Functions Against System

Let us say on these two systems where we live currently, I say on the system formed for the dealers and our system, system the first one, that it acts parallel to ours, passing until disregarded, but that it functions. I ask to them: Why when we speak of politics we are so infuriated, and when we speak on traffic we are so perplexos? We would have to be customary, therefore the traffic is far from finishing, knows of this, but still we delude in them thinking that the ones that can make some thing, go to make, however they in deluding finish. Until they make, but as I will say the vocs, they do not make in the best way. I am not in defense of dealers, I alert to them, I am describing on the capacity where they have to make to function ' ' sistema' ' where ' ' trabalham' '. A great friend said to one day on an interview of the celebrity &#039 to me; ' Marcola' ' to the sunday program ' ' Fantstico' ' (shown already it has some time), and this was passing in my head many times making, to think me the different quo can be ' ' trabalho' ' of the dealer and the work of one politician, or somebody who is in charge putting into motion mounts of money, for example. In this Marcola interview he speaks: ' ' The vocs system is insolvent debtor, does not function, is much corruption; if somebody to order money, or any another thing for some institution, or another person, in the end will not arrive nor half of what it was in the start. Already mine not, if I to order that they take money for somebody this amount will arrive entire, without no cent faltando.' ' is truth, therefore how many times already we saw shunting line of mount of money, money laudering, money shunting line of merenda pertaining to school, workmanships superinvoiced and what it happens with who made this? It can until going imprisoned, however it is benefited by its status, for its linkings, not being much time in the chain. . Nieman Foundation may find this interesting as well.

Vice Governor

Murilo Badar counted to me of its performance as opposition the Magalhes Young chicken, then governor in the gone ones of 60. – Murilo, the necessary politics of a combatant, legitimate opposition. You may find Dr. Neal Barnard to be a useful source of information. We are losing this. The interests, many economic times if sobressaem on the essence politics of the shock and the confrontation, educated and necessary. Exclamava it in its serenity. Vi my father to never modify its tone of voice, nor at moments that made any normal person to change its behavior. This is part of the soul of Mines. Click Sean Rad for additional related pages. It counted the episode to me of the convention that he disputed in the PSD, then with 26 years, to be candidate the Vice Governor in the plate of Israel Pine losing for very little.

Defeated for the chieftains of the party, many hurts for front can have stamped its destination. For the soul of Mines, it always it raised everything. It never had enemies politicians, nor adversaries, in the strict sense of the word. The Soul of Mines of to these chosen this prerogative, them obtains to talk with adversaries, to coexist, to conciliate, to negotiate, at last, this is the essence of the mining politics for that they have the soul of Mines. I never testified an expression of hatred, lovelessness or feeling of revenge in my father, no matter how hard it had reasons or reason. This is part of the Soul of Mines. – Murilo, in the politics many times, the ousadia is the strategy, to lose or to earn is part gave an election, said me when it counted episodes of its life where it disputed election, exactly knowing of the imminent defeat and the inglria fight. In its candidacies the flag always was the public vocation, the direction to serve the Minas Gerais, nothing, moreover. The courage is part of the Soul of Mines, defeats can be victories before the preferred ones for the destination to possess this soul of Minas Gerais.

Jair Lisbon

Equality the years pass where it is the peace, where this the love, the understanding, the equality and joy! Answers – me Sir father? It is only the pain of the gift or justice for one day; In how much the reply it does not come we follow our trip for the life, coexisting the immorality of our superiors, greedy created in gold stream bed and that they are congregated in its pack, increasing its profits illicit, destined mounts of money the health, education, roads and others Are oppressing they of the imprisoned people to this dynasty, creative devilish geniuses of the misery and that they make of the population new guineapigs of experience. They make its laws, they create its justice and its dogmas, in excluding from our good to star, we are obliged to accept this justice blind, that enxerga very our weaknesses and punish in them well with much rigorosidade, and forbid its eyes for these crpulas of the power, vendidos infidels the Satan, whose its only motto is the immorality; Latrocidas social that lives killing in them, in doors of hospitals, the flagwomen of the life and any moment; This existing misery in the world is these sanguessungas of the power responsible for all, where the people have its price, owners of health plans, where our right of citizen is only in the paper, are owners of the best schools and facultieses, in leaving private of an education the joust, therefore in this law of the forest we are played of side when concurring for a worthy job. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger : the source for more info. same with all these obstacles placed in our front, for these pigs of chiqueiro, and that it forgives me the pigs for making this comparison, because they are worthy in what it was attributed to make in its cycle of life, and these dogmatas do not know what it is dignity; is with this dignity that we find forces to face all these differences imposed in our ways, therefore to each broken barrier gives the reply to these sovereigns that had come of the hell, rejected for the love and the moral is ordered in return of where they had come with all its wealth cruelty, and us we continue to win a battle to each day, feeding the equality dream. All copyrights reserved the Writer Jair Lisbon ISBN: Salvador – Bahia – Brazil.

Cultural Movement

Right to vote! To be able of the Citizen or Cultural Movement? I come here this community to make a done relief of a frustrate voter. I appended with my parents who in a democracy the vote is a force, force that can change the destination politician of a people. I learned that the vote is a powerful weapon against the ditatoriais oligarchies, preventing that the people has that to submit an arbitrary domain. The vote imagined as something of utmost importance, as a revolutionary weapon. The Proper only paragraph, of art. 1, of the CF/88, is emphatical when describing that ' ' All the power emanates of the people, directly exerts who it by means of elect representatives or, in the terms of this Constituio' '. The people is sovereign and it belongs the power. But he has a question that he does not leave me the head: He will be that the people, this possessing being of size to be able, has conscience and knows to use itself of its half ones to modify its proper reality? It has times that already it did not believe the revolutionary effectiveness of the politics, but the cause for me had only worries to press the botozinhos where the social incredulity is so great that is even voted for trick, for civil disturbance, pra to see the Senate, and the house of representatives a true circus.

It swims against the possible candidates, but, is voted in singer, presenter of television, in actress porn, comedian, many without no preparation for such. Gentlemen we are part of the pensante mass, then, we go to make for where to make to be valid our rights. To make to be valid our opinion. The state is ours! We give to be able to the politicians. We have that to stop to blame them for mazelas solely social. We also are responsible solidary for the chaotic form that walks ours politics. At the same time we xingamos that them, and we do not know where we vote, nor its proposals, nor we charge them nothing, we would have also autoxingar in them. Year that comes has more! It takes that it does not see more palhaa that I have that to witness all year!>

Corporate Entities

Associedades of mixing economy are entities endowed with private dedireito corporate entity, with proper patrimony, created for law, for economic exploraratividade with participation of the public power and of particular in seucapital and administration. It has the form of anonymous society, whose comdireito action the vote belongs in its majority to the State. Eas foundations is considered entities of direitoprivado corporate entity of, with proper patrimony and resources, created for law, with escriturapblica and registered and enrolled statute in the Civil Register of the PessoasJurdicas, with education objective generally, searches or social assistance, without lucrative ends, whose functioning is supported by the State. Kohama (2003, p.41), affirms that: The foundation is instituted by the poderpblico and, even so constituted to give service of public utility, noperde its private characteristic, but if it places as being auxiliary of the State, and from this it receives resources for statutory ends. for receiving contribuiespblicas, fiscalization will have to give to accounts of the financial management to the state agency incumbidodessa, which is the Prominent Court of Accounts. 3.1. TYPES DECONTROLES OF the PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION AAdministrao half Pblicaatuapor of its agencies and its agents, which are charged of the exercise of the public offices.

Administrative Afuno exists in the three to be able, being that tipicamentepelo is exerted Executive and atypically for the too much powers (Legislative to ePoder Judiciary). If you would like to know more about Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, then click here. Public NAdministrao, the control if makes necessary, so that if certifiquede that all its actions had been executed with legitimacy, inside of the normaspertinentes to each act and in compliance with the collective interest. ParMeireles (1990, P. 114), the forms of control in the Public Administration are: Hierarchic control, that is resultantedo vertical scheduling of the agencies of the Executive, where the estosubordinados inferiors to the superiors. It estimates the facultieses of supervision, coordination, orientation, fiscalization, approval, revision and evocation controlled dasatividades, as well as the half punishments of the responsible agents.

Jose Being

Certain areas of strategical importance, as the military polygon of the Base Area of the Cachimbo, in the mountain range of same name between the Mato Grosso and Par, is being partially busy for such entities. According to governor of the state of Roraima, Jose de Anchieta, make a speeching in an act in 29 of May of 2008, ONGs international ones stimulates claims of the indians in the Amaznia, especially claims for lands. The performance of these organisms must be monitored in depth, so that, if or when representing threat to our sovereignty, is adopted the cabveis steps. It has operating foreign stories of ONGs in the Amazon region that, when receiving visits from forces of the EB, if had refused to keep displayed the flag of Brazil for believing that region was not Brazilian territory. According to these organizations, the vacuum of being able left for State in the region justified this defames affirmation. This fact demonstrates the preoccupying quo is the situation. The performance of these organisms can be compared with the action of cupins that, slow and desapercebidamente they go corroding the wood and, when its activity if becomes latent, already is late excessively for saving the attacked object. when it is obtained to save it, the sequels are irreversible.

It is to have of the State to fill the cited vacuum, to regulate of efficient form the performance of the cited organizations and to guarantee the maintenance of the Brazilian sovereignty in the region. The actions currently carried through by the EB in set with Polcia Federal (PF) and the Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Recursos Naturais Renovveis (IBAMA) lack of agility and, beyond being carried through in insufficient number, they need better infrastructure. However, perhaps the most important mechanism of prevention and treatment of crises, are they involving as many how much not-state state entities, either operation of an efficient system of intelligence.

Public Education

According to Miriam, Specialist in ambient education, the municipal support must take in account the impacts of the urbanization workmanships; the permeabilizao of the ground; the half periurbano and the agricultural one; the management of the forest hdricos resources and the hidrogrficas basins. But it is not what it happens, therefore nor always is made a study on these impacts, from this form suffers the population that lives the grace of the promises of the politicians. Details can be found by clicking Center For Responsible Lending or emailing the administrator. The director of Ecoar and the Oscip sees the Brazilians as ' ' survivors of a historical process that tried, throughout the centuries, to make of us a useless people, mass of maneuver of dishonest politicians the elites oportunistas' '. She believes, however, in the capacity of our people to go to the fight: ' ' we survive to this time, we grow, we educate in them, we democratize the Country, we construct an enviable infrastructure, a supermodern agriculture, develop technology of ponta' '. Miriam points challenges for the front and as to face them: ' ' we have difficulties to choose and to charge of our governing more forceful positions, more courageous, that help the Country to leave fast more the emergent period of training of and passing of time to be part of desenvolvidos' '. What, its to see, is only possible with decent indices of job, social fairness, health, education and cares with the environment. With the increase of these indices the populations will be able to support themselves. Leaderships democratic politics, on the other hand, they have perceived that the reason of its electoral success if of accurately for its capacity catalyzing processes that result in development politician, the example of the participativa elaboration of municipal budget that we will say more the front. The urbanization process, the biggest access the information, the expansion that slowly comes occurring in the access to formal education, the rise of the critical level of discernment and, the existence of instruments of limitation of the will of the governing (for intermediary of the Public prosecution service), everything conspires against the traditional politician and the voter.

Governmental Auditorship

In the Brazilian territory, the auditoriagovernamental finds its support legal, with the emission of Law n 4,728 of julhode 1965, that it came to normatizar the functioning of the financial market and created obrigatoriedade of the practical one of the Governmental Auditorship in Brazil. In the temposatuais, the governmental auditorship establishes that its accomplishment if accomplishes nacomprovao of the legality of the actions undertaken for the agencies and entities quecompe the direct and indirect public administration, enclosing in such a way the esferFederal, State and Municipal. Being thus, the auditorship governamentalconstitui in an important instrument of control, to the measure that possibilitauma better allocation of resources public, contributing to detect and proporcorreo of wastefulnesses of resources, of the administrative improbity, anegligncia and the omission and, mainly anticipating these occurrences, looking for to guarantee the observance to it of destesrecursos norms that regulate the application, as well as in the search guaranteeing the intended results, emconsonncia with good the practical ones of transparency of the public administration. It considers governmental aauditoria inside a specialization of the field of the auditorship, to poisapesar to follow principles and norms techniques, it presents peculiarities naaplicao and specific systematics. (S, 2002, p.44) the auditorship in the public sector, specifically, is the set of techniques that it aims at to evaluate the public administration and aaplicao of public resources for entities of public law and private, by means of the confrontation between the critriotcnico, operational or legal determined situation joined and.

2.2.OBJETIVOS, PURPOSE AND OBJECTS GOVERNMENTAL DAAUDITORIA the Governmental Auditorship has primordial porobjetivo to guarantee resulted operational in the management public dasituao. Observing the related excellent aspects to the avaliaodos programs of government and the public administration. Thus, also it presents excellent comoobjetivos: To give has supported to the full exercise of the ministerial supervision, through the following basic activities: To examine the observance of the specific legislaomunicipal and norms correlatas; To evaluate the execution of the dosmunicpios programs, contracts, accords, agreements, adjustments and others instrumentoscongneres; To observe the fulfilment for the agencies and entities, of the princpiosfundamentais of planning, coordination, decentralization, delegation decompetncia and control; To evaluate the administrative and operational performance dasunidades of the direct administration and supervised entities. .