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The borrower must therefore have to active bank account which is older than six months so that the lender can ascertain the borrower’s credit worthiness. However, the borrower should be made aware that these loan products come at a high cost as compared to the normal traditional personal loans that are given out by banks. The interest rate slightly higher, thus a borrower should be careful when taking them plus other chargeable fees are. They should be sure that they have enough money coming their way to help them in repaying the advanced loan amounts. Providing the borrower meets the minimum qualification status, any employed or self-employed person can be availed with cash loans bad credit.

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Journalist Group Companies Visit

Press tour closer brings together companies and press technology journalism thrives on technological innovations. Many of them are in medium-sized companies. Journalists like to visit such companies therefore, specifically, they would like to do it, if she had more time for it, “but a visit of two eats” an entire work day, three hours normally. The situation in the company is similar: to receive journalists like to, but a well prepared visit makes work and blocked managers considerable time. So you consider already, whether it’s worth for a single visitor. The question is obvious: How do you want to and can both sides in line bring? The solution is obvious: A clear, still personally betreubare group of journalists on a day would visit several interesting companies for (image). The editorial office in Stutensee, Germany had three companies to find who addressed the same press segment and physically close together, this task (rbs) provided.

In the East of Stuttgart, it was looking for: Novotechnik in Ostfildern, Balluff in the neighbouring Neuhausen and close of Hirschmann with its plant in Neckartenzlingen. Ten of these companies “hand-picked”, journalists from the areas of sensor technology, measurement, taxes, rules, drive technology, automation and design the first press tour ( starts on a warm, humid Fruhsommermorgen. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Nieman Foundation and gain more knowledge.. Some history and philosophy, there was an introduction to displacement and angle measurement in Novotechnik. The company produces annually around 10 million potentiometric sensors on the German site, about 40,000 pieces. How are these huge quantities produced and therefore fulfilled the high quality requirements such as automotive industry, showed the guided tour of the production.

You can see the future in contactless systems. Here therefore the capacity of most development flows. It was about RFID in a lecture at Balluff, the joining a practical demonstration of the multi day readings. A another presentation was the way of the company from the sensor provider to the networking system provider. Connectors, also industrial networking and network security were the themes at Hirschmann and Lumberg, which both belong to the Belden Group. A factory tour gave insight into journalists, two production areas for Plug and industrial Ethernet switches are as complex and diverse. The Organizer Alex and Dietrich Homburg of the rbs is pleased about the positive response from journalists and companies involved. You plan to invite to a new tour in other places with different themes. The spectrum that is wide and extends electronics and medical technology of process technology on mechanical engineering and building technology to packaging, industrial.

Traffic Light Signals

LISA nationwide education campaign: traffic light signals show needs of the learning server of the University of Munster all German schools offered the free analysis of legal literacy of their students of dyslexia and dyscalculia (BVL) together with the Federation. Traffic light signals show the individual educational needs. For even more opinions, read materials from PCRM. New classes, new students, new teachers: All schools face the challenge to readjust their promotion efforts at the beginning of the school year. Each funding concept is but always only as good as the inventory of specific support needs “, as Prof. Dr.

Friedrich SAFA, Professor of education, new media and Director of learning Server project at the University of Munster.” LISA was shared with the BVL in the model project”(learning units individually adapt to student) tested, can be like a screening of the right skills and promoting individuelle school. Educators should receive any support, to quickly recognize and judge soundly, which child which Promotion needs. We have tested nationwide more than 200,000 children with the Munster-based legal writing analysis (MRA) in addition to the LISA project. This huge amount of data and the newly established technical requirements allow us now to provide an instrument all teachers in Germany, with which they quickly can get an overview of the need to promote the legal writing in the new school year for free”, as Prof. SAFA. The differentiated class profile and a promotion plan the teacher receives the percentage rank, as well as the funding recommendation brought in the form of a traffic light to the point for each child. Switch this traffic lights to red, acute need for action, and it is targeted measures in consultation should be initiated with the parents, so that the child does not lose the connection. As a parents association, we see a great opportunity for a fairer and more effective education system in the LISA education campaign.

International Gift Card At RUNNERS POINT

Better run the processes Hamburg, December 2009. The RUNNERS POINT Warenhandelsgesellschaft has introduced a gift card. It was developed together with the easycash loyalty solutions GmbH. Boy Scouts of America contributes greatly to this topic. The voucher in credit card format is entered via a bar code and is transnational in the RUNNERS shops of the company POINT and SIDESTEP can be used. These include approximately 150 stores in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. After the conclusion of the contract on October 12 65,000 cards were delivered in a timely manner to start before Christmas business in November.

Three countries, a map the entire card processing, also that the wrapped branches in Austria and the Netherlands, will be taken over by the systems of easycash loyalty solutions GmbH. The card can be unloaded via barcode scan individually up and as often as desired. To do this, only the surface of the POS systems had to be adapted. To select four different, exclusive designs for RUNNERS POINT and a separate one for the lifestyle chain SIDE STEP, get up when purchasing that also Dutch available. High-quality crafted cards institutions presented the gift cards in a specially designed display prominently. By introducing a gift card we can carry our brand into the purses\”, says Kerstin Bohmann, marketing manager of the RUNNERS POINT commodity trading company. Voucher sales are increasing, therefore we opted deliberately for a significant appearance of the card at the point of sale, corresponding to the quality of our products and our advice.\” In the medium term, the integration of gift cards in the webshop at is planned. Further information: easycash holding GmbH marketing / communication Simone Bruder Tel. + 49-2102/973-307 fax + 49-2102/973-226 E-Mail: agency Grintsch PR Marc Nagel / Arne Trapp Tel. 70 63 62 / 54 fax 70 63 80 E-Mail: Internet about the easycash group developed easycash market-driven solutions for card-based cashless payments since 1992.

Successful Researcher

L. Ron Hubbards first book Dianetics: the Guide to the human mind has been published on the 9.5.1950 and a milestone in the, L. history of publishing Ron Hubbard began his expeditions he financed from skills this 1934 with his at an early age. He travelled among others research on the Explorers Club and received general recognition as one of the most influential writers of his time, as well as recognition of his findings and breakthroughs in the field of mind. L.

Ron of Hubbard’s continuing interest in the human mind was sparked when he met Commander Joseph C. Thompson at the age of twelve, who taught him a lot about the mind. Thompson himself was a former student of psychoanalysis and the first naval officer of the United States, who studied with Sigmund Freud in Vienna together. Although L. Ron Hubbard rejected the Freudian theory impractical and unworkable, he nevertheless came to a decisive conclusion that something in terms of the mind can actually be done.

During L. Ron Hubbard his search across the South Pacific to Asia to pursue, he was one of the few Americans who had access to the sacred Tibetan Lama monasteries in the Manchurian mountains. He studied together with the last of the line of Royal Mage from the Court of Kublai Khan. But he could conclude only that: “Education, which will be held in moldy books under lock and key, is of little use for anyone, and therefore of no value, except when she can be used.” After his return to the United States, Hubbard at the George Washington pursued University studies of in engineering, mathematics, and nuclear physics; all subjects that later would serve him during his philosophical investigations. In fact, L. Ron Hubbard was the first who strictly apply the Western empirical research on the study of the mind and the spirit, where he to enter began with his university research in areas as diverse as the human memory storage and the Characteristics of aesthetics were.

Walpurgis Association

Home Club again organized the new year’s reception in the hamlet of the town of Sandersdorf Brehna already in the morning of 11 January 2014 the members of the local club came together to prepare the traditional new year’s reception with Christmas tree burning in Renneritz. As Christmas trees provided in Renneritz and Barkha were collected and piled at the Renneritzer village community House to a large mountain. In total, over 100 trees were collected. From 15:00 gathered numerous guests at the village community centre in Renneritz. With mulled wine and punch was triggered on the new year and said that the one or the other anecdote of past holidays. The visitors strengthened with hearty Rostbratwursten and especially the small guests could taste the fresh, sweet waffles. Just in time with Dawn, the old Christmas trees were then set on fire. Under loud crackling, the dry trees were a fast sacrifice of the flames.

Sat down in the evening and were Guests at the glowing fire and enjoyed the warmth. Festivals such as Christmas tree burning are also a kind of reward for the members of our Association,”said Christian Lorenz, Chairman of the local club Renneritz. After many hours of volunteer effort to the beautification of the place the members on such events learn the recognition of citizens.” Last year, among the free-standing canopy at the Renneritz village community house was covered by the activity of the members of the Association new. The complete consisting of wood roof truss is protected against weathering so for the next few years. There are already the next work of the Homeland Association Renneritz in planning for 2014. With the help of an once again generous donation to build a tool shed and two basketball hoops are set up especially for the young people. Up-to-date information on the work and also to the Walpurgis night can on April 30 as found on the website of the home Association at be. Contact: Heimatverein Renneritz e.V. The new settlement 10 OT Renneritz 06792 Sander village-Brehna E-Mail: represented by: Christian Lorenz, Chairman of the Board

Ricoh Germany Donates 10,000 Euros To The German Child Protection

German children welfare association and Ricoh Germany at the beginning of the cooperation between the German child protection and Ricoh Germany Uwe Jungk, CEO of Ricoh Germany on December 22 handed over a symbolic cheque of 10,000 euros to Christian Briesen, head of communication at the German child protection. The donation supports the local associations of the German child protection Association at the sites of Ricoh Germany in Hamburg, Berlin, Leipzig, Hanover, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Munich, Stuttgart and near the town of Radolfzell. The money flows completely into concrete projects of local associations. Thus, the important local work of the German child protection Federation is supported. Together with Ricoh Germany we will vote together with the various local unions, which specific projects require financial support”, says Christian Briesen. Uwe Jungk added: Ricoh Germany is very important commitment for children in Germany. When our donation to the German children welfare association, we know that She directly benefit the children and will be invested wisely and sustainably.” The German children welfare association is the largest Association of children protection in Germany and as a non-profit organization on donations, to make children fit for the future. A goal of the German child protection association is a good quality and free education and care system.

Homework help and support disadvantaged children is a key activity of the nationwide child protection work. The chapters to actively implement the right to equality of opportunity and education, which is enshrined in the UN says into practice. Other priorities of the German child protection Federation are child poverty, the protection of children from violence and children’s rights. Donation account SEB AG account 1953 BLZ 250 101 11 Member of German joint Welfare Association German Child Welfare Association Bundesverband e.V. contact: Paula Honkanen-Schoberth Schoneberger str. 15 10963 Berlin Tel (030) 21 48 09-20 fax (030) 21 48 09-99 email Ricoh Germany in the short profile the Ricoh Germany GmbH with its headquarters in Hannover, Germany is a leading solution provider for digital office communication, production printing and company-wide printing and document management.

The portfolio includes hardware and software solutions, production printing solutions, professional services and support services and industry-related business consulting (office consulting services) with the aim of cost and process optimization. Ricoh Germany is a subsidiary of the Japanese player Ricoh Global. The Ricoh Group is with over 108.500 employees (Status: March 2009) a leading global technology company. In Germany, has a Ricoh approximately 2,000 employees and operates in addition to its main management nationwide with ten business & service centers. Contacts: press contact Ricoh Germany Tobias Poschl phone: 0511 / 6742 2517 fax: 0511 / 6742 264 cell: 0160 / 703 4 583 E-Mail: villages/partner communications company mbH Arnulf str. 33, 40545 Dusseldorf contact: Maike Rose Tel.: 0211 / 5230133 fax: 0211 / 5230130

Successful Drug Rehabilitation

Effective drug education in schools and on the streets with various organizations in 55 countries realized In the area of drug education is the Foundation for a drug-free world”a leading position on the world. The campaigns reached over 190 million people in 2011. L. Ron Hubbards solution to the drug problem consisted of a unique drug rehabilitation program that was not only on the weakening of the mental and spiritual abilities, as for example by chaotic thinking and reduced consciousness. In addition, the problem was addressed, what ever led a people to take drugs. Some brave people took to L.

Ron Hubbard as a model and went to the area to inform people in advance about the facts of drugs. They founded world the Foundation for a drug-free”, to provide a non-profit organisation which aims, young people and adults facts about drugs. You should on the basis of this knowledge themselves can decide whether they want to lead a drug-free life. No one, and certainly no teenager like to keep preaching about what you can’t do and what is not. For this reason the Foundation provides facts in the form of small booklets, with whose help teenagers and other people themselves can decide from the outset to take no drugs. “The International Association of Scientologists (IAS) made it possible with a grant, that the Foundation for a drug-free world” could create a now award-winning documentary film. This film consists of some TV spots, based on the original education brochures for individual drugs.

Educators and youth leaders made these videos in community centres and classrooms, accompanied by drug education seminars at the schools in New Orleans to primary schools in Johannesburg and over in Asia after Taiwan and Tokyo. These facts about drugs “which were in the meantime on over 500 television channels such as” The Biography Channel, A & E, ABC, MTV, etc – broadcast in different countries. During the last years, floods of the magazine circulated drug facts”by Scotland after Mexico City and around the world. To disseminate this successful drug awareness programme in many countries and drug use to stop, partnerships were established with various organizations in 55 countries in North America, Latin America, Europe and South Africa. Alone in the year 2011 the issue was drug facts”about 193 million copies distributed. “” The documentary the truth about drugs “with the TV spots received the Aurora Platinum Award in the category of documentary films”. In addition, the Foundation received the silver Telly Award in the category social responsibility”for the truth about drugs. “The Communicator award of distinction there, that with the truth about drugs” exceeded the industry standards for quality and performance. Thus, the Foundation for drug-fee World scored the award-winning TV spots, and the Documentary unprecedented results and successes in the drug education.

Feet Movement

Increased health awareness and numerous medical aid have made exercise and sports for modern senior citizens for granted. Mobility in the age has become the expression of a higher quality of life for many. Walking, hiking or even regular training for the sports badge, the “new old” keep today physically and mentally in movement. AIDS cure age-related restrictions of movement. Orthopedic injuries such as wear and tear on the joints and stress-related infections of the feet are the greatest obstacle to operate regular athletic. As support for Achy bones and joints and for fear of further injury, many older people like to fall to bandages for the feet.

In addition, the retailers offers rail for the feet, which are to wear overnight. They help to improve damage and pain. Both to sturdy tracks primary care both in shock-resilient pads, hypoallergenic materials provide comfort in any weather. For lifestyle, wellness and health, the online shop sanumvitalis offers over 3000 products. The entire product range is specially geared to the needs and desires of seniors.

Also the wide range of bandages, splints and heel cushion of the leading brands of ARCUS and BORT aimed particularly at customers who want to continue to actively participate in life despite advanced age. Using a specially designed evaluation system, specialised mail order sanumvitalis secures its product range. Customers of the company can evaluate products as also services the online shipping with a point system and leave comments as a guide for other customers. The success of corporate strategy, to assume only premium brands in the range is reflected on the example of the drums for the feet.