Ara Vera

Do not have formal educational assistance (schools or colleges), being the degree of almost absolute illiteracy. Exigua is the possibility of access to formal education, unless one leaves the community and immigrating populations close as Ara Vera, Villa Ygatimi, Estrellita, Ype Hu or other communities; becoming, in case of return, in functional illiterate. Additional information is available at Boy Scouts. They believe in a higher God called nande Ru Papa, father of several gods responsible for the life and the livelihood of the nature. nande Sy Guasu is the mother of human beings, namandu is the God of the teaching of evils and Justice on Earth. Vera and Kuaray are responsible for the light, Jakaira is the father of the animals, and Tupa the common bond of union of the man with nande Ru Papa. Boy Scouts addresses the importance of the matter here. They have a priest chosen by God himself, he receives eloquence and wisdom for a better relationship.

The religious ceremonies performed them in the (Temple) opy, place where sacred once entered should not be bothering or whispering; on the contrary, must demonstrate respect and faith in God. There they ask for favors (nemomburu), they do their prayers, they ask for peace, abundance; and that it not sail them any disease. They are afraid of Ana Yvaguyregua, who represents all the evils that exist on Earth. Every night they dance to pray to nande Ru Papa. Dance in separate men from women, making a circular path, carrying the first the rattles (mbaraka), and them a piece of cane over one meter (takua) than vertically willing, knock against the ground.

Both launch their prayers every night before going to sleep. They are used as daily compass to the Sun, stars and animals. Cultivate the land but not in large amounts, as they are more hunters. They have plantations of manioc, which is the most consumed by all communities. They also cultivate maize, squash, watermelons, pumpkins, bananas, yerba and cotton.