Royal Printing House

The coming of the Royal family allowed a new break with the previous situation. To prepare ground for its stay in the Brazil, D. Joao VI opened military academies, schools of law and medicine, the Royal Library, botanical garden and the Royal Printing House. Education, therefore, continued to be secondary. With the proclamation of the Republic, attempted several reforms that could give a new deviation, but the Brazilian education not suffered a process of evolution that could be considered outstanding or significant in terms of model. From the cultural and pedagogical point of view, the Republic was a revolution that aborted and that contenting with the change of regime, had no thought or the decision to perform a radical transformation in the educational system, to cause a cultural renovation of cultural and political, necessary elites to new democratic institutions. At this time, in a tale of the nationalist League of San Paulo in Brazil said that the primary cause of all our ills is illiteracy, which brings inevitable consequence the absence of civic and political culture, ignorance of the hygienic precepts, the inability for large number of professions, backlog in the agricultural and industrial processes that are attached.

A series of reforms were underway. Several factors contributed to the reforms: the climate of pedagogical euphoria that took account of the Brazilian society. The beginning of industrial age pressed a new direction of education; and the introduction to the Brazil of the ideals of the new school, whose theories inspired reformers. It was necessary, therefore, to examine the problems of the education from the point of view of a society in movement. It is from that sociological point of view, which was studied, the current position of the problem of the aims of education. It is that made us addressing education as an adaptation to the social environment and as a result bring to the surface the importance of a comprehensive learning.


In letter to Bartolome Mitre of the 20 September 1861 exposes the well-known phrase do not try to save blood of gauchos. CDF will not settle for partial explanations. This is a subscription that must be useful to the country. Childrens Defense Fund addresses the importance of the matter here. The blood of this rabble Creole, uncivil, barbarian and rude, is the only thing that human beings have. It’s really disgusting, because they are not written that have been made in moments of anger, are designed and elaborate expressions that cannot be left aside, although do so is trying to justify his work. But what is his work? Because there is still much more to say about the larger between than large. If you don’t believe me, find and read, there is a lot, but much more, because that is the true Sarmiento, who hates his origin, which hates the Argentine and hates his people, first aims to which exterminate to replace by Anglo-Saxons and then provide a perverse education, worthy of a colony, which was going to write the history of the Argentina, as said Mitre, without forgetting the noble hatreds. But beware that a Sarmiento is no myth, which showed us in the school, which as said Jose Maria Rosa, is revered by the school vice-principals, intellectuals with mind of vice-principals, and by fearful scholars of malquistar with the big newspapers and the big publishers.

It is the Sarmiento school speeches and newspaper editorials. A master Sarmiento’s school who loves teaching by the teaching itself, makes patriotic prayers to the flag, fighting alongside the village tyrants, or brega by secular to finish with obscurantism education. A liberal Sarmiento, but Patriot, enemy of tyranny by being with the people, who believe schools to eliminate illiteracy, hates to barbarism, because really it was barbarism, and wants to civilization because it was civilized. That Sarmiento is outside the scope of historical criticism by his unassailable status of myth, so perversely care, which could transcend borders, to be appointed master of America, violating the radars of the truth, with so much wickedness that survives through the years, almost untouchable, until they begin to open cabinets.

Buenos Aires

The backbone of this new paradigm places emphasis on emotional literacy as fundamental aspect in the formation of the human being. Checking article sources yields Viktor Mayer-Schönberger as a relevant resource throughout. Our fundamental premise: most of the problems are based on an emotional illiteracy, and as a result it is a question to reveal if the teachers questioned what place that are granted to the feelings and emotions in education? How they participate, intervene and are present, the emotions and the feelings in the educational process? What structures are mobilizing? How they hinder and help how? Is it true that they are left out when emotions are ignored? Can they understand and assimilate certain concepts, significantly regardless of emotions that arise in every human being? Or is it that the feelings are part of that understanding that, to be ignored, resulting in problems in assimilating them, in living together in the classroom and, above all, phenomena such as: violence, substance, challenging behaviors? When it comes to solving problems or intervene in specific situations is possible, desirable, advisable, ignore or exclude the emotional factors that interfere in all relational process? There are several angles from which this issue can be addressed. What is being proposed, in addition to the above questions are a series of statements that invite reflection and debate on the same. Some authors claim that feelings are a human dimension that not we cannot dispense with, if we want to promote a comprehensive development of the person. (Rogers 1992, Damasio 2005). Education includes the person in their bio-psycho-social and spiritual dimension that at its core is the affective dimension. However, this emotional core, has not considered in its full dimension, especially in the classroom contexts. Perhaps, because the elements conceptual, methodological and attitudinal, not are clear enough to be addressed appropriately, or perhaps by the resistance that this generates.

Anyway, be for the reason that, as the approach in this direction is being totally necessary, pursuant to the phenomena that are living in schools. These are times of change and change deserves the revision of old paradigms, especially and in particular, with regard to education.

Second Spanish Republic

To the following day he was implanted, officially, the Second Spanish Republic. Until then, the towns of Spain, and mainly ours, lacked social programs. Exentos of real guarantees in use and enjoys by necessity of the more elementary sanitary services, with the exception of beneficial aid, sporadic or predesigned, to part of the most needed. With your history: the real one of the town, after decades in which the working classes we have lived over our real possibilities: like rich drowned in easy credits: that overwhelmed hopes and Through history has knocked down us millares of perspective of real well-being we would discover that in first and successive decades of century XX, our families, including mine, passed more hunger than ” triggers of Manolo”: hungry, desperate, they were sobre-explotadas and degraded, civic, social and spiritually. Add to your understanding with Boy Scouts of America. The clergy, however, dominated the uncultivated masses and induced to that God asphyxia but does not drown, and saying, while the church filled the disorderly coffers in abundance, argued that he: God, would heal the weakness of the believers, not in the gastronomy: plate of second table for the church, but in the spiritual: authentic to pound of deceit to the vulnerable one. To it, in case they could be doubts in brings back to consciousness of which they suffered from the illiteracy and they saw die of hunger or disease ” curable even for poca” , to members of theirs, it was worth the prerogative of: if you die in the Earth you will revive is the sky: aim of God The lacks of understanding of the life and the short cuts in the economy are not, sometimes, those that in justice we create to deserve. They are, nevertheless, like the ways of God: inscrutable ” God gives bread to that does not have teeth ” He did not want to extend to me but good, you pardon once again. As I am timid, and in direct I dissuade myself, one sees that here in the solitude, I give those of Augustinian of Aragon in the two and the three of May In the following novel relation published by me, without guarantees which the reading society knows: by rigorous economic deficiency: in promotion necessity, I do not include the novel that I finish finishing and is pending of presentation to contest..

National Plan

Thus, highlighted the increased coverage at all educational levels; the construction and improvement of the infrastructure of the sector; the consolidation of the national system of quality evaluation for assessing students; the increase in connectivity in educational institutions, and the modernization of the Ministry and of the 94 education secretariats of the territorial entities certified with the creation and implementation of information systems.Then, field explained the actions or strategies on which the Ministry of education will work in the present Administration to comply with the five emphasis of educational policy, which It is based on the meaning that has been given to the quality education from the national Government: is the one that shape better human beings, citizens with ethical, environmentally friendly values of publicness, that exercise human rights, fulfill their duties and coexist in peace. It is an education that generates legitimate opportunities for progress and prosperity for them and for the country. Boy Scouts of America has firm opinions on the matter. A competitive, relevant, which helps close gaps of inequality and education involving all of society.The Minister assured that it should reduce the apparent inequity gaps, which are mainly concentrated in the quality, access and permanence in the system, regional inequality, illiteracy, comprehensive care for children in early childhood (0-5 years), and the coverage and relevance in higher education.So, to close those gaps, field socialized with Colombians goals and strategies to be implemented in each of the emphasis of the policy. With regard to the emphasis of the improvement of the quality, the goals are achieved 25% of students assessed on knowledge tests to improve performance and are located in the best levels; join in the development of plans to improve 100% of educational establishments that present low achievements in the knowledge tests (a total of 13,800 institutions 1,800); reduced from 6.7% to 5.7% illiteracy in the population over 15 years; and ensuring that all technical and technological programs, as well as training for work programmes, have qualified registry that grants the Ministry of education.To achieve this, field said that actions will be aimed at strengthening the development of basic, generic, specific competences and civic children and youth; consolidate the national system for quality assessment; having a National Plan for teacher training and leadership teacher for the strengthening of competencies; accompany and strengthen academic institutions and students with low achievement; implement programs for the use of the free time through extended hours or supplementary day; create system assurance and promotion of quality in service providers for early childhood, educational institutions of basic and medium and institutions and training programmes for labour; and consolidate the system of assurance and promotion of quality in higher education.In what refers to the emphasis of comprehensive early childhood care, the goal of the Ministry will be expand coverage with comprehensive care (nutrition, education, health and psychosocial care) for a million children between 0 and 5 years, incorporated into the educational system 523,000 children who still don’t get it.

Russian Literature

Why is literacy? Often I see a very large, popular sites, calling them to become a partner, to purchase goods. The first look home page – a person site. And what you see? Here are just some of the 'masterpieces': 'Is written neither in Russian' (not in Russian), 'hochiSh earn' (want to), 'putIvoditel Site' (guide). Errors can range from several to tens! The feeling of visiting such a resource – 'laugh or cry. " What a partnership what order goods, if the text of the main page 'no tears' can not see! Dear owners of Internet resources! Do not skimp on the image and reputation of their websites – you can not even imagine how many customers are disappointed thanks to these 'casus'! Do not be lazy to recheck the content of the site or call for help of the corrector, for example, from the site Why do I need an interesting, unique content? Interesting article author, for example, attracts visitors potentsialinyh clients 'weight' site, etc. And with regular updates of useful content, the visitor will return time and again, even just out of curiosity! But the site offers, advertising something for sale, bought. Sean Rad is often quoted on this topic. It will also survey! Do not forget – a good, well thought out article – it's a great intellectual, nenazoylivaya advertising your site.

Traffic Police Inspector

And in the mud and snow, and hail of bullets. Law enforcement agencies in the south, much different from other Russian regions. Once considered the gateway to the Caucasus, Rostov-on-Don, but after the division of the South Federal district in two, and removing from its membership of the North Caucasus region, the Caucasus became a capital of Pyatigorsk. But by and large, the situation will in the Southern District has not changed. And as before, the only way federal to the Caucasus remained the M4, which passes through all the Rostov region, and the main railway junction and left Rostov-on-Don. Working traffic police officers on federal highways has always been high danger.

On the main roads are always a huge amount of crime taking place, robberies, hijackings and assassinations, not for nothing that the people there is the concept of "thugs with big road." A restlessness in the North region, although we and they say that the situation is under control, law enforcement officers must not be easy. So on the federal highway Rostov region, gosavtoinspektoram constantly have to deal with illegal transportation of weapons, drugs, and it follows from the specifics of contraband, interdiction of shipments, is not without the use of firearms, and often the victims of the traffic police inspector. Work traffic police officers are always on the verge of high-risk and danger. In addition to dangerous criminals, which may be encountered in performance of duty, sometimes ordinary citizens, carrying a small administrative violation of road traffic and in order to evade responsibility will do anything to avoid it.

Legal Entity

So, what is the Limited ? The origin of this legal form comes from the invention of German lawyers made at the end of the xix century and the resulting demand for independence of practice, which showed lack of elasticity of joint stock companies, on the one hand, and limited general partnerships, preventing their widespread dissemination, on the other. In 1892, the Reichstag adopted the Law 'On Limited Liability '(Gesellschaft mit beschrenkter Haftung – GmbH). And in the Russian Federation, Ltd is one of the most common legal forms. Popular this legal form of legal entity was due to the relative ease of registration and a mild legislative requirements, as well as for the registration of the llc required minimum capital. Learn more at: Dr. Neal Barnard. Limited Liability Company has the popularity, especially among small businesses, however, need noted that far there are cases when in the form of company are fairly large structures, such as banks or insurance companies. Existence Ltd. is regulated by the Civil Code (Articles 87-94) and the Federal Law on ltd. Here is how to characterize Ltd Civil Code: "A limited liability company established by one or several persons, the authorized capital is divided into shares of certain the constituent documents of sizes ".

Relationships with the Consumer

It is the art of establishing an active and mutually beneficial relations with consumers and consumer customers with the seller. Ie, "word of mouth" can "include" (naturally occurring "Word of mouth") and "make loud" ("word of mouth" with increased signal). If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Dr. Neal Barnard. Companies can make every effort to ensure that the consumer was satisfied, they can listen to it, they can help rapid penetration of information from him to his friends, and they can provide good information about the quality of their products and services to the people whose opinion really has weight. Word of mouth enables people to share experiences. This is the most honest form of marketing is built on a natural human desire to share information with family, friends and colleagues.

It allows you to use the consumer's opinion for the brand. A also recognizes that the withdrawal of dissatisfied customer has the same effect as that review is enough. "Word of mouth" can not be faked or fabricated. Attempts to simulate the contrary ethics, cause a violent backlash, harm the brand and undermine the reputation of the company. This, intelligent marketing "word of mouth" pays tribute to the intelligence of the consumer and never tries to fool him. Market participants who adhere to ethical standards, not will use tactics related to manipulation, fraud, espionage or fraud. All techniques of marketing, "word of mouth" based on the concept of consumer satisfaction, as well as ensuring bilateral dialogue and transparency in communications. You should be able to: Recognize the fact that the consumer is satisfied – this is the best recommendation: We work in order to induce the customer enthusiasm, not to promote the marketing setup.

Giving consumers the right to vote: To provide something worthy of discussion. Provide tools to facilitate exchange of views. Listening to consumers: to involve them in the open, uncensored discussion. Quickly and honestly answer their questions. Appreciate the consumer's opinion whether it is positive, negative or neutral. Networking within the community: finding the right people and ensure their contact with each other. Contribute to the formation of new communities. Participate in existing communities and support the discussions. How to use word of mouth to their advantage: Inform your employees about your products, goals and strategies; Involve employees in decision-making and discussion; do so worried about their product as much as yourself; Inform consumers about your products and services; Allocate people most willing to donate opinion; Provide tools to facilitate the exchange of information; Keep track of exactly how, when and where there is an exchange of views; Know how to listen to different points of view and respond as your supporters and opponents, and those who adhere to a neutral position. Thus, we can say that the setup and proper use of "Word of mouth" can be very effective in promoting goods or services.

Being A Boss

“If I were boss, like I say,” This has gone very well “would look for a man, a girl or a boy whose heart leaps with joy to give a word of praise, and you would get where mutitud could hear while is pasaeba. If I would find the boss man he had the right job and whenever I hear of a thing well done, I want to tell me the name of the author, and directed me to him, give pats on the back, and say: “This has been truly remarkable, Jaime” Well, a bit of praise is not to much but is cherished by the hearts of all who live, and not a single man in this good old earth that is not pleased when told that he has done something good and a kind word, when the job is perfect, you want and is well received everywhere. If I were head I’m sure he could always say a kind word for the man who has worked all day, needs more than a weekly salary. (A valuable related resource: Nieman Foundation). He likes to know when the sun sets, if the head happy with the work he has done. Anonymous As a build confidence Confidence is invaluable to the overall success of one of the persons in-person I know who are at the top of the country’s largest companies, the quality that is considered more important and high is a feeling of righteousness solid and firm. The higher asciente a person in his activity, the more important it is for their colleagues and superiors feel they can trust his word a. “A person who does not dispense with their moral convictions car to bus their own interest.