Poland: Solidarity Is Insignificant

A haven for stability solid Arno was the trade union Solidarnosc in Poland? has long been a term in Poland. Today we discovered this term, which formerly stood for freedom and democracy mainly in the major cities such as Warsaw and Gdansk. Who rents an apartment in Warsaw, will notice casually often this term. Now whether a road award or confectionery. Here is the term more often to notice, but the former movement has lost much of its momentum. One might even say solid Arno? lost significantly in importance.

Heyday was in the 1980s and 1990s the former Trade Union with the word of solidarity in 1980 in Poland. At the time when it came to massive strike movement in the still-Socialist Poland. Many citizens left your apartments in Warsaw and took part in the strikes. According to own statements have solid Arno? significantly involved at the political turnaround in 1989. Officially, she was at the time as the most successful free trade union in Eastern Europe.

Today estimates you membership to the 500,000. Many residents in their apartments in Warsaw have long since pulled back. At that time, the Union was supported mainly by dissident intellectuals. Names such as Tadeusz Mazowiecki, Adam Michnik and Anna Walentynowicz are here to name a few. The trigger for the strike was just the tip of the iceberg. A price increase on July 1, 1980, changed everything and then leads to the worst strike for a long time. Although limited to these first locally on Gdask were to feel the ramifications in Warsaw. At that time was the leader Lech Wa?SA. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger shines more light on the discussion. Although the strike was ended again after 2 days, it however, the today’s solid Arno formed finally. At peak times, the Union had nearly 9.5 million members. But those days are long gone. Young Poland see Poland many more according to a new survey can come up with solid Arno no meaning? no longer identify. Remains particularly, not to mention that the Union while in the Socialist Poland had their seat. But very different rules and principles prevail in the present capitalist Poland. Especially young people who today live in the modern apartments in Warsaw, but know the term but hardly the meaning. 52 Percent even specify no longer with solid Arno? to feel connected. Solid Arno? remains always in connection with the Communist times, has never really find its place in the new Poland. So, the name remains only an attraction by many in Warsaw. Tourists who come to the capital of Poland and spend their nights in the apartments in Warsaw, be able to read occasionally the words of the Trade Union on the day.

Adventure Vacations

If you prefer this type of vacation, then the money is better not to have compassion and to revel in absolute comfort. Must rest, so that later it was something to remember, and these emotions were extremely pleasant. To date, the cruise liners to the extent immaculate and comfortable, they can effortlessly replace a good hotel. Snowboard and ski seduce hunters insanely sharp impressions. Year-round possible to find a point on the light or, more precisely say, in the mountains, where snow is almost a year. In such places there are ski resorts in the world. Self-taught in this sport is not desirable, you have to pass a mandatory briefing. Skiing, to Unfortunately, sometimes not without injury, because the instructor demonstrates and teaches how to properly and safely ride.

Sometimes, racing down the highway occur strong fall, which sometimes entail injury, therefore, be learn how to fall, so that the risk was minimal. Ski resorts are in Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Italy, Mordovia, Russia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Canada, Andorra, and in several other countries. In our time, is very in great demand for green tourism – for those who are tired of reinforced concrete jungle of the big city and wants to feel the peace and serenity. Izmayavshiesya residents rest in a small cottage in union with nature and lead to feelings of spiritual force. All growing rapidly, and tourism is not shy away from. For more information see Sean Rad. To date, there is even an opportunity to fly to the moon, but a century ago it was not just weird, it was unimaginable. The feeling of flight to the same extent expressive, that allow to feel the integrity of the galaxy and the insignificance of our short life on earth. Today, go to the moon is very expensive, and it will be able to afford a person with adequate physical education and health, but it will be half a century, and possibly space travel will be as accessible as it is now to go to rest in an exotic country.

Presidential Suite

m, "Cave of the Lost City", 14 – meter high observation tower with 2 slides, slide "Kamikaze", riding on Trojan boats. The hotel provides the following services to VIP-class: private air travel, rental executive cars, limousines, yachts and helicopters. The hotel has its own sandy beach the length of a kilometer with three piers: one VIP-pier, designed for vacationers to villas, one main pier – all tourist hotel complex and a pier for water sports. 5. Rixos Hotel Konya 5 * hotel is located 13 km from Airport, 17 km from the city center of Konya and 5 km from the bus station, near the railway station. The 26-storey building of the hotel has 348 rooms of a category of "standard" to Presidential Suite, equipped with all necessary facilities (air conditioning, hair dryer, TV and etc.). The hotel has two restaurants, five bars, disco club, as well as 9 conference rooms and business center equipped with modern equipment. The hotel has a fitness center with gyms, sauna, Turkish bath (Hammam), massage rooms, two swimming pools – indoor and outdoor, beauty salon.

Visitors, travelers with children are provided special services. Also, it should be noted that Rixos Hotel Konya – the only 5-star hotel in Konya. Near the hotel is well-known shopping and entertainment complex, in which the goods of more than 1000 different brands. 6. Rixos Sungate (ex.Sungate Port Royal Resort) 5 * In 2009, the chain Rixos Hotels began to study the management of one of the most well-known Turkish hotels – Sungate Port Royal, owned by a Russian company. Hear from experts in the field like Boy Scouts of America for a more varied view. The hotel changed its name to Rixos Sungate.

The agreement was signed by the parties for 10 years with the possibility of extending control, as it says in the statement Rixos Hotels placed in the press. This hotel is located on the beachfront town of Beldibi, 17 km from Kemer and 40 km from the airport of Antalya. In the main building of the hotel 583 rooms category "standard" and "suites". In terraced houses with 507 rooms "standard" and "Dream Suite". There are also 26 vip-villas, 16 suites, 16 rooms of category "de luxe", 26 family villas in lake cottages. At the hotel there are restaurants, bars, shops, business center, salon beauty, cinema, spa center, conducting sessions of thalassotherapy. Hotel facilities include bowling, rent cars, internet cafe, indoor and outdoor pools. The hotel has its own sand and pebble beach. Interesting guests will park with a complex of entertaining slides for children, its own port. The hotel also has a dedicated VIP-area for rent.

Wheel Travel

The most popular destination in Central America is bicycle and MountainbikeTouren in Costa Rica Costa Rica. Especially the many national parks with an incomparably rich flora and fauna, the mighty volcanic peaks, the tropical rainforest, and the fantastic beaches along the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean attract visitors. The small Central American country Costa Rica inspired by the wealth of possible cycling and mountain bike tours. On the many small, you can cycle wonderful paths and trails through the hinterland, the various types of terrain are varied. On adventurous trails to drive through the middle of the rainforest, the numerous volcanoes offer good downhill, unspoilt beaches offer comfortable cycling.

Either you take your bike, what is possible with most airlines, or you looking for a local landlord from wheels. Some tour operators offer their own, high-quality rental bikes. In the surroundings of San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, there is a Variety of tours, for example around the Vulkane Irazu and Poas, or through the Orosi Valley. Partly also roads on the volcanoes, such as for example on the Irazu Vulkan, with the corresponding level of the condition do everything possible. The town of Arenal volunteers himself as a base for bike tours.

A relaxed bike tour leads on a paved road through the tropical forest around Lake Arenal. With the mountain bike you can up to the National Park of the volcano Arenal ride, but it is on the way to not be possible with the bike in the Park. The Cerro De La Muerte (death peak) is the highest mountain on the Panamericana highway. On a distance of 45 kilometers is approximately 2800 to cope with altitude. Only do not deter let by the name. The region of Samara on the Nicoya peninsula suitable also for cycling. On pristine beaches along the coast of the Pacific Ocean Crest is, in the hilly to mountainous hinterland come even sportier drivers at their own expense. Or how about the Ruta de los Conquistadores? This is a well known mountain bike race in Costa Rica, where it applies in just four days from the Pacific coast to reach with the Irazu Vulkan as the highest point in the Caribbean and many more challenges on the way. Learn more at: CBC, Australia. In the Manuel Antonio the rain forest and the surrounding mountains offer Park a perfect backdrop for every cyclist. You can discover hidden waterfalls, biking on narrow jungle trails, and enjoy the beautiful coastal landscape. With a little luck, you experience also the diverse fauna of the national parks, such as colorful birds, Coati, howler monkeys and other exotic creatures. Tours at sunset, with unbeatable views of the Pacific Ocean are also very special.

Attractive Tourist Attractions In Denmark

The German tourists have discovered Denmark has many exciting regions and offers the possibility to make his travel individually and independently in particular for German Denmark as an insider tip. Learn more at: PCRM. Attractive Danish cities such as Sonderborg are only 35 kilometres from the German border, so that even a journey with the car’s worth. Because the Kingdom is quite small, it’s easy to connect attractions in the cities to the countryside, the peace of nature or the fresh sea air on the Baltic or North Sea. The geographical feature of Denmark: No location in Denmark is more than 60 km from the coast. Especially in the big cities, there are many historical and cultural attractions. The city of Copenhagen offers vacationers the Denmark diverse attractions. Copenhagen is not only the capital of the country, but also the economic and cultural centre of the country.

The Little Mermaid and that belong to the main attractions in Copenhagen Pedestrian zone Stroget, which is the longest in the world. Stroget is known abroad as a shopping area, where not only international fashion brands are located, but also popular Danish fashion at reasonable prices can be purchased. Also not be missed if the Tivoli Park, which already is a well-known name in the world: the probably the most popular attraction in Copenhagen, only a few metres from Termini station. In the Tivoli Park, rides, food stalls, gardens, pubs and attractions await visitors. More culture, however, can be found in the alternative community Christiania. The city offers a unique residential complex in Copenhagen.

For nature lovers the district Vesterbo and Frederiksberg was recommended, which serves the Copenhagen Zoo and numerous parks. North is Norrebro and osterbro, whereby here the Kongens Park to be recommended because it is the oldest park in Denmark. Great attractions in Denmark are also many free museums, such as the National Museum where you can learn all about the history of Denmark. Holiday season holiday in Denmark is possible at any time of year because the weather in Denmark is quite stable. In the summer you can enjoy the country at an average of 18 degrees, in winter milder temperatures around freezing point. Due to this climate, the country offers an amazing variety of nature, which is definitely also one of the attractions of the country. In addition, a trend to emerge, that the Germans recognize the benefits of Denmark seems in recent years: steadily increasing German weddings in Denmark. In particular Sonderborg is a stronghold of German weddings and enabling a cheap wedding abroad Wedding willing couples with exclusive character. Now Beach and the glittering sea, the cliffs or the forest with diverse flora and fauna, the vibrant cities such as Sonderborg or Copenhagen Denmark offers especially for German entertainment that often underestimated be and for a holiday in Denmark still considered insider tip. Gunther Behrend

Miami Beach

Visitors of the Everglades National Park is recommended Hotels.com, the Loews located in the immediate vicinity Miami Beach hotel. 3. Acropolis, Athens the Greek capital of Athens suffers under extreme climate change. People such as Center For Responsible Lending would likely agree. The temperatures are rising constantly, in the summer it is 50 degrees warm and more. Associated with the infamous Bell of smog over the city, the air pulverized the Acropolis and other thousand-year-old landmark. Recently, we brought the ancient treasures of the Acropolis to a new Museum at the foot of the Hill in a gigantic move action among other things, to better protect them from extreme weather conditions. Hotel tip of the hotel experts: only a few kilometers away to sleep in the 4-star hotel pantheon. 4.

Swiss Alps worldwide melting eternal ice, glacier retreat. Also in the Swiss Alps, this development is not to be overlooked. The reason for this lies in the temperature rise. In most areas of the Swiss mountains, the average temperature has increased over the past 100 years by one or two degrees. Experts are sure that in 30 years only the largest and Highest glaciers will be left. Currently, the ice Giants lose about one meter per year and they melt faster and faster. The glacier shrinkage risks by crashes and winter sports resorts presents major problems. With glacier covers against the sunlight we are trying as much as possible of the precious ice to get.

In non-woven fabric, glacier packed a previously unsurpassed image for impotence against the effects of global warming. Accommodation tip from Hotels.com: the Arabella Sheraton Hotel Waldhus in Davos, just a few minutes away from the popular ski resort Schatzalp. 5. Tower of London, United Kingdom not only ecosystems are strongly influenced by the climate, also urban habitats have to struggle. Cultural monuments, such as the Tower of London, which attracts every year hundreds of thousands of tourists, also suffer from climate change. The famous landmark of the British metropolis is located in the immediate vicinity of the River Thames, where a rising sea levels and the expected increase in extreme storms in the future will lead to a significantly increased flood risk to the city. Floods are a threat to historic buildings, because the moisture creates micro-organisms such as molds and fungi, which permanently damage the masonry. Hotel tip for London visitors Hotel experts: the Thistle Tower Hotel on the North Bank of the Thames next to the Tower of London and Tower Bridge. About Hotels.com, Hotels.com is the world’s most visited website of the hotel and the global hotel specialist. The global hotel portfolio comprises 80,000 quality hotels. A customer finds the same booking at another provider competitive rates, Hotels.com will refund the difference in price. In addition, Hotels.com has one of the largest independent hotel teams in the industry to deliver an objective description of the hotels bookable on Hotels.com. Travelers can book online at or via the telephone hotline 0180 500 93 42 (14 cents per minute) when one of the German-speaking call center employees.

Revolutionary Committee

Carried out geological research and in the second half of XIX century in Unechskom area, part of which then belonged to Surazh district. It will be recalled as the activities of Nicholas Shchorsa – the hero of the First World War. His name is closely connected with Unecha station. For more information see Viktor Mayer-Schönberger . Monument to Nicholas Shchors in Unecha installed in 1957 opposite the railway station. When the home was occupied by the Germans Shchors Ukraine, 23-year-old Nicholas was invited to Shchors Unecha to form from disparate insurgent guerrilla groups Regiment. Shors has successfully completed its task. He not only formed a regiment, and commanded them. His department released the Kiev, where he was appointed Shors commander, and then – division commander.

But back to the other events that took place throughout the country in 1918. It was at that time was in Unecha Shors, when the old Russian army was unable to resist the Germans. Everywhere created hundreds of thousands of guerrilla units who were sent to the front. Such detachment was formed and in the village Semenovka Novozybkov County. Shors became a squad leader. In each battle, he showed himself as a brave officer, Commander of an infantry company. During the capture Novozybkov Shchorsa detachment retreated and camped in Unecha, where they arrived Shchorsa associates.

Horsemen were sent in all directions from Unecha. A September 22, 1918 All-Ukrainian Central Military – Revolutionary Committee issued an order number 6, according to which the shelf, hundreds of batteries must be reduced to two divisions trehpolkovogo composition. Helped form the regiment commander and members of the Revolutionary Committee of the party Unechskogo organization, which consisted of 50 Communists, the inhabitants of the village-site Unecha. During the rebellion Unechskogo staff were arrested a few commanders who captured the headquarters itself, the telegraph, railway stations, damaged railway and the Revolutionary Committee way. For the Germans the rebels sent their representatives to take Unecha offering. Suppress the rebellion in the fourth battalion arrived Unecha of Bryansk. In Unechskom area is home to about 50,000 people. 30,000 – Unecha townspeople. The city has six schools, 2 prof.uchilischa, several branches of universities, regional cultural and sports recreation center, historical museum, art gallery, 2 cinemas, children's art school, children and the central library, a children's center art, sports complex and a city park. In the work Unecha junction and the district health centers, more than 20 industries, including: locomotive and depot district, MSP-15, a creamery, factory Unechsky Bread, a bakery, myasoptitsekombinat and others. History of the town is full of events and Unecha stories, as well as rich in interesting people, who not only were born here, but his fame and the edge, who lived, lives and will live in their hearts.

Yacht Charter Greece

The Corinthian Gulf – a unerforschterer treasure in Greece the Corinthian Gulf route is a unerforschterer honey on the Yacht Charter Greece, because many Charter sailors consider him as a route between the Aegean and the Ionian Sea, and not as a destination for a sailing holiday. There are however many places you can enjoy sailing here, which are cheaper and less crowded than the most Greek holiday resorts. Here is a proposal for an unforgettable sailing trip on this picturesque area, providing the best sailing conditions (no tides, predictable winds, warm weather) even for yacht Charter skipper with less experience. Day 1 Rion Andirion BruckeBeginnen your cruise in the Gulf of Korintischem from the West to the East because it is the usual direction of prevailing winds. The entry point is the Corinthian bridge (Rion andiron), which can be seen from a great distance. Also, there are other attractions, like the two medieval forts on either side of the Channel in the South and in the North. If you drive into the Bay, you control the northern coast to reach the beautiful port of Nafpaktos, situated in a circular Bay. Mezolongi is the name of the horseshoe-shaped Marina and Yacht Charter crews can visit here an ancient temple and a Venetian fortress.

There is also a water park with dolphin shows and on the southern coast, there is a beautiful sandy beach, if you want to be in the Sun all day. Day 2 If you are sailing on the northern coast, then you will arrive to the island Nisos Trizonia, off the coast of Glyfada, which accommodates two Yacht Charter ports. Are genuzt also of smaller fishing boats and Yacht Charter guests can visit on foot, because the are not far from each other. The picturesque settlements represent the traditional image of Yachthcharter Greece, with its idyllic villages and taverns overlooking the sea.

Hiking In The Chiemgau

The most beautiful hiking trails and adventure possibilities in the Chiemgau. Chiemgau offers great vacation opportunities for adults and children! Old and young nature lovers who enjoy hiking, but want to take advantage of the game – and sports facilities of the Chiemsee, are right here! But why just Chiemgau? For this there is a simple explanation: the Chiemgau is perfect for both experienced and inexperienced runners, making an unforgettable experience for all those who are walking the hiking in the Chiemgau. So there are different trails that either quite easily and are to run even with younger children, as well as routes that reach the higher altitudes of the Chiemgau Alps around the Chiemsee. Hiking in the Chiemgau therefore means to be able to choose the way that is best to reconcile with the own condition or the children of varying degrees of difficulty. Experienced hikers can hike for example on the moraine of the glacier of the Chiemsee, while for Families with children rather the paths around the shores of the Chiemsee are suitable. Hiking in the Chiemgau thus holds the appropriate routes and destinations for all walkers! For families with children, the region has created special trails for hiking in the Chiemgau with small children will only succeed if the lines are not too long and stand also attractions for children. The corresponding paths are therefore quite short, not too steep and good for children’s feet to go. In addition was sure that always something interesting for the kids to see there on the way to such an observation tower, free-range animals, or a particularly great view.

Saline road and the large Hitzelsberg round, Bernauer Moss and the Rottauer bog is interesting and varied for example. Get the appropriate maps and information at the tourist information in Bernau. You can of course also with babies and young children hiking in the Chiemgau, for easy walks with buggies and strollers are also possible, for example, starting from Chieming am Chiemsee in the direction of Seebruck. The road is paved and en route to Seebruck attracts a nice playground. Experienced hikers can select while hiking in the Chiemgau region between various degrees of severity. Who dares high, can enjoy not only a magnificent landscape with views of the Lake, but with luck see animals get only extremely rarely in nature to face including the Eagles and marmots.

Hiking in the Chiemgau is not only something for families and experienced hikers, but also for seniors who are perhaps no longer so good walking, but would not renounce on walks in the beautiful mountains. Hiking in the Chiemgau region does not necessarily mean having to climb the highest mountains? There are many hiking possibilities around the Lake, which are short with many opportunities for rest breaks in between. Nordic walking enthusiasts will also enjoy, because there are designated routes for them again according to severity of divided – that is especially are good for athletic runners. Hiking in the Chiemgau doesn’t mean, by the way, only to have to run. In this respect, the Chiemgau has to offer a lot of variety to the tourists, because in addition to various water sports facilities, the region is also a paradise for bicycle enthusiasts. Hiking in the Chiemgau is interesting therefore for all ages regardless of whether for sporty active vacationers, experienced and less experienced hikers, families with children or the elderly.