Defender Pregnancy

Until the body is not accustomed to the fact that it is developing a new organism, it it rejects. This is his explanation – up to 12 weeks of pregnancy the fetus in relation to the mother is in a biological sense, a parasite that is the body that ensures their existence due to the forces of another organism. Such use is not like a woman's body, from the rough here and his reaction to it. But after about 16 weeks of gestation the fetus-mother relationship into a symbiotic relationship, where the kid is not only took my mother all the necessary his substance, but also provides the very mother of certain hormones. Version number 4.

Toxemia – Defender This theory is not based on scientific theories. Very often, a pregnant woman who is even unaware of their condition, begins to bring back the smell of alcohol or vomit smoke. Perhaps it triggered a natural mechanism for protecting children from harmful or unwanted substances to him? Many women give up eating meat in the first trimester of pregnancy. The explanation for this can be found even in the lives of our foremothers. They also prefer to avoid potentially dangerous from the standpoint of infestation of meat, so as not to harm the kids in this period. For more specific information, check out Boy Scouts of America.

After this period the placenta has not formed yet and can not serve as a filter of harmful substances. Also do not forget that the meat – a heavy meal, rather very heavy body, all the forces which are directed at something to keep and bear fruit. Also quite frequent rejection of coffee, tea, chocolate, namely, those products which consumption during pregnancy is undesirable because of the content of caffeine. Version number 5. All the problems – in my head. There is a theory about the causes psihomaticheskih toxicosis. But scientists can not reach a consensus. Some believe that in our minds waiting for the baby, and nausea are closely connected associative series. That is become pregnant each of us is looking forward toxicosis, as it should be, opened. Very often there are cases where women during a simple delay of monthly signs of dizziness, nausea, weakness in the mornings and even vomiting, although in later pregnancy, no they have not turned out. Another theory is opposite the first. the administrator. According to her the reason for the appearance of toxicity is a subconscious rejection of the child. It sounds awful, and probably every one of us wants to it to protest. But nevertheless, if admit that any woman, even one who dreams about the kid, so at least once occurred to him that her terribly. Cope if she is ready to a new role for such changes? In general, each organism has its own specific reason for the appearance of toxicity. But in any case not be angry, not upset because of their toxicity. Believe me, if it exists, then so much for your the body is better, for whatever reason, no toxemia exist.