Dental Implants

This characteristic eliminates the produced toxic by-product production in this breach that as well attacks the surrounding bone and the soft weave. In order to still improve plus this, UnidentalDirect desaroll the system VOLT Fluted Fixation 18 is the result of the application of the principles of engineering.It turns implants and the pillar in a rotation stable-unit closed with the maximum mechanical stability and are no micro movements.In fact, it would seem that the screw of adjustment of the indexed pillar is not right to be, in the system VOLT. The result is practically the bony nonresorption and the stability of weaves in the long term.And the system it acts as it implants of a single component after the protsica restoration.In contrast to ” verdadero” system of a single component, always conserves their flexibility.You select the most suitable pillar, with or without tie, for the individual case and changes can be realised more ahead according to is required. Prothesis concepts. More information is housed here: Ronald Hamilton. Versatile solutions.

Each case requires its own solution.If you are considering you implant unitary or multiple, with compound additions of the doctor’s office or in the laboratory: with the system VOLT, you make his own decision.Following the indication to select to the suitable concept its planning and to satisfy the expectations with its patient.Either with indexed pillars, not indexed, cemented, or screwed, is the ideal solution with anyone of the protsicos components of the system VOLT. Modified platform ” Modificada” platform; it is in fact an unsuitable name.It has been gotten to mean with a pillar that is smaller in diameter than the diameter of it implants. Nevertheless, he is much more that. Recent scientific articles are demonstrating that if: 1.The diameter of the screw of closing, pillars, etc is smaller in diameter than the diameter of implants, and 2.The part superior of implants is buried concerning the bony crest at the time of the positioning, The bone will grow over implants and in all the screw of the cover/pillar that forms a bony biological seal to prevent the epithelial migration by the neck with implants/to pound. It is necessary that both conditions are fulfilled. Once the bone seal has settled down and if this bony seal: 1.It is not disturbed during the protsica restoration, and 2.He is not subject to an overload or an infection around implants like which it is with the micro-difference between implants and the traditional faying surfaces of the pillar commit and external, then the seal it will maintain and the loss of bone of the crest is prepared.