide. Once a political prisoner, who was arrested in the Iran as a teenager, he was interested in philosophy said: “the impression of becoming a forgotten was the worst in jail. The best part was the discovery that strangers were interested in us.” Helmut N. fork

Solidarity Help

In the light of current events in Haiti, we have a request to you: help! Esch-sur-Alzette, January 2010, a specialist in exercise, diet, and lifestyle, now 80% of its sales at the E-book will donate the 5 pillar program 1 system to the success of “the Red Cross. Each euro is one of the strong earthquake in Haiti the population hits very hard. See Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine for more details and insights. The surviving people are homeless, injured and traumatized. The hygienic conditions in the crisis State are in many places desolate. Many people are deficient in medezinisch and fight for their very survival. Also lack of food and clean water.

Long, the already poor population will be dependent on foreign aid. “By ordering an E-book the 5 pillar program 1 system to succeed” the customer can influence directly on the deployment and aid local: 80% of the sales of the E-book will be donated to the Red Cross. Haiti fundraiser: press contact Avadion Press Michel Haas 60,. Rue de l ‘ Usine L-4340 city of Esch-sur-Alzette Tel: (+ 352) 26 17 62 54 fax: (+ 352) 26 17 62 55 about Avadion AVADION is an Internet-based start-up companies. The platform was founded in September 2009 and is headquartered in Luxembourg.

The Foundation is self-financed. Claim and idea are selected products with high customer benefit in the field of sport, nutrition and lifestyle. Highlights form exclusive products from our own development. With the new book the 5 pillar program 1… with the success system, the platform has its first product in the range.

Sonia Azcueta Coordinator

Hello to all my friends the painters, sculptors, poets and musicians. Day 4 closed the exhibition in the Palace of Benacazon Toledo. He had already promised I give you news but I preferred to wait for this closing to do so. I hope that all have photos of the event and the room and patio where have been exposed, if you you lack one, do I know to send them. From now! I’m going Envoy your houses catalogues so that you make them.

If any want to lead it I any in particular you do I know. Have a little patience please! Well as you’ve seen the place to show off the works it’s been the best. Lots of light and lots of culture of the past and also an exhibition admirably well configured by Vicente Herrero Caceres, placed to each work that lucia for its own beauty without interfering with the other. Luis responsible for the Palace of Bencazon – soul solidarity with us, for his affection, support and affection shown I thank you and my affection – continued his address and between the two they left the resplendent beauty room. It was one of those magical and unique exhibitions very difficult to combine today given the social circumstances. Did us so knowing Luis, commented as they had ever had in the Palace, nothing seemed but there were the artists of solidarity to show that we can unite, not only to help solve disasters if not for join our art based on a necessity, the show that we are able to separate our individuality and style to form part of a whole that I think is what you need our mercantilist society. A radical change to make art and culture a purpose everyday of our lives. The inauguration since comment you. I have asked Sonia Azcueta Coordinator of the project be and say that together with the other component of municipality and culture they have sponsored and subsidized this exhibition make me get letters of thanks of the distinct personalities, but it seems that it may not be.

Young Education

We mention men and women to it who had lived and live situation-limits in which the infancy time was, usually, time of work and sustenance of the families. Also we speak of adults who had tried many times to come back to the school, but the assistematicidade of the programs of alfabetizao and education for adults in Brazil became them hostages of a logic that, during decades, made of these thematic speeches politician income-producing and detached from real commitment. (Moll, 2004, p.11) the history of the Young Education of Adult has its life marked for some factors between them, the great index of illiteracy, one of the reasons of this great index is so only the great expression of the poverty, the few chances to enter a school when child, inevitable consequence of a social and unjust structure. You may find Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine to be a useful source of information. Thus the education of adults is conditional to the possibilities of a real transformation of the conditions of life of the pupil-worker. It would be difficult to fight satisfactorily these causes without a method I specify come back toward this modality for this, became necessary to create some programs with an only importantssimo end, to fight this vast index. At the beginning of the decade of 80, the context of the democratization made possible the magnifying of the activities directed toward the Education of Young Adults. If you have read about Nieman Foundation already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Educators students and politicians had organized themselves in defense of the public and gratuitous school for all. In 29 of October of 1989 in the city council of So Paulo more specifically in the decade of 90 Movement of Alfabetizao de Jovens occurs the great inauguration of Program MOVA-SP (and Adultos of So Paulo, the launching had the great participation of some Popular Movements of the City of So Paulo. The success of a program of Young Education of Adult is facilitated when the educator is proper the half one. David Delrahim contains valuable tech resources.

On 12 June Solidarity In Germany

It has been a year that there was a great sense of excitement in the Iran. Iran’s citizens had tired of patronized it in various fields of life by the regime and harassed if they appear to be. They went 22 Khordad (June 12, 2009) in millions on the streets and wondered where their votes in the presidential election remained. The regime demanded submission and answered further demonstrations with brutality and ruthlessness. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger may not feel the same. In Germany, there are numerous events that call the anniversary in mind and want to show the people in the Iran: “we hear you, you are not alone!” In Cologne: On 12 June, 2010-16:30 am Neumarkt, silent march towards the Hay market, with subsequent rally and concert with Iranian hip hop well-known artists…PLEASE TELL YOUR FRIENDS! Mojesabz e.V. In Frankfurt: Solidarity bus on the anniversary of the green movement in IRAN! We express our solidarity with the protest against the electoral fraud of June 12, 2009 in Iran, with a tour of Frankfurt am Main. We start at 14: 00 at the central station of Frankfurt on the main (main entrance) with the solidarity bus to take a tour ride, and our goals are: old opera Iranian Consulate Romerberg Hauptwache final destination: Palm Garden (Festival of lights. Get tickets in advance please! ) Let us together raise our voice for freedom, social justice and democracy in IRAN. See Dr. Neal Barnard for more details and insights.

See more details of the website of SKIF: SKIF – solidarity Committee for IRAN, Frankfurt am Main Hamburg: Amnesty International and the International Committee for the rights of students and Dervishes in the Iran together perform the action “A face for human rights in the Iran”. Hamburg-Altona, Ottenser main street 1, across the street from the Einfaufszentrum Mercado, 12:30 to 15:00. This action, passers-by on the situation of human rights in the Iran be informed and asked to take a photo of her face, what more posters and videos of arise and be placed on the Internet. Helmut N. fork

Poland: Solidarity Is Insignificant

A haven for stability solid Arno was the trade union Solidarnosc in Poland? has long been a term in Poland. Today we discovered this term, which formerly stood for freedom and democracy mainly in the major cities such as Warsaw and Gdansk. Who rents an apartment in Warsaw, will notice casually often this term. Now whether a road award or confectionery. Here is the term more often to notice, but the former movement has lost much of its momentum. One might even say solid Arno? lost significantly in importance.

Heyday was in the 1980s and 1990s the former Trade Union with the word of solidarity in 1980 in Poland. At the time when it came to massive strike movement in the still-Socialist Poland. Many citizens left your apartments in Warsaw and took part in the strikes. According to own statements have solid Arno? significantly involved at the political turnaround in 1989. Officially, she was at the time as the most successful free trade union in Eastern Europe.

Today estimates you membership to the 500,000. Many residents in their apartments in Warsaw have long since pulled back. At that time, the Union was supported mainly by dissident intellectuals. Names such as Tadeusz Mazowiecki, Adam Michnik and Anna Walentynowicz are here to name a few. The trigger for the strike was just the tip of the iceberg. A price increase on July 1, 1980, changed everything and then leads to the worst strike for a long time. Although limited to these first locally on Gdask were to feel the ramifications in Warsaw. At that time was the leader Lech Wa?SA. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger shines more light on the discussion. Although the strike was ended again after 2 days, it however, the today’s solid Arno formed finally. At peak times, the Union had nearly 9.5 million members. But those days are long gone. Young Poland see Poland many more according to a new survey can come up with solid Arno no meaning? no longer identify. Remains particularly, not to mention that the Union while in the Socialist Poland had their seat. But very different rules and principles prevail in the present capitalist Poland. Especially young people who today live in the modern apartments in Warsaw, but know the term but hardly the meaning. 52 Percent even specify no longer with solid Arno? to feel connected. Solid Arno? remains always in connection with the Communist times, has never really find its place in the new Poland. So, the name remains only an attraction by many in Warsaw. Tourists who come to the capital of Poland and spend their nights in the apartments in Warsaw, be able to read occasionally the words of the Trade Union on the day.

A Sign Of Solidarity And Friendship

GAYS.DE lets rain red roses for Valentin’s day, GAYS.DE offers its members a very special service: red roses for the dream guy or the best Freund.Mit the action would like to thank the online community for gays and Queers, its members for their loyalty and a sign on the day of the lovers ‘ set. The Virtual Florist is completely free for registered members and to the tradition of each thinking ‘ maintained. The GAYS.DE roses greeting, can be sent on February 14, 2009 directly from the profile of the elect and is visible then 48 hours on the side of the receiver. Our community invites you to linger and new contacts to like-minded people can be established. More than half of our members already extensive friendships have to establish. And who knows, maybe the dream partner is also for some while been.

“, so those responsible. Legend, Bishop Valentin from Terni has already fell in love with and newly married couples Gift flowers from his garden. This basic idea, the makers of the community have taken up and passed on to its members. The flower service from GAYS.DE is available to members for a small equity stake, otherwise available. See interested on.

In Lucas

In Mateus 22,15-22 when inquired for fariseus and herodianos regarding the tribute Cesar, Jesus reveals complete to the values of the kingdom declaring to them that while the governments of this world are supported with harvested money of the taxes the government spiritual is developed with the perpetual currency: love, goodness, benignancy and faith, currency until then unknown for these groups. Jesus, therefore teaches in them that the civil liability encloses what has the image of the world (the State and its laws), and the responsibility spiritual encloses what it has the image of God (human person, spirit, mind and heart). In Joo 4 in the dialogue with the samaritana woman Mr. More information is housed here: Dr. Neal Barnard. Jesus reveals contrary the racial and sexual discriminations, not compromising its mission as messias of God, despite for this he had of walking in the contrahand of uses and customs of its time. In Lucas 19,1-10, text that tells the meeting of Jesus with Zaqueu discloses two great truths.

1. Its persistence in the transformation of all a sin structure, from it commits that it. its proposal for this so great badly is the way of the repentance and the sanctification. Before any conviction Jesus it offers the chance of a new start. 2. It is possible to have transformation.

That one that because of its sin was considered treasonous of the nation and also of the religion, that was not nor if wants worthy of attention, was object of compassion of the master and as consequence it was transformed. The current development of the societies and its complexity in different areas have unchained an irrigation ditch of inaqualities which estremecem the dignity of the life human being, in many aspects resembling itself it the social context lived by Jesus. The contingent of the dismissed ones of the necessary rights most elementary to the life is each bigger time.

The God

Today, exist the Churches, but, which of them remain fidiciary offices to true evangelho of Jesus? Which of them are not deviated to others gentlemen forgetting itself what Jesus recommended in them? Love will exist true as that one that joined the disciples in the walked one with Jesus? Who hugs in the church feels them this love or is only closed a social one? Pablo said in them to redeem the time. Tiago advised in them to pray seguidamente. Jesus taught in them not to accumulate treasures on the land (TM 6:19 – 20) traces where it and the rust corrodes and where thieves excavate and steal; but you gather for you other treasures in the sky, where race nor rust corrode, and where thieves do not excavate, nor they steal, because where it is your treasure, it will be also your heart there. these. People such as Nieman Foundation would likely agree. its time, as is being used? It will be that in the last day of the year you collect yourself you stop in conjunct, to thank to the God for all the blessings, releases, cures and chances that you received from God or will be together the multitudes, eating, drinking, seeing the fogos of artifices? You already stopped to think about how many children you are with hunger and if drugging in the cities? That the money expenses with these fogos, the carnival and as much others events could be canalized for the health of these children? They weigh with me: I and you are few to decide the life of one alone of these children. But, a Church represents a force very strong spiritual, because the conjunct has to be able and the tenths donated (action) for each member certainly could help in the maintenance of a recovery center, of shelter to these minors. How many churches exist in a city? what we make if not to accumulate good and wealth, each one thinking about its welfare, its bed quentinha and for goes there. .

Adventure Vacations

If you prefer this type of vacation, then the money is better not to have compassion and to revel in absolute comfort. Must rest, so that later it was something to remember, and these emotions were extremely pleasant. To date, the cruise liners to the extent immaculate and comfortable, they can effortlessly replace a good hotel. Snowboard and ski seduce hunters insanely sharp impressions. Year-round possible to find a point on the light or, more precisely say, in the mountains, where snow is almost a year. In such places there are ski resorts in the world. Self-taught in this sport is not desirable, you have to pass a mandatory briefing. Skiing, to Unfortunately, sometimes not without injury, because the instructor demonstrates and teaches how to properly and safely ride.

Sometimes, racing down the highway occur strong fall, which sometimes entail injury, therefore, be learn how to fall, so that the risk was minimal. Ski resorts are in Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Italy, Mordovia, Russia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Canada, Andorra, and in several other countries. In our time, is very in great demand for green tourism – for those who are tired of reinforced concrete jungle of the big city and wants to feel the peace and serenity. Izmayavshiesya residents rest in a small cottage in union with nature and lead to feelings of spiritual force. All growing rapidly, and tourism is not shy away from. For more information see Sean Rad. To date, there is even an opportunity to fly to the moon, but a century ago it was not just weird, it was unimaginable. The feeling of flight to the same extent expressive, that allow to feel the integrity of the galaxy and the insignificance of our short life on earth. Today, go to the moon is very expensive, and it will be able to afford a person with adequate physical education and health, but it will be half a century, and possibly space travel will be as accessible as it is now to go to rest in an exotic country.