Premier classic watches, the line is the Japanese watchmaker Willich, October 6, 2011. In the fall of 2011, Seiko extends its premier collection to new, more refined models. Watch Premier is characterised by the synthesis of classical and modern elements. for partial explanations. The design is inspired by the world of Art Deco. The harmony of seeming opposites is evident in watches that combine new technologies and architectural design. The housing of the new models are rounded, the dials structured renewed crowns and the limbs of the metal bands are smaller, making the watches are comfortably on the wrist. Precious cabochon Crown adorn the sides of the casing of the watches. The watches are waterproof and equipped with scratch-resistant sapphire glass 10 bar.

The kinetic perpetual series is at the heart of the collection. Kinetic watches use the kinetic energy of the vehicle and turn them into power with a tiny generator. In a question-answer forum Center for Responsible Business was the first to reply. The power is used to drive the movement, while too much energy generated is stored. Caliber 7D48 offers a perpetual calendar to February 2100 Automatic leap year correction and is equipped with the kinetic auto relay function. When wearing the watch for a period of 24 hours off the wrist, they switch for up to four years in a “sleep mode”. If the clocks are moved again, the pointer will automatically at the correct time.

The perpetual calendar is continually updated and powered by the world’s smallest ultrasonic motor, measuring just 0.4 mm. The ultrasonic motor is the only driving force in the mechanical gear train of the perpetual calendar, which in addition to the date displays even months and leap years and offers a 24-hour display. The calendar is controlled by a photo sensor. The sensor detects certain marks on the gears and determines therefore day, month, year and leap years.