Green Miracle Of Nature

According to the Institute of Nutrition, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, supplements daily takes no more than 3% of our population, while in Europe – at least 50% in the U.S. – 80%, while in Japan – 90% (it should be noted that Japan takes first in the world for life expectancy). There is nothing wrong with giving your body the nutrients it needs every day. The proposed products from the company NSP, which has 38 years of experience in the market for production of biologically active additives, has a very wide range. 600,000 people are already happy potrebityali products Nature's Sunshine. All mammals except Homo sapiens, while ill stick to a green diet. The healing power of green plants has been known since time immemorial. This is explained by their content of large amounts of chlorophyll.

Transforming the energy of sunlight, chlorophyll plays an important role in plant life. The scientific definition of chlorophyll – a green pigment of plants with which they capture the energy of sunlight and photosynthesis is carried out. Scientists have discovered a surprising similarity in the structure of the chlorophyll molecule and hemoglobin – the main respiratory pigment in human blood. The only difference is that in the center of chelate in chlorophyll is magnesium atom, and in hemoglobin – iron. Therefore, chlorophyll is able to to impact on the blood-like effects of hemoglobin: raising the level of oxygen, nitrogen metabolism speed up. Chlorophyll strengthens cell membranes, promotes the formation of connective tissue that helps to healing of erosions, ulcers and open wounds.

Buying Toothpaste

Several misconceptions buyer toothpaste All pastas are the same – The old, well known reliable pasta Honey, it means a great view of the Why, I do not understand this Fluoride is harmful Admit it, in the rush Everyday you do sometimes look in the mirror and think how fast time flies … your teeth are straight and white once, for some reason have lost their natural beauty, and most important – health. Maybe you're wrong brush your teeth, or it's time to throw away your toothpaste? What does the pasta? A very common misconception that all pastes are identical and differ only by smell, taste, and … advertising. That's why – one known spontaneously buy brands, others on inertia – old mark, and others – doroguschy therapeutic toothpaste according to the principle "the more expensive the better," not interested in the composition and characteristics of the product. But more and more people realize – it is impossible to swallow, horrible, and at the same time, do not want to spend a fortune on sverhraskruchennye brands. Very sophisticated consumers in Germany have long opted for a product of the oldest German campaign "Dental Cosmetics." Such a possibility there we have with you.

You may have encountered in the chain stores and pharmacies, "36.6" toothpastes new generation SILCA (Silk), and pasta Premium Series El-ce med. Of course, everyone should find a paste like, the teeth and pockets. But as navigate the vast amount of them.


" Imposition of sentence meaningful human feelings and expressions of his father, his own feelings and expressions formed the "love test", which the woman did not even guess. The ban was to indulge her husband's signal that "it is not love, because when love can indulge." Unconscious criterion had a strong influence on her life, changing, distorting the vision of the real situation. After all, my husband loved his wife and his words, showed likely that some manifestation of his wife he sees as self-indulgence, not giving them importance. A "criteria" of love of the spouses were not matched. For sure, my husband had his own experience and a history for a given word, and sure for him the word had no connection with the manifestations of love. After the session, the woman experienced a tremendous relief and joy. She shared her discovery with her husband, and he became more understanding attitude to this word apply to it.

Subsequently, the word "indulge" lost its power and significance. And as a result of a session, a woman freed from the power of the unconscious criteria of love and realized that was wrong in interpreting the relationship her husband. I realized that it is important in showing love and how his love for her shows with her husband. Thus, this example illustrates the principle of manifestation of the "disproportionate reaction" and the problems it can create in people's lives. What is disproportionate reaction? In this case, the word "not baluysya" caused a sharp change of emotions from joy to sadness, alienation, that became a consequence of the conclusion of the dislike of her husband.