The premenstrual syndrome – the curse of woman PMS (premenstrual syndrome) is the name for various complaints with which the woman must deal just before their menstrual period. Age plays no role in PMS, because different age groups have to deal with this evil. PMS symptoms how hard the PMS symptoms are, depends on the woman herself. However, scientists have found that about eight percent of women worldwide suffer a very strong form of PMS. This leads not only to a light mood disorder. PMS the quality of life of women is worsened by significantly, since it is often so sick every month, that they neither work can take part in a regulated social life. Physical symptoms of PMS can be: cramps in your lower abdomen diarrhea nausea circulatory problems changes the appearance of the skin of water accumulation in the tissue cramps in your lower abdomen back pain headache cravings Migranze irritable sensitivity pain mucous membrane irritation Depression, listlessness and more the reasons why PMS symptoms PMS results can not be clarified until today. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Jennifer Aaker.

Investigations could be confirmed however, that disappear with the onset of the menstrual period also the symptoms of PMS. However, scientists assume that PMS falls because the simultaneous rising during the estrogen secretion of progesterone of levels. Therapy for PMS usually normal PMS when the woman for the first time has given birth. But also reversed the case may be that the woman ill until after childbirth on PMS. PMS can be triggered by health problems such as thyroid problems, fungal infections, caffeine, or even nicotine. But also by mental stress or physical inactivity can cause PMS in women. Therefore, especially before the days, she should avoid stress and experience adequate exercise. Of course this also includes a healthy diet includes. The prevention of salt-rich food, chocolate and various pleasure toxins is an absolute must.