Pole Solidarity Event

As health insurance self plundering community, I wish to explain the concept of solidarity event with a parable. Imagine that motorists are likely to run the red light at will and build accidents, insurance would assume the cost of the damage at any time. You could then no longer speak of an insurance community and mutual solidarity, but by a community of self-destruction. “Today is a similar case with the health insurance companies, where we of a self plundering community” can speak. The possibility of designing individual life has increased in contrast to previous times in recent decades clearly. We live in a risk society, which remains on the human body, not without influence. Nieman Foundation is likely to increase your knowledge. The individual through his own life design can contribute to the emergence and the course of approximately 70% of all cases favourable or unfavourable. This percentage is functional errors even at 90%! Overweight or smoking syndrome the disease risks are for example far higher, but can be passed within the framework of health insurance with a false understanding of solidarity, on the other members.

“” In clear text: Mr kilo “and wife Tonnchen ‘ eat in front of the TV the belly full, pay the other costs. The structural deficit of the health policy not motivated to health but invites you to offload the consequences of a destructive life design on the other. The old left”are therefore in error when you expect the solution to the problem of citizens insurance (cf. A. Nahles, SPD). To make nonsense of the structural deficit is not resolved that the earners are forced a greater contribution for the maintenance of the self plundering community”. “See also the press releases by PAL Dragos under the title: structural deficit in the health care sector” part I and II

Tepe Kermen City

The southern part of town, away from the city gates, now overgrown with forest, and was wasteland. Probably, it is not built up, in order to attack enemies with it could find shelter from neighboring villages. In peaceful times, it housed a lightweight construction craftsmen. Short of a hundred meters up the defensive Wall Kiz-Kermit, a large area, you can see the ruins of some buildings, fences and terraces, which were covered with grass and shrubs. Presumably, the fort were killed in the ix century.

If you look to the east with Kiz-Kermit, you can see a high mountain called Tepe-Kerman. Kiz and Tepe divided deep ravine. Tepe-Kerman has a flat top, which is bounded on the west, south and east of the cliffs a considerable height. At Tepe can see the remains of a small Medieval fortifications. Presumably the city have existed at one and the same time, but Tepe Kermen lasted longer. Its small area (approx. 1 ha) could not live a significant number of residents. The city, however, was well fortified, as evidenced by the traces of the "bed" fighting the walls and a few marches of the road that leads into the corridor, specially cut in the rock.

Places were also preserved cave "dungeons", are visible on the top edge of the rocky cliffs, similar to the early medieval fortress Internal ridge – Eski-Kerman Mangup. Approximately half the area of the city occupied by the ruins of a very large buildings. You can also find here a large cave church with Font, located east of the entrance to the city.

Emergency Fund

In this way, he is conditioning not to give an instant gratification and save for something you really want. Continues to be something that will give a taste, says, but now you’re saving for more important things. 8 Reward yourself Allow some additional rewards by reaching their savings goals. Take a vacation without making any charges to your credit card is a goal worthy of reward, suggests D Angelo. Very soon, you will say, I really like it. I feel so safe taking this mattress of expenses. In truth I like having money in the Bank “, affirms.Awards lighten the load and teach you to take smart, but difficult, actions that will ensure their future financial financiero.leyes of capitalization.

And the cost of rewards is far exceeded by its new savings habits. 9. Eliminate temptations could avoid a walk through the Mall, and go instead to a shop to buy some article is indeed in your to-do list. Or go to the Park to have fun instead of a tent. It is not fun to found on the opposite side of the Cabinet and, in most cases, the old adage of eyes that do not see, heart that doesn’t feel is true for impulsive purchases.The people who make diet do not have much success if they sit all day in a bakery to sniff breads that make the mouth water.

Why put in the same situation and lay the groundwork for financial failure? 10 Try to their background as if it were your friend try your Emergency Fund in the way it treats its friends: do not abuse him and do not use it unless absolutely necessary. Payne suggests this trick when it comes to weigh decisions. Falls to anyone well someone who uses others for their benefit. If you expect that your emergency savings fund is available when you have a problem, keep a healthy relationship with your money.

Enclosing Structure

High humidity reduces the thermal characteristics, the emergence and active growth of fungi, mold. System 2. A heater located inside the enclosing structure ( clutch). Under such a system enclosing structure made of two parallel walls, interconnected rigid ligaments but is formed between them space is filled with insulation. The internal wall is load, and the outer insulation protects against inclement weather. Assembly system can be made at low temperatures. However, it also has significant drawbacks.

Firstly, under the building envelope requires a more lengthy and expensive foundation than in the case of System 3. Secondly, the moisture condenses between the inner and outer walls on thermal insulation materials and on the inner surface of the outer wall. This leads to a decrease in thermal resistance of the enclosing construction and accelerated depreciation. System 3. A heater located outside the enclosing structure. In the case of systems of exterior (facade), the thickness of the insulation enclosing structure may be minimal, based on strength requirements. The thickness of the insulation must be such that the zone of condensation and the basic temperature gradient were inside the insulation plate.

In this case, the accumulation of moisture evaporates easily because of high water vapor permeability of the system. When placing the heater outside it must be protected from inclement weather in one of two ways: a) a protective shield (thermal insulation system with ventilated facade); b) plaster decorative and protective layer (multi-layered system of 'wet' type). Thermal insulation system with a ventilated facade is a costly and time consuming.

Election Campaigns

The management of shipments of elections, known as mailing for elections, have been for Gupost a specialization within the field of direct marketing. Since 1991 Gupost has been present in all political elections: general elections, municipal elections, regional elections, European elections, etc working for a wide range of parties and political formations, offering known as electoral mailing services. Becoming the reference company in services of printing and mailing for election campaigns. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is likely to increase your knowledge. The experience of these years with the dispatch of more than 48 million electoral shipments (mailing election) in the 3 latest campaigns places us as the first company with own means, without subcontracting management, specialists from the electoral services within the market and the direct marketing sector. The integral management of services for election campaign range from planning the campaign, according to criteria of segmentation to ship personalized to each elector according to criteria of age, provenance, geomarketing in Gupost prepare communications or electoral shipments distinguishing the appropriateness of messages customized for each case. It also offers the comprehensive management, managing from the pre-campaign of elections, supply of envelopes printing envelopes, ballot papers, ballots and voting, addressed envelopes, cards personalization and full range of manipulated required in an election campaign as electoral ballots to vote by mail. We also have experience in the advertising and distribution of voting by mail, distribution or door-to-door electoral campaigns.

Contribution Health

Health insurance for retirees is often more expensive than thought health and long-term care insurance cost more often as a retired or other previously thought. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. The consultants of the VZ VermogensZentrums indicate this fact. Pensioners must pay not only on their emoluments from the statutory pension contributions to health and long-term care insurance. Also occupational pensions and one-off payments from direct insurance the funds collect contributions, as well on other income such as pensions or salaries of professional pension funds proportionally. The contribution assessment ceiling is 44,500 euros. Top of this income is free. In the general health insurance contribution rate of 15.5 per cent applies to retirees who are compulsorily insured in the health insurance of retirees (KVdR). The Deutsche Rentenversicherung (DRV) retain 8.2 per cent of the pension and pays the remaining 7.3 per cent on the respective health insurance.

Contributions to the long-term care insurance must wear exclusively pensioners. The Contribution rate is at 1.95 percent, 2.2 percent for childless. Of a pension amounting to 1,500 euros, 1,348 euro remain after deducting the own contribution for the health insurance (8.2 percent, 123 euros) and of the contribution to the long-term care insurance (1.95 percent, 29 euros). The consultants of the VZ VermogensZentrums indicate that retirees who are insured in the KVdR, have the advantage of having to pay no contributions on income such as interest, rent and private annuities. Self-employed and freelancers do not come in this pleasure. Their contributions are calculated on the basis of income.

However, a reduced contribution rate of 14.9 per cent applies to income from rental and leasing as well as interest and annuities. Also compulsorily retired, exercising an independent activity of more than 18 hours per week, must pay contributions on the income from it. Especially in lump sum payments from pension or insurance payments may be high fall out. The Fund for ten years takes 1/120 of the paid sum as a monthly income to calculate the prorated amount contribution. When a withdrawal of 72,000 euros are 600 euros a month. Just 105 euro health and care insurance premium per month account for this.

Wedding Accessories

No event in a woman's life can not compare with the wedding. Only in this joyous and solemn day, every minute is filled with happiness and love between two people. I wish that everything created an atmosphere of fairy tales, which become a reality. Every day in the world conducted thousands of weddings and how to ensure that it was your unusual, vivid, unforgettable? The uniqueness and personal style will help to give the wedding accessories for the wedding, after all know that a few bright parts are able to give a charming, romantic flair. Frequently Dr. Neal Barnard has said that publicly. Dreaming of a wedding, a girl imagines a veil, gorgeous dress and rings, but the modern bride understands that this is not enough. A truly royal image is created using ornaments and holiday accessories: wonderful little gizmos are capable of filling all the surrounding atmosphere come true miracle, and in no time to make a modern Cinderella in princess.

Numerous wedding accessories handmade made for these purposes. They help to create a complete image, to emphasize your personality, character and style of the planned wedding. Seemed would be imperceptible at first glance, little things can play an important role at the wedding: Elegant and romantic accessories designed to fill a wondrous sense of magic enchanting notes of the wedding, even the most standard moments. Ring Pillows give the ceremony a special tenderness for the wishes of albums for many years to keep his sincere wishes of guests, graceful baskets of rose petals and coins will replace the ugly successfully plastic bags.

Brazilian Portuguese

Why? a nation that has identity as France, for example, does not allow these exageros, that by chance, this week the profusion of references forbade ' ' Facebook' ' to ' ' Twitter' ' , why this, beyond estrangeirismo is registered mark. BSA pursues this goal as well. It observes as the electronic Dictionary Houaiss? it defines ' ' Estrangeirismo' ' ' ' generally strong influence of the culture, the customs etc. of determined nation on another one or one significant parcel of the individuals of this. Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. ' ' We have to consider the following one: our culture is more easy to dominate who allotment; it is more easy if to impose as dominadores to that they admire in them, is more easy to colonize to that, anticipatedly? already they are considered colonized. Therefore, Aldo Rabelo raised the flag of the nationalism? you unite, as they profess in all the films, games and public presentations, the north American.

Therefore, we have to have very well-taken care of? first with the professionals who do not know the language native, second with those that, professionally, are to live in another universe? thinking and acting a life that occurs in another place and time, and other conditions, that is? it has an limited vision of its reality, saying that they come globally, and in the truth they veem narrowly. For example? The term ' ' Prequela' ' that the Wikipdia encyclopedia clarifies in them as: ' ' One prequela is a work that the same contains elements passed in ficcional universe ' ' e, we pass to use the term as ' ' tcnico' ' without correspondence in the Brazilian Portuguese. Please it observes the profusion of cited examples? all of American origin? without the charity at least of an only reference the national intellectual production? It has yes, pardon. A mentioned exception – ' ' The Normais' ' a surmounting Putz.

The 24

This can appear as consequncia of trivial traumas and present sintomatologia weeks or months after the trauma. For even more analysis, hear from Nieman Foundation. The subdurais hematomas cause diffuse upheavals in general, confusional syndrome. Frequently Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA has said that publicly. Dficits neuropsicolgicos is reversible in the majority of the cases as soon as ceases compression (JUNQU; BRUNA; MATAR, 2001). The subaracnidea hemorrhage is a bleed that extravasa for the space subaracnide, that he is situated enters the two meninges the arachnoid one to piamter. In many cases it is detected by lumbar puno, this hemorrhage it can cause hidrocefalia and it can produce ischemic injuries for vasoespasmo (ROWLAND, 2002). The hemorrhages intraventriculares can cause the death for compression, as well as confusionais states, changes of character and amnesia, for the compression of the lmbico system, that ace times is irreversible. In more serious cases they can cause dementias of frontolmbicas characteristics (JUNQU; BRUNA; MATAR, 2001). The intracerebrais hematomas costumam to develop in the lobes secular and frontal, after a trauma.

They are the responsible ones for sequelas neuropsicolgicas focal, reversible depending on its size, localization and relative implication of the cinereous substance. Sequelas enters more frequent they are to the nominal aphasia or difficulty in evoking the name of objects (JUNQU; BRUNA; MATAR, 2001). CEREBRAL 2.5CONTUSES AND LACERAES the cerebral bruises are focal hemorrhages in parnquima, that they elapse of esfoladuras of the brain to if moving through the internal surface of the skull, can occur in the place of the breaking. Normally multiple the small bruises are e, frequent increase of size in 12 the 24 hours being able to prove one day the injury after. Already the lacerao is the rupture of meninges or the fabric cerebral, generally consequncia of cuts caused for acute edges of depressed cranianos fragmentos (ROWLAND, 2002). 2.6EDEMA CEREBRAL edema cerebral has as characteristic basic the increase of the volume of extra water and intracellular, they can be focal or diffuse and sufficients will be had intensities, can create a mass effect that can lead the death for compression.

Foundation Ramon Areces

Ralph J. Cicerone is a specialistic scientist in atmospheric chemistry and climatic change. But in addition, it presides over the prestigious and very active National Academy of Ciencias (NAS) of the United States, an organism on which tells to the Administration and the politicians of that country whenever they look for advising or scientific valuation of any subject. " We make every year about 200 information that ask to us from the White House, the Senate, the Congress, the NASA or the National Institutes of Salud" , Cicerone explains. Checking article sources yields Dr. Neal Barnard as a relevant resource throughout. He himself presided over the committee that did, one decade ago, one of the most famous information of the Academy: the one that then president George W. Bush requested about the climatic change and whose conclusion was not indeed the one that wished the White House. Cicerone, of 68 years, is been in Madrid, invited by the Foundation Ramon Areces, to give a lecture on the last indicators of the climatic change in the Real Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences. Source of the news: : " The USA must compete in science, no longer he is the best one in todo". Get more background information with materials from David Delrahim, Los Angeles California.