Metropolitan Regions

The Regions Metropolitans are the places where the displacement of the people if becomes more difficult and dispendioso. As much for the precariousness of the collective transport how much for the congestions for who it walks in particular automobile. They are regions where each time more has its number of inhabitants increased, in reason mainly of the easinesses, even so in average cities that are not part of no Region Metropolitan have tried increase significant of its population. It has twenty years, 41% of the Brazilian population lived in these areas, whereas currently this percentage passed to 42,5%. Although this increase can be explained, in part, for the creation of some, other factors exist that can explain size increase because the number of inhabitants of the pertaining cities to the new regions metropolitans is not great. In the passed year, 78.11 million people lived in these conglomerates of cities. Being that the greater is the Region Metropolitan of So Paulo with 19,33 million, second it is of the River of January with 11,49 million, third is of Belo Horizonte with 4,79 million, fourth is of Porto Alegre with 3,85 million, fifth is Recife with 3,59 million, sixth it is of Salvador with 3,51 million and seventh it is of $fortaleza with 3,48 million inhabitants.

They are people who possess necessities of if dislocating constantly, notadamente to work. Leading in account that most of the time the workstations are distant of where the people live, the cost of displacement (in time and money) of house for the work are very great. For example, according to IPEA, in the Region Metropolitan of So Paulo, 40% of the people who inhabit around in cities of the capital and that they possess job work in different cities of where they live. Considering that many people are expelled of the cities biggest for the lesser cities of these regions, an increase of the time of displacement of the people is had.

MercedesBenz Center LUEG

It was designed by the Essen Office Koschany + room architects Nagaraj food, 08.06.2010. On June 07, 2010, laid the cornerstone of the new Mercedes-Benz Center LUEG on University Road in Bochum was held. The Bochum Mayor, Dr. Ottilie Scholz was on-site, thanked for the entrepreneurial commitment, the backup jobs and stressed their joy over the successful design of the new building. An important gap on this before pointing axis for Bochum will now closed so Scholz. It had formally after an investment “scream”, further emphasized the head of the city. Previously, Jurgen Tauscher, CEO of Fahrzeug-Werke Lueg AG reminded of the 142jahrige tradition of the LUEG site Bochum and the importance of this trade point in Germany.

Together with Birgit Fischer, Chairman of the BARMER GEK, the guests accompanied the traditional casting of coins, newspapers and a construction certificate in a foundation of the new building by the building owners Christian and Stefan m Lueg and the later Architects Axel Koschany Essen Office Koschany + room architects Nagaraj. About 80 guests had gathered to the laying of the foundation stone on the former site of the local transport company of BOGESTRA. The design of the new LUEG centers with an investment volume of EUR 12 million comes from the Essen Office Nagaraj. First concepts were developed in 2007 for an extension by the architect. Since May 2010, now the BOGESTRA is built on the site of the former Central. On approximately 4,500 m, m there arise a new administrative building with exhibition spaces, workshops, as well as an underground car park.

Besides the LUEG Center itself, the BARMER GEK is insert in the new building. The extension to the headquarters of Fahrzeug-Werke LUEG AG is carried out without interruption of operation and shall be completed after 12 or 18 months. “In the coming year, our project team will finish the very economically plus building”, the Executive Architect Axel Koschany stressed. “It was us, creatively demanding and” functionally optimized to build, to keeping the strict economic requirements of the client. We succeeded according to the m Lueg family.” “It is our responsibility’, so the managing partner Axel Koschany and Wolfgang Zimmer, together with our client with future-oriented architecture to create spaces for people.” Nagaraj stands for creativity, quality and innovation. founded in 1959 in Essen, the architectural firm continues today in the second generation. With about 50 employees is the strength of the Office is always back at ease and curious to get involved in tasks and to find solutions. First priority has been working in Germany, ties the Office since some years contacts abroad. New focus Ireland, England, Dubai, Russia and Georgia. Since 2005, Nagaraj maintains an Office in Dubai, 2009 the architects there opened their Office Nagaraj Middle East. Press contact: Koschany + room architects Nagaraj Nicola Leffelsend Corporate communications Rutten Keeffe road 144, 45131 Essen FON: 0201-896 45 98 Fax: 0201-896 45 45

Starr Ralilings

Stair railings are an important part of the staircase, of course, they must be strong and stand out architecturally. Railings – Stairs are additional accessories that protect the system, ensuring safe movement. In addition to this role, the principal, handrails for stairs are endowed with more and decorative function. Fencing on the job and who create the master, always look great, have an aesthetic appearance and can be an unusual element Interior luxury building. Now the most popular are the railing, made of metal, although steel railing with wooden handrail and stairs, trimmed with wood or glass elements will look truly luxurious. In accordance with existing standards and regulations, stairs with 3 or more rungs of the handrail should be at a height of 90 cm width when the march is over 1.2 meters, the fence should be put on both sides of the ladder. Exterior stairs depends on the fences. Important not only its durability, but foreign originality and appeal, because this is a key decoration stairs. You may wish to learn more. If so, Boy Scouts of America is the place to go.

Railing make two models: external and internal – to the corresponding stair. External railings, of course, subject to weathering, for this reason that the material from which they are made must be practical. Most simplest and cheapest option is to select the wooden railing, but the stainless steel railings are more durable, and cost is not very different from wood. This kind of railing for the stairs is perfect for suburban buildings and country houses. Railings, metal, stronger than the other popular. As the base is used a lot of things: the usual pipes and profiles of various designs, and other steel structures. Actually ladder can be of valuable wood, concrete, stone and metal.

The metal is rather flexible, and there are lots of different methods of processing, due to this can create barriers and handrails for stairs almost any formy., intermediate racks can be mount not only vertically but also parallel to the staircase and even under some angle. Now in production of the stair railing is often used stainless steel. Railing stainless steel durable and does not require a special dye. Handrail made of stainless steel (stainless steel and fencing), have a great life, because stainless steel is very stable, comfortable and affordable. Fences made of stainless steel can be to create with the inclusion of other materials. Many of ferrous metals in the manufacture of fences can be subjected to chrome or nickel plating and thus get a good result. Widely used production railing of metals such as aluminum (or alloy) – pretty appealing its plasticity and flexibility. Handrails Wall play the role of fences, they do rise or descend the stairs comfortable. Their mounts, if stands for Railing difficult, impossible or pointless to install. Stainless steel handrail has the same qualitative characteristics as the steel fence.

US Of Oil And Gas Fund XIII By ECI Of Scarce Profits Regardless Of Expiration Time?

US of oil and gas Fund XIII of scarce profits regardless of expiration time? Due to the large size of the project, the fund company energy capital invest (ECI) will not only take over the financing, instead with the U.S. invest in Alaska oil and gas Fund XIII GmbH & co. KG. For this purpose, two companies are established which turn corresponding contracts must be signed. US oil and gas Fund XIII commodity funds from the House of ECI benefits from future arguments: U.S. of oil and gas Fund XIII commodity funds from the House of ECI has a minimum investment amount from 15,000 euros. US of oil and gas Fund XIII is a pure equity funds.

The planned investment volume is approximately EUR 25 million for U.S. of oil and gas Fund XIII commodities Fund. US of oil and gas Fund XIII anticipates forecast yield of 12 percent per annum US of oil and gas Fund XIII commodity funds from the House of ECI focuses promising investments in the oil and natural gas production in the United States. The initial investment amount is euro in the U.S. at 15 thousand.

Oil and gas Fund XIII commodities Fund. Despite the short time, the total payout to about 130 per cent is assumed. The results are duty-free in accordance with the draft for Germany. US of oil and gas Fund XIII commodity funds from the House of ECI has a term of 3 years and is a so-called short runner with high projected profit margins with this investment model. Its enormous is able US of oil and gas Fund XIII commodities Fund in order achieve profits despite enormous reliability. This ensures the subsidy commitment of Alaska first and foremost. In this connection is the fact that the biological raw materials in abundance are available for these closed-end funds. With the exploration extension of the production kitchen light unit up to the 31.01.2016 a significant milestone is set for the forthcoming promising recovery. However, buyers should not forget to inform yourself in detail about possible risks. At the beginning of the year 2011 the drilling platform “Spartan 151” was already promoted a special ship to Alaska. Due to the extreme size the special ship but had to accept another way and km in Cook came a during the summer 2011 after summa inlet Alaska Summarum 18.5 thousand..

Surveys Pay Money

With the new rhythm you are taking the economy I am sure that many will be very happy with the idea of making money by completing paid surveys. Is that lately are very fashionable to be able to generate some extra income, but anyway, that have not yet started are still wondering if it is possible to make money answering surveys. If you are interested in the answer, I invite you to keep reading the truth is that answering surveys pay is more easy than the table of 2. It does not require much effort and with a little discretion and few clicks already gonna be winning money. At the beginning it is not much, but over time it builds up and becomes a significant amount. Now, everyone wants to know how they do to earn money the more pro and the reality is that anda circulating a list of companies that offer paid surveys, and many already obtained it. Because what is important to not lose time, or effort, is knowing which are sites that offer surveys pay and that they are legitimate. Are those who provide many surveys and permanently updated.

For this reason, all These questions are answered by a good database with sites that provide surveys. Not all sites pay in cash, some do it with products, others with free samples and discounts. That is why it is also important to read the descriptions of that site is good and which do not. It is just a matter of having good advice and to find good places. Therefore, if you are interested to begin with the right foot, I invite you to keep reading how to make money on the Internet in a way more effective getting a list of companies that offer surveys pay.

The Trip

Standard day intake for an adult is about 2000 Kcal. At this rate hikes may increase 3000 kcal. The weight of products on one day is about 800 grams. Do not buy products in glass packaging (stew), she heavy and quite fragile. It is not something Boy Scouts of America would like to discuss. All cereals preferably repack in plastic bottle, which, before it should be well dried. One-time rate of consumption of some food for one person are: millet cereals – 70 g; buckwheat, rice and pasta – 80 g; semolina grains – 50 g oatmeal – 60 g; sausage – 50 g sugar – 25 g; canned meat – 70 grams, bread – 35 g; tea – 5 g. In addition to main meals there are a "grass" food (eating while driving). It includes: raisins, dried apricots, caramels, chocolate bars, etc.

This energy products, which increase stamina and to some extent satisfy hunger. Products are desirable to procure centrally. If the route will meet settlements, it is possible to buy products with this in mind (such as bread and sugar can not buy). Final preparation for the trip Once all the items and equipment assembled, you need to break to pack a backpack. First thing is packaged in a sealed package all products (sugar and grains – in plastic bottles), clothing and sleeping bag. Remember that the focus should be placed between the shoulder blades (closer to the back), it is much easier for you movement on the route. At the bottom of the backpack should put a sleeping bag and clothes, above – food, well, from the very top – the most popular things (hat, rain gear, etc.).

Makeup Removal

The surface of the cotton disks and sticks should be smooth, hair should not be separated from the product. Wool on a stick shall be secured, wound tightly and in sufficient quantity. Separately it is necessary to stipulate the use of special cosmetic wet wipes. They can replace and cleansers and cotton pads or balls, so easy to use outside the home or when on a full cleaning in no time. Wipes can be impregnated with lotion, tonic or cream composition and can be used for cleansing, toning and moisturizing skin. Make-up remover procedure is carried out in three stages. Make-up remover lips. Put on a cotton disc jelly or other makeup remover and gently, holding the corners of her mouth, remove the lipstick in the direction of the corner of the lips to the middle.

Not should remove the lipstick, using water and soap, as soap very dry mucous lips. Dye resistant lipsticks, which is deeply penetrated into the mucosa, it is advisable to remove, using a fat-containing equipment. Eye make-up remover. For tender and delicate area around the eyes, use special equipment, the last ophthalmologic control. Official site: Boy Scouts of America. Thanks to the active substances within them, they quickly dissolve makeup, soothe eyelid skin, as well as reduce the circles and puffiness under the eyes. There's another advantage: the pH of these funds is identical to the acidity of the tears, and so, even got into my eyes, they do not cause discomfort. If ever inflicted on the shade, make-up remover eye shadow to begin with. Moisten a cotton disc remover and remove the shadows, moving pad on the lower eyelid from the outer to inner corner of the eye, and over the top, on the contrary, from nose to temple.

Mascara should be removed directing traffic from the roots to the tips of eyelashes – while making sure your vehicle does not reach the mucous membrane of the eye. The most accurate it can be done using cotton buds. To do this, soak the wand wash and wash ink by the same movements, how you applied it. Another way to remove mascara with eyelash: cut cotton disc in two halves, each wet wash and put under the lower eyelid. Another drive, also dipped in a special facility, should be removed ink neat movements on the growth of eyelashes. This method allows you to prevent stretching the delicate skin of eyelids. Regardless of how you remove ink, then need to rinse your eyes cool water to remove excess cleanser. Make-up remover face and neck. Depending on the funds you have chosen, this procedure can be performed using water or not. If you used to wash water, prefer gels, foams and mousses. Wash with cool water sure, it tones the skin and tightens pores. Creams, lotions or any other demakiyator put on a cotton disc and carefully, but without rubbing, wipe their face strictly massage lines: from the center of the forehead to the temples, from nose wings along the cheekbones, the chin to the ear lobes. Depending on your preference, after the milk or cream you can refresh your skin tonic. The application of these simple rules allow you to do daily make-up remover process easy and enjoyable, and your skin – fresh and clean.


Cocktail dresses, also referred to as prom dresses, they are garments of a woman who usually shows a shorter length and used when one has been invited to a party. Cocktail dresses are suitable to carry the events as a semi-formal formal occasion, holiday, or other. Cocktail dresses come in a variety of shapes, sizes and lengths, but one of the most popular options is the famous little black dress. To choose available cocktail dresses, you should familiarize yourself with some of lengths that can be found. Depending on the trends of the current fashion of the year or the acceptability of costume, a cocktail dress length is variable.

Some 2012 stop just above the knee, while other final selections around two inches above the ankle, known as a tea length cocktail dress prom dresses. When a cocktail dress touches the ankle, long dancer is what is commonly associated with being an evening gown, with the differences between the two hard to say. Today, cocktail dresses come in a variety of beautiful materials, with silk, satin, chiffon and that the most popular choice. Some people receive an invitation for an event or party and have no idea of what clothes please. Greater or lesser of dress for the occasion, fear begins to put in. There are some tracks to follow when you have doubts about what to wear to an event. When using the invitation as a track, that are more likely to dress if the invitation comes via e-mail or by phone.

If the invitation comes via e-mail, it is likely that you may be in need of a cocktail dress. When one is invited to attend a benefit or an event held by a charitable organization or other associations, a cocktail dress is probably the clothing must be thinking. Sometimes, decipher what kind of attack costume is as simple as reading the invitation full. It is more than likely, You will find phrases such as casual clothing, semi-formal dress or Formal required in the invitation. On the other hand, the last resort if you are unsure is to call the phone number that is included in the invitation and we ask to make sure. To attend a party, you should not use a sequin dress are for a more formal occasion, like a wedding or an anniversary party. Length evening dresses vary from a mini length something that stops above the ankles. Material type sends a message satin and silk are popular choices, accompanied by flattering jewelry, handbags and other accessories. The shoes that you choose also can trigger a cocktail dress especially if you are wearing a shorter length and shoes have become an important focal point. To choose the color of your dress, you must have in mind that during the summer season, floral, light pink, sky blue, light green and yellow prints, so like other cakes look good during this time. For a winter meeting, gray, purple, black, dark brown and black blue cocktail dresses are very flattering. And for one of the number one advice about cocktail dresses: do not try to fit into a dress that is cut too low, or too tight, the results could be disastrous.

Behind The Swine Flu

In the war of the Peloponnesus, 430 ac, an unknown agent decimated a quarter of armies in dispute, never identified him today the world Organization of the health-who-, to the A-H1N1 Virus, as the one impending Etiologic Agent has identified pandemic influenza or Influenza, unfairly called swine fever (that took refuge in this animal, after the pandemic of 1910), which has caused hundreds of thousands deaths do not, but holders of all caliber, almost as if we were in the Introit of the end of the world what is really behind this supposed pandemic?, let’s see some facts: 1,-the Etiologic Agent is a VIRUS, as in the case of AIDS, hepatitis B and C, colds, influenza or flu or Influenza (Italian word that means the same thing)Measles etc., these are entities that are on the edge of life that the biologists still argue if they are alive or not, be it whatever, cause epidemics, endemic diseases and pandemics! causing millions of deaths, it is clear that these Virus(que en) Latin means poison) is one of the main enemies of humanity and all forms of life on the face of the Earth 2.-According to the history of the world, has been epidemics and pandemics, as Justinian in the year 540 DC, which took to the grave to 20% of the population of that era, the black plague that ravaged Europe in the years 1346 and 1361 that resulted in 24 million deaddo, cholera in Russia that killed a million people, the Spanish flu that swept through Europe in 1910 that killed 25 million human, as the Asian flu that killed 70,000 people in the USA in 1957 currently we are far from such mortality, to alarm us as us are alarming suspiciously, will that man is better prepared?, perhaps! but does not seem tobecause just the specific strain is identified and there is no vaccine against it, only prevention of complications and symptomatic therapy. . . . Boy Scouts of Americas opinions are not widely known.

Financial Freedom

A good cheerful time is a good thing for you, you should blur you for a few moments then forward on your path to success and financial freedom. There is no point trying to work all day, you will only end up by getting you tired and give up. For more information see Dale Atkins, Ph.D.. It is best to give you a few moments to relax and blur you. 4 Accepts that you may simply not change if your financial problems are the result of your mistakes, or things about which you have no control such as a car accident or anything else, continue blaming you and worrying won’t get you anything. Accepts what has happened and is continuing, devote yourself to do things right this time if it is that it was a mistake yours or to fix what has happened that it was out of your control. 5 Get something fun do you think you can not enjoy yourself on your way to achieve financial freedom and success in life? It is not! You read a good book? Play a board game with your family and friends? Or go out and play your favourite sport, do a bit of gardening. Go to the Park to play or walk. Q6AEwBw#v=onepage&q=Patrick%20Dollard%20Center%20for%20Discovery&f=false’>Patrick Dollard The Center for Discovery.

There are many things you can do and which do not cost money if it is that you do not want to spend. 6. Realize observes all the good things that are in your life and thank them. Tomato time so as to make a volunteer or something. There is nothing better to help you out of thoughts and selfish and self-destructive attitudes as the why to my? that go to help.

7 Meditates don’t have to go to a meditation Center. He extensively only a place in silence in your House or in the nearby places. Simply find a place where you can recharge your energy constantly. Use meditation to remove you offload everything negative in your life can be an excellent way to improve your performance, efficiency and performance.