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One of the most important questions 'How do I find clients' that worries all of the business community. A clear answer to it is very difficult, but try to find the answer is vital! Advertising – the motor trade, I think with this statement, few would argue. It turns out that in order to draw attention to his company's products or services, you must stand out from the huge number of competitors, but it can be done through properly planned and carried out an advertising campaign. In 2009, the most profitable advertising channel recognized by the Internet. But not just as a global network of space, and the Internet as a way to express yourself and find new customers and partners. The most attractive in terms of price and quality, is (for several years now) script to create and promote the company website. Corporate website is the face of the company and became one of the most active members of the sales department.

He never gets tired, he is not a bad mood, he was not rude to potential customers who are you going to attract, but at the same time, always give as much information about the company will pay particular attention to the competitive advantage is your product or service. In order to get this tireless and devoted member of the team need to make a little effort. First, create a modern, informative and convenient for a potential customer site. Swarmed by offers, Kidney Foundation is currently assessing future choices. Secondly, to make this site filled with information about you, and commercial interests of the company, took first place in a retrieval system, ie need to pay attention to such service as site promotion, through which you can attract many new customers. Specialists X-PROMO spend full range of web sites. Make the right step in addressing the main question – "Where do I get clients?"

Google AdWords

Link Popularity achieved by increasing the number of external links leading to your website. Such links are posted on reputable Web sites with related themes. Contextual advertising Contextual advertising is a form of Internet advertising, where advertising material displayed on the pages to the topic corresponding to the content of this advertising material. An example of contextual advertising – messages that are on the page of issue search engine Yandex right of search results. There are several systems that provide contextual advertising services, such as Yandex-Direct, Google AdWords, Begun. The advantage of this form of Internet advertising is its efficiency.

For example, you have a need to urgently sell stock materials that were not sufficiently covered on your site (site under the content is not optimized), you pay the money and the same day your advertisement appears on the results page extradition request on the selected Yandex. In the case of advertisements in the systems of contextual advertising is an important feature of the correct choice of words (queries) to that your ad will appear to potential buyers, and competent management of the budget of the campaign. This is necessary in order to come to the site only the target audience and "unnecessary visitors' screen out at the initial stage. Wide experience of our staff in the field of contextual advertising can offer you services of professional management of your PPC advertising campaign. Increase Site conversion is not always a large number of visitors to the site corresponds to a significant increase in its sales. This may be due to many different factors, such as awkward navigation, funny presentation of information, inconsistency of information provided on the page the user's expectations, etc.

Increasing conversion site – it is the transmutation of your visitors into buyers, who will call the telephone number listed on the site, leave the application, make orders. The package of measures to improve the conversion includes conducting a marketing audit of the resource, competitor analysis, to study the behavior of visitors, analysis of site architecture, copywriting texts, etc. The task of increasing the conversion of an individual for any project depends on the scope of the company and the state of the site, so for each individual client compiled a list of necessary measures to increase profits. creation, promotion and site optimization

Jagiellonian University

The nun had to stop working in the maternity ward of a hospital in Arles due to illness, that it disappeared inexplicably in June 2005, after the sisters with whom coexisted prayed to Juan Pablo II, recently deceased, to help it who is Juan Pablo II? Thereon points us to Karol Wojty Jozef a, known as Juan Pablo II Since his election to the papacy in October 1978, he was born in Wadowice, a small town 50 kms. Krakow, on May 18, 1920. Was the youngest of three children of Karol Wojty? and Emilia Kaczorowska. His mother died in 1929. His brother major Edmund (doctor) died in 1932 and his father (the army non-commissioned officer) in 1941.

His sister Olga died before he was born.He was baptized by the priest Franciszek Zak on June 20, 1920 in the parish church of Wadowice; at age 9 he made first communion, and at age 18 was confirmed. Completed secondary in the Marcin Wadowita of Wadowice school studies, he enrolled in 1938 at the Jagiellonian University of Krakow and a theatre school.John Paul II ministered petrino with tireless missionary spirit, devoting all its energies, moved by sollicitudo omnium Ecclesiarum and charity open to all humanity. He made 104 Apostolic journeys outside Italy, and 146 of this country; In addition, as Bishop of Rome, visited 317, 333 Roman parishes. Adds him to the Cardinals meeting in Conclave elected him Pope on October 16, 1978. He took the name of Juan Pablo II and on October 22 how 263 successor of the Apostle Peter solemnly started his Petrine ministry. His pontificate has been one of the longest in the history of the Church and has lasted for almost 27 years.John Paul II ministered petrino with tireless missionary spirit, devoting all its energies, moved by sollicitudo omnium Ecclesiarum and charity open to all humanity. He made 104 Apostolic journeys outside Italy, and 146 of this country; In addition, as Bishop of Rome, he visited 317, 333 Roman parishes.More that found all his predecessors with the people of God and the Nations responsible for: more than 17.600.000 pilgrims participated in the 1166 general audiences that are held on Wednesdays.


To date, the Internet is one of the most promising sources of income. Just want to dispel a misconception that the network can earn only programmers and journalists. To date, the Internet can make everyone who wants it. Do not think that this is a freebie – no! Here you need pahat not less than the actual work, at the beginning of its path even more. Simply select all that – then his own and that is understandable, can someone – something like standing at the Stuckey, who – then turn the screws, but can anyone – thinks that they should do more intellectual work. Tell your story. Like most people my age, after graduating from college, I was sent to work in a factory. Moreover, the very , no beginner will not put the master or the technology was placed behind the machine, turner few years.

But I always knew that much better, I always liked it is intellectual work, and of course you want, what would it revenue. In the spring of 2009, I met with one of the most popular online courses for the creation, promotion and earnings on the site. Just read in one breath, then began to try to repeat step by a step that is written in the book. I turned out for a month to create your first website, and I laid him on a free hosting service. Little is filled with information, placed advertisements, and waited, but the income was not. Then I started looking for alternative ways to make money on the Internet.

True different postal service, and surfing – the server to try, I did not realize that it is normal not bring money. Stumbled upon a salary writing, made a couple, laid out in the shop and waited for the sale. Article not sell quickly happened. The summer and I'm already a bit of a dream forgotten. Then a couple of months later, after something useful to check my mail, I look letter was' Your work purchased. " Not express in words how I enjoyed his first dollar, earn online. Then came another service for copywriters, and began to write there. Internet has begun to yield a small income, it was necessary to develop further, having read of famous bloggers, and I decided to start a blog. I myself very interesting to share their experiences with people who also want to start making money online. I want to help beginners make money on the Internet. I'm still just getting started, but what I do and describe – it's my personal experience and I share them with their readers.


For anybody not a secret now that the site – a company's face. A person of your site – this is his pattern. What would be nicer template site, the more loyal your customers will relate to your firm. So, you should try to use as can be better and more original template for your site office. But what if you build a website from scratch requires large investments, but your budget does not include them in the foreseeable future? In this case, output only one – is ready to use, initially free content management systems (CMS) and the use of open source templates for them. At the same time, be used for corporate website hosting and free Domain I do not recommend – first, it will help in hosting your clients are not always able to get to your site, and therefore they can go to another supplier. Second, you get unsightly domain name of the third level, which for e-commerce site is simply unacceptable (for example, instead …).

However, hosting and domain name are a penny, and even with the smallest budget of any company can afford them. The most popular free CMS in the Russian segment of the Internet, is undoubtedly, Joomla and WordPress. Each of them has its pros and cons, and each of them can be used to create unpretentious small website, and to create a major Internet portal. Also, both the maximum engine easy to install and use. So you bought a hosting service, register a domain, set the CMS, what's next? And then you will want to change the look of your site, because the pattern that is established conjunction with the engine often has unpresentable appearance, as well as it is being used on thousands of other sites. What do you do then? Well, everything is pretty simple – go to Google, the search line drives a 'template for joomla' or 'Theme for wordpress' (depending on your engine) and in front of you opens an inexhaustible source of various beautiful designs for your new site. After you install themes downloaded from the Internet, you need to check the correctness of its display in different browsers (cross-browser compatibility), inserted into the cap of your phone company, and in the footer – your address. That's all, at minimal cost you could create a fairly high-quality site!