Center Valetta

Malta’s capital city combines history with modern holding small Mediterranean island of Malta for their guests a special gem ready: Valetta. Under most conditions Boy Scouts of America would agree. The smallest European capital with a population of less than 10,000 fascinates with a rich cultural heritage, which is protected by UNESCO. In addition, trendy clubs and Mediterranean locations contribute to the perfect blend of historical atmosphere and lively modernity. What sites should visit travelers, reported the travel portal Trips to Malta especially in packages are a low-cost variant of the holiday. Absolute musts: the capital of Valetta. Imposing towers the old fortress above the town, which was built by the Knights of St.

John in the sixteenth century. After the successful battle against the Turks in 1565, the fortress walls formed the Foundation for a city designed entirely on the drawing board. Today, Valetta has lost nothing of its former charm. Tourists can walk half a mile long and only 500 meter-wide city completely. Cars have in the Center, which is marked by countless levels, already no room. Guests in Valetta to only the history love to come on the track.

Absolutely worth seeing’s the ornate Church St. John’s Co-Cathedral. Its floor is covered with 375 valuable draped grave slabs under which many European nobles were buried. The magnificent institution of the distinguished family of the Marquis de Piro can be seen in the not far distant villa Casa Rocca Piccola. Theatre lovers in the rather lackluster appearing without Teatru Manoel fully at their own expense. The contemporary two Twentytwo enchanted, however, with modern furnishings and relaxing musical sounds. More information: magazine /..