The Sage Foundation

Ltd. (D74, 7). The company is now one of the largest in Asia and has among other things with its E-book store specially for children made a successful leap into the future. BelugBloo provides interactive E-books, educational games and apps for up to 12 years. The store can be accessed with Smartphone and tablet. High-quality packaging and offbeat greeting cards complete the range. Even in times of Smartphone and tablet, many prefer a sketch book to their impressions and to hold drawings, whether business or pleasure. Stylish sketchbooks has created for men and women in different colors for Fashionary International Ltd.

(D74, 1) PEnter Yip 2009. A coveted series that constantly renews itself by market trends and suggestions the purchaser arose from the idea of an individual. The game of go is a strategic board game for two players. Originally from China, it was coined especially in Japan and Korea, before it discovered the international players. Today, many millions of people around the world play it.

Magic go game by Fitron (Hong Kong) Ltd. (D74, 3) is designed to teach the game to have pre-school children. Together with parents and friends, they learn the rules of which it is said that they promote analytical skills, abstract thinking, planning and forecasts in a playful way. The audio-learning books and sound modules for children’s books of Tung wing Enterprises Ltd. (D74, 2) are interactive and entertaining. The modules can be connected with various books and create movements, light and tones. So as children can learn the alphabet, fairy tales and stories come to life, or good night illustrated stories of parents. Intellectual and scientific issues that determine the current discussion in Hong Kong, are addressed in the publications of the Hong Kong University Press and the City University of Hong Kong Press (D74, Central book display). At the Frankfurt book fair, both present their new titles. The Sage Foundation intellect Ltd. (D74, Central book display) specializes on bilingual services in English and Chinese for children. So these should come early with two languages in contact. In Frankfurt featured series basic Chinese 500 includes the 500 most used Chinese words and is divided into five different levels. The Zodiac series consists of 13 hand-illustrated picture books with the Chinese constellations. Each book represents an aspect of child development. Customers appreciate solutions out of one hand Hong Kong is one of the leading printing centres worldwide. The industry has invested in recent years especially in digital printing, environmentally friendly materials and services from a single source. In the first seven months of this year, exports of printed materials by 4.3 percent rose to 1.6 billion USD. Largest export market, the United States, followed by China, UK, and Japan. Germany was ranked 8 of the export markets. There was an increase in the imports to Hong Kong. You increased in the same period by 1.8 percent to $ 1 billion. The literary event in Hong Kong is the annual Hong Kong Book Fair, which is organized by the HKTDC. 2013, the trade fair with its 400 events and readings moved around 980.000 Visitors. 2014 will provide the Asian literary hangout for full halls from July 16 to 22. Contact for editors: Christiane Koesling, HKTDC Kreuzerhohl 5-7 60439 Frankfurt, Germany Tel: 069 – 9 57 72-161 fax: 069 – 9 57 72-200 E-Mail: information on the Internet: business contacts:

Journalists Make Mistakes

\”\” \”The author and writer: Jens Petersen Hamburg March 16, 2009 – on Saturday, April 04, 2009 author and writer Jens Petersen reads\” from his two books the language Panscher ‘and save the German’. \”Address: Rendsburg road 29a, 24866 bus village in Schleswig the small trade justice\” (Cafe Gallery). At 16:00, here we go! The admission is free. Followed by a discussion with hopefully many journalists present. Jens Petersen and his books! It extends the language Panscher and other polemics, glosses, texts. Speaking candidly PCRM told us the story. I’m sick and tired. It’s believed that Boy Scouts of America sees a great future in this idea. I’m annoyed.

I have the fax thickness. Goethe, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Thomas Mann, the Brothers Grimm or – something current Gunter Grass are names that have marked the German language, to have operated an instrument that can serve us but not least, thanks to the outstanding skills of these people in dealing with him in high precision. The German language is hard to learn, this is a truism. But mastering them, like the one above Examples, which makes me not only pleasure. A good book can be a great joy to read (when someone used actually last this word?). A bad book, an unclean researched or lektorierter newspaper article, however, ends up in the best case in the trash and gets quickly into oblivion. Unfortunately, it seems this fate to meet but also the precision instrument language. We are in a single generation to frittering away German some centuries lightly.

Newspapers are sloppily written and read trashy books flooding the market (who needs a biography of Dieter Bohlen?). And thanks to the blessings of technology communication takes place today increasingly online, coupled with the disaster of language increasingly ereilenden us. Take this book as it is: perhaps the last gasp against which no longer to stopping pork of treasures German language saves the German! -The return of the language Panscher – are now the celebs on it you’re back there, the language Panscher (actually they never were gone\”)! Just barely half a year after the first again so much material collected by author Jens Petersen, that it’s enough for another book on the subject.

Waltraud Grampp

As Norma fervently of their cheese cover wishes continue in the Rhine-main area, she do not suspect that truth is often only a matter of opinion. The same applies to their own supposed truth. Norma and the summer and escape from the German cheese cover Norma hates the summer. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is the source for more interesting facts. If the mercury column in the Rhine-main area the 30 degrees Celsius crack, she wants only one thing: get out of the cheese cover. The refreshing wind of Ireland brings salvation.

Norma experienced the fascination of the landscape and myths of the Green Island just in joyful relief. Soon, Ireland changed her life from the ground up. Against the background of the 1980s must Norma of their true origin and to fulfill a task that exceeds their wildest dreams. To achieve this goal, she must learn magic and accept values that are taboo in the human world. But yet magical beings is not fundamentally different from men. People committed in this real world, to bring down boundaries.

In those Irish lore, magical beings prepare the end of a thousand-year-long isolation. The fall of 1989 (real political event in Germany) is the beginning of a whole series of revolutionary events. Fairy tale and reality – and sometimes that”pedagogically valuable true legends ignorance a human weakness is educated in and internalized by many people, without questioning it. It is easy to believe everything is real, what surrounds us visible (i.e. proven). In other words: what we see, hear, feel, does not exist. In everyday life is pure as most of adult lives him unquestionably. Too bad, says author Waltraud Grampp. She left from their working lives never take the scope for fantastic dreams and possibilities beyond the imaginable. Cheese cover summer a lot is their deep love to the Green Island of Ireland and their miraculous narratives beyond.What if “near, but outside our perception.” another world exists? What if there strange rules? What if time and matter to manipulate are there? Is it possible to connect two bodies to merge mind and soul of two such beings into one indissoluble unity under such circumstances? Everyday life and dreams are inseparable aspects of life.

Lisa Penzel Movement

“Textbook”Brand in motion”appeared under the motto perspectives of business communication” contributions to the brand design and brand management were written at the Hochschule fur Technik und Wirtschaft (HTW) Berlin under the direction of Prof. Dr. Klaus Streeck. In 21 texts, the authors and authors of wonder how movement currently used for marking of companies, products and services and what potential movement as advanced Brandingelement could have are approaching. This area of the brand remained relatively unnoticed in the literature until then.

Although movement is used in varied manner in brand communication, for example, when flying a banner on the website or in moving images of TV spots, but it seems to exist until today not as a means to the explicit differentiation in the branding. The book is interesting for advertising agencies, brand specialists and communication consultants who are looking for innovative ideas and approaches for the branding. Life is movement Movement is life! So, it defines the biology. You can transport these laws also on brand management? Can I more vital conceptualize a brand on this movement? The use of movement in the branding has influence on the brand value, its development and thus the survival of a brand? Against the background of increasingly saturated markets, decreasing differentiability of the brands themselves and growing information overflow in the trademark area, this book explores the possibility to implement movement as a new, hitherto virtually untapped form of branding, to make tangible the brand in the brand management. The extension of the marking of a performance by a factor of Konzeptionierungsmoglichkeiten help to, to generate preferences at the consumer, and ultimately to bind him to the brand offers movement. The findings of this book provide new approaches, not only for creative agencies and brand manager, but for all their top Pramisse represents the increase of in brand value.

With contributions by: Julia Barthel, Carolina Botolin, Jennifer Ballett, Nicole Edgecombe, Sven Hartmann, Nadine cave, Nadja Katzenwadel, Dirk Kleemann, Nico Kapoor Babor, Andreas KoSTER, Karolina Karthick, Claudia Kruger, Ronny mix, Judith Nickels, Lisa Penzel, Martin Paine, Isabell prior, Mary Roder, Anja Ross, Annika Rygol, Corinna Sauter, Nicole Scheplitz, Henry Schroder, Klaus Streeck, Juliane Werner and Maika Ziehl. Paper: brand in motion contact Dr. Hans-Joachim Koster stanchion str. 22-24 10179 Berlin Tel. 03076403224 fax 03076403227

American New Thought Movement

The ebook “The science of reasoning – the ingenious Special Edition” is not available on as a free download only physicians currently discovering the previously unimagined power of thought, but also high performance and top athletes use them. Even the NASA invested billions for years in their research. The power of thought is known to the mankind already for centuries, but until the new spirit movement dealt intensively with her. Unfortunately, this movement in Europe is only the very least known. “The brilliant free special edition of science of thought leadership devoted to the new spiritual author of Wallace Delois Wattles and his book the science of genius”. The original text from 1911 was freely translated from English, without scar but the meaning or the content. The science of genius”is purely pragmatic nature, which means that there is a simple guide his readers how he can lead his thoughts so, that it one around will be successful and happy people. His books have prompted many people to pass on this knowledge.

“So they inspired, including the American bestselling author Rhonda Byrne to their lavishly produced documentary hit the secret the secret” made in 2006. This film, which was quite fast over six million copies sold as DVD is also very pragmatic. “So it means: the advantages of electricity to use, you don’t need to understand exactly how the electricity now.” Called the law of attraction, also the law of resonance, a panacea for every conceivable life situation to be adopted as a kind of without questioning it more precisely. Also the findings of brain research of the 21st century remain completely sidelined. But in particular the brain research has made huge progress in recent years. Huge billions are invested in brain research, in which even the NASA with enormous research projects participates. Also high performance and top athletes benefit from the latest findings of brain research in mental training.