Academic Supervisor

Being that, it will have later to confirm through document its presence in the event. (Not to be confused with BSA!). 3 moment In the opening: presentation you would serve as apprentice of them palestrantes, of the Social Assistants gifts, coordinator of the House of Ticket, the subject to be treated as well as its objective. How much to accomplishment of the lecture will have duration of 45 minutes, where BPC with emphasis to its context, the legality will be boarded on the Benefit of Continued Installment and concession. The used method of presentation will be Seriado Album, for better understanding and visualization of the boarded content. Having the execution of the Project to have duration in the maximum of 1:00 h, as orientation of the Academic Supervisor. 4 moment – open Space to the questionings and clarifications of doubts, initiate from the interaction dynamics that will consist of the ticket of a bag with some papers, enters the gifts in the lecture, consisting questions previously formulated by the trainees. The participants had had to choose by lot a paper and to read the question in high voice in way that all can hear. Such dynamics has the intention to encourage the present public to interact displaying its doubts on the subject so that it has clarifications from the answers of the palestrantes Valdicla and Marcila.

5 moment – Closing of the event with the application of the evaluation fiche, gratefulness and invitation for coquetel. In this manner, valley to stand out that the activities mentioned above are of responsibility of the Valdicla trainees Pear tree Ferreira and Marcilia Pear tree Dos Santos.


It thinks, also, in the establishment of practical of the story as the goal, despite subjective, but excellent in the studies that if make the respect, to search to awake the fancy and the imagination in the listeners, what we find the reinforcement of inestimable value when we analyze to be the imagination and the fancy essential bases for a creative thought. Here, it is interesting to detach that, when dealing with these subjective 0 variable, it arrives to be a privilege to think the art to count histories as a reference of creation of encantamento spaces. Frequently BSA has said that publicly. For more symbolic than it seems the mention to the creation of such spaces, we have to reflect how much to the fact of that the development of the people, tangenciando the rational and logical processes, also passes for the emotional growth and of the establishment of convivncia rules. It is what it is gone to select of how much in allowing the experience them in these worlds of encantamento. Experience, by the way, so important, that it goes to demand of the educator a series of cares to allow a greater it positivao in the educative action. The first one is of its reflection concerning the forms of if communicating with the child. The child, mainly the small ones, needs a dialogue consisting of symbolic references; from there the preference for the tricks, for the personages of make-of-counts, the fancies involving invisible and fantastic beings; from there the inabalvel belief in mythical personages (Noel Papa, coelhinho of Passover etc). She is necessary that, in the communication with the child, let us know to deal with these references, duly warned, in the contrahand, to block any possibility to narrow the relations. I wait that he is clearly even though I believe nor to need to say this that it is essential condition, in this quarrel, the educator to like children and to like stories and infantile histories, perceiving the importance of this instrument.

Nietzsche And The Anarquismo

Whenever determining from Nietzsche is invoked some conceptual perspective to base something it Anarquismo appears somebody that says: ' ' Nietzsche was against the Anarquismo' '. However, through the comparison it enters the concepts proceeding from the workmanship of the German philosopher and of the deriving concepts of the anarchic movement, it is possible to perceive certain complementaridades and, even though, some similarities. From this problematic one, the objective of this text is to identify from where the critical one of Nietzsche to the Anarquismo comes, evaluating which are the implications of these critical to a possible conceptual dialogue between Nietzsche and anarchists. Such perspective of research is supported from a philosophical tool that the proper Nietzsche relegated in them: the experimentation of the thought. The main advantage of this method is that it can become possible the multiplication of conceptual possibilities e, thus, to make possible the creation of the new, the different one. The experimentation possesss much space also in the anarchic speech. For already initiating the dialogue of the two fronts intellectual, I remember the words of Chomsky on the experimentation: ' ' when in them we come back to the questions of vastly more complex importance human being, the understanding is very small, and has much space for divergence, experimentation, intellectual explorations of possibilities of the real life and possibilities, that help in them to learn mais' ' i. Favorable situation, therefore, to try the thought in the politics, the social organization, psychology, the existencialismo, the education, the culture, in the philosophy, practically in any epistemolgico field therefore what he is not complex today?

Tereza Arruda

15 3. Effect of the Sentence in Face of the Assistants. It supplies in accordance with mentioned it art. 472 of the CPC, ' ' the sentence makes considered thing to the parts between which it is given, not benefiting, nor harming terceiros' '. It is turned here, to a basic question approaches at the beginning of this article: third that to enter as assistants simple they are not changedded into parts; however, those that to enter as litisconsorciais assistants if transform yes, in parties to suit. Of this agreement, it can directly infer that the legal sphere of the adhesive assistants never will be reached, for a the least, for the effect of the sentence. This does not want to say, however, that the sentence cannot produce effect of ftica predominance, or even though indirect effect of legal predominance to the assistant, since the same keeps a procedural relation with the attended one and has total legal interest in the content of the solution that will be given to the case.

For Tereza Arruda: ' ' it is practically impossible to hinder itself, total and completely, in absolute way, that the uprisings judicial finish for affecting, in a way or of another one, the sphere, ftica or mere legal, of people who are not participating (in the case of the process to be in course) or that they had not participated of the process (in the case of a process findo) ' '. 16 In relation to the qualified assistant, already it was said by you vary times that, when intervining in the procedural relation, it if party to suit becomes and, as such, it applies a little cited of course, art. 472, that is, it will directly suffer the effect from the judged thing, has seen, to be in right dispute that also is its.

Federal Constitution

Cahali, discourses on the nature of the legal fees borne by the loser in a judicial dispute with the following affirmation: The alterations operated for Law 8,906, in substance of legal fees borne by the loser in a judicial dispute, are dislocated clearly from clave of indemnity for the one of remuneration. They had left of being a conviction, destined to make entire the desfalcations suffered for the part, to be configured exclusively as paid for the work developed for the lawyer. That is, they had lost its indenizatria nature to assume the retribuitria nature (1997, P. 803). Wolf law N. 8.906/94 keeps agreement when commenting the same. Seno, let us see: The previous legislation established that the honorary ones fixed in the conviction against the losing party or defeated party, in the action, belonged to the prevailing party.

The specific Statute radically inverted the title of these honorary ones, namely, of the selling part for its lawyer. With effect, it changed the bedding and the nature of this conviction, leaving of being indemnity of the expenditures expended for the prevailing party to consist of part of remuneration of its lawyer, whose responsibility is imputed to the losing party (2007, P. 148). Thus, doubts do not have that currently the legal fees borne by the loser in a judicial dispute belongs to the lawyer and that they possess profitable and not indenizatria nature. The divergence analyzed and studied here appeared in the procedure of execution against the Public Farm, where, as already said, its credits, in rule, are paid for the chronological order of precatrio and, for exception, for Solicitation of Small Value RPV, in attention to determined in the article the 100 and its paragraphs of the Federal Constitution of 1988 (CF/88).