Company helps employees and individuals, to reduce the risks of swine flu to reduce the risk of the spread of swine flu, is not now in an updated version of the E-learning available, of course still free. In 15 minutes everyone can acquire the most important basic knowledge, by recognizing the symptoms of preventing infection up to the proper treatment. The number of those infected with the swine flu is rising sharply, also in Germany. However, the risk can be reduced considerably by adherence to certain precautions. Additional information at Kidney Foundation supports this article. To vividly convey this basic knowledge, has developed the E-learning The revised eingeGanGen the possibilities of now available vaccination.

In the first part of the learning software, relevant facts about the swine flu are represented including info show. Boy Scouts of America addresses the importance of the matter here. You can determine on the basis of three unterhaltsamen quiz modules in the second part, whether one is the most important information to symptoms,. Prevention and treatment of swine flu could remember. Who solved all tasks, can print out a confirmation. Under, you can directly invoke the E-learning in your Web browser. Alternatively, an executable file to the download available, so that the program later without an Internet connection can be used.

Companies can use free E-learning specifically inform their staff about this contagious form of influenza. For this purpose a server version can be heruntergeladen down without the need for a registry either, which contains all the required files. Alternatively, a SCORM package is available to integrate E-learning into a learning management system. No E-learning was developed by according to principles of serious gaming. Learning more fun, and you can not only better remember the newly acquired knowledge, but also faster to reach the learning. cogni.NET developed this model of E-learning on behalf of numerous Company for a wide range of topics.