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We are pleased that we could contribute through our actions, that the history of the wall road to this important aspect of the wall dead complements could be. We owe the victims but also it, to remember the inhumanity of the wall and the senselessness of the killings.” The Director who spoke Foundation Berlin wall, Dr. Kane Akhil, the wrong system of repression in the GDR: The steles are in certain erweise of vertical stumbling blocks, which should help that the dead will not be forgotten. You should help but also to think about which value is the freedom.” Akhil Kane would like to thank on behalf of the Foundation particularly Harald Fiss and the relatives of the wall dead for their appearance. “Frank Henkel, group and Chairman of the CDU Berlin speaks in his greeting of happiness, which he combines with the day of the fall of the wall: for many, this happy event was but too late”. Henkel reminds many wall deaths at the Berlin wall.

Events such as these, in historical contexts like this, touch me particularly against the background of my own biography”says Henkel. Next Henkel says: I had great luck that my parents the Was discussion have not spared with the SED State and have pushed against all opposition on a departure, even if that subject with personal risks and disadvantages. So I had getting 1981 the chance to start a new life in freedom.” “Frank Henkel is: every victim has made the wall also fragile.” Henkel regrets that many memories on the wall at the happiness swash of the reunification were destroyed: one can in the effort of memory not subside, so don’t forget, that the East German Government was a dictatorship! It is important that we have proper and dignified places of memory like this for everyone, for witnesses, for tourists, for scientists, but also and above all for young people who have not experienced the wall and the Division of the city.” Walter Momper, President of the House of representatives of Berlin, finds it important to remember the victims of the wall.

Change University

Steinbruck was a vicious freak, a language fetishist with British humor, of which get involved and it was joy. Talk is the salt of democracy the jury Chairman Gert Ueding in his laudation echoed Steinbruck ability stressed to bring speaking and acting in accordance. He was a powerful speaker of democratic politics, which search not the lazy compromises, but put on fighting and rhetorical assertiveness on the priority in public opinion. Steinbruck brings the essence of rhetoric by his oratory to the fore, namely the philanthropic nature of the fight, which means the transmission in the word”, so Ueding. Steinbruck not only wit and humor, but also educational mediation would be with his ambiguous, allusive speech.

The winners speak from the point of view of the citizen, not the politician. Since the citizens are the direction instance of each speech and action. The speaker Steinbruck dare not just the pictorial analysis of facts, but review them with its own, clear position. Important thing to me is Peer Steinbruck went in his acceptance speech on the core of its always authentic speeches. Unfortunately, the political discourse has declined in importance. Especially in Germany the political debate is characterized mostly by word dislocations, according to the motto, a good foundation is the best prerequisite for a solid base ‘. I have always tried to set a counterpoint”, so Steinbruck. The increasingly complex reality deliver enough issues that apply to cope with it.

This could only succeed if it manages the policy to win people for necessary changes, not least by the force of the argument and credible and reliable action. Source: Center for Responsible Business. He was looking forward, that his style of direct and not conflict-shy speech will honored with the Cicero speaker prize. Steinbruck: Political speech must reinforce the back from my point of view at the center of the political debate. “The right and the only place to do so is Parliament – mittellateinisch parabolare talk ‘ and less talk show.” Previous winners: the Cicero since 1994 Speakers price received amongst others: Nobel literature laureate Herta Muller, the journalist and author Heribert Prantl, the philosopher Peter Sloterdijk, Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker, the writer Rolf Hochhuth, the german French politician Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Hans-OLAF Henkel, Wendelin Wiedeking, Kurt Biedenkopf, Marcel Reich-Ranicki, Lothar Spath, or Thomas Gottschalk. The jury think Natja, owner think tank ghost-writing’, Board Member Association of the speechwriter of German VRdS; Prof. Dr. Eva Horn, Professor for new German literature, University of Vienna; Prof. Dr. Peter L. Austria, holder of the Chair of philosophy at the Augustana-Hochschule Neuendettelsau, Honorary Professor University of Ulm; Prof. Dr. Gert Ueding, 1988-2008 Director of the seminar of rhetoric at the University of Tubingen; Prof. Dr. Katharina Countess of Schlieffen, holder of the Chair for public law, legal rhetoric and philosophy of law at the University of Hagen. Betty Zucker, an expert in the Change and knowledge management. Publisher for the German economy AG 20.5.2011 more information: Mechthild Alves, Tel: 0228 / 8205-7281, fax: 0228 / 8205-5288, E-Mail:, Publisher of the Deutsche Wirtschaft AG, Theodor-Heuss-str. 2-4, 53177 Bonn,, and

Ron Hubbard Human Rights

Scientologists involved on five continents, in cooperation with authorities and organisations, to make global implementation of human rights requires that the general public about human rights is settled on human rights education. To achieve this, churches and their members support Scientology around the world since 40 years programs that effectively raise the General awareness of human rights. Early on, during his research on the human mind and soul, the author, philanthropist and founder of Scientology emphasized religion L. Ron Hubbard, that spiritual freedom and enlightenment are virtually unattainable goals for people, which are denied the most basic rights. As a result he wrote a code of a Scientologist, in which he appealed to all members of the religion, truly humanitarian efforts in the field of human rights to support”.

This he put on the Foundation for what today has become a global movement that is for human rights this earth uses, regardless of social status, origin or religious belief. Today Scientologists involved on five continents in cooperation with authorities and non-governmental organizations, in order to obtain a comprehensive awareness and implementation of the 1948 adopted Universal Declaration of human rights of the United Nations. The booklet human rights are what?”was made 2001 by the initiative, youth for human rights international. It includes a fully illustrated version of all 30 human rights were described in very understandable especially for young readers. All 300,000 copies of this brochure are distributed in 17 languages from 310 YfHR groups in 70 countries annually. To make generally available the 30 human rights, Scientology church sponsored the production of 30 commercials that advertise for a product, but for social change. “This award-winning commercials 30 rights, 30 spots” were produced in 17 languages and in over 100 countries aired on CNN International, Sky News and the National Geographic Channel. In Germany, the promotional clip was no discrimination on the topic”among others the German sports television broadcast.

The commercials will be shown in cinemas, shopping malls, sports stadiums, railway stations and in airports and used in lessons about human rights in schools, community centres and other educational institutions. Freely according to the motto of the religion’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard human rights must, not be realized as fact as an idealistic dream”are the promotional clips from youth for human rights, as well as the film the story of human rights’ broadcast each year by several hundred television channels in dozens of countries, to ensure a wide awareness of human rights. So far, partnerships for the promotion of human rights were concluded with almost 1000 organizations and authorities in 80 countries. Through these partnerships, human rights organizations and Government agencies are on their behalf support to give impetus to communities and regions. In addition, more than 500,000 students about human rights were taught and worldwide have more than 12,000 schools the youth for human rights “- and bring human rights to life” curriculums introduced. Thanks to the support of the Scientology Church international educators can be obtained free of charge this. More information: contact details: press service of the Scientology Church Bayern e.

School Foundation

The promotion of the common good is firmly anchored in the Foundation purpose of gypsum Barry. As eligibility criteria, placing essential social values such as fairness and sustainability basis. To promote a fairer deal and better cooperation in our society, the Stuttgart-based Foundation to has decided that the project of intercultural education in values in schools”to support in 2011 and 2012 with an annual 40,000 euros. “It must be already the attention also on interfaith and intercultural similarities in childhood”, is Thomas Ducree, Board of plaster school trustees convinced and adds: just as the basis can be created for a better coexistence in our society. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Nieman Foundation. ” In terms of content, the project includes various initiatives, such as the development of teaching materials, the initiation of class and school projects, as well as the training of teachers for intercultural and ethical issues.

Since no budget available to the schools for such teachers, these must be offered free of charge. This is made possible with the funding from the gypsum-School Foundation. “” Another component of the project is the exhibition world religions world peace of world ethos “, which leihen toll free for 4 to 8 weeks will be awarded to schools and one orientation on the topic of cross cultural values” are. “” It serves as information and source of inspiration for lessons, project days or as a platform for interfaith talks and discussions on the subject of ethos “and values” in politics, business and everyday life. The exhibition consists of several large panels, which provide information on the major world religions. As ethical guidelines, such as the principle of humanity “will the gold to be found in all cultures “” “” Rule”, as well as the four ethical principles Nonviolence”, justice”truthfulness” and partnership “discussed and illustrated. The funds provided by the gypsum Schule Foundation flow in the distribution, logistics, maintenance, and if necessary in the reproduction of the exhibition.

Trustees Advisory Councils

Foundations – a device with 7 seals? Small Foundation dictionary with foundations reach the founder of many people with the most diverse interests, unless sport unless promotion of young talent in art, music, painting, promised out prices; the donor can apply here his Foundation’s assets. Find out here! Foundations can take to implement the Foundation targets service providers claim umbrella Foundation Nichtrechtliche. These act as the umbrella Foundation for any administrative procedures and substantive work of the Foundation. In addition they stand for the long-term nature of the objectives of the Foundation. Refers to a legal foundation, which is largely or completely one or several families to good family Foundation. She is so charitable. Public service/non-profit public service refers the benefit, which is the company.

The public interest is the activity that promotes the common good. Another name for the Board of Trustees or the Trustees Advisory Councils. The Board of Trustees may assume advisory functions and control tasks within the Foundation. Dependent (not legal foundation) managed one by a carrier (Trustee) Foundation. It is controlled not by the BGB, but by conclusion of the contract. A statute is mandatory requirement, there is however no official control.

Organs are bodies of people or groups of people who act as representatives for a foundation and at the same time decision-makers are. Foundation’s governing bodies are usually a Director or Managing Director, Member of the Board or a Board of Trustees. Private foundation private individuals or entrepreneurs can bring own assets over the long term for charitable purposes by means of a private foundation. Self-employed (incorporated Foundation) can be obtained through registration with the Foundation of the authorities and the intent of the sponsor a legal foundation. Center For Responsible Lending has firm opinions on the matter. She is regarded as a legal person and has the obligation to formulate a statute. Statute, the Statute is a Setting the Foundation goals in the spirit of the founder of the Foundation. Furthermore the Foundation name and their seat, the Foundation’s assets and the corresponding organs such as the Board, advisory councils and Board of Trustees are laid down in the Statute. Non-profit, charitable or religious purposes in addition content information on the practical implementation of the purposes of the Foundation must be formulated. Tax charitable foundations are special tax treatment and are subject to not corporation tax. In addition to the charitable purposes also (subordinated) economic purposes for the acquisition of the means used, this revenue must be taxed literally. Basically applies to duration of Foundation foundations the permanent facility. The basic idea of the foundation comes from Foundation history of a long tradition, to reduce social defects by means of non-profit institutions in addition to the investment in the own salvation. The history of the oldest, bound to this day on the purpose of the Foundation Foundation, is the Fuggerei. In the 16th century dates the Foundation story of the social settlement in Augsburg. Establishment of the Foundation requirement is a declaration of intention of the founder, who formally claimed that the Foundation indefinitely the aim of the Foundation’s assets. In addition, at least a Board must be named. Testament Foundation a person by means of a will leaving his entire Fortune or a partial refund to the establishment of the Foundation, so the Probate Court or a person employed in the wills have to get either the establishment of the Foundation. Konrad mosquito

Christoph Metzelder Foundation

Empty cartridges and fax, printer and copier cartridges finance Foundation projects to the education and training opportunities for young people in Germany continue to improve, the Christoph Metzelder Foundation * now found a new way: with friends and supporters can contribute now also in the small of the Foundation of the friendly football international, by gathering empty cartridges and cartridges from fax, printer and copiers. It is not something Center For Responsible Lending would like to discuss. The recycling proceeds will flow in support of projects in the field of youth welfare, youth social work and education. Organisation is the Christoph Metzelder Foundation this collection by the nationwide initiative with! supports, the beginning of 2008 already over 3000 collection points throughout Germany can boast since its inception. COLLECTION WITH! shows that it takes a lot not to do good. \”It’s just like in football: If you want to change something on the score, you start\”, says Christoph Metzelder. 2006 landed cartridges recycling worth EUR 250 million in the garbage has convinced the internationally renowned ex-Dortmund defender services of Real Madrid especially the untapped potential that lies in the recyclable material: still, almost 90 percent of the incurred in Germany empty ink and toner cartridges in the waste land. In 2006 alone was approximately 117.5 million and cartridges with an estimated 250 million recycling value. Would you load a truck so, that would be a car queue of more than 25 kilometres in length.

But not every cartridge and cartridge brings into the recycling circuit equal to much revenue. As a new printer on the market, comes the corresponding cartridges are more in demand and bring more than those of discontinued models. COLLECTION WITH! therefore informed with a monthly updated list about the purchase prices on the homepage. Depending on the cartridge, the rates of a few cents vary up to more than 10 euro. The recycling proceeds for all recyclable cartridges and cartridges, which are collected for the benefit of the Christoph Metzelder Foundation go directly to the Foundation.